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          이인희,박희준,진종식,이정현,김윤년,Lee, In-Hee,Park, Hee-Joon,Jin, Jong-Sik,Lee, Jyung-Hyun,Kim, Yoon-Nyun 대한물리치료학회 2007 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.19 No.3

          Purpose: This study was to investigate how dose the radiography findings are to magnetic resonance (MR) image findings in the L5-S1 instability patients. The subjects of this study were comprised of eleven males and fifteen females, who had Lumbago and agreed with this research. Methods: Radiography and MR images of Lumbar spine were acquired respectively from subjects in conditions of maximum flexion and extension. The horizontal and angular displacements in lumabosacral spine radiography were used to assess the instability of lumbar spine. MR images were also used to evaluate the intervertebral disc abnormalities and change of bone marrow. Results: The results are as follows. 1. In the case of flexion transitional displacement proposed by Dupuis et al, the specificity and negative predictive value were good accuracy ($0.7{\sim}0.8$), and the negative predictive value was in average. In the case of extension displacement, the negative predictive value was about average ($0.6{\sim}0.7$), but the sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value were below the poor (<0.6). On the other side, the specificity was about average but other things were below in the case of angular displacement. 2. In the case of flexion transitional displacement proposed by Dupuis et al., compared with the intervertebral disc abnormalities, the negative prediction value was excellent, the sensitivity good, and the specificity about average. In the case of extension, the negative prediction value was about average, but the other things were poor. On the other side the specificity and negative predictive value had good accuracy and the sensitivity and positive prediction value were below average in the case of angular displacement. Conclusion: The above results show that the radiography finding is sufficiently helpful to find the lumbar spine instability as an economic point of view.

        • KCI등재

          녹각 추출물과 CoenzymeQ10 복합제가 운동능력에 미치는 영향

          이인희,김민지,박성운,박여은,김현미,류재환,Lee, In-hee,Kim, Min-ji,Park, Sung-woon,Park, Yeo-eun,Kim, Hyun-mi,Le, Jae-hwan 대한한방내과학회 2015 大韓韓方內科學會誌 Vol.36 No.3

          Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the effect of Cervi Cornu and coenzymeQ10 on exercise and endurance capacity in rats and mice. Methods: The extract of Cervi Cornu was manufactured by the pharmacy department of Kyung Hee Oriental Medical Hospital, and CoQ10 soft cap (Ildong Pharmaceutical) was used. In total, 24 rats and 30 mice were divided into 3 groups: Control (rat=8, mouse=10), CoQ10 alone (rat=8, mouse=10), Cervi Cornu extract, and CoQ10 (rat=8, mouse=10). Ergogenic effect was evaluated by administering the Cervi Cornu extract and coenzymeQ10 to rats and measuring the time to exhaustion during treadmill running; endurance capacity was assessed by measuring cold water swimming time, serum lactate level, and serum corticosterone level in each group. At 1 week from the end of treatment, we recalculated time to exhaustion during treadmill running in rats to investigate the long-term effect of the Cervi Cornu extract and coenzymeQ10. Results: Cervi Cornu extract has long-term benefits in that it preserves the ergogenic effect caused by exercise. Cervi Cornu and coenzymeQ10 have no effect on increasing cold water swimming time in ICR mice. CoenzymeQ10 decreases the serum corticosterone level in ICR mice performing cold water swimming test. Conclusions: Cervi Cornu seems to preserve the ergogenic effect caused by exercise, but a larger study is needed to investigate effect of Cervi Cornu and coenzymeQ10 on improving endurance capacity. CoenzymeQ10 decreases serum corticosterone level and it is related with the anti-psychological fatigue effect.

        • KCI등재후보

          일부 물리치료사와 작업치료사의 환자 의료정보보호 행동 이해

          이인희,신아미,손창식,박상영,박희준,윤경일,김윤년,Lee, In-Hee,Shin, A-Mi,Son, Chang-Sik,Park, Sang-Young,Park, Hee-Joon,Yoon, Kyung-Il,Kim, Yoon-Nyun 대한물리치료학회 2010 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.22 No.2

          Purpose: The purpose of this study was to use the theory of planned behavior, past habit and moral obligation to better understand the behavior of physical therapists (PTs) and occupational therapists (OTs) in protecting the medical information of patients. Methods: We conducted a survey using self-writting questionnaires structured within the framework of the theory of planned behavior to understand to analyze information from 103 clinical PTs and OTs in their efforts to protect patient medical information. Results: The PTs and OTs' medical information protecting behavior was 2.85 mean points. That point failed to reach 1.0 points. Behavior intention was 3.83 mean points. That was judged to be improved. Behavioral intention was closely correlated with behavior, behavioral attitude, subjective norms, behavior control, and past habit. Variables related to the theory of planned behavior, attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavior control all explained 50% of the behavioral intention of PTs and OTs regarding future divulgence of patient information. The past habits of PTs and OTs were also a significant predictor in explaining the behavioral intention to protect a patient's medical information (p<0.01). Conclusion: Revising the behavioral attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavior control, and past habits of PTs and OTs helped improve their behavior regarding protection of the medical information of patents.

        • KCI등재

          임상 물리치료사의 경험에 따른 시각적 보행 분석의 신뢰도 연구

          이인희,Lee, In-Hee 대한물리치료학회 2013 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.25 No.4

          Purpose: Visual gait analysis plays a pivotal role in determining the important gait problem of patients. A few studies have been published and have received little attention regarding visual gait analysis on patients with orthopedic problems. The purposes of this study were to investigate the difference of reliability levels according to experience of clinical physical therapists. Methods: Thirty-five clinical physical therapists, 5 high experienced, 15 experienced, and 15 inexperienced, were recruited and individually evaluated these videotaped gait patterns of the participants, and filled up the structured gait analysis form. The gait of nine participants was videotaped. Reliability levels were calculated by the Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC). Results: The inter-rater reliability of high experienced group (ICC=0.56; 95% CI: 0.50-0.62) was comparable to that of the experienced raters (ICC=0.48; 95% CI: 0.43-0.53) and inexperienced group (ICC=0.42; 95% CI: 0.38-0.46). High experienced group reached a higher inter-rater reliability level. The average intra-rater reliability of the high experienced group was 0.70 (ICCs ranging from 0.54 to 0.82). The experienced group reached an average intra-rater reliability of 0.61 (ICCs ranging from 0.47 to 0.81). The inexperienced group attained average ICC values of 0.53 (ICCs ranging from 0.30 to 0.74). Conclusion: Use of a structured gait analysis form as described in this study was found to be moderately reliable. Clinical experience appears to increase the reliability of visual gait analysis.

        • KCI등재후보

          물리치료를 받은 선천성 근성 사경 환아의 최종 종괴 지름 예측 모형 개발

          이인희,신아미,이경호,박희준,김윤년,Lee, In-Hee,Shin, A-Mi,Lee, Gyeong-Ho,Park, Hee-Joon,Kim, Yoon-Nyun 대한물리치료학회 2009 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.21 No.2

          Purpose: The pathophysiology of congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) is that the sternoclavicularmastoid (SCM) is shortened on the involved side by fibrosis, leading to an ipsilateral tilt and contralateral rotation of the face and chin. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of physical therapy and develop a mass diameter prediction model for infants with CMT. Methods: Fifty six patients were diagnosed with CMT between April 2003 and December 2008. Infants with neurological complications, and spasmodic and ocular torticollis were excluded. Physical therapy was applied to those masses in the SCM muscles of those infants after checking their physical findings and the diameter of the mass with ultrasonography. Their physical findings and mass diameter was reevaluated when their neck tilt was under $5^{\circ}$. Results: The mean age when physical therapy was started was 35 days. After a mean 90 days of treatment, the subjects showed improvement in the neck tilt. Subjects whose neck tilted above $15^{\circ}$ showed significant improvement in neck tilt decreased their mass diameter (p<0.01). Facial symmetric infants showed a shorter recovery duration than the facial asymmetric infants (p<0.05). A mass decreasing model based on the diameter of the mass, facial symmetry or not and the physical therapy start day after birth was developed by linear regression. Conclusion: Physical therapy is an effective treatment for CMT. The change in the diameter of the mass on the SCM muscles after treatment can be predicted.

        • KCI등재후보

          VDT 증후군 환자에 물리치료와 인간공학적 개입: 사례 연구

          이인희,박상영,Lee, In-Hee,Park, Sang-Young 대한물리치료학회 2010 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.22 No.4

          Purpose: Among computer users, the awkward posture and workstation setups of workers contribute to work-related upper limb musculoskeletal disorders. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a traditional physical therapy and ergonomic intervention by physical therapists in 4 computer users. Methods: After checking Visual Analogue Scores (VAS), four subjects who were treated by physical therapy for neck and shoulder problems related to VDT syndrome were enrolled in the study. All subjects spent at least 40 hours per week at a computer workstation. All subjects had pain and ergonomic states evaluated using methods such as VAS, Neck Disability Index (NDI), Workstyle short form, Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA), and OSHA VDT checklist (Occupational Safety and Health Administration video display terminal) before a physical therapy + ergonomic intervention. Participants were re-evaluated 1 month later. Results: Participants showed more improvement of their neck pain after being treated with a physical therapy plus ergonomic intervention than when treatment consisted only of physical therapy. Improvements in RULA, Workstyle short form, and OSHA VDT checklist also were achieved. Conclusion: This case study suggests the importance of examining the work habits and work-related postures of subjects who complain of neck and shoulder pain that is exacerbated by computer use. Personalized ergonomic interventions and physical therapy can lead to improvement of patients with VDT syndrome.

        • KCI등재

          무릎관절 골관절염 환자의 보행기 보행에서 생역학적 특성

          이인희,권기홍,박상영,Lee, In-Hee,Kwon, Gi-Hong,Park, Sang-Young 대한물리치료학회 2013 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.25 No.5

          Purpose: Osteoarthritis occurs in many different joints of the body, causing pain, stiffness, and decreased function. The knee is the most frequently affected joint of the lower limb. The aim of this study was to investigate the differences of biomechanics between independent gait and anterior walker dependent gait of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Methods: Lower limb joint kinematics and kinetics were evaluated in 15 patients with knee osteoarthritis when walking independently and when walking with an anterior walker. Participants were evaluated in a gait laboratory, with self-selected gait speed and natural arm swing. Results: When walking with a dependent anterior walker, participants walked significantly faster (p<0.01), using a longer stride length (p<0.01), compared to independent gait. When walking with a dependent anterior walker, participants exhibited significantly greater knee flexion/extension motion (p<0.01) and lower knee flexion moment (p<0.05) compared to independent gait. When walking with a dependent anterior walker, participants showed significantly greater peak ankle motion (p<0.01), ankle dorsiflexion/plantarflexion moments (p<0.01), and ankle power generation (p<0.05) compared to independent gait. Conclusion: These biomechanical properties of gait, observed when participants walked with a dependent anterior walker, may be a compensatory response to impaired knee function to allow sufficient power generation for propulsion. Therefore, rehabilitative strategies for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee are needed in order to improve not only knee function but also hip and ankle function.

        • KCI등재후보

          물리치료사의 환자 운반 시 작업 부하 분석에 NIOSH 들기 공식 적용: 사례연구

          이인희,Lee, In-Hee 대한물리치료학회 2009 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.21 No.3

          Purpose: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lifting equation (NLE) is a useful tool to ergonomically analyze a workload. The NLE has high reliability and it can assess tasks by analyzing the work process. The purpose of this case study was to try using the NLE to analyze the workload of transferring patients by physical therapists in the hospital setting. Methods: We observed a physical therapist (PT) transferring patients from a wheelchair to a tilt table and a therapeutic table in one day. Two types of patient transferring methods were evaluated; (1) the manual single person method of stand, pivot and transfer, and (2) manual two person lifting under the thigh and grasping the waist for totally dependent patients. Results: The NIOSH lifting indexes of a person grasping the waist during the manual two person lifting were 5.52~4.48 according to the patient's weight. The NIOSH lifting indexes were 3.34 and 4.48 for the tasks performed by the manual single person method. Conclusion: Because transferring patients is not done very frequently, patients transferring tasks by a PT are not included as one of the musculoskeletal disorder related risky work criteria of the Korea Ministry of Labor. But the NIOSH lifting indexes of a person grasping the waist during the manual two person lifting and the manual single person method were over the NIOSH recommended weight limit threshold.

        • KCI등재후보

          데이터 마이닝을 활용한 뇌경색증과 동반되는 질환의 연관성 분석

          이인희,신아미,손창식,박희준,김중휘,박상영,최진호,김윤년,Lee, In-Hee,Shin, A-Mi,Son, Chang-Sik,Park, Hee-Joon,Kim, Joong-Hwi,Park, Sang-Young,Choi, Jin-Ho,Kim, Yoon-Nyun 대한물리치료학회 2010 대한물리치료학회지 Vol.22 No.1

          Purpose: The purpose of this study was to apply association rule mining to explore the labyrinthine network of cerebral infarction comorbidity and basic data supply to develop cutting-edge physical therapy protocols for cerebral infarction with comorbidity Methods: From clinic records of enrollees of A Hospital in D city, patients over 18 years of age with cerebral infarction and cerebral infarction comorbidity were recruited as a case group. All diagnoses of that hospital were categorized according to the "International Classification of Disease (ICD)" diagnosis system. We extracted code I63 from the "Korea Classification of Disease (KCD)-4". Associated rule mining was done with a priori modeling and Web nodes to examine the strengths of associations among those diagnoses. The support and confidence values of associated rule mining results were examined. Results: The subjects of this study were 2,267 cerebral infarction patients. E11 (Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), E78 (Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias), G81 (Hemiplegia), I10 (Essential hypertension), and K29 (Gastritis and duodenitis) were high frequency diagnoses, being found in 10% or more of total diagnoses of cerebral infarction from frequency analysis results. The highest frequency diagnosis was 1,042 (46.0%) for I10. The second most frequent diagnosis was for E11(21.5%) while the third most frequent diagnosis was E78 (20.2%). Results from a priori modeling and Web nodes indicated that cerebral infarction has a strong association withessential hypertension, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias. Conclusion: Cerebral infarction is associated with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias. The result of this study will be helpful to clinicians treating patients with cerebral infarction.

        • SCOPUS

          Random peptide library를 이용한 C형 간염바이러스 E2 단백질 세포막 수용체의 peptide mimotope 규명

          이인희,백재은,설상영,석대현,박세광,최인학,Lee, In-Hee,Paik, Jae-Eun,Seol, Sang-Yong,Seog, Dae-Hyun,Park, Sae-Gwang,Choi, In-Hak 대한면역학회 2001 Immune Network Vol.1 No.1

          Background: Hepatitis C virus(HCV), a family of Flaviviridae, has a host cell-derived envelope containing a positive-stranded RNA genome, and has been known as the maj or etiological agent for chronic hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. There remains a need to dissect a molecular mechanism of pathogenesis for the development of therapeutic and effective preventive measure for HCV. Identification of cellular receptor is of central importance not only to understand the viral pathogenesis, but also to exploit strategies for prevention of HCV. This study was aimed at identifying peptide mimotopes inhibiting the binding of E2 protein of HCV to MOLT-4 cell. Methods: In this study, phage peptide library displaying a random peptides consisting of 7 or 12 random peptides was employed in order to pan against E2 protein. Free HCV particles were separated from the immune complex forms by immunoprecipitation using anti-human IgG antibody, and used for HCV-capture ELISA. To identify the peptides inhibiting E2-binding to MOLT-4 cells, E2 protein was subj ect to bind to MOLT-4 cells under the competition with phage peptides. Results: Several phage peptides were selected for their specific binding to E2 protein, which showed the conserved sequence of SHFWRAP from 3 different peptide sequences. They were also able to recognize the HCV particles in the sera of HCV patients captured by monoclonal antibody against E2 protein. Two of them, showing peptide sequence of HLGPWMSHWFQR and WAPPLERSSLFY respectively, were revealed to inhibit the binding of E2 protein to MOLT-4 cell efficiently in dose dependent mode. However, few membrane-associated receptor candidates were seen using Fasta3 programe for homology search with these peptides. Conclusion: Phage peptides containing HLGPWMSHWFQR and WAPPLERSSLFY respectively, showed the inhibition of E2-binding to MOLT-4 cells. However, they did not reveal any homologues to cellular receptors from GenBank database. In further study, cellular receptor could be identified through the screening of cDNA library from MOLT-4 or hepatocytes using antibodies against these peptide mimotopes.

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