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        • UN과 專門機關 간의 法的 關係

          柳在馨 청주대학교 학술연구소 2004 淸大學術論集 Vol.4 No.-

          The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the legal relationship between UN and specialized agency positively as well as legally. In other words, it is about whether these two are equal in rank or one is superior to the other in terms of lex lata and if they are not equal in rank, how much intervention or control the superior is endowed. In conclusion, according to the relationship agreement that provides for relation between UN and specialized agency directly, there are more than two different types of legal relationship between the two not like the outcome driven from UN charter that ordains the relationship uniformly. In other words, some specialized agencies are superior to UN in some cases, for example, the legal relationships between UN and organizations such as ILO and UNESCO. On the contrary, the relationship between UN and organizations such as BE and IBRD is found to be equivalent and independent not like the case UN charter provide. Therefore, it is expected there will be huge legal confusion when UN tries to adjust activities of those two kinds of organizations that are different in legal basis.

        • Briefs 착용 실태조사 : 20대 여성을 대상으로

          나미향 김정하 정복희 청주대학교 학술연구소 2008 淸大學術論集 Vol.10 No.-

          This study was made to investigate the real state of wearing briefs of females in their 20's to garner the basic data for pattern design and briefs whose wearing satisfaction is high. finding out the problem of design and sense of wearing. The result is as follows: 1. Cotton-made material was preferred in choosing briefs. This means that in the items concerning the sense of wearing, 'Sweat and secret were well absorbed, 'Sense of wearing was good', 'Material was proper,' 'Sense of wearing was generally fine.' 2. Half line was preferred in waist line, The reason is that it was conducive to action and stability. The result that currently-worn waist line and desired-waist line were in conformity shows that the satisfaction of currently-worn waist line was high in general. 3. For the reason that front form of briefs was good for action and stability, the form of half line was most preferred, and the same result was produced in the desired- wearing line. 4. In the form of hips, line 3 was preferred, which covered comfortably the entire parts of hips, and the styles which were jammed in hips, not sufficiently-covering hips, and uncomfortable to femoral muscle region were not preferred. 5. In purchasing briefs, the design was the first consideration, and then materials, measurement, price, etc. In the form of briefs, the type of pants was preferred, among which triangular pants accounted for 86.2% of preference, with most consumers fond of purchasing them. 6. The most preferred color was pastel tone, and white and ivory came after it. They are mostly sold in special market(road shop), and medium and low priced brand were preferred. key word : underwear, briefs, individuality expression, fashion item

        • Computer Graphic을 이용한 고구려 고분 벽화 배색 연구

          김영숙 청주대학교 학술연구소 2008 淸大學術論集 Vol.11 No.-

          This thesis is an interrogation to the color assignment of costumes in Koguryo tombs. Amongst pictorial data of seven tombs, I have focused on costumes with colors. From composing a surface area comparison spreadsheet, I was able to reach the following conclusion. 1. Tombs in Pyongyang have simpler color composition compared to the ones in Jip-an, and Jip-an tomes emphasize decoration aspect. 2. Later periods show tendency to use the color black or read in double or triple layers when the use of lines are more apparent, thus making the costume look more flamboyant. It seems that concept of costume design is improving. 3. Basically, costume culture development progress can be observed as from development of color assignment to change in pattern or detail. Key Word : Koguryo tombs Wall Drawing , The Colour assignment of costume, Coloration, Computer Grafic

        • 일제강점기 신문광고로 본 영화상영에 관한 연구

          어일선 청주대학교 학술연구소 2010 淸大學術論集 Vol.15 No.-

          The previous studies on the Korean film history were focused on the initial period and the birth of the Korean films. Accordingly accumulated research data and analysis thereof were insufficient to understand the general trend. The Japanese occupation in particular was the period of the early Korean film history. However no study was made to define what kind of films were screened and how they were screened in this era. In short, studies on the Korean film history were merely focused on the history of films per se, thus various areas were not properly analyzed including the history of capacity to receive audience, history of film industry, and advertisement and public relations for films. Accordingly the aim of this study was to examine the changes and development of the newly released films in Korea during the Japanese occupation, by understanding the comprehensive landscape of the early Korean film history. In other words the aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of the newly released films and advertisements therefore in Korea under the Japanese occupation between 1910 and 1945. The characteristics of the released films according to the analysis were as follows. Around the end of the World War I in 1918, foreign films were introduced and released in Korea. Here, the American films were the majority. Although small in numbers, films from the various countries were also released in Korea, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Italy, and France. From the late 1930s, the number of Japanese films significantly increased and the number of European films decreased except for those made in Germany and Italy. Regarding the Korean films, they appeared in increasing numbers in the advertisement between 1920 and 1926, and the highest numbers of the Korean films appeared in the advertisement up until 1930. Regarding the genre of films described in advertisement, most of the films were described as a mixed genre. Accordingly it was difficult to identify the characteristics of the genre of films, however it was found that the most prevalent genre was action films followed by comedy. The number of screened tragedy and drama was relatively low compared to those of action and comedy. Regarding the length of films, since 1920s more than half of the screened films were more than 5 rolls (gwon). As the film technology advanced, the length of a film became longer due to the complication of the story. With the arrival of the sound film in particular, the length of a film became longer. However it is noteworthy that since 1940s the length of the screened films shortened. As a result of the analysis on the above characteristics, the following factors were found to be relevant. First, the World War I and II, and the political situation of Japan were relevant factors. The 2 World Wars were an exceptional factor influencing not only the film industry in Korea but also all countries that produced and distributed films. For instance, the US was able to develop their film industry early, for they did not participate in the World War I. In case of Korea, unique political situation such as the Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War influenced every aspect of the analysis results of this study. Next, a few points should be made regarding the significance and limitations of this study. Another significant point of this study was the research method which was obtained through several trials and errors during the research process. The selection of the advertisements was made with an objective method and the analysis items for the subjects of the study were based solely on the data analysis. Not all researchers in the current advertisement field use such analysis method. There might be various reasons for this, however the most significant reason not to use such analysis method was that it achieves relatively little compared to the significant time and energy invested. For instance, the facsimile edition after 1923 cannot be read in PDF file. Furthermore its print condition was poor and it was a minimized version, hence the worse legibility. The advertisements in 1940s in particular were more difficult to read, for more than 20 advertisements with 1 line appeared daily in the newspaper. Finally the limitation of this study was that a comparison analysis could not be made with the advertisement for films in other contemporary daily newspapers. If such comparison analysis was made, a more definite result than the current one could have been obtained. However, it is virtually impossible to conduct such comparison analysis at this point. Accordingly many scholars interested in this subject should cooperate to improve the research environment. The significance and limitations of this study were mentioned as a suggestion for future researchers. This study is a starting point for the Korean film history during the Japanese occupation based on the document analysis of the advertisement. Therefore it is anticipated that many studies will be made based on this study that provides basic data to establish a desirable discipline of the early Korean film history.

        • 대학의 교수역량 강화를 위한 티칭포트폴리오의 개발 사례 연구

          최미나 청주대학교 학술연구소 2010 淸大學術論集 Vol.14 No.S

          The purpose of this research is to analyze how teaching portfolio is made of, utilized, and has an effect on improvement of teaching competency through case study of teaching portfolio development. The subjects of the case study were 16 professors in C university. I conducted a survey and interviews for fall semester, 2009. The questionnaire consisted of seven items about difficulty of teaching portfolio development, effect of teaching portfolio, and validity of teaching portfolio items. The results of this study were as follows. All items of teaching portfolio were appropriated. Professors felt difficulty in several items such as 'instruction reflection', 'instruction analysis' and 'student analysis'. Teaching portfolio provided opportunity to reflect and improve his/her instruction through objective analysis and self-diagnosis and -reflection. To diffuse teaching portfolio, we should continue a study about teaching portfolio's development and effect.

        • 어패럴 패턴구조에 관한 연구(2) : 앞ㆍ옆ㆍ뒤의 차를 중심으로 Focusing on gap between front,side, and back

          나미향,민유숙 청주대학교 학술연구소 2004 淸大學術論集 Vol.4 No.-

          I have manufactured body surface shell using a plastered body shape taken from a real body in order to identify characteristics of body parts based upon the basic torso pattern. After developed body surface shell, I have come to this result by analyzing the result developed into 3physical shape characteristics of front,side, and back. 1. Development of body surface shell As a result of developing body surface shell to find out pattern structure, front board in all experiences formed a breast part space due to breast protrusion centered by B.P., in particular, there was a great amount of space on the sectional side dart volume and down the breast line including down the front lining. On a back, a waist dart was form on perpendicular with arm-hole dart on protrusion part of the scapula (shoulder blade) and there was a dart volume formed on interscye too. 2. Ration and difference between front, back, and side Each circumference of the front, back, and side showed significance in the field of breast, under breast, waist, abdomen, and hip. In addition, the gap between front and back showed significance in the filed of under breast and a hip. Accordingly, when designing tight fit clothing, the distribution of front, back and side should be configured differently per section. Its ratio showed outstandingly differently. 3. Gap between front and back of the pattern The value of body surface development diagram showed significance in four parts other than hip in light of front and back difference. Accordingly, a hip has no gap between front and back, upper breast girth showed bigger shaper in back than front, but front showed bigger value in breast circumference, under breast girth, waist girth, and abdomen circumference.

        • 브래지어 착용 실태조사 Ⅱ : 장년기 여성을 중심으로

          나미향,권윤희,김미선 청주대학교 학술연구소 2006 淸大學術論集 Vol.8 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to investigate the actual state of wearing brassiere on middle-aged women to gamer the basic data to develop the functional brassiere. For this, centering on the middle-aged women, the types of brassiere, shapes, and sizes of brassiere of 201 females were examined. The result is as follows. 1. The actual ηpes of breast come in the order of the types of semi-circle, flat, cone, droopy, square pyramid. The ideal type of breast was conical and semi-circle types. Breast volume in middle-aged women was below the average, the gap of nipple was widened, and elasticity was low. The size of brassiere was that of 75cm, 8Ocm, 85cm, 90cm, each, and the cup-size brassiere in size below 75 was that of cup A. B,In size 80, it varies A. B, C, D. The breast types according to brassiere size are flat droopy 1 and conical types in 75A. And in 75B, they comes droopy 1, semi-circle, and flat types, and in 80A . B, and 85A . B, they come in the order of droopy 1, and conical types. In the breast owner of cup A, the ratio of droopy 1, and flat types was high, and in the breast owner of cup B, the ratio of droopy 1 and semi-circle typeS was high. 2. In middle-aged women, 85% wear brassiere in daily life, the reason of which is for the protection of exposure, upping loose breast, and following a kind of daily habit. 3. The function of brassiere was evaluated positive in that it is upping loose breast, focusing breast, and letting the shape of it looked beautiful. 4. It revealed the inconvenience of wearing brassiere was the sense of pressure by the wire in the due center of breast, slipping of shoulder band, and band movement of lower part of breast.

        • 운동용 속옷착용에 의한 체지방의 변화(3) : 비만과 정상 여성의 비교

          나미향 청주대학교 학술연구소 2005 淸大學術論集 Vol.5 No.-

          This study aimed at investigating the change of fat amount resulted from by exercises. Especially this research is focused on the effect that sport underwear made of specially processed materials has on the fat amount and measured variation of body fat in the parts of body. The subjects were overweight and standard weight females. The average fat rates in upper bust and under bust are higher than those of under abdomen and navel. The ranks of decreasing rates in girth were waist〉navel〉under abdomen〉bust 〉under bust and (in subjects was Sl〉Fl〉S2〉F2). The ranks of decreasing rates in subcutaneous fat area were waist> navel >under abdomen. The decreasing of area in the parts of under body of Fl, F2 is bigger than S1, S2. The decreased amount of subcutaneous fat in the parts of under body(waist, navel, under abdomen) is bigger than that in the parts upper body(upper bust, bust, under bust) after they(Sl,S2, Fl, F2) did exercise for 12 weeks, wearing sport underwear made of specially processed materials.

        • 중년기 여성의 상체부 특성

          나미향 권윤희 청주대학교 학술연구소 2009 淸大學術論集 Vol.14 No.-

          The purpose of study is research on breast shape and suitable bressiere for middle aged women. For this purpose, numerous antropometric measurements and other related data 200 subjects were analyzed by various statistical methods. Changes in the somatotype of the upper body were studied according to age group through classifying middle aged women into three age categories of Aged 35 to 44, Aged 45 to 54, Aged 55 to 64 and the measured anthropometry. It appears that the physical stance of the aging female becomes more bent and their body structures become smaller due to the bending and stretching of upper body during the process of ageing of each somatotype. The results of the comparative analysis of anthropolatric data from three groups(Groups Ⅰ: Aged 35 to 44, Group Ⅱ: Aged 45 to 54, Group Ⅲ: Aged 55 to 64)show that getting older, breast heights are decreased significantly and widths, depths and bust girths are increased. Various length measurements related to the drooping degree of breast are increased.

        • 박범훈 ‘신모듬 1악장’의 분석 연구

          이경희 청주대학교 학술연구소 2010 淸大學術論集 Vol.15 No.-

          In this research, examined are the musical contents and practices actually required to conduct the first movement of ‘Sin-Modum’, the Korean classical orchestral music, accompanied by ‘Samul-nori’ and composed by Bum-Hoon Park. Major findings are as follows: 1. The first movement of ‘Sin Modum’ was composed, based on the rhythms of Korean farmers’ instrumental music originated from Jeolla Province. It was based on the rhythms of Ochae Gil-gut, Jajin Ujil-gut, Jajin Jwajil-gut, and Namdo Gut-gori. 2. The parts which appear after long intervals are marked for each part in order to help performers figure out when to play by giving them the proper cues. 3. The parts to give cues, emphasize f and p, and change beats are also individually marked by examining the score for each part. 4. The units of melodies are divided into measures and then the number of those divided measures are marked on the score. These marks are useful for understanding the music in general, and especially effective for memorizing them. Conductors need the score for conducting on which all of the above points are examined and marked before starting to practice the music with performers. With thorough preparation before practices, conductors could make performers comfortable and lead a wonderful musical performance.

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