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      • KCI등재후보

        촉매 및 전기분해를 혼용한 독성물질 분해 촉진 연구

        박명주,정용찬,정명훈 한국물환경학회 2002 한국물환경학회지 Vol.18 No.1

        Electrolytic hydrolysis of toxic chemicals such as pesticide and nerve agent simulants was examined in the presence of catalysts that range from amino acids to functionalized surfactant and inorganic solids (zeolite, silica, and titanium dioxide). Hydroxide ions produced from cathode activate the catalysts by deprotonation of the active group, and proton ions around anode can not only neutralize hydroxide ions but make aqueous solution around anode strongly acidic enough to kill microorganisms. The cleavage rates of toxic chemicals have improved with the aid of catalysts: among the catalysts tested, functionalized surfactant shows exceptionally high cleavage rate against PNPDPP, and slight increase in cleavage rate was observed with the inorganic solid like zeolite. Cysteine was the most effective among amino acids for the deactivation of organophosphates. The sewage water from the Suwon area was also tested to result in the remarkable reduction, especially with titanium dioxide, in COD, decolorization, deodorization, and turbidity. The applicability of the electrolytic hydrolysis system for the deactivation of toxic chemicals in aqueous system and its modification needed are thoroughly studied in this paper.

      • KCI등재

        학교급식 식자재 공급업체 선정요인의 우선순위에 관한 연구

        박명주,김석환,이정실 대한지역사회영양학회 2008 대한지역사회영양학회지 Vol.13 No.4

        The purpose of this study is to examine how nutritionists, principals and parents evaluated the importance and priorities of different selection factors for food materials suppliers in an attempt to suggest how to ensure the best supplier choice, since the selection of the best supplier was mandatory for the successful TQM of school food services. This study especially aims to develop priority alternatives based on relative rather than absolute assignments on selection of suppliers for school food service materials. To apply AHP, the selection factors of a food materials suppliers were grouped into five categories, which included quality, service, reliability, hygiene and price. And the five categories involved 28 elements. As the result, quality was considered most crucial on the whole, followed by service, reliability, hygiene and price; and food labeling in the category of quality evaluated as that of first priority in the totality evaluation elements.

      • KCI등재

        Effect of Ecklonia cava Powder on Color and Texture of Sugar-Snap Cookies

        박명주,이준호 한국산업식품공학회 2011 산업 식품공학 Vol.15 No.1

        Freeze-dried Ecklonia cava powder was incorporated into cookie dough at 5 levels (0%, 1.5%, 3%, 4.5%, and 6%,w/w) by replacing equivalent amount of wheat flour of the cookie dough. After aging and sheeting, cookies were baked at 185℃ for 14 min in a convection oven. The baked cookies were cooled to room temperature for 30 min and packed in airtight bags prior to all measurements. Lightness (L*) decreased significantly as the E. cava powder content increased (p<0.05) and a decreasing trend in both redness (a*-value) and yellowness (b*-value) was observed. On the other hand, firmness increased significantly with an increase in E. cava powder content (p<0.05). Increases in E. cava powder concentration up to 6% in the cookie formulation significantly increased the intensities of all sensory attributes such as color, flavor, taste, and firmness (p<0.05). Correlation analysis indicated that the E. cava concentration correlated significantly with most of the properties except for a*-value (p<0.01, 0.05, or 0.001). Properties such as firmness and sensory color and firmness correlated positively while L*- and b*-values correlated negatively with E. cava concentration. Sensory color correlated negatively with L*- and b*-values. Sensory firmness correlated positively with mechanically measured firmness.

      • KCI등재

        실록산계 흡수방지재를 도포한 콘크리트의 염소이온침투저항성과 내화학성에 미치는 콘크리트 강도의 효과

        박명주,이병재,김정수,김윤용 한국콘크리트학회 2018 콘크리트학회논문집 Vol.30 No.6

        본 연구에서는 실록산계 흡수방지재(SWR)를 도포한 콘크리트의 염소이온침투저항성과 내화학성에 미치는 콘크리트강도의 효과를 분석하였다. 강도조건별 침투깊이를 분석한 결과, 본 시험조건 내에서 콘크리트의 강도가 낮을수록 침투가 잘 되었으며, 고강도인 30 MPa에서도 흡수방지재 침투깊이 기준을 만족하였다. 내흡수성 및 내투수성 평가결과 모든 조건에서 KS F 4930에서 제시하는 기준인 투수비 0.1이하를 만족하는 것으로 나타나 내흡수성 및 내투수성이 확보되는 것을 확인하였다. 염소이온침투저항성 실험결과, SWR 적용으로 Plain대비 매우 우수한 내염성을 나타내었고 특히 18 MPa의 경우는 30 MPa 대비 2배 이상의 내염성능 개선효과가 있는 것으로 나타났다. SWR를 적용한 경우가 우수한 화학저항성을 확보할 수 있었다. 염소이온 침투저항성과 화학저항성을 비교하여 본 결과, 본 연구에서 채택한 콘크리트 강도수준 내에서는 강도가 낮을수록 SWR 적용효과가 우수한 것으로 나타났다. In this study, effect of concrete strength on chloride ion penetration resistance and chemical resistance of concrete coated by siloxane-based water repellent (SWR). Experiments on the effect of strength on penetration depth revealed that penetration depth is deeper as the strength is lower. SWR penetrated more than 3 mm of the desired depth from the surface of the three types of concrete. As a result of the evaluation of the water absorption resistance and the water permeability, it was found that it satisfies the requirement of 0.1 as given in KS F 4930 under all strength conditions. SWR-coated concrete was tested to show improved chloride penetration resistance compared to plain concrete. As a result of comparing the degree of improvement of chlorine ion penetration resistance, 18 MPa concrete was more than 2 times better than 30 MPa concrete. SWR-coated concrete showed improved chemical resistance compared to plain concrete. The degree of this effect was smaller than the improvement effect of chlorine ion penetration resistance. All the results of these experiments indicated that the effect of SWR-coating on chloride ion penetration resistance and chemical resistance of concrete was found to be higher as the concrete strength decreased in the limited strength condition of this study.

      • KCI등재

        S-align 기능을 이용한 흉부 전・후 방향 검사 시 적절한 X선관 각도에 관한 연구

        박명주,주영철,김민석,육정원,김한용,김동환 대한방사선과학회 2022 방사선기술과학 Vol.45 No.4

        This study uses the 'S-align' function to present a reference value of the X-ray tube angle for the realization of an image similar to that of the chest PA image during chest AP radiography. This study targeted dummy phantom and used a 17"×17" DR image receptor. The irradiation conditions were 110 ㎸p, 160 ㎃, 50 ㎳, and the distance between the central X-ray and the image receptor was set to 180 ㎝ and 110 ㎝, respectively. The end of the catheter was placed at the 11th thoracic height to indicate the nasogastric tube. In the case of lung apex length measurement, the mean value of measurement was 30.53±0.47 in PA. T 0°, TCA 5∼25°, TCE 5∼15° were 21.07±0.29, 27.60±0.21, 34.13±0.44, 39.86±0.31, 45.96±0.61 ㎜, 54.13±0.37 ㎜, 16.16±0.46 ㎜, 9.81±0.35 ㎜, 2.75±0.30 ㎜, respectively. For the depth of the catheter end, the average value measured at PA was 6.70±0.31 ㎜. T 0°, TCA 5∼25°, TCE 5∼15° were 15.72±0.38 ㎜, 24.10±0.50 ㎜, 29.24±0.86 ㎜, 34.35±0.35 ㎜, 41.06±1.08 ㎜, 48.07±0.38 ㎜, 12.85±0.25 ㎜, 7.92±0.36 ㎜, 3.01±0.39 ㎜, respectively. The length of the lung apex was similar to that of chest PA when the angle of incidence was adjusted from 5° to 10° in the leg direction, and the depth of the catheter tip was most similar when the X-ray tube angle was incident at 10° in the head direction. Therefore, To change the X-ray tube angle according to the purpose of the examination during the chest AP radiography using ‘S-align’ function is considered necessary. .

      • KCI등재

        표면강화형흡수방지재 적용 콘크리트의 기공률 및 내마모성 특성

        박명주,노재호,이병재 한국구조물진단유지관리공학회 2019 한국구조물진단유지관리공학회 논문집 Vol.23 No.4

        Concrete is a material generally used to build structures and it is exposed to various environment conditions. In particular, a medium suchas water lets noxious factors flow into concrete, causing a lot of damage. Therefore, different kinds of materials are being developed to increase thedurability of concrete. Among such materials, silane and siloxane compound are known to have a high utilization as an absorption inhibitor. However, if aged or deteriorated reinforced concrete is treated with those compounds, they easily come off the concrete and lose their function sincethe basic material is weak. This study conducted an experiment to provide concrete with both an absorption-inhibiting effect and surfacestrengthening by using melamine-formaldehyde resins that are surface-treated with siloxane compound. In addition, a study on the porosity andsurface hardness characteristics of a concrete was conducted to check the absorption-inhibiting effect and surface strengthening. 콘크리트는 일반적으로 구조물에 활용되는 재료로써 다양한 환경조건에 노출된다. 특히 물과 같은 매체를 통해 콘크리트에 유해한 인자가 유입되므로 많은 피해를 야기 시킨다. 이에 콘크리트 내구성을 높이기 위해 많은 재료가 개발되고 있는 실정이다. 그중에 실란과실록산 화합물은 흡수방지제로 활용도가 높은 재료로 알려져 있다. 그러나 노후화되거나 열화된 콘크리트에 처리할 경우 기재 자체가 약해쉽게 박리되어 그 기능을 상실하는 문제점이 있다. 그래서 본 연구에서는 실록산 화합물로 표면 처리된 멜라민-포름알데히드 수지를 활용해콘크리트에 흡수방지제 효과와 동시에 표면강화 성능을 부여하기 위한 실험을 진행하였고, 이를 확인하기 위해 콘크리트의 기공률 및 표면경도 특성을 연구하였다.

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