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        • RFID와 얼굴인식을 이용한 위해물 관리에 관한 연구

          추정호,이재용,강대성 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2007 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

          It prevents the problem beforehand such as second infection by an illegal disposal of the waste which is harmful for people, can solve the real problem caused by management and disposal of the waste, using the RFID that is kernel technology of the next generation in this paper. At first, it is possible to prevent managers' impure intention beforehand, using the authentication card that is storing managers' bio-information who is managing the hazard material. Also it suggests efficient solution that can offer better environment that previous managers' working environment, applying the RFID system to every stage, from the first point of the occurrence time of the waste modeled on general material distribution process to the final processing stage.

        • 용매추출에 의한 Propionic acid회수에 관한 연구

          김재경,김영규,김태식,한상훈,박동원 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2004 硏究報告 Vol.26 No.-

          We studied on the phase equilibrium of quaternary liquid-liquid extraction system containing propionic acid-water-binary solvents at 25℃, 1atm. o-Xylene and 1-butanol were used as binary solvents. Binodal curve, tie-line, distribution and selectivity for the quaternary system have been determined in order to investigate the effect of using binary solvent in extracting propionic acid from aqueous solution. And these experimental tie-line data were also compared with the values predicted by UNIFAC model. It was shown that UNIFAC model is capable of predicting the compositions in these quaternary systems within an average RMSD of 1.13mol%.

        • 하수슬러지 처리를 위한 건조 및 열분해공정의 반응특성에 관한 기초연구

          조지영,하상안,정병길,정유진,고현웅,성낙창 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2004 硏究報告 Vol.26 No.-

          The Objective of this study was conducted to investigate the reaction characteristics of dry and pyrolysis process for sewage sludge treatment. The important conditions include running time of pyrolysis, running time of dry and pyrolysis process, water content of sewage sludge, total solids amount of sewage sludge(TS%), condition of pyrolysis temperature. Most reaction velocities in sewage sludge are first equation, it assumed the first order and elucidated the kinetics. This was the basis of characteristics analysis of sewage sludge reaction mechanism. As the result of analysis on it, it increases in reaction velocity constant less and less total solids amount of sewage sludge by pyrolysis process.

        • 분변토 첨가에 따른 토양중의 파라치온의 거동

          허창두,신남철,우성훈,박승조 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2004 硏究報告 Vol.26 No.-

          The aim of this study was investigated with the behavior of parathion adsorption and degradation efficiency of parathion in various samples loaded with earthworm casting. Adsorption capacity of parathion in loam soil was better than clay loam. Degradation of parathion was 70 percent in loam and clay loam soil to time but samples was loaded 5% casting, L0C5 and CLC5 had shown 90 percent degradation. We found that parathion was leachers pesticide as groundwater ubiquity score (GUS) was more than 4.0.

        • 외기조건변화에 따른 전열교환 환기시스템의 성능평가 및 운전방안에 관한 연구

          이정재,김 광 현,박 미 지 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2007 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

          Recently, it has been revising regulation of ventilator installation and detail regulation the secures comfortable & safety indoor air quality(IAQ) and obligated establishment of heat recovery ventilator in new apartment building. In this study, we offers operation and a plan of heat recovery ventilator to energy saving by measure efficiency the come out from outdoor conditions and comparing & analysis the energy saving effect. As a result of in this study was as follows : In case, we think that if it do not show that the upper than average of 30 percents absolute humidity in spring and autumn, it should profitably operation "by-pass mode". (2) Energy saving effect appears the heat recovery ventilator show widely rate ratio compared to constant air volume system.

        • 재생골재를 콘크리트용 골재로 사용하기 위한 기초 물성 연구

          공경록,강헌찬 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2004 硏究報告 Vol.26 No.-

          This study research the method that it will be able to increase the demand of the quality of the construction waste and recycled aggregate. It includes a test for sieve analysis of aggregate, a test for specific gravity, a test for absorption, a test for impurity contents and crisis effect of cement paste of recycled aggregate. The grain size change of the 13~45mm recycled aggregate by the crusher when moving toward the 2nd cone crusher from the 2nd jaw crusher, the content change from 6.69% changed with 55.34%. The recycled aggregate of 13~45mm includes a standard grain size distribution. A test of impurity contents was resulted 1.49%. Density of the recycled aggregate of 13~45mm was 2.14g/㎤ and water absorption ratio was 7.74%. Content of the aggregate where the cement paste sticks below 50% changed 8.35% → 12.68% → 13.76% → 23.61% → 23.67% when first jaw crusher → second jaw crusher → first cone crusher → double screen → recycled aggregate of 13~45mm. The crisis of the recording aggregate which will be rough the crusher and the cement paste goes well. For the recycled aggregate production of quality the development of the system which separates the recycled aggregate is necessary.

        • 액-액 추출에 의한 Acetonitrile 회수

          박상일,옥동석,박동원 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2007 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

          Due to the rising cost of energy, new separation process based on extraction is becoming more attractive than before. Thus, the need for calculating and preclicting liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE) has very much increased. The separation of mixture that has similarly boiling point, forms azeotropic mixture and has higher boiling point, is impossible to separate by distillation. Thus, this case sometimes used extraction. In process of manufacturing acrylonitrile, azotrope of acetonitrile-water was came into being as by-product. For the purpose of recovering acetonitrile through solvent extraction process, o-xylene, methyl iso- butyl ketone, ethyl acetate, and l-butanol as solvents were selected in order to separate acetonitrile from azotrope of acetonitrile-water. In this study, liquid-liquid equilibrium data were determined and consistency of the experimental data was investigated. Binodal curve, tie-line, distribution and selectivity for each ternary, quatemary system have been determined in order to investigate the effect of using single and binary solvent in extracting acetonitrile from aqueous solution.

        • 입자상 알루미늄과 입자상 철 충전복극조에 의한 음식물쓰레기 배출수 전해처리

          김정섭,박숭조 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2008 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

          In case of electrolytic treatment of waste food effluent for 150 minute at 7V with a bipolar packecl bed cell loaded with granular aluminum, removal efficiency of COD, NaCl, T-N and T-P were 66.4, 66.5, 58.2 and 77.0 %. When electrolytic treating of waste food effluent for 150 minute at 7V with a BPBC loaded with granular iron removal efficiency of COD, NaCl, T-N and T-P were 80.3, 65.7, 59.3 and 67.2 %. We confirmed that optimum cell voltage of BPBC with filled granular aluminum or granular iron for electrolytic treating of waste food effluent was 7V. And Charge loading rate was 200 F/m3in BPBC filled with granular iron and granular aluminum and removal efficiency of COD, NaCl, TSS, Turbidity, T-N and T-P were 71.1, 66.4, 94.7, 89.1, 58.2, and 77.1%.

        • 자동차용 원주가압형 브레이크 디스크의 온도분포에 관한 연구

          김형훈,이성욱,한동섭,한근조 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2007 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

          In a vehicle, the weight is related to fuel efficiency consiclerably. Especially, decrease in unsprung mass of suspension has an effect on not only dynamic characteristics but also increasing fuel efficiency. In this study, we suggest newly formed brake disk which is declined the weight in order to improve its fuel efficiency of vehicles. Ths newly proposed concept has been verified using Thermal-Analysis along with comparative analysis with the existing disk.

        • 토양에서 클로르피리포스의 동력학적 거동

          유현철,신남철,우성훈,박승조 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2004 硏究報告 Vol.26 No.-

          We have investigated physicochemical characteristics and behavior of chlorpyrifos(CPF) in the agricultural soil, soil + dry waste food(DWF) and soil +manure. Experiments were accomplished biological degradation of samples loaded with chlorpyrifos in incubator at 27℃ during 30days in laboratory. In this study, Sample containing soil + manure has shown to be better biological degradation than sample of soil + DWF. The kinetics of chlorpyrifos oxidation catalyzed by agricultural soil, soil + DWF, and soil + manure can be described by Henri-Michaelis-Menten equation, V=(Vmax)/( Km+ C), where Vmax is the maximum velocity and Km the concentration of the substrate(C) corresponding to an initial(V) half of Vmax. The value of Vmax and km is 0.0588㎍CPF/g.soil.hr and 7.3529㎍CPF/g.soil in agricultural soil, 0.0601㎍CPF/g.soil∙hr and 4.4117㎍CPF/g.soil in the soil loaded DWF and 0.0890㎍CPF/g.soil∙hr and 4.2818㎍CPF/g.soil in the soil added manure. Therefore the order of Vmax. were Manure> DWF> Agricultural soil.

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