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            • 장애여성 학대예방 정책방안 연구

              김영정(Young Jeong Kim), 이승미(Lee Seong Mee), 이동석(Lee Dongsuk), 이화용) 서울시 여성가족재단 2016 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              People with disabilities are still vulnerable to abuse. Women with disabilities are twice as vulnerable to abuse, due to their gender as well as their disability. Compared to other people with disabilities, women with autism, mental disorders, or intellectual disabilities are particularly easy targets for sexual and domestic violence. However, the strategy that Seoul Metropolitan Government has taken toward such abuse is reactive rather than preventive. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to investigate the current situation of abuse against women with autism, mental disorders, or intellectual disabilities in Seoul and propose effective policies to prevent such abuse. Based on the results of an in-depth review of current policies and laws, analysis of statistics from the records of related counseling centers, and focus group interviews with personnel and practicians involved in the provision relief for victims, this study suggests strategies for supporting women with mental disabilities and their families, managing institutions for people with disabilities, and changing the local society. To prevent abuse against these women, the government needs to implement strategies comprised of various measures, such as the improvement of human rights education programs reflecting the specific needs of these women, establishment of a counseling and support system for the women's families (including special care for parents who have disabilities as well), development of education programs for institution staff, reinforcement of the monitoring of care-providing institutions, and promotion of public campaigns to raise awareness of the issues that people with disabilities face.

            • 서울시 여성가족정책 효과분석 및 정책수요조사

              조영미(Young Mi Cho), 장진희 이수연) 서울시 여성가족재단 2015 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              This research intends to analyze effect of Seoul metropolitan government's safety policy for women and develop and execute safety policy which meets the demand from female citizens. To this end, index of policy outputs and policy outcomes of Seoul's safety policy for women was set and effect of safety policy was measured. Index of policy outputs includes number of users of five programs including Safety Scout for Women (where scouts accompany women on the way home after dark). For index of policy outcomes, sexual violence incidence and perception of city risk for each gender were selected. To identify demand from female citizens, a survey was conducted with 700 adult women regarding the level of awareness of Seoul's safety policy, how they feel about it and any policy demand. The result of survey shows that women have high demand on Safety Scout for Women, Home Security Service for Women, Safe Delivery Service and CPTED(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). Sexual violence incidence and change in the city risk for each gender was analyzed through time-series analysis for the period of 2012~2014, when safety policies for women were intensively implemented. Sexual violence incidence slightly increased in 2014 along with rise in city risk. However, sexual violence incidence during 8 pm ~ 12 am and rape and indecent assault that occurred on the road, at a bar, at a house and on the public transportation reduced. Regression analysis on performance of safety policy and sexual violence incidence indicated that programs of Safe Delivery Service and Safety Scout for Women did have an influence on prevention of crime. All these results demonstrate that safety policy for women implemented by Seoul metropolitan government did work in protecting women from violence. This research suggested continuous expansion of high-performing policy to districts, change in policy focusing more on female citizens, creation of safety community and increase in female participation in the community at the district level and creation/expansion of gender sensitive statistics of safety-related programs.

            • 젠더안전지표 적용 및 개선방안 연구

              이호선(Lee, Ho-Sun), 김상희(Kim, Sang-Hee) 서울시 여성가족재단 2018 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              This study is a follow-up study to elaborate and improve the usability of the gender safety indicators developed through the last two years. The main content is to select the representative indicators among the gender safety indicators and calculate the gender safety index of Seoul by applying the weight to the representative indicators. The purpose of this study is to verify the safety level of women in Seoul and apply them to the policies for gender safety. In this study, the research was conducted in accordance with the following process. First, representative indicators of gender safety indicators were selected, Second, the gender safety index of Seoul was calculated by weighting the representative indicators. Third, the gender safety index for regional comparison was calculated by weighting some representative indicators. In this process, we conducted three times expert surveys and used the fuzzy decision making analysis. As the gender safety index of Seoul, which was calculated through the above process, we analyzed the gender safety level of Seoul city in a time series. And the results of comparative analysis with other regions are presented by applying some regional comparison indicators. As a result, we were able to confirm the time series and relative level of gender safety in Seoul. Based on the results of this analysis, some implications were made to improve the gender safety level in Seoul. For example, Compared to other regional averages, the rate of domestic violence recidivism in Seoul is somewhat higher and the rate of sexual violence is slightly lower. So it is necessary to take measures to lower the recidivism rate for domestic violence and to increase the low indictment rate for sexual violence. Finally, specific management measures, for the continuous use of the gender safety index in Seoul, such as statistical production plan, the management performers and monitoring methods, and institutional improvement measures were suggested.

            • 서울시 중도입국 청소년 현황 및 지원방안 연구

              이승미(Lee, Sung-mi), 이해응 이화용) 서울시 여성가족재단 2017 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              The purposes of this study are to grasp the status of migrant youths in Seoul and to inspect the effectiveness of the current policies to support them. Also the policy demands were collected through the in-depth interviews with the migrant youths in Seoul, parents, experts and a public officer. With the analysis of the results the author suggests an direction and detailed policies. Fist of all, according to the interpretation the related laws and regulations, “migrant youths in Seoul” means the children of the marriage immigrants or the acquisitor of korean nationality by the acknowledgement or the naturalization who between 9-24 years old, live in Seoul. However, during the research process the necessity to extend the meaning “migrant youths in Seoul” came to the front, that is to the children who lived mostly in foreign country and live in Seoul now; entered into Korea at a relative later age after 13-15 years old; with the intent of long-term or permanent residency; faced the biggest problem of “the adaptation to the korean society.” The children of foreign workers and compatriots are included in this extended meaning. This study is divided three parts. In the first part the precedent studies, the related regulations and the policies of the central government and Seoul as a local government are analyzed. In the second part the difficulties and its causes are described. The important causes are (ⅰ) the lack of Seoul's regional characteristics in the related polices, (ⅱ) the lack of motivation for migrant youths over 17 years old, (ⅲ) the lack of information channels, (ⅳ) a mental instability of migrant youths and (ⅴ) difficulties for the career planning. In the last part, on the base of the above stated analysis the suggestions for an direction and detailed advanced polices are described. For the Seoul's local government, getting a strategic position in proportion to the population of migrant youths, making a official information delivery channel like internet homepage built up through the cooperation of related organizations, strengthening of the role as hub of the migrant youths support organization and counseling & parent educations are contents of detailed policies. And for the central government, preparing statistics about migrant youths and the postponement of the end of residency permission.

            • 서울시 보육교사 보수교육기관 운영실태 및 개선안 마련

              조막래(CHO, Mark Rae), 이혜수) 서울시 여성가족재단 2018 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              The purpose of this study is to investigate the actual conditions of in-service education institutions and to suggest ways to strengthen the institution "s capacity to improve the quality of the re-education environment of the child care teachers in Seoul. In addition, it investigates the actual state of child care teacher "s participation in in-service education and suggests a policy plan to improve the environment for re-education of child care teachers. In order to do this, we surveyed 310 child-care teachers on their participation in in-service education. In addition, 15 in-service training staff were interviewed in depth on the current state of maintenance education. The results of this study are as follows: First, child care teachers have difficulties in securing alternative manpower, lack of time due to excessive work, and forced online and weekend education. Second, they were less satisfied with the in-service education they attended. He was dissatisfied with the quality of the low instructors and with the curriculum far from the field. Third, in-service education institutions suffered from the difficulties of institutional evaluation, the decrease of education target, the confusion caused by lack of standards, and the unrealistic cost of education. Based on these results, "Strengthening the foundation for re-education of childcare teachers to enhance quality of childcare services" was set as a policy vision in this study. In order to realize this, we proposed the policies for strengthening the in-service education administrative capacity of the institution, enhancing the quality of the education service and strengthening the right of childcare teachers to retrain.

            • 서울시 보육 중장기 종합계획 수립을 위한 연구

              김송이(Kim, Song Yi), 백선희 백은주) 서울시 여성가족재단 2015 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

              This study is to analyze conditions and needs of childcare service in Seoul for the next five years and to prepare a direction and policy agenda for its middle - and long - term childcare development plan. Important changes have been witnessed over the last five years in Korea, the transition of paradigm in childcare policy. Those benefited from the programs have been expanded to all infants and more and more day care centers as well as infants and children in family caring enjoyed the government support. Also, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been playing a leading role in conducting policies such as expanding public/national childcare centers to a large extent, introducing ‘childcare leaders in my neighborhood' program, establishing childcare service support centers, etc. However, it is still controversial whether these childcare programs are effective, and confusing amid drastic changes in childcare environment and every-changing, inconstant childcare policies. In this regard, the study starts with evaluation on the existing childcare policies of the central and Seoul municipal governments, and, based on the evaluation, seeks for development plan of childcare polices in Seoul. To produce a direction and key agenda for the middle and long-term childcare plan in Seoul, firstly, it studies the achievement and limitations of the current childcare policies both in the Central Government and Seoul. Second, it analyzes Seoul's childcare service conditions and environment and predicts its changes for the next five years. Third, it reevaluates the childcare - and family - related surveys of the recent three years conducted by the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family, and studies needs of childcare service for Seoul citizens through FGI, civil society policy forum, and seminars. The analysis shows that it is necessary to continually reinforce public responsibility in childcare, prepare a variety of and enriched childcare support customized to each family, improve service quality of childcare and working conditions for childcare employees, and empower parents and local communities. Based on these needs, it creates a policy vision, ‘Seoul childcare, shared by all for everyone's happiness'. This vision is to strengthen shared responsibilities in childcare and communication among families (parents), local communities, and childcare centers, and to build a childcare environment where every stakeholders including children, parents, and childcare workers are happy. To achieve this, it sets five policy goals: ‘establishing a foothold for public childcare based on social needs', ‘building a diverse and enriched childcare support system', ‘realizing childcare service ensuring that children are happy and parents feel safe', ‘empowering childcare workers and improving their working environment', and ‘creating childcare-friendly local culture and cooperation system'.

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