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      • 사회교육 문제점 분석과 활성화 방향

        김문숙 서원대학교 교육연구소 1990 敎育發展 Vol.9 No.1

        The purpose of this study was to examine the current problems of social education, and to suggest the direction for activating social education. To achieve the purpose, laws and regulations which are the basis of guiding the practices of social education were analyzed several problems discussed in this study were as follows : First, there are a great number of institutions which take part in social education, but the educational activities of these institutions are virtually little. Second, considering the increasing demand for social education, specialized apparatus which serves to coordinate the variety of activities of many institutions need to be established. Third, the activities of many institutions operated by public foundations are not effective, because of poor facilities and a shortege of financial support. Fourth, the educational efforts of many institutions founded by various social organizations are not effective in terms of providing the appropriate educational programs. Fifth, financial support and administrative service by government are poor, and there does not exist integrated laws and regulations which secure the effectiveness of social education. Sixth, incentives provided to working youth who are not enrolled in formal school systems, are not effective in terms of encouraging their educational aspirations. Seventh, government efforts to raise the effectiveness of social education are not successful, because the policy committee of social education under the supervision of the Ministry of Education fails to meet the financial support and administrative service. Finally, there are no special programs to train specialists in social education. The following suggestions can be derived from the foregoing discussions : First, efforts to secure more effective administrative and bureaucratic service must be made by government. Second, to broaden the opportunities of social education and to activate social education, efforts for securing publie sources of educational financing needs to be made. Third, one effective way of planning and coordinating the variety of activities of many institutions which take part in social education is to establish a new policy committee under the supervision of the Prime Minister, instead of supervised by the Ministers of Education. Finally, one way of providing effective programs of social education is to train specialists in social education And to raise the quality of specialists, an incentive systems must be improved.

      • KCI등재

        할인점의 패션제품 유통현황과 발전방향

        金文淑,金炫我 服飾文化學會 2000 服飾文化硏究 Vol.8 No.4

        The purposes of this study are as follows. First it is to review the features of discount stores that are expected to grew rapidly and continuously due to their low price, new costs bulk purchase, and multiple shops, and to pinpoint problems arising from the establishment and position of the stores. Second, it is to analyze relevant issues in regard to the present status of fashion good distribution in discount stores by studying the situation, structure and problems of domestic fashion distribution long with the present status of the distribution in discount stores, and to suggest directions for the development of fashion distribution and discount stores. A positive study was carried but on the buyers of big domestic discount stores through one-to-one interviews focusing on the distribution of fashion products within Seoul and the Metropolitan area. The following is the directions far the development of clothing distribution and discount stores; 1.The relative importance of fashion goods in a discount store will be increased with the tendency of fashionable and differentiated shops; 2.The GMS or category killers will be established from around 2003 when the market is expected to become saturated wish a great deal of discount stores. 3.The distribution channel of the manufacture-supplier-distributor line will become more definite due to the direct purchase of goods by discount store goods. 4.Discount stores will change and reform without being restricted to a certain existing industry or business condition and distribution channels will diversify over the border. The demand and supply system will be balanced based on a global marketing which will be adjusted on the international level.

      • KCI등재

        베링(Bering)해협 연안 지역의 복식의 동질성에 관한 연구- Alaska 서북 지역과 Siberia 동북지역을 중심으로 -

        金文淑 복식문화학회 1997 服飾文化硏究 Vol.5 No.4

        Deprivation of means to study the cultures and history of the natilres of Bering Strait in their own lands, gives us and especially U.S. A. and Russia - where the objective regions of this study is pertained to - the great suffering of intellectual and aesthetic losses. Throughout 20th century, as political and economic forces prevailed, it became increasingly difficult for both Natives and outsiders to see this region as having common past. In such difficult circumstances, United Nations Council for Environmental Development held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June, 1992 started out to give obligations to present environmental future. With such trend getting stronger and being in demand, this study is also focussed on harmonizing with the environment. Thus cultures and civilization of Bering Strait region coincides with such environmental matters and differs from man centered western civilization which ruled the environment rather than to harmonize with it. Through the studies of fashions and cultural materials of this region, it was able to identify the great similarities between Northwestern Alaska and Northeastern Siberia. Especially in the clothing materials of this region's toy dolls, it was possible to confirm that both side of Bering Strait possessed similar culture. Although both side had similar environment, in the past its peoples began to be seen as separate and alienated aligned only with their current political state-Russia and U.S.A. Through this study, it was able to see diversity of the peoples and thin languages but also close cultural and historical ties that link them very closely together. This study verified such similarities and common characteristics through close examination of Native clothing and decorations and other traditions o( Siberian Natives such as Yupik. Chukchi, Koryak, Even, Amur River peoples and Nivkh ; and Alaskan Natives such as Inupiag. Yupik, Alutiig, Aleut, Athapaskan, and Tlingit

      • KCI등재후보

        패션기업의 환경친화적 제품설계(DfE) 기법에 관한 연구

        김문숙 服飾文化學會 2003 服飾文化硏究 Vol.11 No.1

        The purpose of this study is to understand thr characteristics and concepts behind Design for Environment(DfE) and Environmental Management System(EMS). This study highlights the success of domestics and foreign corporations that have utilized DfE and EMS as well as explored how DfE based EMS in being used in domestic corporations. Although corporations acknowledge that using environmentally conscious designs provide them with a competitive edge, only 53.6% of fashion corporations have established the environmental policies and use such tools. Furthermore, only 41% use DfE strategies for operating their corporations.

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