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      • 로버트 토마스(Robert J. Thomas) 선교사, 역사적 평가

        박용규(Yong Kyu Park) 신학지남사 2016 신학지남 Vol.83 No.3

        Year 2016 marks the 150th year of missionary Robert J. Thomas’s martyrdom. For a long time, the Korean church inherited his faith and tradition in recognition of his martyrdom. At the dawn of 1980 however, Lee Man-Yeol vigorously challenged his martyrdom, which was followed by Han Kyu-Moo’s analogous publications in 1995 and 2005. Recently, in 2016, Ock Seung-Deuk and Han Kyu-Moo opined that Thomas’s death was not martyrdom. They questioned the legitimacy of his actions by criticizing Thomas’s embarkation through the General Sherman, a heavily armed colonial ship that illegally assailed into Korea. Even if Oh Moon-Hwan’s records of the last moments of missionary Thomas were true, Han Kyu-Moo would not decipher Thomas’s death as an act of martyrdom. Furthermore, he rejected missionary Appenzeller’s martyrdom, who died in shipwreck on his way to attend the Bible Translators committee meeting in Mokpo. Among the primary sources perused for this work, various Korean documents, including The Veritable Records of King Kojong (Annals of King Gojong) and Oh Moon- Hwan’s excerpt, The General Sherman and the Last Moments of Missionary Thomas, which is found in The Biography of Reverend Thomas were more predominantly compared and studied. The review of other relative materials found The Annals of King Gojong with substantial problematic errors while affirming that The General Sherman and the Last Moments of Missionary Thomas, in The Biography of Reverend Thomas to correspond to the testimonies and various other Korean sources. If Thomas made his arrival to Korea in order that he may share the gospel as a missionary and died while sharing the gospel, moments before his death, then he should be considered a martyr. Additionally, since many came to believe in Jesus through his Bibles, gospel spread through the churches built upon their faiths and legalized missionary entrances creating suitable environment for the gospel, these fruits are ample evidence for us to recon him as a martyr.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재후보

        Hepatic Cirrhosis Occurring in a Young Woodchuck(Marmota monax) Due to Vertical Transmission of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus(WHV)

        Kyu-shik Jeong,정원일,Jae-yong Chung,Mi-young An,Chae-yong Jung,Gyoung-jae Lee,Jong-soo Kang,Byeong-cheol Kang,Young-heun Jee,Bruce H Williams,Young-oh Kwon,Da-hee Jeong 대한수의학회 2003 JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCE Vol.4 No.2

        Cirrhosis Occurring in a Young Woodchuck (Marmota monax) Due to Vertical Transmission of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus (WHV)Da-hee Jeong, Won-il Jeong, Jae-yong Chung, Mi-young An, Chae-yong Jung, Gyoung-jae Lee1, Jong-soo Kang1, Byeong-cheol Kang2, Young-heun Jee3, Bruce H Williams4, Young-oh Kwon5 and Kyu-shik Jeong*College of Veterinary Medicine, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 702-701, Korea1Shinwon Scientific Co., LTD, Research Institute, Suwon, Korea2Clinical Research Institute, Seoul National University, Seoul 110-744, Korea3College of Veterinary Medicine, Jeju National University, Jeju 690-756, Korea

      • KCI등재

        The Sentence-Ending Suffix -Ketun in Spoken Korean Discourse: Sequential Organization of Informing as Account-Giving

        Kyu- hyun Kim 한국사회언어학회 2010 사회언어학 Vol.18 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Kim, Kyu-hyun. 2010. The Sentence-Ending Suffix - Ketun in Spoken Korean Discourse: Sequential Organization of Informing as Account-Giving. The Sociolinguistic journal of Korea 18(1). From a conversation-analytic perspective, this paper examines the ways in which the Korean sentence-ending suffix (SES) -ketun is used in naturally occurring spoken Korean discourse. Focusing on the question of how the practice of informing implemented by the ketun-utterance provides a basis for the sequentially implemented action of account-giving (Kim & Suh 2009), it analyzes (i) the nature of the information marked by -ketun in terms of how it is grounded, (ii) the sequential contexts where the informing sequence that -ketun generate i embedded, and (iii) features of the ketun-marked account with reference to the practices of formulating non-negotiable upshot, evoking positionaJly relevant identities, unpackaging information geared to enlightening the addressee. and stance-shifting. These practices are anaJyzed as being constitutive of the action-organizational features of the ketun-marked account, whose upshot is proposed to be that of evoking and managing the information gap or disparity in knowledge asserted by the speaker to exist between the participants.

      • KCI등재

        Fabrication and High-Temperature Compressive Behavior of Unique Multi-Sheet Stacked Block Ni–Cr–Al Metallic Foam

        Kyu‑Sik Kim,Tae‑Hoon Kang,Man‑Ho Park,Kee‑Ahn Lee 대한금속·재료학회 2021 METALS AND MATERIALS International Vol.27 No.5

        Large unique block Ni–Cr–Al superalloy foam was fabricated using a combination method of powder-alloying, multi-sheetstacking, and hot compression processes. Subsequently, the compressive properties and deformation behaviors of multi-sheetstacked block metallic foam were investigated from room temperature to 1073 K. The analysis of the resulting structuralcharacteristics of the block foam showed that the interfaces between the sheets have complex strut interactions, such ascontacted (deformed) and intersected struts. The relative density was measured as 2.93% for sheet foam and 4.90% for blockfoam. The compressive deformation of sheet and block Ni–Cr–Al foams showed the typical compressive stress–strain curvesof plastically deformable metallic foams regardless of foam type. However, different deformation behaviors in the plateauregions were detected based on the type of foam. It is noteworthy that the yield strength of block foam showed a relativelylower value than that of sheet foam, even though the block foam had higher relative density. The existence of unique interfacesin the multi-sheet stacked block foam may have affected strength and plastic deformation. Finally, distinct compressivebehaviors related to the structural and microstructural characteristics of block Ni–Cr–Al foam are discussed.

      • KCI등재

        A Conversation Analysis of Korean Sentence-Ending Modal Suffixes -ney, -kwun(a), and -ta: Noticing as a Social Action

        Kyu-hyun Kim 한국사회언어학회 2004 사회언어학 Vol.12 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Kim, Kyu-hyun. 2004. A Conversation Analysis of Korean Sentence-Ending Modal Suffixes -ney, -kwun(a), and -ta: Noticing as a Social Action. Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea, 12(1). Drawing upon H. S. Lee's (1993) cognitively-oriented research on the functions of three sentence-ending modal suffixes in Korean that are used to express newly perceived information, -ney, -kwun(a), and -ta, this study analyzes the distinct meanings of these suffixes from a conversation-analytic perspective (Sacks et al. 1974). The suffix -ney is used in the context in which the speaker notices a referent/event and makes an assessment on the spot in such a way that the speaker's stance displayed through the action is formulated as something that is to be immediately oriented to and contingently taken up by the hearer. In contrast, the suffix -kwun(a) is used when the speaker is mainly oriented to displaying a stance congruent with the prior talk. The action it organizes is often limited to acknowledging a point of the prior talk or having the hearer acknowledge the speaker's observation, often with a salient topic-curtailing and sequence-terminating import. The suffix -ta tends to orient the hearer to the next stage of the speaker's action (e.g., suggestion, warning, offer, etc.) to whose directive force the hearer is variably implicated as a beneficiary/facilitator. The interactional account offered in this paper is shown to complement Lee's cognitive account, with emphasis placed on examining the ways in which these suffixes are used as resources for organizing distinct types of social action.

      • KCI등재

        Composites of silica aerogels with organics: a review of synthesis and mechanical properties

        Kyu‑Yeon Lee,Dinesh B. Mahadik,Vinayak G. Parale,박형호 한국세라믹학회 2020 한국세라믹학회지 Vol.57 No.1

        Aerogels are considered as outstanding future materials owing to their wide surface area and three-dimensional network of silica particles, low density, low-thermal conductivity, high porosity, and low dielectric property. Their outstanding characteristics represent excellent potential applications in thermal insulation systems, aeronautical domains, environmental clean-up and protection, as heat storage devices, transparent windows, thickening agents in paints, etc. Among these applications, thermal insulating materials can play a vital role in living systems and for saving energy in various domestic and industrial processes. However, native silica aerogels are fragile and sensitive to relatively low pressures, which limit their application. More robust aerogels with higher strength and stiffness can be obtained by compounding silica networks with organoalkoxysilanes, polymers or using porous scaffolds as supports. This paper presents a review on the approaches for mechanical reinforcing methods for silica aerogels and recent achievements toward improving the strength of native silica aerogels. In addition, various characteristics derived from composite aerogels are analyzed synthetically.

      • KCI등재

        성인여성의 중강도 유산소운동 중 음악템포가 감정적 반응 및 신경전달물질에 미치는 영향

        박상규(Park, Sang?Kyu) 한국웰니스학회 2018 한국웰니스학회지 Vol.13 No.4

        이 연구는 비활동 여성 10명을 대상으로 중강도 유산소운동 중 음악템포가 감정적반응 및 신경전달물질에 미치는 영향을 규명하고자 실시하였다. 중강도 유산소운동은 트레드밀 운동을 실시하였으며, 운동강도는 %VO2R(여유산소섭취량)법을 사용하였고, 50%VO2R 운동강도로 설정하였다. 실험은 음악을 적용하지 않은 유산소운동 실험(AE), 낮은 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AESTM) 빠른 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AEFTM)으로 총 3번의 실험에 참여하였다. 통계분석 결과 운동 후 감정적반응(즐거움)에서 실험 간 유의한 차이가나 나타나(p<.001), 사후검증을 실시한 결과 음악을 적용하지 않은 유산소운동 실험(AE), 낮은 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AESTM)보다 빠른 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AEFTM)에서 운동에 대한 즐거움이 높은 것으로 나타났다. dopamine의 경우 유의한 상호작용 효과(p<.01)가 나타났는데, 이는 빠른 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AEFTM)에서만 안정 시 보다 운동 후에 유의하게 증가한 것으로 나타났다(p<.01). 또한 운동 후 혈액채취 시점에서 음악을 적용하지 않은 유산소운동 실험(AE), 낮은 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AESTM)보다 빠른 음악템포 적용 유산소운동 실험(AEFTM)에서 유의하게 높은 것으로 나타났다. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of music tempo on emotional responses and neurotransmitters during Moderate aerobic exercise. Exercise intensity was determined by %VO2R method and by 50% VO2R exercise intensity. Experiments were performed in three experiments with AE(aerobic exercise without music), AESTM(aerobic exercise with slow tempo music), and AEFTM(aerobic exercise with fast tempo music). Statistical analysis showed that there was a significant difference in emotional reaction (enjoyment) after exercise between the experimental groups (p <.001). As a result, AEFTM showed a higher level of enjoyment in than AE and AESTM. As a result of performing post hoc test as a significant interaction was represented in dopamine (p<.01), AEFTM significantly increased after exercise (p <.01). In addition, AEFTM showed significantly higher dopamine expression than AE and AESTM at post-exercise.

      • Interleukin-2가 Mouse 자궁내막의 Acid Phosphatase 활성에 미치는 영향

        김원규,신규철,정호삼,이규식 한양대학교 의과대학 1989 한양의대 학술지 Vol.9 No.2

        Interleukin-2, a kind of lymphokine produced by the T-lymphocyte stimulated by antigen or mitogen, has been studied intensively with the development of immuno-oncology and chemoimmunotherapy of the malignancy. Interleukin-2 is known to exert on antitumor effect by stimulating the proliferation of helper and cytotoxic T lymphocytes, augmenting the cytolytic activities of the cytotoxic T lymphocyte and differentiating a precursor cell into a lymphokine-activated killer cell in vivo. Though interleukin-2 suppresses the metastasis of the malignant tumor into the adjacent organs, it develops many side effects including fever, chills, malaise, mental confusion, diarrhea, vomiting and oliguria. Interleukin-2 also causes pulmonary, hepatic and renal toxicities and, especially, increase of capillary permeability with weight gain, pulmonary edema and ascites. In this experiment, the author studied the effect of interleukin-2 on the mouse endometrium, observing histochemically the changes in the activity of acid phosphatase following the estrous cycle. Female, DDY strain, weighing 20gm and exhibiting normal estrous cycle, were used as experimental animals. The estrous cycle was recognized by the vaginal smear. The experimental animals were treated with 2 million units of interleukin-2/0.2ml per Kg of body weight and with 0.2ml of normal saline per Kg of body weight in the control groups for 5 days. And animals were sacrificed 5th day after administration of interleukin-2. The specimens obtained from the corpus uteri were fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin solution for 24 hours at 4℃ and sliced at 14μm thickness in a frozen cryostat. The activity of acid phosphatase was observed by the Gomori's method for histochemical study. The result obtained was as follows: The acid phosphatase activity was increased at estrus and decreased at diestrus in interleukin-2 treated group. There was, however, no marked differences in acid phosphatase activity of the proestrus and metestrus between control and interleukin-2 treated groups. Consequently, it was suggested that interleukin-2 develop the changes of the acid phosphatase of the endometrium of the mouse.

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