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        「産業ㆍ·経営」分野の現代用語についての一考察 - 2001年から2005年までの新語を中心に -

        이현정 한국일어일문학회 2009 日語日文學硏究 Vol.69 No.1

        本稿は現代日本語の中で「産業·経営」分野で生まれている新語についてその内容的な特徴と時期的な特徴などを分析考察した研究である。本研究はその資料として日本の自由国民社から毎年出刊している『現代用語の基礎知識』の2001年から2005年までの出版本を対象にし、「産業·経営」分野の新語の言語的な特徴について主に語種と語構成及びその他の特徴の観点から分析と考察を行った。 語種の観点から見た主な特徴は次のようであった。全体の対象新語の中で和語は1語(0.3%)、漢語は105語(34.1%)、外来語は56語(18.2%)、混種語は74語(47.4%)であった。混種語が多く造られた点がこの分野の特徴であった。混種語は様々の組み合わせがあり、その中で代表的なのは「外+漢」や「漢+外」や「和+漢」であった。「和+漢」が混種語の中で三番目に多く現われた点、混種語のその外の組み合わせでも和語が多く使われた点などがこの分野の特徴的であった。 語構成の観点から見た主な特徴は次のようであった。全体の対象新語の中で単純語は12語(3.9%)、複合語は230語(74.7%)、派生語は5語(1.6%)、再合成語は61語(19.8%)で、合成語の割合が非常に高かった。単純語の語種は和語、漢語、外来語であったが、その中で漢語の場合は新造語で、和語や外来語の場合は新用語で現われる傾向が見られた。複合語は名詞同士の組合わせの中で「名+名」とともに「名+名+名」が多かった。「名+名」の組み合わせでは外来語、漢語、「外+漢」、「名+名+名」の組み合わせでは「漢+外」、「外+漢」、漢語の語種を持つ語が新語の代表的な形であった。名詞間の組合わせの外にも形容詞と名詞、動詞と名詞、感動詞と名詞などの品詞間の組合わせが見られた。派生語は5語のみで、派生語というより派生語の要素を持つ再合成語が多く現われるのが特徴であった。 「産業·経営」分野の新語のその他の特徴として強調の目的の表記の変化、略語、音韻変化による造語法、当代の話題の新語化、技術の進歩に伴って造られる新語などがあることが分かった。

      • KCI등재

        암 예방 연구에서 Comet Assay를 이용한 DNA Repair 분석법의 활용

        이현정,박은주 대한암예방학회 2011 Journal of cancer prevention Vol.16 No.1

        DNA repair plays important roles in maintaining a low steady state level of DNA damage and protecting us from genetic mutation and cancer development. The comet assay, a fast, simple, and sensitive technique for the analysis of DNA damage and repair on cells, has applications in testing novel chemicals for genotoxicity, monitoring environmental contamination with genotoxins, and population monitoring. Alkaline comet assay is a method used to measure single strand breaks and alkali-site. The sensitivity and specificity of the comet assay are greatly enhanced if the nucleoids are incubated with lesion-specific enzymes that recognize specific lesion in the DNA. In addition, the repair activity in a cell extract can be measured by incubating it with nucleoids containing specific damage. The comet assay can be modified to measure DNA incision activity reflecting base excision repair and nucleotide excision repair. Currently,only a few studies have investigated the influence of nutritional factor diseases such as cancer, metabolic disease on DNA repair. In this review we addressed the application of comet assay to detect DNA repair capacity, focusing on the methodology and recent research trends. (Cancer Prev Res 16, 1-12, 2011)

      • KCI등재

        연결성 모델링을 활용한 빈집 녹지화 우선순위 평가

        이현정,김휘문,김경태,신지영,박창석,박현주,송원경 한국환경복원기술학회 2022 한국환경복원기술학회지 Vol.25 No.1

        Urban problems are constantly occurring around the world due to rapid industrialization and population decline. In particular, as the number of vacant houses is gradually increasing as the population decreases, it is necessary to prepare countermeasures. A plan to utilize vacant houses has emerged to restore the natural environment of the urban ecosystem where forest destruction, damage to habitats of wild animals and plants, and disconnection have occurred due to large-scale development. Through connectivity analysis, it is possible to understand the overall ecosystem flow based on the movement of species and predict the effect when vacant houses are converted into green spaces. Therefore, this study analyzed the green area network to confirm the possibility of greening of vacant houses neglected in Jeonju based on circuit theory. Using Circuitscape and Least-cost path, we tried to identify the connectivity of green areas and propose an ecological axis based on the analysis. In order to apply the resistance values ​​required for analysis based on previous studies, the 2020 subdivision land cover data were integrated into the major classification evaluation items. When the eight forests in the target site were analyzed as the standard, the overall connectivity and connectivity between forests in the area were high, so it is judged that the existing green areas can perform various functions, such as species movement and provision of habitats. Based on the results of the connectivity analysis, the importance of vacant houses was calculated and the top 20 vacant houses were identified, and it was confirmed that the higher the ranking, the more positive the degree of landscape connectivity was when converted to green areas. In addition, it was confirmed that the results of analyzing the least-cost path based on the resistance values such as connectivity analysis and the existing conceptual map showed some differences when comparing the ecological axes in the form. As a result of checking the vacant houses corresponding to the relevant axis based on the width standards of the main and sub-green areas, a total of 30 vacant houses were included in the 200m width and 6 vacant houses in the 80m width. It is judged that the conversion of vacant houses to green space can contribute to biodiversity conservation as well as connectivity between habitats of species as it is coupled with improved green space connectivity. In addition, it is expected to help solve the problem of vacant houses in the future by showing the possibility of using vacant houses.

      • KCI등재

        업무시설의 리노베이션 현황에 관한 조사 연구

        이현정,심명섭,Lee, Hyun-Jeong,Shim, Myung-Sup 한국건축시공학회 2002 한국건축시공학회지 Vol.2 No.2

        The functions and uses of existing buildings are not properly changing as modern life needs. As a result, the frequent reconstruction(construction after removal) of existing buildings have been done but it became more and more difficult because of strengthening of regulations and systems concerning construction. And also it has several disadvantages like lower plot ratio and site coverage than existed buildings, enormous construction cost, production of waste-construction materials and thoughtless consumption of natural resources, which gives rise to environmental pollution. Therefore renovation is brought to the fore. In Korea, many business buildings were constructed in 1960s-1970s, during the period of high growth. Such buildings needs to be repaired in whole. It is caused by the change of social, economic, and cultural conditions and deterioration of equipments. Therefore renovation meets some necessary conditions; recovery of building functions and extension of building life span. In case study, the present state of renovation in business buildings is 1) Basic safety, for example, fire prevention and crime prevention, is great important. 2) Advanced technology, INS(international news service), IBS(Intelligent Building System), and internationalization, is pursued for adapting to multimedia ages. 3) It tries to promote proficiency, and to save the energy using spatial environment and natural energy(light and sound). Also, improving comfortable level of users and installing equipments for physically handicapped person needs to be considered.

      • KCI등재

        지방자치단체의 재정운영의 영향요인 분석: 지방재정분석 결과를 중심으로

        이현정,정문기 한국지방재정학회 2009 한국지방재정논집 Vol.14 No.3

        The purpose of this study is influencing factors of on Results of Local Financial Analysis, Focusing on Local Financial Analysis System Total Score. And although various groups of local government, researcher tried to empirical analysis. The finding of this study could be summarized as follows: First, analysis result that all of local government divided three groups agrees with precide research result. Second, more divided various groups used control variable, revealed on Results of Local Financial Analysis have different influencing factors. These implies that the government should approval difference local government financial state and be agreeable service that local government various state.

      • KCI등재

        중국 도시 1인 가구의 연령층별 주거 및 거주환경 평가 비교

        이현정,왕예원 한국주거학회 2022 한국주거학회 논문집 Vol.33 No.1

        This research is to explore the residential environment quality of single-person households in urban China, to identify their distinctions by five age groups and to determine factors affecting their satisfactions with housing and residential environment. Using a questionnaire survey, this cross-sectional study utilized 501 responses for statistical analysis. The results showed that most respondents were salaried workers aged 40s with a college degree, and homeowners living in old apartments with 2 to 3 bedrooms. The participants with lower income spent more housing expenses which decreased their housing satisfaction. Also, it’s found that the age groups of 30s and over 60s had higher housing satisfaction than other groups while the age range of 20s had lower satisfaction. The group aged over 60s had higher satisfaction with residential environment and 50s was dissatisfied with it. The regression analysis indicated that the assessment of residential environment was largely affected by housing satisfaction. Besides, educational attainment, employment status and position, and income of the households were interrelated and had positive impacts on living conditions which in turn influenced satisfactions with both housing quality and residential environment. Thus, the findings imply that it’s significant to develop housing programs that socially and economically support solo households. 개혁개방이후 급격한 경제성장과 함께 인구고령화와 저출산을 경험하고 있는 중국은 도시지역을 중심으로 1인 가구가 급증하며 인구구조를 변형시키고 있다. 이에 본 연구는 중국 도시 1인 가구를 대상으로 주거수준을 파악하고 거주환경을 평가하고자 한다. 산둥성 린이시 거주 1인 가구에 대한 설문조사를 진행하였고 총 501부를 통계분석에 사용한 주요 결과를 정리하면 다음과 같다. 첫째, 조사대상 1인 가구들 대부분은 대졸 이상의 고학력자로 사무직에 종사하는 40대 비혼 가구였고 8년 안팎으로 홀로 지내왔으며, 미혼이 많은 20대-30대와 달리 40대는 이혼, 50대는 사별과 이혼, 60대 이상은 사별로 혼자 거주하였다. 교육수준, 경제활동 참가, 직업, 소득은 연령층과 연관성을 보여 20대-40대는 고학력 사무직 근로자가 많은 반면 50대 이상은 교육수준이 다소 낮은 자영자가 많은 편이었다. 또한 30대-50대는 적극적인 경제활동으로 소득수준이 비교적 높았으나 경제활동 참여율이 다소 낮은 60대 이상과 20대는 소득이 적었다. 둘째, 1인 가구 상당수는 방 2-3실이 딸린 110-126㎡ 규모의 10여년 된 아파트에 10년 미만 거주해 온 자가 소유주로 소득의 20% 이상을 주거비로 지출하였다. 경제활동 참가와 소득은 주거 소비 수준에 영향을 미쳐 연령층별 차이가 뚜렷하였는데, 경제활동 참가율이 다소 낮고 소득이 적은 편인 60대 이상과 20대는 공동주택에 차가로 거주하는 비율이 높은 반면 30대와 40대는 10년 된 아파트의 자가 소유주가 많았다. 셋째, 주거 및 전체적인 거주환경 만족도의 영향 요인을 분석한 결과, 주거만족도 회귀식은 40대와 20대의 회귀식에서 통계적으로 유의미하였다. 40대 주거만족도는 소득이 증가할수록, 주택의 안전요소와 주거환경의 안전성에 만족할수록, 접근성의 만족도가 낮을수록 향상되었고, 20대 주거만족도는 소득이 낮을수록, 주택의 실내환경 요소에 만족할수록 높아졌다. 전체적인 거주환경 만족도의 회귀모형은 모든 연령층에서 통계적 유의성을 보였고, 그 설명력은 40대와 60대 이상에서 상당히 높은 반면 50대와 20대에서 다소 낮았다. 주요 설명변수는 가구주 연령(40대), 가구주년수(50대와 60대 이상), 건축년수(30대), 주거비(30대와 60대 이상), 주택의 안전요소(20대, 40대, 60대 이상), 주거환경의 생활편의시설(40대와 50대)와 도시기반시설(60대 이상), 주거만족도(20대, 30대, 60대 이상)로 나타났다

      • KCI등재

        멀티미디어 학습 환경에서 학습자 특성별 인지부하 효과

        이현정 한국교육공학회 2005 교육공학연구 Vol.21 No.2

        본 연구의 목적은 인지 부하의 관점에서 효율적인 교수설계가 어떠해야 하는지를 밝히기 위함이다. 따라서, 멀티미디어 학습 환경 하에서 내재적·외재적 인지 부하가 학습자의 과학 지식 이해와 전이에 미치는 효과를 조사하고, 인지부하의 수준이 높은/낮은 교수 설계와 학습자 개인 특성간의 상호작용 효과를 분석하였다. 본 연구에는 257명의 중학생들이 실험을 위한 4가지 처치 집단에 무작위로 배치되었다(내재적·외재적 인지 부하가 모두 높은 집단 / 내재적·외재적 인지 부하가 모두 낮은 집단 / 내재적 인지 부하는 높고 외재적 인지 부하는 낮은 집단 / 외재적 인지 부하는 높고 내재적 인지 부하는 낮은 집단). 학습자의 특성은 선수지식 보유 정도에 따라 구분되었다. 분석 결과에 의하면, 내재적·외재적 인지 부하 모두 높은 집단이 다른 집단들에 비해 이해와 전이 능력에 있어, 모두 통계적으로 유의한 낮은 성취도를 보였다. 또한 학습 내용을 이해하는 정도에 대하여, 인지부하의 수준이 높은/낮은 교수설계와 학습자의 선수 지식 간에 유의한 상호작용 효과를 보였다: 내재적 인지 부하가 낮을 때, 선수 지식이 높은 학습자가 외재적 인지 부하가 높은 교수 설계 조건 하에서 더 높은 성취도를 보인 반면, 선수 지식이 낮은 학습자는 외재적 인지 부하가 낮은 교수 설계 조건 하에서 더 높은 성취 결과를 보였다. 한 가지 의미 있는 발견은 학습자의 학업 성취 결과와 학습에 투입한 노력의 정도가 상호관련이 있다는 것이다. 학습을 위해 가장 적은 노력을 했다고 보고한 집단이 학습의 이해와 전이 테스트에서 가장 낮은 성취 결과를 보여 주었다. This study, to determine an efficient instructional design with respect to cognitive load, investigated 1) the main effect of different levels of intrinsic and extraneous load in multimedia environments on comprehension and transfer of chemistry knowledge and 2) the interaction effects of the instructional conditions and learners' characteristics. Two hundred fifty-seven middle school students were randomly assigned to four experimental treatment conditions (high-intrinsic /high-extraneous, high-intrinsic/low-extraneous, low-intrinsic/high-extraneous, low-intrinsic/low- extraneous condition). The learner characteristic studied was prior-knowledge. Data analysis indicated 1) a significant main effect (p < .001) of treatment condition for both comprehension and transfer tests, high-intrinsic/high-extraneous group performed worse than the other treatment groups and 2) the significant interaction effects between the instructional treatment conditions and prior-knowledge: Low prior-knowledge learners performed better under low extraneous load, whereas high prior-knowledge learners performed better under high extraneous load, especially when combined with low intrinsic load. An additional finding was that learning performance and reported amounts of invested mental effort were related. The group reporting the lowest investment of mental effort scored lowest on both comprehension and recall tests.

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