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      • KCI우수등재

        공공 데이터를 활용한 대학생 진로 조언을 위한 그래프데이터베이스 기반 지식베이스 구축

        종 율, 대한전자공학회 2019 전자공학회논문지 Vol.56 No.10

        This study is to build a career advice system using a graph database to solve career problems of college students. It builds a knowledge base based on the graph database by establishing a relationship between career information collected from occupational and career-related public data. This study is a career advice system model to advise students of various career information such as job recommendation and competency development information by mapping with the ePortfolio data of individual students using knowledge base. Collects job data API of employment information source as data for career advice, analyzes and designs the knowledge and skills of job competency unit, performance attitude, related qualifications, related majors, and related training elements By constructing and mapping with virtual e-portfolio information, this study presented the possibility of realizing college career customized career advice model and using career advice through scenario recommendation and interactive interface. 본 연구는 대학생들의 진로 문제 해결을 위한 그래프데이터베이스를 활용한 진로조언 시스템 구축 연구로 직업 및 진로관련 공공 데이터에서 수집된 진로 정보들의 연관 관계를 설정하여 그래프데이터베이스 기반의 지식베이스를 구축하고, 구축된 지식베이스를 활용하여 개별 학생의 e-포트폴리오 데이터와의 매핑으로 직업 추천, 역량 개발 정보 등의 다양한 진로 정보를 학생들에게 제공해 주기 위한 진로조언 시스템 모델 연구이다. 진로 조언을 위한 데이터로 고용정보원의 직무데이터를 수집하여 직무 능력 단위에 대한 지식 및 기술, 수행태도, 관련자격증, 관련전공, 관련훈련 요소 간의 연관 관계를 분석·설계하여 그래프데이터베이스 기반의 지식베이스를 구축하고 가상의 e-포트폴리오 정보와 매핑하여 대학생 맞춤형 진로조언 모델을 실제 구현하고 시나리오에 따른 직무 추천과 대화형 인터페이스를 활용한 진로 조언 모델 검증과 활용 가능성을 제시하였다.

      • 외기조건변화에 따른 전열교환 환기시스템의 성능평가 및 운전방안에 관한 연구

        이정재, ,박 미 지 東亞大學校 附設 環境問題硏究所 2007 硏究報告 Vol.29 No.1

        Recently, it has been revising regulation of ventilator installation and detail regulation the secures comfortable & safety indoor air quality(IAQ) and obligated establishment of heat recovery ventilator in new apartment building. In this study, we offers operation and a plan of heat recovery ventilator to energy saving by measure efficiency the come out from outdoor conditions and comparing & analysis the energy saving effect. As a result of in this study was as follows : In case, we think that if it do not show that the upper than average of 30 percents absolute humidity in spring and autumn, it should profitably operation "by-pass mode". (2) Energy saving effect appears the heat recovery ventilator show widely rate ratio compared to constant air volume system.

      • KCI등재

        전기안전 IoT장치 적용을 위한 LoRa 자가망 시스템 구현 및 성능 측정

        홍 성 준,정 용 욱,강 석 우, 태 원,,,박 진 영,이 상 익,방 선 배 대한전기학회 2019 전기학회논문지 P Vol.68 No.1

        With the spread of embedded systems, there is a growing interest and demand for Internet of things. Technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee, and Bluetooth can transmit relatively large amounts of data, but consume high power and have a narrow communication range. As a result, LPWAN technologies such as LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, and Wi-SUN are emerging as attractive communication methods in the Internet of things. In this paper, we use LoRa, one of the low power long distance wireless communication technologies, to construct the self wireless network including gateways and measure the performance to transmit data of electric safety IoT devices. Instead of using the existing commercial network, we used the 900MHz frequency band to communicate with the gateway. In order to evaluate the performance of the implemented system, we verified the packet SNR and the RSSI value by changing the communication between the electric safety IoT device and the gateway inside and outside, inside and outside of the distribution panel, and distance.

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