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      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        모발로 분화하는 종양에 대한 임상 및 병리조직학적 소견 : 대한피부과학회 피부병리 연구분과위원회 공동연구

        김유찬,강원형,고재경,김낙인,김방순,김상원,김수남,김수찬,노영석,명기범,박석돈,방동식,서기석,손숙자,신동훈,원영호,오지원,윤태영,이미우,이일수,이증훈,이철헌,임철완,조광현,조백기,최광성,함정희,박찬금 대한피부과학회 2003 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.41 No.9

        Background : Data on the clinicopathologic features of hair follicle tumors in Korea are limited. Objective : The Purpose was to investigate the clinical and histopathologic characteristics of hair follicle tumors in Korea. Methods : Two hundred sixty four cases of hair follicle tumors seen from 1999 to 2001 in Korea were analyzed clinically and histopathologically. Results and Conclusion : 1. The most common hair follicle tumor in Korea was pilomatricoma(81.0%), followed by trichoepithelioma(6.4%), dilated pore of Winer(3.8%), and proliferating trichilemmal tumor(2.2%). 2. Hair follicle tumors usually occurred as a solitary skin-colored nodule. The most commonly involved site was the face, and the peak age of presentation was 10 to 19. 3. Pilomatricoma usually occurred as a solitary skin-colored nodule. The most commonly involved site was the arm, and more than 50% of tumors occurred before the age of 20. Histopathologically, the tumor was often surrounded by fibrous capsule and was composed of basophilic and shadow cells. It was usually located in the dermis and extended into the subcutis. Retraction spaces between tumor nests and stroma were frequently observed. 4. Trichoepithelioma usually occurred as multiple skin-colored papules on the face. Histopathologically, the tumor was usually located in the dermis with sometimes connected to the epidermis. It frequently showed peripheral palisading. 5. Dilated pore of Winer usually occurred as a solitary brownish to pigmented papule on the face in middle-aged persons. 6. Proliferating trichilemmal tumor occurred as a solitary or multiple tumors. Histopathologically, the tumor was usually surrounded by incomplete fibrous capsule. Tumor cells frequently showed clear cell formation, nuclear atypia, mitosis, peripheral palisading, trichilemmal keratinization, and individual keratinization. (Korean J Dermatol 2003;41(9) : l177~l186)

      • KCI등재후보

        학생정신건강검진 시범운영사업에 따른 추진방안

        김현정,김윤영,이혜숙,현미나,남동현,김상원,안동현 韓國學校保健學會 2009 韓國學校保健學會誌 Vol.22 No.1

        Purpose: The purpose of the study was to·find the strategies of mental health screening in school. Based on the literature review, we discuss the importance of screening students in schools for mental health problems. Methods: Data from the 2008 Korean Mental Health Screening in Schools(2008-KMHSS) are used to estimate the outline of this screening. We administered the questionnaire for satisfaction of 2008-KMHSS for students(N=1,280), parents(N=2,672), school nurses(N=75), teachers(N=685), district personnels(N=6), and mental health center staffs(N=37). Also we interviewed a part of them by telephone and e-mail. And we reviewed the tools and methods for screening students for emotional/behavioral problems. Results: Mental health screening in schools is a very important, yet worrisome, agenda that is in its very early stages. From the 2008 Korean Mental Health Screening in Schools, 9,588 students(12.9%) needed more evaluation in the first stage. Of these, 6,910(72.1%) completed the second stage screening. In this sample, 1,975(28.6%) utilized the mental health services in school or community. 38.3% of students and 43.7% of their parents notified the2008-KMHSS. But only 12.1% of students and 10.9% of their parents dissatisfied with the screening. 9.9% of teachers and 22.7% of school nurses dissatisfied with the screening. Among them the school nurses were mostly dissatisfied, and they complained work burden from KMHSS. Mental health center staffs complained similar issues. The Children's Problem-behavior Screening Questionnaire(CPSQ) and Adolescents' Mental-health & Problem-behavior Screening Questionnaire(AMPQ) were compatible to screen students in schools for mental health problems in first stage. Conclusion: Mental health screening in schools needs careful planning and implementation. For successful mental health screening in schools, several elements need to be considered: careful planning, collaboration, staff training, and integrative mental health programs and services in community or schools.

      • 내시경적 절제로 진단된 폴립 형태의 심재성 낭종성 위염 2예

        허종현,조영화,성용완,유재훈,구동영,김갑식,노지훈,문원 고신대학교의과대학 2008 고신대학교 의과대학 학술지 Vol.23 No.2

        Gastritis cystica profunda (GCP) is a disease characterized by hyperplastic and significant extension of cystic dilatation of the gastric mucous glands, which results in a cystic lesion in gastric submucosa. It often occurs on the part of gastroenterostomy, but can be found in the stomach without any previous surgery. GCP has variable gross finding including solitary polyps, diffuse ones, submucosal tumors, and rare giant gastric mucosal fold. It is difficult to tell GCP from a cancerous lesion by gross finding that the disease demands a necessary tissue biopsy, though GCP is commonly showed as a benign in the progress. We report a case of GCP in polypoid types diagnosed by endoscopic polypectomy.

      • 폭력범죄에 관한 일 연구 : 지역적 접근방법을 통해서

        이동원,이현희 이화여자대학교 한국문화연구원 1994 韓國文化硏究院 論叢 Vol.65 No.1-2

        There have been two questions that must be clearly distinguished in the study of crime. One is to ask why certain individuals have tendencies to commit crime. It requires comparing the characteristics and experiences of offenders and nonoffenders. The other is to ask why rates of criminal events differ from place to place or from time to time. It requires ascertaining which variations in social conditions are associated with differences in crime rates. The second question is pursued in this study : not what kind of individuals tend to commit crimes but what social conditions make it likely that many people commit them. In detail, this study has two purposes : first, this study examines the unequal distribution of violent crime across residential areas in Seoul. Second, this study examines the relationship between socio-structural characteristics of area and the rates of violent crime. Doing so, this research provides us the detailed information of life world around us and give us the power to control it. The unit of analysis is small residential area of Seoul, Dong. The smallest unit of residence makes possible for us to analyze the relationship between area characteristics and violent crime more detail and strictly. This study introduces Shaw & Mckays social disorganization theory as theoretical frame of analysis. It provides a meaningful departure for examing the uneven distribution of criminal events across social units. Measures of three central elements of Shaw & Mckays social disorganization perspective are poverty, residential mobility and heterogeneity. Previous empirical researches support the validity of their theoretical assumption. The dependent variables are total violent crime occurred during a year, 1992. The data of criminal events are collected from survey of police records at 30 police stations in Seoul. The independent variables are social economic characteristics of area. This variables used in the final analysis are as follows : the families on the relief, the percentage of divorce, population mobility, population density, the families on the relief. The results of the research support the explanatory power of social disorganization theory.

      • 남녀 대학생의 성역할 모델과 취업 및 결혼관

        김현주,이동원,김모란 이화여자대학교 한국문화연구원 1995 韓國文化硏究院 論叢 Vol.66 No.1-3

        This study examines the differences in the expectations of employment and marriage among Korean university students. We focus on the gender differences among students. The data were collected through self-reported questionnaires in 1994. The sample size is 894 cases. Because the sexual division of labor is still a prominent pattern in Korea, we expect that the ideals and preparations, in the male-oriented employment area and in the female-oriented marriage area would show differences among female and male students. We found no difference in the employment area but significant differences in the marriage area. Rather, sex role models were found having significant implications in the male-female differences. Major findings related to marriage show that the gender effects are overlapping with the sex role model effects. However, the differences in employment area which do not show the gender difference depends on the sex role model. The results show that most university students eager to and prepare well to have a job. Although most students expect to marry, and increasing proportion of female students decide not to marry. Major reasons of the negative perspective for marriage seem to be related to the perception that the present marriage system is unfavorably constructed for women. Even if many of university students show the sign on egalitarian perspectives, the pace of changes toward egalitarianism among male students lags far behind that of among women. Based on these findings we can see many students try to maximize their interests. They would like to enjoy the stability of the preexisting sexual division of labor as well as the fruit of egalitarian division of labor.

      • HVAC시스템에서의 에너지 절약 제어기술 개발

        玄東洙,金善政,洪元杓 한밭대학교 산업과학기술연구소 1997 논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        This paper presents results of the development of energy saving control technology from HVAC system. As a result, HVAC system controller are stand-alone control stations gathering data from the field devices such as sensors or controllers, analyzing them. Main software and HVAC system controller are our own developments which make it possible for us to extend or modify all the requirements of user's in the system promptly.

      • 낮은 Pr수를 갖는 순수 물질에서의 진동대류에 관한 수치 해석

        현명택,홍남호,이동원 濟州大學校工科大學産業技術硏究所 1997 尖端技術硏究所論文集 Vol.8 No.1

        Numerical study was investigated to the transient natural convection in a square cavity. The cavity is filled with the pure substance of a low Prandtl number and the vertical walls are constantly maintained different temperature, while the horizontal boundaries are adiabatic. A control volume approach with a central difference scheme is used to formulate the finite difference equations. The results were presented transient Nusselt number, stream function and temperature distribution. It was found that the flow pattern and heat transfer exhibit time-periodic oscillation at various conditions. The average Nusselt number, the amplitude and the frequency of oscillation increases as the Rayleigh number is increased. The increment of Prandtl number makes that the amplitude and the frequency of oscillation reduced, and average Nusselt number increased.

      • KCI등재
      • 정합필터를 이용한 얼굴식별 모바일 애플리케이션

        염석원,이동수,우용현 대구대학교 정보통신연구소 2012 情報通信硏究 Vol.9 No.1

        The computational resources and memory are often limited in the mobile environments, thus it is very challenging to develop a real-time face identification system on the mobile device. This paper addresses face identification based on the frequency domain matched filter and sequential testing stages operating in the mobile environments. Face candidate regions are selected by the linear or phase-only matched filter, and sequential verification stages removes the false alarms. The sequential stages comprise a skin-color test and an edge mask filtering test. All algorithms are built on the Android platform in a mobile device. The results show that face identification can be performed successfully in the mobile environments 모바일 장치에서 얼굴의 식별을 실시간으로 처리하기 위하여 수행속도와 제한된 메모리 등 모바일 계산환경을 필히 고려하여야 한다. 본 논문에서는 모바일 환경에서 주파수 영역의 정합 필터를 이용하여 얼굴을 검출하고 식별하는 애플리케이션을 개발한다. 얼굴 식별은 선형(linear) 및 위상(phase-only) 필터, 순차적인 검증 단계를 이용하여 수행된다. 순차적인 검증 단계는 피부색 테스트와 경계 마스크 필터링 테스트로 구성된다. 모바일 애플리케이션은 Android 플랫폼에서 Java을 이용하여 개발되었다. 실험결과는 모바일 환경에서 얼굴 식별이 실시간으로 성공적으로 수행될 수 있음을 보인다.

      • 自動化를 通한 建物의 에너지 節約 技術 開發

        玄東洙,金善政,洪元杓,成烈九 한밭대학교 산업과학기술연구소 1995 논문집 Vol.3 No.-

        This paper presents results of the development of energy saving technology for building automation system. As a result, the direct digital controllers are stand-alone control stations gathering data from the field devices such as sensors or controllers, alayzing them. Corresponding with central control & monitoring system and controlling the devices as programmed direct digital control has programmable logic control functions for reliable distributed direct digital control. Main software and direct digital control are our own developments which make it possible for us to extend or modify all the requirements of user's in the system promptly.

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