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        • TTCN을 사용한 추상시험스위트 작성 방안

          박용범,진병문,Park, Yong-Bum,Chin, Byoung-Moon 한국정보처리학회 1998 정보처리학회논문지 Vol.4 No.1

          프로토콜에 대한 적합성시험을 기술하기 위한 국제 시험 표준 언어인 TTCN(Tree and Tabular Combined Notation)은 추상시험스위트의 전체적인 구조, 시험 목적의 표현 그리고 각 시험 기술 요소에 대한 개념과 표기법을 제공하고 있다. 이 논문에서는 TTCN을 사용하여 프로토콜 시험 규격 즉 추상시험스위트를 기술함에 있어서 추상시험스위트의 각 요소에 대해 고려하여야 할 점을 설명하고, 실제적인 시험 기술 경험을 토대로 시험 적용범위의 검증이 용이하고 사용자에게 많은 정보를 줄 수 있는 시험제약과 시험경우에 대한 명명법을 제안하였다. 또한 이 논문에서는 추상시험스위트를 수행 가능한 형태로 변환하여 시험대상에 대해 적용할 때 실제 환경의 제한으로 인하여 발생할 수 있는 문제점을 분석하고 이를 추상 시험스위트 작성 단계에서 미리 해결하는 방안을 제시하였다. 이 논문에서는 ATM Forum UNI 3.1 신호방식 프로토콜 스택 중 AAL(ATM Adaptation Layer)계층의 부계층인 SSCOP(Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol) 프로토콜을 대상으로 하여 사례를 제시하고, 이를 바탕으로 TTCN 사용의 문제점을 고찰하고 그 해결 방안을 제시하였다. TTCN(Tree and Tabular Combined Notation), as an international standard, provides a concept and notation to describe a protocol test specification. In this paper, we explain some considerations on each components of Abstract Test Suite and propose naming conventions for Constraints and Test Cases based on the experience of describing Test Suite for real protocol. We also analyze some problems on real application of Test Suite and propose an approach to avoiding such problems in the stage of Test Suite specification. In this paper, we use the SSCOP(Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol) protocol, that is a sub-layer of ATM Forum UNI 3.1 protocol stack, as an example to proposals on naming conventions on Constraints and Test Cases.

        • KCI등재

          자치단체의 스포츠 정보 서비스 추진 방향에 관한 연구

          박용범(Park Yong-Bum),서상옥(Seo Sang-Ok) 한국체육과학회 2000 한국체육과학회지 Vol.9 No.1

          Sports information is classified for regional residents to provide directly various and useful informations about sports easily. The results of fundamental driving direction that these contents could be made by database and informations be searched on internet are following; The first, they are classified with eight parts, sports administration, sports consultation, sports facility, sports programs, sports director, sports organization, sports events, and sports articles in classification and contents of sports information service. The second, information service using internet or homepage and cautious things in opening it to public is suggested in practicing information service for autonomous groups to provide regional residents with contents of eight parts.

        • KCI등재

          고장점 표정반 자동절체 시스템에 대한 연구

          박용범(Park, Yong-Bum),노영환(Lho, Young-Hwan) 한국산학기술학회 2015 한국산학기술학회논문지 Vol.16 No.12

          전기철도에 전력을 공급하기 위하여 철도변전소에서는 급전특성상 방면별 급전을 시행하고 있으며, 급전계통에 고장 이 발생하는 경우를 대비한 공통반 차단기와 같은 예비설비와 전차선로 고장 발생 시 고장위치를 찾기 위해 고장점 표정장치 를 설치하여 사용 중에 있다. 그러나, 고장 발생 시 공통반 차단기를 사용하여 급전계통을 운용하는 경우에는 고장점 표정반 과의 인터페이스가 되지 않아 고장위치를 찾는데 어려움이 있다. 본 논문은 이러한 문제점을 해결하기 위한 고장점 표정반 자동절체 시스템을 설계하고 동작 상태를 검증한다. 또한 자동절체 시스템을 공통반 차단기에 설치한 후 검증방법으로 설정 된 24회의 지락시험을 통하여 성능시험을 수행하였으며 고장점 표정장치를 이용하여 기존의 고장위치를 효율적으로 검지하 는 방법을 제시하는 데 있다. A directional feeding method at the railway transformer is applied for supplying the power to the electric railway substations, and the pre-installed facilities with common feeder are utilized in preparation for the failure of feeding system and in finding a fault location in case that the catenary failure occurs. However, it is some difficulty in finding the fault location since there is an interface problem with the facilities when the supplying power system operates. In this paper, Auto Fault Locator Transfer Drive System (ALTDS) is designed to search for the fault location efficiently, and the measuring data are obtained and compared with the KORAIL standards. Further, the ground connection test is accomplished 24 times as the verification method, and it is shown that the methodology provides better performance than the existing traditional one.

        • KCI등재

          프로축구 구단의 공익연계 마케팅과 이미지, 공중관계, 태도 및 구전의도의 구조적 관계

          박용범(Park, Yong-Bum),김용래(Kim, Yong-Rae) 한국체육과학회 2013 한국체육과학회지 Vol.22 No.2

          The purpose of this study was to identify the causal relationship between the marketing linked with public interests of the professional soccer club, and its image, club-public relations, its attitude and word-of-mouth intention. For this purpose, the Questionnaire research was conducted for 387 persons selected in a convenience sampling method from the audience visiting FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung of the clubs affiliated with the K League. The research instrument was the Questionnaire. Descriptive statistical analysis, exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis were conducted for statistical analysis with the use of the SPSS 18.0 program. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling analysis were conducted with the use of the AMOS 18.0 program. As a result, the following findings were obtained: First, it was found that the marketing linked with public interests of the professional soccer club did not have a positive effect on its image. Second, it was found that the marketing linked with public interests of the professional soccer club did not have a positive effect on the club-public relations. Third, it was found that the marketing linked with public interests of the professional soccer club had a positive effect on its attitude. Fourth, it was found that the image of the club, club-public relations and its attitude had a positive effect on the word-of-mouth intention.

        • KCI등재

          지역사회 발전을 위한 스포츠관광의 활용 방안

          박용범(Yong Bum Park) 한국사회체육학회 2000 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.13 No.-

          As a result of the studies in the purpose studying directions for the development in the local communities through the sports tour that its demands are increasing highly, the next conclusions are obtained. First of all, these are required for the development of the sports tour products. First, it is needed to construct and use resorts and the specific sports facilities. Second, its importances are increasing to develope new sports and sports tour as the sports tour program. Third, it needs to be held of the various sports events fitted in local realities. In addition to this, the sports tour which use golf, ski, marine sports and TaeKwonDo has a high potentiality to lure many foreigners. Then, the development of the package products and the positive advertising projects are needed for the connection between these sports resources and ecological resources.

        • KCI등재후보

          지역사회 스포츠 , 레크리에이션 분야에서의 자원봉사자 참여 방안

          박용범(Yong Bum Park),김학신(Hak Shin Kim) 한국사회체육학회 2002 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.17 No.-

          The purpose of this study was to rise the residents` participation as suggesting the raising plan of voluntary supporters` participation in small and big sports & recreation held at local society, the problem and various improving plan about ceased cause of their activity. The results of this study are following ; First, the plans for the activation of voluntary supporters`s participation are to establish the strategy of public relation for administration and managing them, for voluntary supporting institution to manage efficial attitude about supporters, settle their practical educational or training program and systematize the recognition and recompense for re-participation and the development of various voluntary supporting works. Second, political supporting plans of national or local autonomy government are to establish the law associated with voluntary supporting, to assist financially charing institution or organizations as raising the fund of it, set up wholly charged institution of voluntary supporting in local society and introduce an insurance system against emergency.

        • KCI등재

          해양 레저스포츠 시설의 개발 방향에 관한 연구

          박용범(Park Yong Bum) 한국사회체육학회 2000 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.14 No.-

          This study aims to suggest developing directions of marine sports equipments so that many and more people could get to be interested in marine sports and take part in as twenty first century has arrived. As a result of this research, following conclusions are found. Above all, when it comes to marine resorts construction as a form of developing institutions for marine sports, local characteristics should be considered, and the resort should be environment friendly. When it comes to driving off system, environmental and social conditions ought to be considered. About marine theme park building, it should be developed and operated in order to develop, control, and preserve marine resources, and educational benefits should be considered important, too. Secondly, when it comes to marine resource development, comprehensive measures ought to be searched in order to make the approach easier, and make the most and broad use of utilization. When it comes to marketing, a marketing strategy needs to be sought so that target market users would be chosen so that they could be tempted to the marine land and stay there for a long time.

        • 스포츠용품 소비자의 가치지각에 따른 재구매 의도 유형

          박용범(Park Yong-Bum),김학신(Kim Hak-Shin) 한국체육과학회 2002 한국체육과학회지 Vol.11 No.2

          This study showed that the perceived price and quality of sporting goods when consumers purchased them provided them with an important source of information and especially had a very signigicant effect on repurchase intention. Specifically speaking, the study results can be summarized as follows: First, an attempt was made to conduct factor analysis based on general value and consumer value through consumers' consumption value patterns. As a result, it was found that the pattern of purchase and perception varied according to consumers of general sporting goods. At length, the effective differentiated marketing is needed in the market segment having the target customer. Second, it was found that life-oriented and ethic-oriented consumers perceived price as the important purchase determinant in the process of price perception based on the consumption value. Accordingly, the marketing plan is needed that can make the perceived value large by applying the cost advantage strategy in a diverse way. Third, it was found that socially-oriented, ethically oriented consumers perceived the consumption value to be large in the process of perceiving quality. Therefore, the quality development and management plan is needed that can increase corporate credibility at the time of establishing the strategy. Fourth, it was found that consumers perceived quality satisfaction to be higher than self-satisfaction in perceiving the product value based on the consumption value. Consequently, it is necessary to devise the objective rating scale that enables individual consumers to trust their purchase decisionmaking.

        • KCI등재

          해양스포츠 관광의 진흥 방안에 관한 연구

          박용범(Park Yong-Bum),서상옥(Seo Sang-Ok) 한국체육과학회 2000 한국체육과학회지 Vol.9 No.2

          This study is researched for the purpose of setting the triangular position in the Korean marine sports which have a blessing marine resources with meeting the newly 21th Century marine era. First, it must be driven the public relations or upbringing a leader through the marine sports courses, the experience boarding and offering the reflex materials for planing the supply of the marine sports activity. Second, it is promoted the expansion of the natural affirmative infra facilities according to the environment aspect and the development of the marine park in the establishment of the marine sports places. Third, it is needed the trying to develop the educational program such as marine sports free-courses, marine camp or marine sports to the tour package goods for developing the marine sports program. At last, the formation structure of the marine sports events is firmed according to the faculty such a tour plan and the tour marketing in holding the marine sports events.

        • KCI등재

          계획된 행동이론(TPB)을 적용한 SNS 이용경험에 따른 무용 활동 지속의도의 관계

          박용범(Park, Yong-Bum),유지미(Yu, Ji-Mi) 한국체육과학회 2015 한국체육과학회지 Vol.24 No.6

          This study aims at verifying the relationship between each of the variables of the effects of attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavior control according to use experience such as contents in dancing related categories provided through SNSs on continuous SNS use intentions and intentions to continue dancing activities based on the Planned Theories of Protective Behaviors (TPB) model through path analysis. The data of this study was analyzed using the SPSS 21.0 program and the AMOS 21.0 program. an internal consistency (Cronbach"s ) test and Confirmatory Factor α Analysis (CFA) were conducted to secure reliability and validity for its measurement model. Path analysis using AMOS 21.0 was conducted to concretely verify the directionality and goodness of fit of the Planned Theories of Protective Behaviors model established in this study. After verifying the direct and indirect effects of each path in the research model applying the Planned Theories of Protective Behaviors, it was shown that the attitudes of dance activity participants had statistically significant direct and indirect effects on continuous SNS use intentions and continuous SNS use intentions had direct effects on intentions to continue dancing activities. On the other hand, subjective norms excluding attitudes and perceived behavior control did not have any direct or indirect effects on continuous SNS use intentions and intentions to continue dancing activities.

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