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      • 麥酒麥에 關한 硏究 : 第Ⅳ. 栽培地域擴大를 爲한 適應試驗 Ⅳ. Investigation on the Adaptation for the Culture zone Expansion

        金祥哲 진주산업대학교 1978 論文集 Vol.16 No.-

        These experiments are carried out to produce the hgih yield of beer barley and the reasults are as follows; 1. The production of beer barley in Sacheon area was Similar like in Hamyang and Milyang area, but the production in Guchang and Hapcheon was less than it in Sacheon. 2. Sacheon Ⅱ was high yield than any other varieties. 3. The production of double cropping for a year paddy-field was higher that it in up land In these experients, it was found possible to produce the beer barley in any place in kyung nan excep north area of kyung nam.

      • ATM망의 가상경로상에서 Threshold를 이용한 효율적인 대역관리

        김상철,고승일,고성택,김경식,김경연 濟州大學校 情報通信硏究所 1999 情報通信硏究所論文集 Vol.2 No.-

        Effective bandwidth allocation is desirable to control the ATM traffic. It should provide high fairness and utilization for different kinds of services in call admission. Complete bandwidth sharing is efficient for utilization of bandwidth but not efficient for fairness of call admission. Complete bandwidth partitioning is efficient for fairness but not efficient for utilization. We propose a new CST(Complete Sharing with Threshold) algorithm using threshold in a VP to improve fairness and utilization. Using CST algorithm. the system performance is improved by 1.4% compared with the RSC(Reserved Sharing with Common pool) algorithm.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        Performance Comparison of MISP-based MANET Strong DAD Protocol

        김상철 한국인터넷정보학회 2015 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Syst Vol.9 No.9

        A broadcast operation is the fundamental transmission technique in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs). Because a broadcast operation can cause a broadcast storm, only selected forwarding nodes have the right to rebroadcast a broadcast message among the one-hop and two-hop neighboring nodes of a sender. This paper proposes the maximum intersection self-pruning (MISP) algorithm to minimize broadcasting redundancy. Herein, an example is given to help describe the main concept of MISP and upper bounds of forward node have been derived based on induction. A simulation conducted demonstrated that when conventional blind flooding (BF), self-pruning (SP), an optimized link state routing (OLSR) multipoint relay (MPR) set, and dominant pruning (DP), are replaced with the MISP in executing Strong duplicate address detection (DAD), the performances in terms of the energy consumption, upper bounds of the number of forward nodes, and message complexity have been improved. In addition, to evaluate the performance in reference to the link error probability, Pe, an enhancement was achieved by computing a proposed retransmission limit, S, for error recovery based on this probability. Retransmission limit control is critical for efficient energy consumption of MANET nodes operating with limited portable energy where Strong DAD reacts differently to link errors based on the operational procedures.

      • 운동소질지수와 일반운동능력과의 상관관계 연구

        김상철,오만원 濟州大學敎 體育科學硏究所 1999 체육과학연구 Vol.5 No.-

        This study is aimed to supply basic data for sports leaders to apply to Physical Education when it comes to teaching. selecting athletes and making their improvement in skill by looking into the correlation between McCloy's Motor Quotient, which was measured through the general motor capacity test, and the Six Fitness Factors that were classified by Cureton. T.K. In the research, Three Hypotheses were set in relation to the aim. First, there might be a positive correlation between the Motor Quotient and the variable of General Motor Ability. Second. each variable of the General Motor Ability might distinguish the group of Motor Ability Quotient. Third. the measurement of General Motor Ability might vary depending on the level of Motor Quotient. For this study 130 students among 153 students in the second grade of D high school. which is located in Cheju Province. were selected as subjects. Potential subjects that were physically or mentally handicapped. organ patients or athletes were not included. First. in order to find out the Motor Quotient. McCloy's General Motor Capacity Test was performed and the Classification. Sargent Jump. Iowa Brace Test. and Burpee tests were taken to measure the quotient. Second, for each factor of the 6 Fitness Factors such as muscular power, power. flexibility, balance, agility, and endurance, which were classified by Cureton. T.K . two sports activities were employed to measure the ability. In order to yield the results of measurement. Micro Software's SPSS win (ver7.5) was used. To make clear the correlation between the Motor Quotient and General Motor Ability. M(mean), SD (standard deviation), R(correlation) among the factors of General Motor Ability were evaluated. Stepwise multiple regression analysis was applied to examine the most suitable factors of Motor Quotient. One-way ANOVA analysis was applied to analyze difference measurement among Motor Quotient. And then Scheffe's test was used as post-verification. The conclusions based on these procedures and materials are as follows: 1. There is a positive correlation between the variables of Motor Quotient and General Motor Ability. The measurement of the activities for the test of General Motor Ability showed positive correlation in distance, frequency. weight. and time. 2 .The variables of General Motor Ability distinguish the Motor Quotient Group. Among the 14 General Motor Ability variables. standing broad jump's predictability was highest (54.6%). then back strength (8.8%). Sargent jump (3.5%). and closed-eyes foot balance (1.5%). 3. Depending on the level of Motor Quotient , there is a meaningful difference in General Motor Ability. Among 14 General Motor Ability variables. the result of the dispersed analysis in standing broad jump turned out statistically significant. In order to find out the specific difference between the groups. the Scheffe post-verification was used and the mid MQ group jumped well in standing broad jump than the low and mid MQ group. It revealed that 10 out of 14 general motor ability variables revealed that general ability is related to the motor quotient.

      • KCI등재

        헬리콥터 조종사의 상황인식과 교육 만족도의 상관분석을 통한 교육개선연구

        김상철,이용혁,Kim,,Sang-chul,Lee,,Oyong-hyeok 한국항공운항학회 2021 한국항공운항학회지 Vol.29 No.1

        The topic of this paper was analyzed as "t -test" and "multiple regression analysis" for 303 helicopter pilot trainees from aviation schools in the county for "improvement of education through correlation analysis of helicopter pilots' situational awareness and education satisfaction." In addition to the factors for overcoming situational awareness and situational awareness, the level of satisfaction of the instructor and the level of satisfaction of the learning management system (LMS) is the confidence interval p<.05, 95%. It was analyzed to be significant at the level of 05, 95%. Therefore, it was analyzed that in order to improve the "quality of the instructor" in future education, institutional supplementation and "learning management system (LMS)" need to be established including VR and AR so that pilot trainees can use it at all times.

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