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      • KCI등재

        베이비붐세대 골프참여자의 건강관심도와 여가몰입 및 가정생활만족의 구조적 관계

        설수황(Seol, Su-Hwang),이광용(Lee, Kwang-Yong) 한국사회체육학회 2021 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.- No.83

        Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the structural relationship model of health concern, leisure commitment and family life satisfaction of baby-boom generation golf participants. Methods: To achieve the goal of the study, a total 201 surveys collected from golf range in Seoul, Kyuggi, Dae-jeon and Kwang-ju areas were utilized for analysis. Frequency analysis, exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, correlation analysis and structural equating modeling were conducted using SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0. Results: The results of this study are as follows. 1) Health concerns of baby-boom generation golf participants had a positive effect on leisure commitment (behavioral commitment and cognitive commitment). 2) Health concerns of baby-boom generation golf participants had a positive effect on family life satisfaction. 3) Leisure commitment (behavioral commitment) of baby-boom generation golf participants had a positive effect on family life satisfaction. But leisure commitment (cognitive commitment) of baby-boom generation golf participants did not have an effect on family life satisfaction. 4) The leisure commitment (behavioral commitment) mediated the relationship between health concerns and family life satisfaction in baby-boom generation golf participants. Conclusion: In summary, the findings in this study confirm that the satisfaction of family life increases when immersed in golf.

      • KCI등재

        한복지의 소비성능에 관한 연구

        성수광,권오경,황지영 한국의류학회 1991 한국의류학회지 Vol.15 No.2

        In this paper, the fabrics for Korean folk clothes(KFC) undergoes repeated laundering under given condition. After this cyclic laundering was applied, the mechanical properties of the specimen were measured using KES-F system in order to evaluated the end-use performance of fabrics for KFC. And also, the crease recovery of fabrics for KFC were measured by shirley crease recovery tester. 78 different kinds of commercial silk fabrics and polyester fabrics for KFC were used for this study. The experimental results were analysed statistically to relate the mechanical properties and the crease recovery of fabrics for KFC. Furthermore, these changes in dimensional stability, mechanical properties and handle of fabrics for KFC were discussed in comparison with those values for silk fabrics and polyester fabrics. The results obtained are as follows. 1. Regardless of materials, remarkable increase are observed in shrinkage of the fabrics for KFC about repeated laundering, but dull increase are observed in shrinkage after 10 cycles of the repeated laundering. On the other hand, slack extend are observed in dimensions after 20 cycles of the repeated laundering. The shrinkage of fabrics for KFC after 10 cycles of the lundering showed that the silk fabrics are 1.74±0.33% (warp direction) and 1.35±0.23% (weft direction) and the polyester fabrics are 1.45±0.22% (warp direction) and 1.25±0.23% (weft direction). 2. Except for tensile property, these changes in mechanical properties of fabrics for KFC by laundering have ±16 range of bending, shearing, compression, surface, thickness & weight as compared with before laundering. Particularly, the LT and RT about 1∼3 cycles of the repeated laundering showed remarkable decrease. And SMD, WC, T & W of fabrics for KFC by the laundering were more increased than one for original fabrics. But B, 2HB, G, 2HG, 2HG5 were decreased more than one for original fabrics. 3. "Stiffness", "Anti-drape", "Crispness" and "Scroop" hand values decrease and"Fullness & softness", "Flexibility & softness" hand values increase with repeated laundering. 4. Remarkable decrease are observed in crease recoveries about 1∼5 cycles of the repeated lundering, but slack decrease are observed in crease recoveries after 5 cycles of repeated laundering. The crease recovery of fabrics for KFC have negative(-) correlation with LT, RT, G, RC and MMD, This fact implies that the smaller these values, the larger the crease recovery. The crease recovery of fabrics for KFC has a high degree of correlation with the mechanical properties such as shearing, compression, surface property. And also, the crease recovery are expected by measuring the mechanical properties such as G, 2HG, 2HG5, RC, WC, LC, MIU, MMD and SMD, according to the obtained regression equation.

      • CROSS 공법을 이용한 폐수의 생물학적 처리에 관한 연구

        박광하,심재도,권영두,강동수,김인호,정태명,황갑성 7개 국립대학교 환경연구 논문집 공동발행 위원회 2003 공업기술연구 Vol.3 No.-

        This study aims to develop using a continuous removal of organic and settling solid(CROSS) to increase the efficiency of aeration system for wastewater treatment. To solve many problems of the conventional activated-sludge process, authors suggested a new CROSS model in conjunction with aeration systems in 1996. This system is characterized by utilizing an intensive aeration pipe with inlets at the lower portion and outlets at the higher portion in an aeration tank. Through the experiments on CROSS process, the average removal efficiences of BOD, COD_(Mn), SS, T-N and T-P were showed 98.8%, 93.9%, 98.0%, 71.3% and 49.8%. The average DO (Dissolved-Oxygen) concentration was constantly maintained at 8.0 mg/L by the intensive aeration which was accompanied by rapid reduction of BOD. Degradation of the organic matters in sewage then continued for the whole aeration period. The process demonstrated that it was very adaptive without seeding and returning the sludge. Compared to the activated sludge system, the system was very flexible for the continuous flow treatment. This preliminary assessment showed that the porous media in CROSS reactor is viable for the sewage treatment, since the porous media under the intensive aeration achieves acceptable effluent quality.

      • KCI등재후보

        용접공들의 면역능에 관한 연구

        이수일,조봉수,김영욱,고광욱,조원근,김영실,강수용,황인경,조병만,김돈균 大韓産業醫學會 1997 대한직업환경의학회지 Vol.9 No.1

        The authors examined human immunity indicators such as CD4, CD8, Natural Killer(NK) cell, IgG, IgA, and IgM, and heavy metals such as Pb, Cr, Cd to evaluate the health hazard of welders. We selected total 126 male subjects, 60 welders who had more than 5 year working history as an exposure group, and 66 office workers and medical college students as a control group. This immunity evaluation approach is the first newly designed study that has never been tried in past studies on welder's heath evaluation. And the results were as follows. 1. Total lymphocyte count of peripheral blood was significantly higher in welder group, 2,615±650 ea/㎕ compared with 2,368±681 ea/㎕ in control group(p>0.05). 2. The proportion of CD4, CD8, NK cell in welder group was 37.5±9.4%, 24.0±8.8%, and 21.0±9.5%, respectively, and 35.5±6.5%, 25.0±6.9%, and 19.6±8.8% in control group. CD4 and NK cell were slightly higher, and CD8 was slightly lower in welder group. but there was no statistical significance between two groups(p≥0.05). 3. IgG, IgA, and IgM in welder group were 15.9㎎/㎗, 2.7㎎/㎗ and 1.5㎎/㎗, respectively, and 15.6㎎/㎗, 2.9㎎/㎗ and 1.7㎎/㎗ in control group. There was no statistical significance between two groups(p≥0.05). 4. Blood lead, cadmium and chromium concentrations were 4.2±1.8㎍/㎗, 0.4±0.38㎍/㎗, 1.2±0.6㎍/㎗ in welder group and 3.2±1.7㎍/㎗, 0.44±0.29㎍/㎗, 1.1±0.6㎍/㎗ in control group, respectively, and these value were within normal ranges.

      • 안감 特性의 消費科學的 硏究

        成秀光,黃文枝 대구효성가톨릭대학교 1986 연구논문집 Vol.33 No.1

        This study was carried out to choice the most suitable lining fabric materials that has it's required various functions. Six fabrics of silk, rayon, cupra, acetate, polyester and nylon, each of which had 5 kinds as sample were used. According to four required functions for lining fabric, characteristics of 12 items that is warmth retaining, air permeability, moisture transmission, electrostatic property, extensibility, smoothness, crease resistance, stiffness, shrinkage, tensil strength, bursting strength, and surface abrasion resistance were measured. The most suitable lining fabric for good health is silk, for activity is polyester and rayon, for decoration is polyester and for durability is polyester and nylon.

      • 廢棄物의 好氣性 堆肥化에 관한 硏究

        鄭鳳守,黃光性 진주산업대학교 2000 산업과학기술연구소보 Vol.- No.7

        This paper has compared experimenta1 values with the theoretical values of composting model to examine the possibility of putting the theoretical calues to actual use in the aerobic composting of the sewage sludge and hog manure. The results of the experiments are as follows : 1. In the ranges of 54∼60 % of moisture content of initial material, 7.3∼7.6 of pH, 27.3∼29.7 of C/N ratio and 0.35~0.37 gr / ㎤ of bulk weight, the experimental values of the periodical changes of moisture content, fermantation temperature and organic matter were approximately identical with the theoretical values of those. So those ranges were considered to be the optimum ranges. And it can be concluded that it is possible to plan an aerobic composting accdording to the theoretical formula. 2. When the ventilation volume was larger than 0.22 ㎥/hr·㎏, the evaporation loss of moisture content was great. When the ventilation volume was 0.0028 ㎥/hr·㎏, the anaerobic condition appeared. Thus we can judge the optimum range of venti1ation volume to be 0.02 - 0.06 ㎥/hr·㎏. 3. The CO^2 generation showed its maximum point of 0.85 mmole/day. g (VM) per organic matter between the temperature range of 58~66℃.

      • 玉胚芽油 사용시 小型디젤機關의 運轉性能에 關한 硏究

        金泰圭,鄭鳳守,黃光性,金明奎,鄭泰相,愼英喆 진주산업대학교 농업기술연구소 1991 農業技術硏究所報 Vol.4 No.-

        The purpose of this study is to figure out the engine performance of corn oil as a diesel engine fuels. corn oil-diesel fuel mixtures in 3 type proportions were tested in a single cylinder diesel test engine. The automatic and successive data for engine performance obtained by microcomputer-measuring system. The results of experiment summarized as follows 1. The viscosity reduction ratio of corn oil was approximately 80% when the temperature raised from 10℃ to 60℃. 2. The maximum torque and maximum power out were decreased with increasing of the amount of corn oil in the mixture, it was considered of the lower specific heat value of corn oil comparative to diesel fuel. 3. In view of fuel consumption and thermal efficiency tested engine with corn oil-diesel fuel blends showed better performance at heavy loads and at high speeds.

      • 전력케이블 고장원인 분석에 관한 사례연구

        황광수(Kwang-Su Hwang),최종수(Jong-Soo Choi),정종욱(Jong-Wook Jung),정진수(Jin-Soo Jung) 한국조명·전기설비학회 2007 한국조명·전기설비학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.2007 No.11월

        본 논문에서는 전력케이블 및 그 부속설비에 대한 사고원인을 분석한 사례를 서술하였다. 사고원인을 정밀하게 분석하기 위해서 케이블 외관의 육안검사 단계부터 케이블 해체 단계까지 전기적 검사 및 화학적 검사를 실시하였다. 분석결과, 전력케이블은 시공방법을 준수하지 않아서 수축튜브의 마감부위에 전계가 집중되어 가압 이후 지속적인 부분방전이 발생하여 케이블에 누적된 스트레스로 인해 발생한 고장으로 추정되었다. This paper describes a case study on the failure cause analysis of power cables and their fittings. For more accurate analysis, electrical and chemical analysis techniques were employed from the macrography stage for the exterior of the cables to the entire disassembly stage. As a result, it was confirmed that the power cables failed due to improper fabrication by which electric field was concentrated at the deadend of a shrink tube on the cable.

      • WordNet기반 주석확장을 이용한 이미지 검색

        황광수 ( Kwang-su Hwang ),김판구 ( Pan-koo Kim ) 한국정보처리학회 2007 한국정보처리학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.14 No.2

        이미지 데이터를 의미적으로 검색하기 위한 가장 중요한 요소는 이미지의 정보를 표현하고 있는 주석이라고 할 수 있다. 이미지의 주석은 관리자가 사용자 입장에서 검색이 가능한 이미지를 표현할 수 있는 키워드를 선별하여 데이터화한 것이다. 그러다보니 이미지내 의미를 모두 표현하기위해 주석에 수는 증가되고, 증가된 주석은 각각에 이미지에서 차지하고 있는 의미량을 고려하지않고 동일한 크기를 가지게 된다. 이러한 경우 실제적으로 검색하였을 때 의미량에 상관없이 질의어와 주석이 일치한 모든 이미지를 검색하므로 사용자가 검색 결과에서 의미량이 큰 이미지를 다시 재검색하거나 주석입력자와 사용자와 어휘 표현에 차이 때문에 검색에 재검색해야한다. 따라서 본 논문에서는 의미량을 이용하여 효율적인 이미지 검색을 하기 위해 각 키워드 간에 의미적인 관계를 어휘 온톨로지인 WordNet을 이용하여 유사도 측정을 하고, 측정한 데이터를 이용하여 전체 이미지 의미량에서 해당 키워드가 갖는 의미량을 측정한다. 의미량은 이미지 검색시 질의어가 이미지에서 차지하고 있는 비율을 비교하여 가장 높은 의미량을 갖는 이미지를 우선 검색하고 의미량이 가장 큰 키워드를 대표키워드로 추출하여 WordNet상에서 동일한 의미를 갖는 계층에 단어들로 주석을 확장한다.

      • KCI등재

        RAMS의 실시간 기상장 예측 향상을 위한 최신 토지피복도 자료의 적용가능성 평가

        원경미(Gyeong Mee Won),이화운(Hwa Woon Lee),유정아(Jeong Ah Yu),홍현수(Hyun Su Hong),황만식(Man Sik Hwang),천광수(Kwang Su Chun),최광수(Kwang Su Choi),이문순(Moon-Soon Lee) 한국대기환경학회 2008 한국대기환경학회지 Vol.24 No.1

        Chemical Accident Response Information System (CARIS) which has been designed for the efficient emergency response of chemical accidents produces the real-time atmospheric fields through the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System, RAMS. The previous studies were emphasized that improving an initial input data had more effective results in developing prediction ability of atmospheric model. In a continuous effort to improve an initial input data, we replaced the land-use dataset using in the RAMS, which is a high resolution USGS digital data constructed in April, 1993, with the latest land-use data of the Korea Ministry of Environment over the South Korea and simulated atmospheric fields for developing a real-time prediction in dispersion of chemicals. The results showed that the new land-use data was written in a standard RAMS format and shown the modified surface characteristics and the landscape heterogeneity resulting from land-use change. In the results of sensitivity experiment we got the improved atmospheric fields and assured that it will give more reliable real-time atmospheric fields to all users of CARIS for the dispersion forecast in associated with hazardous chemical releases as well as general air pollutants.

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