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      • 초등영어 교사 양성 프로그램 연구

        李美載 水原大學校 1997 論文集 Vol.15 No.-

        This paper is to study the existing programs to train elementary English teachers: Special program for elementary teachers, Incheon Education University English curriculum, Korea Teachers' University curriculum, Graduate School program of Chungang University and Graduate School program of the University of Suwon and overseas program for elementary teachers. However, they are not enough to meet the need of the language user as an elementary teacher. The number of teachers until 2000 to cover all elementary school from third grade to the sixth grade is 65,348. Therefore my suggestions to produce efficient teachers are 1) to use the already existed program by adding more practices to theory, 2) to use fluent language users by training elementary education program and children's psychology and so on needed for a good language manager and language analyst and teacher, 3) to establish programs for returning teachers repeatedly, 4) to support the elementary teachers who want to become elementary English teachers in terms of finance and teaching and adminstration load, 5) to make a continuous contact with native English teacher-training teacher regularly.

      • 6-Sigma경영혁신기법 시행에 따른 방사선과 내부고객만족도의 변화

        이근옥,박재성,강충환,김미영,김승식 한국의료QA학회 2005 한국의료질향상학회지 Vol.12 No.1

        Background : The concept of 'service' in a hospital is based on the quality of medical staffs who serve as customer-satisfying media, and this is what distinguishes general hospitals from other business corporations in which customer satisfaction is achieved through commercial products. Thus, the internal employee satisfaction is essential in the improvement of the 'service' and subsequent 'competitiveness' of a hospital. The purpose of this study is to establish internal marketing strategies for a general hospital through regular surveys on employee satisfaction. Method : Surveys on employee satisfaction in radiology department were conducted regularly twice a year in a university hospital with 800 beds 2001 in 2004. The subjects of this study were 35 employees who work in radiology department. The authors developed the questionnaires and the surveys were conducted initially during the first 6 months of the year. After necessary improvements were made by applying 6 Sigma techniques, subsequent surveys were conducted during the latter 6 months of the year and the degree of employee satisfaction was compared. Results : Overall satisfaction increased with a constant rate and the authors were able to assess that the hospital is being gradually stabilized. The degree of satisfaction assessed by multiple choices showed only minor changes. However, as a result of focusing on the demands put forth by the employees through the open questions, the degree of satisfaction increased gradually year after year. Conclusions : It is important to heighten the internal employee satisfaction systematically and harmoniously through the assessment on the demands of the internal customers and feedback-based communications between the management officers and the staffs. Continuous surveys on the internal employee satisfaction will serve to be valuable materials in the establishment of internal marketing strategies for a general hospital.

      • KCI등재후보
      • 纖維藝術의 발달사 : 現代, 1900年代를 中心으로

        李美載 淸州大學校 1984 論文集 Vol.17 No.2

        This thesis is to define the general conception of Fiber-Art and to analyse the forming of Fiber-Art from old ancient times to the present. Also this Study involves the process development of fiber materials and their technical development in refining process. This Paper reaches an conclusion that the historical development of technical method in fiber materials becomes the essence of the development of Fiber-Art. In the analysis the Paper concentrates on the changes of fiber materials in accordance with each period in History and technical developments in producing and processing fiber materials. This study divides the history of Fiber-Art into several categories. In general Fiber-Art deals mainly with fiber materials from the begining but now handels with a Variety of materials not only fibers but also Papers and other materials. Accordingly the Scope of Fiber-Art expands from the basics patterns of fibers to the other fields of arts, colors etc. The first period of Fiber-Art history is from the ancient period to the 10th century. In this Period Fiber-Art relfects the Vision of human races in which individual freedom and fantasy are well expressed, the second period starts from 10th century to the time of the Renaissance. In this period Fiber-Art stresses the merits of the roman catholic tradtion in which the holiness of catholic doctrine was strongly decorated. The third period occupies from the Renaissance to the 19th century. Fiber-Art in this period deals with various characteristics stemming from romanticism, classical expressionism, realism and so on. The fourth Period beginns from the 19th century to the mid-twentieth century. In this Period Fiber-Art involves the Character of Bauhaus movement which emphasized the intergration of various kinds of art trations. The fifth period extends from the mid-twentieth Century to the present. contempory Fiber-Art stresses the utilization of a variety of mechanisms including Vedio instruments, electronic apparatus in the tradtion of current realistic arts. As the instruments in developing Fiber-Art expands in their Scope, Fiber-Art has become one of the modern integration in which a variety of expressionism can be realized following the use of a number of materials. In technical senses the various materials dealt in Fiber-Art also encourage the development of various methodogies both in producing and processing aspects.

      • 한국 국가경쟁력 제고를 위한 Brand launching 연구 : DDfTF(Digital Design for Textile Fashion)을 중심으로

        이미재 청주대학교 학술연구소 2008 淸大學術論集 Vol.11 No.-

        The textile industry of Korea has been rapidly developed for the past 40 years. Despite of its rapid growth, it stands on a downhill today as the industry is in identity crisis. This is the consequences of running towards manufacturing and other parts of the industry therefore neglecting the development and significance of "design" sector within the textile industry. In terms of technologies and competitiveness in quality within the international market, European countries such as Italy, France and Japan in Asia are far more advanced than Korea. On the other hands, many Southeast Asian countries and China are overtaking Korean textile industry in terms of competitiveness in price. Hence today, there is the dilemma of taking "high roads" of technologies and design or "low road" of adjusted lower price. In the given dilemma, Korea should take the "high road," upbringing the technology and design. The main focus of the thesis is "Brand launching." Designing products and further launching it as a brand to enhance competitiveness of Korean textile industry in the global market: this would also contribute to building a new image to Korea’s textile design and industry: formally Korea carries the negative image of "products with imitated designs especially in fashions and accessories" Hence the objective with the "Brand launching" is making attempts to regain the declined international credibility of the industry through launching a brand with creative and original Korean design. This is the given task for the current generation, which is to be carried on with next generation. The redeemed international level of national creditability, the afresh image of Korean textile industry would leave leverage on sectors other than just the textile industry: the redeemed national creditability of the textile industry would also reflect the general creditability of the country as a whole. Accordingly the purpose of the thesis is to put the image of the nation forward to improve negatively perceived credibility; the suggested "new spirit" of the thesis, leading to such redeemed creditability, would once more revive the national economy and brighten the future of Korea. The innovative idea of a new brand launching would be a large scaled project hence could also be very costly. However, this is the best way to launch the unique identity of Korea, Korean design, on a "new spirit."In the given proposal thesis I stress out that anew "creative spirit" with legal mind will be the motivation force for Brand launching. Yet again the logic is that "new power of new spirit" leads to Brand launching thus one should not be hesitating the project at any cost and effort. The thesis also strongly assert that outcomes of challenges and innovations done through all technology lies in the unique and distinct design of high-value added, which is born through the "creative spirit" of identity. Firmly implementing the attitudes of "no products with imitated designs," designs that will represent Korean identity should reborn under the new paradigm of "a new spirit." The Korean textile industry would mature and with its own design it would be able compete on the "high road" of the global market: finally clearing its previous image as "a land of products with imitated designs." Moreover such an image change may positively reflect on the general image of Korea including various sectors such as politics, economics, social and culture: this all together is a good chance to put Korea running on the "high-roads" "Destructive Creation"refers to destruction of creativity and "a new spirit," which serves as true fundamental thoughts for the Brand launching. The thesis concludes with the innovative contents that how people should realize that quality of life is determined by the spiritual happiness. The two required elements for a true "Innovation policy" are "will to recognize" and business of "Legal mind." Combination of these two factors brings true innovative spirit and only this kind of innovative mind would brighten the future of Korean textile industry. Consequently the innovative spirit and future should also apply to other sectors such as arts and society, economics and science after careful consideration of "will to recognize" and "Legal mind" at different angles. In conclusion, the primary objective of the business proposal is to examine the current statues of Korean textile industry, filled with products of imitated design. Then further proposing a Brand launching as a mean to create the unique Korean identity, design, to recover its declined image and refinement: the will power to do so is the future power and hope for the Korean culture and economy. Key Word : Brand launching, 새 정신, 새 힘, 창의, DTP(Digital Textile Printing), DTD(Digital Textile Design), DD(Digital Design), Recreation

      • KCI등재

        유착 유구치의 처치에 관한 증례보고

        최병재,이제호,장미라,이종갑 大韓小兒齒科學會 1997 大韓小兒齒科學會誌 Vol.24 No.3

        Ankylosis is defined as a fusion of alveolar bone with dentin and/or cementum and may occur at any time during or following active eruption. Ankylosed teeth maintain existing occlusal levels while adjacent teeth continue to erupt via deposition of alveolar bone. This may result in th clinical apperarance of depression or submergence of ankylosed teeth below the occlusal plane. It is found more frequently in children of late mixed dentition and in mandibular primary molars. The problems arising from ankylosed teeth, due to their submerged positions, are elongation of the antagonist, tipping of the adjacent teeth, loss of arch length, food impaction and subsequent destruction of periodontal tissue, disturbance of succedaneous tooth eruption. The author observed several cases fo ankylosed primary molars and properly managed. Following results were obtained. 1. Severe infraoccluded ankylosis results in loss of arch length and undesirable effect on eruption path of succedaneous tooth, therefore early diagnosis and management are important. 2. The teeth without problems may be examined periodically and restored in order to maintain the normal occlusal function.

      • KCI등재

        밀원에 따른 벌꿀중의 소당류에 관한 연구

        김재길,김미경,이수한 한국양봉학회 1993 韓國養蜂學會誌 Vol.8 No.2

        Monosaccharides, Oligosaccharides and other components of honey from different honey plants were examined. The results were as fellows; 1. The moisture contents were ranged from 19.9 to 20.3%, the ash contents 0.07∼0.59%, the acidities were 7.6∼10.86meq/kg and HMF were 3.7∼5.6mg/kg. 2. The content of glucose in monosaccharides was 29.4∼31.9%. the fructose 36.9∼42.4% and the ratios of F/G were 1.24∼1.43 3. The sucrose, disaccharides of oligosaccharides were 1.7∼2.7%, the maltose were 3.2∼3.8%, trisaccharides, maltotriose and raffinose from chestnut honey were 0.3∼0.7% 4. The total oligosaccharides were 7.0% from acacia honey, 7.8% from sumach honey, 8.3% from various flowers honey and 11.5% from lacquer flower honey.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        치유된 대상포진 부위에 속발한 대상 편평태선 1예: Wolf의 동위반응(Wolf`s isotopic response)

        최혜진,장성은,이미우,최지호,문기찬,고재경 대한피부과학회 2004 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.42 No.4

        Wolf's isotopic response describes the occurrence of a new, unrelated disease that appears at the same location as a previously healed disease. The pathogenesis of the lesions remains unclear, but several possibilities are considered: a viral origin, an immunologic origin, a vascular origin, and a neural origin. We herein, present a case of a zosteriform lichen planus occurring at the site of herpes zoster after an episode of herpes zoster infection. (Korean J Dermatol 2004;42(4):456~459)

      • EMBLEM SYSTEM 아파트내 IEEE1394 VESA 기반 통합 통신배선 NETWORKING 기술 제안

        정영철,오미숙,장민혁,이광재,박종안 조선대학교 전자정보통신연구소 2002 電子情報通信硏究所論文誌 Vol.5 No.2

        As telecommunication network users and information appliances increase, efficient home networking environment is needed for bulk A/V data transmission in real time. For this need, the integrated applicable Interfacing technologies using IEEE1394 and UTP cables are considered to be applied to the apartments architecture. In this paper, we firstly review the residential cabling environment of apartents according to the emblem system of MIC in a point of home networking software technologies development and information appliances increase in domestic IT situation, and finally propose a integrated home network infrastructure architecture for users' convenience on the basis of the implementation and experiment on the high speed interfacing environment in the emblem system apartment using the low cost interfacing media.

      • KCI등재

        유아구성 자연살해세포 림프종(Blastoid NK-cell lymphoma) 1예

        최혜진,장성은,이미우,최지호,문기찬,고재경 대한피부과학회 2004 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.42 No.3

        Blastic/blastoid natural killer cell lymphoma is a rare disease characterized by blastic cytological features, lack of cytoplasmic granulues and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) association, expression of CD56, and the germline TCR gene arrangement. It has been known to demonstrate more aggressive clinical behavior than other natural killer cell lymphoma. We herein report a case of blastoid natural killer cell lymphoma which occurred in a 32-year-old woman. She showed only localized skin lesions with good response to chemotherapy. (Korean J Dermatol 2004;42(3):337~340)

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