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      • KCI등재

        사물인터넷 쇼핑의 편리성과 소비자 알 권리 중요도: 아마존 대시 버튼 사례 연구

        이민선,이현화 한국패션비즈니스학회 2020 패션 비즈니스 Vol.24 No.4

        The Internet of Things (IoT) shopping environment can provide benefits and risks to consumers, including shopping convenience and invasion of consumer rights, respectively. We experimentally tested whether exposure to information regarding the benefits and risks of IoT shopping would elicit changes to consumer perceptions of the importance of shopping convenience and rights to information, as well as shopping intention among young online shopping consumers. The participants (N=218) were randomly assigned into one of two experimental conditions. The control group was exposed to a news article and a video emphasizing the shopping convenience of the Amazon Dash Button service, while the experimental group was exposed to the same news article and video provided to the control group, along with a news article about the judgment of the Munich court that the Dash Button violates German consumer law. We found an interaction effect of experimental condition and time on changes to the perceived importance of shopping convenience and shopping intention. The changes to the perceived relative importance of shopping convenience to consumer rights to information from pre- to post-manipulation differed significantly between the two experimental groups. The results of this study emphasize the importance of providing information on both the benefits and risks of IoT shopping. This was the first experimental study to examine the possibility of the invasion of consumer rights to information in the IoT shopping environment. This study urges researchers, marketers, and policy makers to focus more on consumer rights to information in the newly coming IoT shopping environment.

      • KCI등재후보

        도시형 대안학교의 공간구성 및 이용현황 분석

        이민선,정진주,Lee, Min-Seon,Jung, Jin-Ju 한국교육시설학회 2009 敎育施設 Vol.16 No.4

        From the mid-1990s, the discussion on alternative schools began in earnest, and with the increasing interests in them, Korean parents' association of alternative education, KPAAE was launched formally in November, 2008. Among the alternative schools in the nation, thirteen urban alternative schools were studied and analyzed. The result indicated that they are being run by individuals and civic organizations with no approval and the facilities and spatial organization of the schools are poor, which is thought to be mainly due to financial reasons as well as the schools' educational goal that puts emphasis on experiences leading to utilize outside local facilities. With this background, the results from the analysis of the facility status and the spatial organization of urban alternative schools led us to understand the followings: First, it showed that per capita average of area of the urban alternative school is approximately 11.995m$^2$, less than 14N, the standard area of institutional schools. Second, depending on the form of facilities, the space of other facilities is shared to make up for insufficient space, and is utilized to a small degree and for multi-purposes. Third, the space reflects the disposition of subject students, and is located in the area with convenient traffic for students' attending the schools conveniently. Fourth, specialized space is run on the basis of educational goals, and the exploring of career and the improving of sociality are pursued through internship programs associated with local facilities. Thus, it is desirable for the minimum per capita area of the urban alternative school to meet 14N, the standard area of the institutional schools in order that the urban alternative school may overcome the spatial limitation and the financial hardship stemming from the practically difficult constructing of new buildings and the small scale operation, and it may make flexible use of the space, and the students may live their lives smoothly. Also, it is thought that for the activating of the urban alternative schools, the plans for utilizing various facilities associated with local facilities should be considered.

      • KCI등재

        Hard PZT IDE 유니몰프 캔틸레버의 압전 에너지 하베스팅 특성

        이민선,김창일,윤지선,박운익,홍연우,조정호,백종후,박용호,장용호,최범진,정영훈,Lee, Min-seon,Kim, Chang-il,Yun, Ji-sun,Park, Woon-ik,Hong, Youn-woo,Cho, Jeong-ho,Paik, Jong-hoo,Park, Yong-ho,Jang, Yong-ho,Choi, Beom-jin,Jeong, Young-hu 한국전기전자재료학회 2017 전기전자재료학회논문지 Vol.30 No.8

        A unimorph piezoelectric cantilever generator with an interdigitated electrode (IDE) was developed for vibration energy harvester applications driven in the longitudinal mode. Hard lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic with a high $Q_m$ of 1,280 was used as the piezoelectric active material. Ten PZT sheets produced by tape casting were laminated and co-fired with an Ag/Pd IDE at $1,050^{\circ}C$ for 2 h. The approximately $280{\mu}m$-thick co-fired PZT laminate with the IDE was attached to a stainless steel substrate with an adhesive epoxy for the fabrication of an IDE unimorph cantilever. Its energy harvesting characteristics were evaluated: an output power of $1.1{\mu}W$ at 120 Hz across the resistive load of $700k{\Omega}$ was obtained, corresponding to a normalized power factor of $4.1{\mu}W/(G^2{\cdot}cm^3)$.

      • KCI등재

        인터넷 경품광고 및 용모에 대한 소비자태도와 행동

        이민선,이은희 대한가정학회 2002 Family and Environment Research Vol.40 No.12

        The objectives of this study were to investigate the trend of the attitude and the behavior about consumer's internet premium advertisement and its application and the factors which influence on the attitude and the behavior about consumer's premium advertisement and its application; the demographic variables, internet communication-environment variables and variables in relation to consumer's premium advertisement application. For these purpose, the data collected two way: internet survey and questionnaire survey. The data used in this study included people who have looked an internet Premium Advertisement more than once during internet use. Major findings were as following: (1) The attitude of internet premium advertisement and its application could be described as the mean 34.16 and 24.61 separately(3.11 and 2.73 point on 5.00 points scale). The behavior of application about internet premium advertisement was measured as a behavior of application whether or not; application 18.7% and unapplication 81.3%. (2) The attitude of application about internet premium advertisement was significantly different according to age, joining frequency on internet, past experience of winning a premium, purchasing information search, interesting connection on the internet, the risk about the money loss and negative evaluation of other persons, the economical values of premiums, winning possibility, and preferable premiums. The behavior of application about internet premium advertisement, the behavior of application whether or not was significantly different according to sex, age, school career, a circuit speed, a period of using, joining frequency and a using place, past experience of winning a premium, purchasing information search, interesting connection on the internet, the risk about the negative evaluation of other persons, the economical values of premiums, winning possibility, and preferable premiums. (3) When looking at the influence of variables about the attitude of application about internet premium advertisement, the most influence variables was the past experience of winning a premium, and next was winning possibility, sex, the interest about the premiums which made the consumer want to apply, the economical values of premiums, the purpose of purchase information search and the using time. The explanation of those variables were 22.6%. As the result of the Logistic analysis, it was found that the frequency of the internet connection, the past experience of winning premiums, the risk about the outflow of credit information, interesting premiums, and premium advertisement were the most important variables to affect the possibility of the behavior of application about internet premium advertisement critically.

      • KCI등재후보

        쿨맵시 남성복 비즈니스웨어 경향에 관한 연구

        이민선 한국패션디자인학회 2010 한국패션디자인학회지 Vol.10 No.4

        본 연구는 일상 속의 복장 문화에 관한 재고를 통하여 기후 변화 대응을 위한 복장 문화 형성에 기여하고자 진행되었다. 정부는 “쿨맵시 (cool-mapsi)"라는 기후 적응형 비즈니스웨어를 개발하고 확산한 생활문화 혁신 운동을 시작하였다. “쿨맴시”는 시원한 옷감을 사용하여 간소한 형태로 제작한 여름철 비즈니스웨어로 냉방 에너지를 절약하고, 온실가스를 줄이며, 건강도 증진하는 친환경패션이다. 노타이 및 간소복 차림으로 실내 냉방온도를 2"C 높일 경우 연간 160-290만톤의 이산화탄소를 감소시키고 약 3ρ00 억원의 비용절감이 추정된다. 쿨맵시 디자인 기본 방향은 에코 하이테크(eco-hightech)를 이용하는 것이다. 즉 기술적 측면에서 기후 변화에 대응하기 위한 소재들이 다양하게 개발되고 있다. 또한 비즈니스웨어를 캐주얼화함으로써 비즈니스웨어 폐쇄적인 구조를 개선하여 체감 온도를 낮출 수 있다. 해외콜렉션 사례를 보면 반바지 형태나 스니커즈, 반소매의 재킷, 씨쓰루 소재의 셔츠 등 훨씬 더 이전의 비즈니스웨어로부터 벗어난 룩이 제안되고 있다. 쿨맴시 디자인 활성화 방안은 산업적 측면, 생활적 측면, 문화의 측면에서의 문제해결에 달려 있다. 즉 쿨맴시 디자인 개발 및 섬유 개발에 투자가 필요하며, 의류 생산, 유통, 사용, 폐기의 전 과정에서 환경성 개선 방안을 도출해야 한다. 생활 속에서는 불편하더라도 더운 환경에 의도적으로 노출하여 인체의 기후적응력을 향상시켜야 한다. 또한 비즈니스웨어의 역사는 의복의 역사 속에서는 매우 짧은 시기임을 인지하고, 기후 변화에 걸맞는 새 시대의 아름다움을 개발해야 한다.

      • The effect of market attention on the IPO investors: Celebrity and infamy in social media

        이민선,남대일 한국경영학회 2019 한국경영학회 통합학술발표논문집 Vol.2019 No.8

        Even though celebrity is known as reflecting the general interests and emotional responses about the organization, the limited number of studies have researched a direct link to real investors’ perception under uncertainty. This paper proposes the effect of celebrity and infamy on the initial public offering (IPO) investors’ attention and evaluation in the high-tech industry which has high uncertainty and information asymmetry between firm and investors. This research also examines firm-initiated positive information as a moderator because firms may disclose their positive information to reduce uncertainty. To measure the celebrity and infamy, this study examines social media because it presents market attention rather than the traditional media. Present paper uses 115 IPO firms in high-tech industry from 2012 to 2019. With the firm data, this research chooses Twitter as a social media and detects the volume of attention and emotional responses towards firms based on 5,251,587 collected tweets from one year before the IPO and sentiment analysis using Python. This current study may provide several contributions to celebrity and infamy research. First, it considers how the accumulation of social media emotional attention and firm-initiated information disclosure influence on a firm in an IPO context. Second, this paper proposes social media as a measure of celebrity and infamy.

      • KCI등재

        이상적인 남성의 신체에 대한 연예인의 소셜 미디어 압박이 내면화와 근육 불만족에 미치는 영향

        이민선,이현화 한국의류학회 2019 한국의류학회지 Vol.43 No.4

        This study investigated the impact of appearance pressure from celebrities' social media upon internalization of mesomorphic ideal and muscularity dissatisfaction and the moderating role of time spent on social media in the relationships among variables in a sample of young Korean men (N=247). Those men who regularly participate in physical activities more than three times a week were included in our sample. Structural equation modeling analysis revealed that celebrities' social media pressure directly influenced both internalization and muscularity dissatisfaction, and internalization predicted muscularity dissatisfaction. A significant mediating effect of internalization in the relationships between celebrities' social media pressure and muscularity dissatisfaction was found. However, the moderating effect of time spent on social media was not found. The present results highlight the significant and negative effects of celebrities' social media on male's body image perception. By comparing the results of this study to previous studies, we can anticipate that the effects of social media on users' body image concerns can differ between male and female in the matter of time spent on social media. Implications of the study results and suggestions for future studies are discussed.

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