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        • KCI등재

          항공사 전략적 제휴의 성과에 관한 설명적 연구: 코드쉐어링, 조인트벤처, 글로벌 항공사 동맹체를 중심으로

          오상은 한국관광산업학회 2020 Tourism Research Vol.45 No.3

          Recently, airlines are expanding their air transport business widely around the world in the inter-airline alliance. Apartment from development caused by competition among world airlines, they are strengthening their competitiveness through partnerships with mutually beneficial airlines. The group of airline strategic alliance have developed while global airlines have built networks with each other around the world. In this study we analyzed code sharing as the typical and traditional types of airline strategic alliance, global airline alliance and joint venture which is the most powerful partner, and consequently found that outcomes that cannot be performed by an independent sole airline have been achieved through strategic alliance like code sharing, joint venture and global airline alliance. In other words, airlines can reduce operating cost, improve convenience of their customer by sharing flight with each other and secure supplying power, increase the market share through providing a variety of schedules with the expanded network. This helps airlines can maximize the effect of network sharing, boost competitiveness and produce profit. Also not only income of non-aviation sector is increased but airports are boosted by attracting passengers under keen competition and further more it can be reborn with the benefit of national level. In addition airlines can provide passengers with a variety of high quality services through jointly operating frequent flyer program. Therefore, Korean-based carriers have to expand competitiveness as a result of synergy effect of alliance and Incheon Airport must make an effort to progress towards hub airport in Northeast Asia by consistently strengthening inter-airline strategic alliance in the future. 최근 항공사들은 항공사간 연합 형태로 항공운송사업을 광범위하게 세계 속으로 확대해 나가고 있다. 세계 여러 항공사들이 항공사간의 경쟁으로 인한 발전 외에도 서로 간 이익이 되는 항공사와의 제휴를 통하여 경쟁력을 강화하고 있는 것이다. 전 세계적으로 글로벌 항공사들이 서로 간의 네트워크를 형성해 나가면서 전략적 제휴 항공사 그룹이 발전해 왔다. 본 연구에서는 항공사 전략적 제휴의 대표적이며 전통적인 유형인 코드쉐어링과 글로벌 항공사 동맹체, 그리고 가장 강력한 협력체인 조인트벤처에 대하여 분석하였으며, 그 결과 독립적인 단일 항공사가 실행할 수 없는 성과들이 코드쉐어링, 조인트벤처, 글로벌 항공사 동맹체라는 전략적 제휴를 통해 달성되고 있음을 확인할 수 있었다. 즉 항공사들 간에 상호 항공편을 공유함으로써 운항비용을 절감하고 고객 편의를 향상시키며, 확대된 네트워크로 다양한 스케줄을 공급하여 공급력을 확보하고 시장 점유율을 높여나갈 수 있다. 이를 통해 항공사들은 네트워크 공유 효과를 극대화할 수 있으며 경쟁력을 제고 하고 이윤을 창출해 나갈 수 있다. 또한 환승 수요 증대로 비항공부문의 수입 증대뿐만 아니라 치열한 경쟁 속에서도 여객 수요를 끌어들여 해당 공항을 활성화 시키고 더 나아가서는 국가적 차원의 이익으로 거듭날 수 있으며, 공동으로 상용고객우대제도를 운영함으로써 승객들에게 다양하고 높은 질의 서비스를 제공할 수 있다. 따라서 향후 항공사 간 전략적 제휴를 지속적으로 강화하여 국내 항공사들은 제휴의 시너지 효과로 인하여 경쟁력을 더욱 확대하고 인천공항은 동북아 허브 공항으로 도약할 수 있도록 노력해야 할 것이다.

        • KCI등재후보

          임파워먼트가 항공사의 조직유효성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

          오상은 한국관광연구학회 2007 관광연구저널 Vol.20 No.3

          Airline corporations have been suffered from frequent turnovers of their employees while the manpower is the most valuable assets in this industry. Empowerment has been recognized as useful way to increase the organizational effectiveness. The purpose of this study was to find the relationship between empowerment and organizational effectiveness in airline corporation. Empowerment factors including meaning, self-determination, impact, and competence were found to influence both on job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Also job satisfaction was found to influence on the organizational commitment. Among the empowerment factors, meaning was found to mostly influence on the job satisfaction while meaning, impact, and competence were found to mostly influence on the organizational commitment respectively. The result of this study might be helpful for the airline managers to prepare effective personal management strategics.

        • KCI등재

          현대건축공간에 나타나는 신체지각의 구축 층위 연구 - HdM, Sejima, R. Koolhaas의 건축 작품을 중심으로 -

          오상은,Oh, Sang-Eu 한국실내디자인학회 2017 한국실내디자인학회논문집 Vol.26 No.4

          This study is on the constructive ways of body perception applied to architecture space. This research also has a purpose of extending the range of possibility of body perception's application. Research on the phenomenological method applied to architecture space was mainly focused on sensation, which made limited awareness on the range of body perception. The scope of body perception includes not only sensation, but also perception, cognition, and human behavior. Therefore this study explicate how operant features of body perception works together. Operant features of body perception are perception as cognition, synesthesia, and Interaction with others. Herzog & de Meuron, Sejima, and R. Koolhaas's works are reviewed to verify these features of body perception.

        • 사회학습이론이 건강 및 간호학에 미친 영향

          오상은 中央醫學社 1996 中央醫學 Vol.61 No.12

          Social learning theory emphasize the role of social variables. This study was attempted study attempts to in-crease the understanding the influence of social learning theory to health and nursing science through comparative demonstration of the health locus of control, health belief model, and health promotion model. Most frequently used concepts of social learning theory in nursing science were locus. of control developed by Julian Rotter and self-efficacy and modeling developed by Albert Bandrua. The concept of health locus of control is useful for predicting health behavior and health state. Self-efficacy is the belief that one has the skill and competence to carry out specific action. Recent studies provide the evidence to suggest that self-efficacy is strongly related to health behavior. The application of self-efficacy will change personal health related behavior in nursing practice. Modeling techniques decrease client's anxiety, pain, and distress in nursing practice. Many researches on the applications of these concepts based on the social learning theory have been performed in nursing science. In summary social learning theory is very useful for planning health promotion programs. Recommendation for future research includes the development of instrument and program developing research using these concepts in nursing practice.

        • KCI등재후보
        • KCI등재

          학령전기 아동 부모의 가족기능과 양육태도의 관련성

          오상은,조인숙 한국모자보건학회 2011 한국모자보건학회지 Vol.15 No.2

          Objectives: This study was done to identify the relationship between the family function and parenting attitudes of parents with preschool children. Methods: The study subjects were 190 fathers and 190 mothers of preschool children. They enrolled the Academy of Continuing Education at C University in G city. Schaefer's Maternal Behavior Research Instrument (MBRI) for parenting attitudes and Smilkstein's Family APGAR for family function were used to collect data from May to December, 2008. Data were analyzed by t-test, ANOVA, Pearson's correlation coefficient, Duncan- test using, and Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis the SAS Program 12.0 program. Results: The mean (±SD) Family APGAR score was 6.60 (±2.19) and the mean (±SD) MBRI score was 3.22 (±0.29). There was positive relationship between the family function and parenting attitudes of parents. Parenting attitudes according to children's temperament and family function showed significant difference. The results of stepwise multiple regression analysis showed that only parenting attitudes was significantly associated with family function(β=.708, p<.001). Conclusions: The findings of the study indicated family function was associated with parenting attitudes of parents with preschool children. Accordingly, when caring for parents nurses should heed to their family function and know that it may have effect on parenting attitudes. Parent coaching program for promoting family function and parenting attitudes needs to be developed to make children's temperament more desirable.

        • KCI등재

          피아노 교육에 활용 가능한 어플리케이션 소개 및 분석

          오상은,김영아 한국피아노교수법학회 2020 음악교수법연구 Vol.21 No.1

          The increasing use of smart phones and tablet devices for educational purposes has shown growing signs of changes for piano learning and teaching methods, which have been traditionally face-to-face lessons. This research presents the list of mobile learning applications for piano learners with recommendations from piano teachers. These applications were categorized and analyzed in various aspects. It turns out that the applications can empower both piano learners and teachers. As an example, the learners can learn the piano independently free from limitation of time and space with use of numerous multimedia data. Teachers can also use the applications as supplementary tools so that learners can minimize frustration that leads to deterioration of their motivation. The use of applications can also benefit learners economically. Likewise, the use of mobile applications in the piano learning process can surely offer positive influences on overall piano education. 최근 스마트 폰 및 태블릿 디바이스와 같은 모바일 기기의 사용이 급증하면서 초중고 학습자들은 이미 모바일 기기를 통해 많은 정보를 받아들이고 있으며, 대부분 면대면 레슨 방식으로 진행되고 있던 피아노 교육 분야에도 변화가 생기고 있다. 본 연구에서는 피아노 교사들이 어떤 교육용 어플리케이션을 많이 사용하는지 파악하기 위해 페이스북(Facebook)의 피아노 교사 모임인 아이패드 피아노 교사 모임(iPad Piano Teachers Group)의 게시물과 댓글을 검토하여 많이 활용되고 있는 어플리케이션을 조사하였고, 각 어플리케이션의 학습 목표를 분석하여 학습 영역별로 구분한 후, 학습 및 설계적인 특성을 분석하였다. 이 조사 과정에서 관찰된 어플리케이션을 피아노 교육에 사용할 경우의 장점은 다음과 같다. 학습자는 풍부한 멀티미디어 자료를 사용하면서 독립적으로 개인 학습 속도와 특성에 맞게 언제 어디서나 학습할 수 있고, 교사는 블랜디드 러닝(Blended Learning) 방식을 통해 면대면 레슨에서 학습자를 도와줄 수 있다. 또한 교사는 레슨의 보조 도구나 숙제 등의 형태로 어플리케이션을 활용하여 학습자들이 피아노를 배우며 느끼기 쉬운 좌절감 등 학습 의욕을 저해할 수 있는 심리적인 요인을 줄일 수 있다. 이처럼 어플리케이션은 피아노를 지도하고 배우는데 있어 매우 유용하고 효율적인 보조 도구가 될 수 있을 뿐 아니라, 학습자의 시간과 비용의 절감에도 큰 도움이 될 수 있다. 어플리케이션 활용의 잠재력을 고려할 때, 피아노 교육 수업에서의 어플리케이션 활용안에 대한 추가 연구가 요구된다.

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        • KCI등재
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