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        • 한약재의 전혈혈소판응집억제

          전원경,김정희,이아영,김호경,Jeon, Won-Kyung,Kim, Jung-Hee,Lee, A-Yeong,Kim, Ho-Kyoung 한국한의학연구원 2003 한국한의학연구원논문집 Vol.9 No.2

          To evaluate anti-aggregatory activity of traditional prescriptions and medicines for treatment of Ohyul symptom, 70% methanol extracts were examined using collagen stimulated in vitro platelet aggregation by impedance method in rat whole blood. The crude extracts from DoHaekSeungKiTang, BoYangHwanOhTang, Caesalpinia sappan, Rhus verniciflua, Rheum palmatum, Polygonum cuspidatum, Salvia miltiorrhiza were found to inhibit platelet aggregation. The effective crude extracts of traditional medicine were fractionated to dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, butanol and aqueous layer. Polygonum cuspidatum, Caesalpinia sappan aud Rhus verniciflua ethyl acetate fractions concentration-dependently $(250-50{\mu}m/ml)$ inhibited the aggregation of platelet in whole blood induced by collagen. These results suggested that ethyl acetate fractions of Polygonum cuspidatum, Caesalpinia sappan and Rhus verniciflua have potent anti-aggregatory activity.

        • KCI등재후보

          육미지황탕(六味地黃湯)의 마우스에 대한 급성독성

          전원경,이재훈,이지혜,김미연,마진열,Jeon, Won-Kyung,Lee, Jae-Hoon,Lee, Ji-Hye,Kim, Mi-Yeon,Ma, Jin-Yeul 대한한의학방제학회 2009 大韓韓醫學方劑學會誌 Vol.17 No.2

          Objectives : Yukmijihwang-tang (YJT) is known as a tonifying formula for reinforcement of yin deficiency conditions. The present study was carried out to investigate the potential acute toxicity of YJT in ICR male and female mice. Methods : We investigated the acute toxicity about boiling water-extracted YJT. The test article was orally administered once by gavage to 20 male and 20 female mice at dose levels of 0 (control group), 1250, 2500 and 5000 mg/kg body weight. Mortalities, clinical findings, autopsy and body weight changes were monitored daily for the 14 days following the administration according to the Regulation of Korean Food and Drug Administration. Results : We observed survival rates, general toxicity, change of body weight, and autopsy. Single oral administration of YJT with different dosages, no animals died of the test drug. Autopsy of animal revealed no abnormal gross finding. Therefore, $LD_{50}$ value of YJT for ICR mice was more than 5000 mg/kg on oral route. Conclusions : These results suggest that no toxic dose level of YJT in mice is considered to be more than 5000 mg/kg. Consequently, it was concluded that YJT have no effect on acute toxicity and side effect in ICR mice.

        • KCI등재

          계량정보분석 기반의 연구개발 성과분석: 치매 치료용 천연약물 분야

          전원경 ( Won Kyung Jeon ),한창현 ( Chang Hyun Han ),강종석 ( Jong Seok Kang ),허은정 ( Eun Jung Heo ),한정수 ( Joong Su Han ),이영준 ( Young Joon Lee ) 대한한방신경정신과학회 2011 동의신경정신과학회지 Vol.22 No.3

          Objectives: Trend of R&D of herbal medicine for dementia treatment was examined based on the quantitative information analysis for establishing the national strategy of research on dementia treatment with oriental medicine. Methods: Definition was made to clarify the technology for development of herbal medicine for dementia treatment. Based on the initial keyword provided by experts in the field, queries were compounded to conduct search in the search engines of WoS and DWPI. The raw data (papers or patents) extracted from the initial search were examined by expert-review before objects of analysis were determined. Then, the accumulated data was analyzed in terms of year, country and organization, which led to examination of the trend of R&D. And the research performance evaluation for dementia treatment technologies was also made in terms of country, organization and researcher based on the forward citation analysis. The international cooperation intensity was examined on the basis of analysis of network by researcher before analysis results were put together to select lead researchers. Results: According to the quantitative information analysis of 1,330 articles that were selected as analysis objects, the number of papers on natural products research for dementia treatment has increased by around 4.6 times in recent five years. This indicates that the intensive studies have been underway recently. It was found to be the US that had the highest level in research filed of herbal medicine for dementia treatment and the highest capacity of international cooperation for that purpose. On the contrary, Korea had the share of papers at 5.1%, the number of countries in cooperation research at 8, and the article quality index at 0.40, showing that the qualitative level was insufficient, compared to the quantitative outcome. In particular, Korea was found to have no intensity of international cooperation among researchers. In case of patent, the results of information analysis of 305 patents selected as analysis objects demonstrated that China had the highest share while Korea had the very low frequency of patent application quantitatively. Conclusions: In this study, the research to develop herbal medicine for dementia treatment has recently drawn much attention that has spread around the globe. Therefore, these results suggest establishing the strategy to develop technology for dementia treatment with oriental medicine in the future based on quantitative information analysis.

        • KCI등재

          창포류 추출물이 인간 전혈혈소판 응집억제에 미치는 영향

          전원경 ( Won Kyung Jeon ),최고야 ( Go Ya Choi ),김슬기 ( Seul Ki Kim ),이인선 ( In Sun Lee ),백지성 ( Ji Seong Baek ) 대한본초학회 2010 大韓本草學會誌 Vol.25 No.3

          Objectives: Acori Rhizoma is one of the common widely used herbal medicines with diverse bioactive effects. However, little evidence has been reported about the potential anti-platelet activity of Acori Rhizoma. The present study examined the effects on platelet aggregation by Acori Rhizoma. Methods: In this study, we tested the in vitro effect of 16 kinds of Acori Rhizoma extracts by hot water or 70% ethanol on collagen-induced platelet aggregation in human whole blood using the impedance method of aggregometry. Results: Among them, 2 kinds of 70% ethanol extract and 1 kind of hot water extract showed the significant inhibiting effect on whole blood aggregation. In particular, Acorus gramineus extracts were selected as the most effective candidate. Conclusiions: The results from this experiment provide pharmacological evidence for the traditional medicine, suggesting that Acorus gramineus could be help problems of blood circulation more than Acorus tatarinowii.

        • SCIEKCI등재
        • KCI등재

          노인성질환의 한,양약 병용약물사용지침서 작성 매뉴얼에 관한 연구

          전원경 ( Won Kyung Jeon ),서부일 ( Bu Il Seo ),한창현 ( Chang Hyun Han ),김대준 ( Dae Jun Kim ) 대한본초학회 2011 大韓本草學會誌 Vol.26 No.1

          Objectives: This study aimed to design manual of guideline book for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs in the disease of the aged. Method: First, we collected informations about guideline book for drug medication, and we investigated wishes of professors who are working for an oriental medicine at universities. Result & Conclusion: 1. The greater part of professors recognized necessity of guideline book for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs. 2. The basic stages of framing guideline book for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs are as follows. The first step is planning of framing guideline book for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs. The second step is organization of framing group and advisory committee for guideline book. The next steps are searching the core of items and making a searching all the literature and estimating the literature. And then, we should complete basic contents of guideline book in a row, and those must be examined thoroughly by external experts. Finally we can make public the guideline book for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs. If there are reform contents in the guideline book, we can amend contents and make public the revision guideline book again. 3. We need guideline information center for combined medicaion of the oriental and the western drugs in the disease of the aged for framing, wide-spread and development of guideline book. 4. We think that the guideline information center should be composed of a steering committee, a committee of controlling informations and advisory committee for guideline book.

        • KIOM2003-080 처방에 대한 항혈전 효능 연구

          전원경(Jeon Won Kyung),김호경(Kim Ho Kyoung),이주현(Lee Ju Hyun),고병섭(Ko Byoung Seob),이아영(Lee A Yeong),이경구(Lee Kyung Goo),신현규(Shin Hyeun Kyoo) 한국한의학연구원 2007 한국한의학연구원논문집 Vol.13 No.2

          The present study examined inhibitory effects of 20 efficient experience prescriptions on platelet aggregation induced by collagen in human whole blood using the impedance method of aggregometry. Among them, a hot water extract of KIOM 2003-080 was selected to be the most effective candidate. In an in vivo study using a mouse acute thrombosis model, the anti-thrombotic effects of the KIOM2003-080 crude extract were also observed. In addition, we accessed bio-marker of platelet activation using thromboxane B2 by ELISA assay. A significantly decrease in thromboxane B2 production was seen in the presence of KIOM2003-080. Consequently, the results from this experiment provide pharmacological evidence for the traditional use of KIOM2003-080 prescription, suggesting that its hot water extracts could be used to prevent platelet aggregation and thrombosis disease.

        • 시판품 숙지황중의 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde (5-HMF) 함량분석

          김호경,전원경,김영아,고병섭,Kim, Ho-Kyoung,Jeon, Won-Kyung,Kim, Young-A,Ko, Byoung-Seob 한국한의학연구원 2003 한국한의학연구원논문집 Vol.9 No.1

          Rehmanniae Radix Preparata attributes good blood circulation and it has been used for the treatment of dizziness, men's sterility, excessive loss of blood and weakness. On the quality control of commercial Rehmanniae Radix Preparata, quantitative determination of 5-hydroxymethyl (5-HMF) using HPLC method has been conducted. Quantitative analysis of S-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde (5-HMF) in commercial Rehmanniae Radix Preparata showed average of $0.136{\pm}0.057%$ in 14 samples collected throughout the regions of Korea.

        • 한약재의 미생물허용한도 설정을 위한 모니터링(I)

          이주현,전원경,고병섭,천진미,이아영,김호경,Lee, Ju-Hyun,Jeon, Won-Kyung,Go, Byoung-Seob,Chun, Jin-Mi,Lee, A-Yeong,Kim, Ho-Gyoung 한국한의학연구원 2006 한국한의학연구원논문집 Vol.12 No.1

          한약재는 생산, 가공, 유통과정에서 적절한 보관. 관리가 이루어지지 않으면 미생물 증식 가능성이 크고 이로 인한 부패나 변질이 우려되며 한약 품질 저하를 가져올 수 있다. 한약재 미생물허용한도에 대한 각 나라별 규격기준을 보면 유렵약국, 도일약국에서는 호기성균의 미생물오염한도(microbial contamination limit)를 10 CFU/g 이하로 규격화하고 있다. 또한 미국약국 NF(US phamacopeia & National Formulary)에서는 생약의 미생물 한도치를 유럽약국과 같은 정도의 규격설정을 하고 있다. 특히 일본의 경우 일본약국방(日本藥局方) 및 국방외생약규격집(局方外生藥規格集)에 의해서 한약의 품질을 유지하고 있고, 미생물학적 품질관리 실태조사가 체계적으로 이루어지고 있다. 본 연구에서는 3개 지역에서 각각 1곳의 약업사를 정하여 대상품목 총 30종을 선정하였다. 실험의 재료는 문헌과 자료조사에 의해 미생물에 의한 오염이 용이한 품목 18종, 육진약(六陳藥)에 속하는 6종, 그리고 육미지황환을 구성하는 6종을 구입하여 대한약전 8개정의 미생물한도 시험법에 따라 시험하였다. 한약재에 대한 미생물 오염 실태조사를 통하여 미생물 허용한도를 설정하는데 기초 자료로 제시하고자 한다. 한약재 미생물 오염 실태조사 결과 WHO 미생물한도 기준을 적용하였을 때, 전체적으로 진균의 오염이 높은 경향을 보였고 향후 한약재에 대한 미생물오염도 모니터링을 지속적으로 하여야 할 것으로 사료된다. Objectives : This study has attempted to establish an organized system for the microbiological quality of raw materials which are important factors in preparing the standard for microbial limits. Methods : This study has first set up microbial contamination limit test. total aerobic microbial count and total fungi count, int accordance with testing method of the Korea Pharmacopeia 8th edition in order to establish an inspection standard for microbial contamination. Results : The microbial contamination of 18 items that are highly prone to contamination by three regions(Seoul, Daejeon, Gyeongsangbuk-do), As a result, Morus alba Linne and Rehmannia glutimosa Liboschitz var. purpurea Makino showed as high contaminated by WHO's Microbial Contamination Limit standard. In case of Yukjin medicine in the Theory of Herb Medicinal Properties, total bacterial contamination rate showed as 17.7%, total fungal contamination rate showed as 41.2% and total aerobic mircobial count and total fungi count on Ephedra sinica Stapf. Pinellia ternate Breitenbach, Evodia officinalis Dode showed as high measured. The microbial conatmination rate materials which make up Yukmijihwanghwan were mostly high therefore the total aerobic microbial count was measured as high in case of Yukmijihwanghwan, the characteristics about microbial contamination strain is to be researched. Conclusions : By combining the basic data and experimental results related to microbial contamination of herb medicine, the most ideal storage standards for herb medicine has been attempted to be presented.

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