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      • 인체의 내분비 조직에서의 Renin 함유세포의 분포에 관한 면역 세포화학적 연구

        최종상,김한겸 고려대학교 의과대학 1989 고려대 의대 잡지 Vol.26 No.2

        The avidin-biotin- complex method with a monoclonal antibody to human renin was used to identify renin in human endocrine tissues. Renin immunoreactivity was found in some large cells of the anterior pituitary glands, the zona glomerulosa and the zona reticularis the adrenal glands, the Leydig cells of the testis, the follicular epithelial cells of the thyroid glands, and epithelial cells of the prostatic glands. The presence of renin in extrarenal tissues raises an intriguing hypothesis that there exists a "tissue renin-angiotensin system "which can locally regulate tissue functions.

      • 睾丸腫瘍의 植物凝集素 表現에 관한 硏究

        崔宗相 고려대학교 의과대학 1984 고려대 의대 잡지 Vol.21 No.2

        Lectins are proteins and glycoproteins that bind specifically to mono- or oligosaccharides and are found primarily in plants. Since they are avalible commercially in pure from and their interactions can be inhibited and even reversed by simple sugars, lectins have been extensively used as proves of the structure and organization of cell membrance carbohydrate-containing components. Biotinylated 8 plant lectins-concanavalin A (Con A), peanut agglutinin (PNA), Ricinus commuis agglutinin Ⅰ(RCA Ⅰ) Ulex europaeus agglutinin Ⅰ(UEA Ⅰ), soybeen agglutinin SBA), dolichos biflorus agglutinin (DBA), wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) and pinellia ternate agglutinin (PTA)-were bound to paraffin sections of surgically resected human testicular tumors and visualized with avidin-horseradish peroxidase conjugated. The testicular tumors used were seminomas, embryonal carcinomas, teratocarcinomas and Leydig cell tumors with the contrast of normal testicular tissues. The results obtained are as followings: 1. In the normal testicular tissues Con-A, and RCA Ⅰ showed positive reactions with the spermatocytic cells and PNA showed positive reaction with the secondary spermatocytes and spermatozoa. 2. On the Letdig cells, in normal testicular tissue or Leydig cell tumors, Con-A, WGA, UEA Ⅰ and PTA revealed positive cytoplasmic reactions. 3. All the lectins used exhibited negative reactions on the neolastic cells of seminomas. However Con-A showed positive cytoplasmic reactions on the seminomatous components of teratocarcinomas. 4. Con-A and PTA showed positive cytoplasic reactions on the glandular components of embryonal carcinoma and WGA revealed linear positive reaction on the poorly differentiated cells of embryonal carcinomas. 5. Con-A and PTA showed granular positive reactions on the syncytiotrophoblasts in choriocarcinomatous components of teracarcinomas. 6. Wga and RCA I exhibited linear positive reactions on the neoplastic cells of endodermal sinus tumors. And Con-A showed positive reactions on the hyaline bodies of the tumors. With the results, there are changes in lectin receptors in the cell membranes either loss or acquire, between normal cells and neoplastic cells.

      • 性 Hormone이 白鼠胸腺 비반세포에 對한 Prostaglandin F_(2α)의 作用에 미치는 影響에 關한 實驗的 硏究

        崔宗相,李大一,白承龍 고려대학교 의과대학 1982 고려대 의대 잡지 Vol.19 No.3

        The effects of sex hormones and prostaglandins to the tissue mast cells are variable by the animal species and tissue examined. While there are reports that the thymus has a certain control mechanism of the tissue mast cells, studies concerning effects of sex hormones and prostaglandins on mast cell of the thmus are rare. The purpose of this study is to understand influences of sex hormones to the effect prostaglandin F_(2α) on thymic mast cell in animal model. Two hundred female adult albino rats, weighing 150 gm. in average, were subjected to bilateral oophorectomy to eliminate the effects of sex hormones from ovaries, and subsequently sex hormones and prostaglandin F_(2α) were subcutaneously injected. Five rats in each group were sacrificed daily on to 5 days after injections. Obtained tissue was processed by usual paraffin sectioning and stained with Radden's modified toluidine blue staining method. The total numbers of mast cells in 30 high power fields (×400) were counted and findings in each group were compared. The results obtained are as follows; 1. The numbers of mast cells in oophorectomized control group were in the range of from 71.5±7.9 to 92.5±2.1 throughout the experimental period, and there was no significant change with time interval. 2. In estrogen injected group, the numbers of mast cells showed maximum (150.6±40.6) at the first day after injection, and then continuously decreased to the level of 111.2±9.0 at the fifth day after injection. 3. In progesterone injected group, the number of mast cells were in the range of from 83.6±19.0 to 102.6±9.4 throughout the experimental period, similar with findings of the control group. 4. In testosterone injected group, the numbers of mast cells were in the range of from 62.3±14.6 to 76.0±13.0, which were lower than those of the control group. 5. In prostaglandin F_(2α) injected group, the numbers of mast cells were 94.8±14.2 at the first day after injection and showed increasing pattern throughout the experimental period, reaching the maximum numbers (111.8±17.8) at the fifth day after injection. 6. In the combined estrogen and prostaglandin F_(2α) group, the numbers of mast cells were 105.8±13.3 at the first day after injection and showed continuously increasing pattern, with the maximum numbers (131.6±17.8) at the fifth day after injection. This finding suggests that the estrogen has an effect of increasing the action of prostaglandin F_(2α) on the number of tissue mast cell in rat thymus about 20% in degree. 7. In the combined progesterone and prostaglandin F_(2α) group, the numbers of mast cells ranged from 82.8±14.7 to 93.4±7.2, and reflect that progesterone acts as an antagonistic mechanism to the effect of the prostaglandin F_(2α) on the thymic mast cell. 8. In the combined testosterone and prostaglandin F_(2α) group, and increased throughout the experimental period. It seems that testosterone acts synergistically with prostaglandin F_(2α) on the number of mast cell in rat thymus.

      • 비점착성 사면의 그물식 뿌리말뚝의 보강효과

        박병수,유남재,최종상 江原大學校 産業技術硏究所 1998 産業技術硏究 Vol.18 No.-

        This paper is an experimental study of investigating the reinforcing effect and the behavior of cohesionless slope installed with reticulated root pils. Reduced scale model tests with plane strain conditions were performed to study the behavior of the strip footing located on the surface of cohesionless slopes reinforced with root piles. Model tests were carried out with Jumujin Standard Sand of 45% relativ density prepared by raining method to have an uniform slope foundation during tests. Slope of model foundaton was 1:1.5 and a rigid model slop. Parametric model tests were performed with changing location of model footing, arrangements of root piles and angles of pile installation. On the other hands, the technique with camera shooting was used to monitor sliding surface formed with discontinuty of dyed sand prepared during formation o foudation. From test resutls , parameters affecting the behavior of model footing were analyzed qualitatively to evaluate their effects on the characteristic of load - settlement, ultimate bearing capaity of model footing and failure mechanism based on the formation of fasilure surface.

      • SCOPUS

        우리나라 의과대학의 바람직한 학제에 관한 연구

        최종상(Jong Sang Choi),서덕준(Duck Joon Suh),채종일(Jong Yil Chai),오희철(Hee choul Ohrr),황익근(Ik Keun Hwang),강대영( Dae Young Kang) 한국의학교육학회 1996 Korean journal of medical education Vol.8 No.2

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        There is a trial to increase as four years of the premedical course to make doctors with better humanities and variable educational backgrounds and good researchers in basic medicines. We studied the trial in the present situation of the Korean in scvcral vicwpoints There will be a confusion between doctor in a origanization and there are many problems expected with two different educational system in a countury Moreover, two years of premedical course and four years of medical course are enough to a clinician, especially a primary care doctor and there will be increased costs and late age to be a doctor if premedical course are increased as four years. It is not real reason for the lack of applicants to be good researchers in basic medicines that shot premedical course and lack of non-medical educational backgrouds. Also situation of medical school in Korea is not suffice to extend their facilities and faculties. Finally advantages from the extension of the premedical course can be gained with introductions of the limeted bachelor`s admission and or dual major system. The most important things is the single educational system to be a doctor and leaving the system to the discretion of the medical schools or universities

      • KCI등재후보

        당뇨병성 망막증의 위험인자에 관한 고찰

        최종상(Jong Sang Choi),장현주(Hyun Ju Jang),안재수(Jae Su An),정동진(Dong Jin Choung),윤재영(Jae Young Yoon),정민영(Min Young Chung),이태희(Tai Hee Lee) 대한내과학회 1991 대한내과학회지 Vol.40 No.4

        N/A It is very important to identify the risk factors for diabetic retinopathy because diabetic retinopathy is a major problem for the diabetic patient and represents the commonest cause of acquired blindness in adults. To evaluate the risk factors for diabetic retinopathy, 325 diabetic patients underwent both polaroid fundus photography and fluorescent retinal angiography using a Canon CF-U fundus camera. Clinical characteristics and the laboratory findings of patients with proliferative retinopathy and patients with background retinopathy were compared with diabetic patients with normal retinal findings. The results were as follows: 1) Of the 325 patients, 96 patients (29.5%) had diabetic retinopathy, 90 paitents (27.7%) had background retinopathy, and 6 patients (1.8%) had proliferative retinopathy. 2) In the background diabetic retinopathy group, the duration of diabetes (5.9±4.68 years) was significantly longer than the normal retinal group (3.6±3.80 years) (p < 0.01). 3) The frequency of diabetic retinopathy increased from 22.5% in those with diabetes for less than 5 years to 50.6% in those who have had it for 5 to 10 years, and to 72.2% in those who have had it for more than 10 years (p < 0.01). 4) No significant differences were observed in sex, current age, age at diagnosis, systolic blood pressure, hematocrit, serum cholesterol hemoglobin Alc, fasting blood sugar, and obesity between the diabetics with normal retinal findings and the diabetic retinopathy group. 5) The average diastolic blood pressure of the proliferative retinopathy group (88.3±7.53mmHg) was higher than that of the normal retinal findings (79.0±10.13mmHg) (p<0.05) 6) When the results of fundus photography were compared to fluorescent retinal angiography, the sensitivity and specificity of fundus photography was 66.7% and 93.9%, respectively. 7) An analysis of the distribution of microaneurysms showed microaneurysms were found to occur most frequently in the perimacular area (44.4%), and secondly in the temporal-to-macula area (26.7%). These results suggest that fluorescent retinal angiography was more valuable in detecting early diabetic retinopathy that was missed by fundus camera. The risk factors for diabetic retinopathy were the duration of the diabetes not only in the background but also proliferative retinopathy and diastolic blood pressure in proliferative retinopathy.

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