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      • 학생 개개인의 다양성을 중시하는 진로교육 방안

        정영진 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1996 科學과 敎育 Vol.4 No.-

        The career education should be implemented within schooling, which means that the various perspectives of individual students such as abilities, aptitudes, interests, etc., should be clearly figured out and developed by career educators. To be successfully, implemented, the guidance and counseling for career education should be systematically planned, organized, and performed and furthermore, each individual should take into account his own skills, abilities, characteristics, and experiences. Several guidelines for career education emphasized the variety of each individual can be suggested as followings : ① Individual: Achieve a long-term life goal, ② Family: Maintain a happy family, ③ School: Perform a whole-person centered education, ④ Society : Improve the partnership between university research and industry, ⑤ Nation : Allocate the human resources efficiently. The guidelines for career education should increase the success of achieving one's career and life goals.

      • 초등학교 컴퓨터교실의 운영에 대한 질적 연구

        박인건,전영국 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1999 科學과 敎育 Vol.7 No.-

        This study focuses on describing and interpreting various phenomena occurred in an elementary school after a separate computer education curricula driven by private company has ended. The major thrusts of carrying out qualitative study in this case were laid out on the dimensions of practical teacher, private computer lecturer and participating elementary students. Research methodology was adopted from the attempts to describe various images and computer classroom activities to come up with subjective interpretations from an empathetic teacher as a researcher. The participants include a principal, a private computer lecturer, a computer teacher and three elementary students. The main research agendas cover various phenomena occurred between a computer teacher and students such as students' attitudes according to teaching methods, question and answers, the degree of satisfaction on computer curricular, a teacher's classroom management and control methods. By adopting a qualitative method, the researcher tried to get into the deep levels of interaction patterns between a teacher and students and tried to interpret those patterns from empathetic eyes of the researcher. This research design was carried out mostly from August of 1999 to September of 1999 by taking interviews and video tapes with the research participants. Interview data were transcribed and video tapes were coded according to time lines and the sequences of activities taken place in the computer room.

      • 환경교육의 세계적 동향과 환경교육의 방향

        이용환 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1996 科學과 敎育 Vol.4 No.-

        In order to get suggestion for environmental education in Korea from the experiences of foreign countries, the researcher reviewed and analysed the purpose, theoretical structure, contents, teaching and learning methods, activities, and evaluational method of environmental educations In the United States of America, Germany, England, Netherlands, and Asian countries.

      • STS (과학, 기술 및 사회) 교육에 대하여

        김종웅,조현욱 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1998 科學과 敎育 Vol.6 No.-

        STS education, which started in 1960's and became the worldly science educational stream in 1980's. The STS education began to be reflected in the textbook concretely in the 5th Educational Curriculum of Korea that was reformed and notified in 1992. The present study was designed to discuss the STS educational history, characteristics, and reflection in the educational curriculum of Korea. Specially, this study classified the contents related to STS in the Biology Unit of the 8 kinds of high school authorized Common Science Textbook compiled on the basis of the 6th Educational Curriculum. The research compared how much such contents each textbook contains and which subject area of Piel the contents of STS education in each textbook belong to, and then analyzed which STS subject area is reflected in each biology unit.

      • 대학 환경교육과 교육과정 개발 연구

        姜大求 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1996 科學과 敎育 Vol.4 No.-

        The objective of the study was to build the curriculum model for environment subject teacher, and to make the application strategies for curriculum development. For the study, curriculum and the subjects related information of some colleges and universities were gathered and analyzed at point of subjects name, credit number, subject category(optional or compulsory). The curriculum model base for environmental teacher education is built on the fundmental subject area of teacher certificate, environmental control technician/engineer certificate area, and job competency of teacher, and reviewing the theoretical structure of environment science and curriculum structure of Sunchon National University, curriculum model is built. Concrete curriculum is composed of the general courses, major courses, and general option courses, and subject substitute approval of major subjects is regulated at some subjects, and some recomendations about this curriculum are offered.

      • 고등학교 정치교과서의 정치교육내용 비교 분석 : 『정치·경제』·『정치』교과서의 비교를 중심으로 『Politics·Economics』and 『Politics』

        조성규,손병선 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1999 科學과 敎育 Vol.7 No.-

        The purpose of this study is to compare and analyze the political education contents in a viewpoint of conservative and innovative function between 『Politics』and 『Politics·Economics』of the high school textbooks, those have been used in 5th and the 6th curriculum. First of all, this study made an analytic model about the political education context of the high school textbooks on the basis of many theories about the political education for students. Second, it made criteria about the usefulness and the harmony between conservative and innovative function for political education in a socio-functional point of view, and also, briefly reviewed the process of undergoing changes in the social studies curriculum until now. Third, according to the criteria, it examined the contents of the politics textbooks of the high school and analysed the frequencies of contents in each political education areas. The contents of political education in 『Politics·Economics』 showed more tendencies of a rightist direction than those in 『Politics』. In conclusion, the study is suggesting it is critical for students to teach organization culture, discipline and to maintain the society, but the recent political education needs to teach them both conservative and innovative area to a adjust themselves to a changing society.

      • 해석학, 경험주의, 비판이론의 관점에서 본 독일 교육철학의 성격

        손승남 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1998 科學과 敎育 Vol.6 No.-

        The goal of this study is to clarify the diverse perspectives of the German philosophy of education based on Hermeneutics, Empiricism and Critical theory. This study shows that these main streams of philosophy of education in Germany have competitively developed the concept of interpretation, empirical study and ideology criticism as methodology of modern educational research. "Methodic Pluralism" has become the predominate characteristic of the German philosophy of education because of the influence of the postmodernism in the field of education. In conclusion, this study suggests that the diverse aspects of the German philosophy of education such as interpretation and criticism should be introduced in our educational research, which still clings to positivism and empiricism.

      • 남부지역에서의 양파 수확, 저장 및 유통실태

        권병선,이을태,오용비,정동희,이조진 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1996 科學과 敎育 Vol.4 No.-

        This study was carried out to find marketing, storage and harvest of onion in southern parts of Korea from Jan. 1994 to Apr. 1994. Early maturing cultivar harvest between 10th and 20th of May but late maturing cultivar harvest between 10th and 20th of June, this period was busy farming season with a shortage of labor. Early maturing cultivar was send out good directly but late maturing cultivar was send out good after shortage the simple store house with the period 7-9 month, and professional seed production farmer are not in here. We hope that this report stimulates research to investigate for the establishment of not only harvesting practices such as varietal improvement, machanical harvesting and disease resistant variety for the storage.

      • 數學敎科에서 프리젠테이션을 活用한 授業方法이 學習態度에 미치는 影響

        이규재,신향근 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1998 科學과 敎育 Vol.6 No.-

        It is thought that the pleasant and interesting class would change students' learning attitude positively and increase learning effects. So we are trying to introduce the application of computers to the class to be used in various ways and to be effective in arousing the learning motivation of students. The purpose of this research is to look for the teaching method which can cause students' interest in learning and help students to have an affirmative attitude toward their learning. After carrying out both the presentation program using computer and the traditional, explanatory class alternately, we conducted a comparative analysis on the students' learning attitudes and examined the students' responses on the 'presentation' class. The result of the research was that the 'presentation' class was more affirmative in arousing the motivation of the students than the traditional, explanatory teaching method. We also came to the conclusion that the 'presentation' class was more affirmative in establishing a positive learning attitude than the traditional, explanatory class.

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