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      • KCI등재

        가열조리에 따른 프로비타민 A 강화 쌀의 카로티노이드 함량

        이영택 한국식품저장유통학회 2010 한국식품저장유통학회지 Vol.17 No.6

        This study was conducted to investigate the effects of different cooking methods on the carotenoid content in genetically modified(GM) provitamin A-biofortified rice. The proximate components (moisture, protein, lipid, and ash) of GM rice were similar to those of conventional non-GM rice. Provitamin A-biofortified rice was cooked in various ways, including boiling in water and steaming/roasting. Carotenoid composition was determined by HPLC. Total carotenoid contents of provitamin A-biofortified brown and milled rice were 122.79 ㎍/100 g and 125.44 ㎍/100 g, respectively. Compared with raw unprocessed samples, boiling caused approximately 20% carotenoid loss. In contrast, seaming/roasting decreased carotenoid content by 78%.. 국내에서 개발된 유전자변형 프로비타민 A 강화 벼로부터 얻은 쌀(현미와 백미)을 열탕 또는 증자/볶음에 의해 가열조리했을때 카로티노이드의 함량에 미치는 영향을 조사하였다. 프로비타민 A 강화 쌀은 모종 쌀과 비교하여 일반성분 함량이 유사하였으며, 현미와 백미의 총 카로티노이드 함량이 각각 122.79, 125.44 ㎍/100 g으로 분석되어 현미뿐 만 아니라 도정한 백미의 배유에도 비슷한 함량의 카로티노이드를 포함하였다. 열탕에 의해 밥 형태로 가열조리한 프로비타민 A 강화 쌀 백미는 카로티노이드 함량이 20% 이내의 감소를 보인 반면 증자/볶음처리한 프로비타민 A 강화 쌀은 백미와 현미 모두에서 카로티노이드 함량이 원곡의 1/4 수준으로 떨어져 급격한 카로티노이드 함량의 손실을 초래하였다. 따라서 프로비타민 A 강화쌀의 조리가공시 가열방법 및 열처리 정도는 카로티노이드의 보존을 위해 고려해야 할 중요한 요소인 것으로 판단되었다.

      • SCIEKCI등재

        보리와 귀리의 β - Glucans 및 가공에 의한 용해성의 변화

        이영택 한국농화학회 1996 Applied Biological Chemistry (Appl Biol Chem) Vol.39 No.6

        Five barley and two oat varieties grown in Korea were investigated for soluble, insoluble, and total (1→3), (1→4)-β-D-glucans. Total and insoluble β-glucans after extraction of soluble β-glucans with water were analyzed, and the soluble β-glucans were calculated as the difference between total and insoluble β-glucans. The total β-glucans in whole barleys were in a range of 3.3∼5.6%(average 4.4%), and those in pearled barleys were in a range of 3.5∼7.1%(average 5.2%). In whole barleys, on average, 54% of the β-glucans was soluble and in pearled barley 46%. Whole oats contained 3.1∼4.0% total β-glucan, and dehulling increased the groat β-glucan contents to 4.0∼4.8%. Oats demonstrated considerably higher β-glucan solubility of 84% than barley. β-Glucans in barley and oats were rapidly extracted at the beginning of the extraction and almost all of the β-glucans were extracted after 2∼3 hr extraction. As extraction temperature increased from 23℃ to 45℃, more soluble β-glucans were extracted. However, solubility of barley β-glucans decreased at a relatively high temperature of 65℃. Steam-cooking reduced the analytical solubility of barley and oat β-glucaus, while roasting seemed to render the β-glucans of barley more soluble.

      • 궐련지 기공도가 담배연기 희석에 미치는 영향

        이영택,이근회,양광규,이정일,이규서,안동명 한국연초학회 1985 한국연초학회지 Vol.7 No.2

        From the combination of cigarette papers, tipping papers and plug wrapping papers, whose physical properties and effect of cigarette smoke dilution were studied. The result obtained from this study are as follows. Envelop ventilation (Env-V'R) cigarettes used high porous cigarette papers showed less changes of unencapsulated pressure drop VPD) compared to tip ventilation (Tip-VR) cigarettes. Higher cigarette paper porosity increased, more decreased the WD of cigarette by Tip-VR. With cigarette length shortening, the UPD or VR changed a little in Tip-VR cigarette, while changed very much in Env-VR cigarettes. The ratio of nicotine/tar was higher in Env-VB cigarettes than in Tip-VR cigarettes, and CO/nicotine value of the former was lower than those of the later. The effect of Tip-VR cigarettes on the delivery reduction of tar and nicotine was more effective compared to Env-VR cigarettes and the reduction prefer Env-VR cigarettes to Tip-VR cigarettes in CO delivery. From the results investigated above it was noted that each defect appeared in the Tip-VR and the Env-VR cigarettes could be complemented by the combination of them.

      • 近世朝鮮의 法醫學的裁判과 無寃錄에 關한 硏究

        李永澤 서울대학교 1956 서울대학교 論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        MOOWONROK was compiled by WANGYO in the first year of the reign of MOOJONG, the king of WON Dynasty of China (the 34 th year of CHOONGYOL, the king of KORYO Dynasty, A.D. 1308)and had been the unique book specialized in the post-mortem examination adopted in the forensic medical trial in the modern times of Korean history. Though the period is not clear in which that writing had been handed over to us, it is alleged through the literature that the writing came to appear in public in the first year of SAEJONG Dynasty (equivalent to A.D. 1419), and the MOOWONROK was published with the new comments in the 20th year of SAEJONG Dynasty who gave the legal regulation on the post-mortem examination the next year, which was put on the shelves of the government offices of every important spot in both the capital and country to be used by the criminal lawyer as an indispensable text book. This MOOWONROK gave them much contribution to the post-mortem examination in which written report was needed in the cases of mortal accident, especially murder or the death of prisoners of public slaves. The firm procedure for the trial was written which permitted the examination over a few times, i. e. : usually 1 or 2 times, sometimes 3 or 4 times, if necessary 5 or 6 times, and even the direct indictment to the king in case of need. This was also imported to Japan the later period of LEE Dynasty (ca. 300 years ago0, contributing much to the development of elemental knowledge in the field of post-mortem examination of the EDO-Age of Japan, which was again imported to China, and the triangle of culture was established with the newly commented MOOWONROK as a medium. Neverthless, this book could not be fully applicable to Korea for the fact that this was entirely based on the tradition of WON Dynasty of China, therefore 2 volumes of revised MOOWONROK was compiled by KOO TAEKKYOO in the 24th year of YONGJONG Dynasty (A.D. 1748), to the final exclusion of many complicated regulations unfit for Korea following the innovation of SOK-DAE-JON, the statute, in the 20th year of the same dynasty. This was again revised by YOONMYONG, the son of TAEKKYOO in the JUNGJONG Dynasty, and the revised book was made public rewritten in the Korean letter in the prior year to the 20th year of JUNGJONG Dynasty (A.D. 1796)in which the revised original was published. This made possible, at a glance, the clear grasp of the knowledge in this field, and gave us the valuable materials which are the clear evidence of the existence of our forensic medical knowlege based on the Korean situation and its social custom independent of foreign ideas. The useful effect continued until the 10th or the 11th year of KWANGMOO through the 9th year in which new constiution on law-court was enforced and Great Korean Criminal Cord was announced according to the newly established system through the KAPSIN Renovation. This book contains many subjects of forensic medical value; the materials of the general affairs concerning polt-mortem examination, the outward shows of the corpse, the record on the procedure for examining the corpse. Besides that, the following items, which need the forensic medical appreciation, are inclulded; periodical change in the appearance of corpse, mechanical injuries caused by blunt instruments or knives in case of murder, the relation between wounds and cause of death, asphyxia, the unnatural death caused by starvation of abnormity of temperature, investigation on infanticide, pregnancy, puerperium and intoxication, and that of evidential materials and so on. This book which was especially used in the forensic medical trial, is found to well cope with any medical jurisprudence in our time in reviewing its contents in which things are observed and treated comparatively in detail. Much detailed observation is given in this book especially on the following subjects. (1) The various conditions on the decomposition during the later period of change in the signs of corpse, that is, the respective temperature of the four seasons, the moisture of different qualities of soils, the nutritional condition before death, and many external appearances such as discolorment, expansion of abdominal region of the blisters on thd skin. (2) Distinction between the death by falling from the cliff and the death by falling into the ditches, appreciation of kinds of animals by the form, position and signs of the biting, explanation of the fracture detecting method using the China ink and of the relation of the cranial fracture with the hemorrhage in nose, ear and mouth, and detailed explanation on the wedge-shaped incised wound and on the differentiation between the wound stabbed in and that stabbed out in the injury made with knives. (3) On asphyxia: distinction of the opened from the tuberous ligatures in the hanging, distinction of the legular or the irregular hanging by the form of the furrows on the neck, distinction between self=murder and murder of the drowning by the presence of the foam in the mouth and nose, and besides those, suffocation by pressing and covering on the mouth and nose, suffocation of old and weekened man by pressing on the chest, death by being put into the narrower places. (4) Explanation on the relation between the ground contacted and the other side of the corpse, and that on the presence of the soot in mouth and nose, in dist inguishing suicide from murder of the burnt corpse due to the abnormity of tem perature, discription of the lightening mark on the skin in examining the corpse due to thunder. (5) On pregnancy and puerperium: hydatidform mole, a form of abnormal pregnancy, possibility of delibery of dead fetus after burial, telling the months of the pregnancy according to the growing condition of the fetus which is due to abortion. (6) Testimonial materials, such as blood, vaginal fluid and bones, are presented, out of them, the method for detecting the portion of the fracture on the bone by applying the China ink which peneterates in the fractured portion, of taking advantage of the new cotton which is drawn up when it is taken on the same portion. (7) Intoxication: Surrounding circumstances: vomitted substances on the clothes of the body and the medicine pot left near it. Clinic finding: comparison of the death by intoxication during its lifetime with the false intoxication made after death. Chemical signs: method for examining the poison by taking advantage of the coloring reaction due to the silver hair pin. Physiological test: method for finding out the poison by using the chicken as an experimental animal. The above-mentioned are the objective matters of great importance which are almost nearly understood by the medern scientific methods. This is nothing but the book which was primarily used by lawyers in case of the post-mortem examination dealing with the judgement of the cause of death by observation of external appearance, not being based on the systematic knowledge in medical science. In this consequence, much physiological knowledge is neglected concerning th mechanism of life in the explanation of the cause of death. Moreover, the record on the internal investigation of the corpse could not but be neglected in the days with no system and knowledge on the autopsy. The fact of similar kind can be met in the process of the development of any field of learning, and the true can be said of other branches in medical sciences. (This research owes in part to the financial assistance of the American-Korean-Foundation)

      • KCI등재

        High-performance a MoS2 Nanosheet-based Nonvolatile Memory Transistor with a Ferroelectric Polymer and Graphene Source-Drain Electrode

        이영택,황도경,임성일 한국물리학회 2015 THE JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Vol.67 No.9

        Two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdWs) materials are a class of new materials due to their unique physical properties. Of the many 2D vdWs materials, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a representative n-type transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD) semiconductor. Here, we report on a high-performance MoS2 nanosheet-based nonvolatile memory transistor with a poly(vinylidenefluoride-trifluoroethylene) (P(VDF-TrFE)) ferroelectric top gate insulator. In order to enhance the ohmic contact property, we use graphene flakes as source/drain electrodes prepared by using the direct imprinting method with an elastomer stamp. The MoS2 ferroelectric field-effect transistor (FeFET) shows the highest linear electron mobility value of 175 cm2/Vs with a high on/off current ratio of more than 107, and a very clear memory window of more than 15 V. The program and erase dynamics and the static retention properties are also well demonstrated.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        담관낭종에 대한 임상적 고찰

        이영택,박용기,김성수,최창록,고수종 대한소화기학회 1999 대한소화기학회지 Vol.33 No.5

        Background/Aims: Choledochal cyst is frequently associated with many complications and malignant changes. The aims of this study were to analyze its clinical characteristics and to confirm whethe the excision of cyst is appropriate treatment. Methods: We reviewed the medical records of 28 patients with choledochal cyst who were treated surgically at St. Benedict hospital from January 1988 through December, 1997. Results: This disease was more common in female patients than in male patients. The symptoms and signs were abdominal pain, jaundice, indigestion, fever and mass Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography has been the most accurate diagnostic method for choledochal cyst. When the patients were classified into 4 groups according to the Todani' s classifi cation, type I cyst was the most common (71.4%) and followed by type IV (14.3%), type III (10.7%) and type II (3.6%) in order. Increased amylase level in the bile juice was found in 10 cases. The associated disorders such as biliary stones, cholangitis and pancreatitis were observed. Gallbladder cancer was found in one patient. Twenty-two cysts were excised completely and Roux-en-Y hepati cojejunostomy was performed in 21 of them. The operative mortality was 7.1%. Conclusions: The choledochal cyst should be excised as completely as possible to minimize its associated complications such as recurrent cholangitis, pancreatitis and malignant change.

      • KCI등재

        보리, 귀리 β-Glucan의 이화학적 특성과 생리적 기능

        이영택 韓國作物學會 1996 Korean journal of crop science Vol.41 No.S

        [ (1~to3 ) ], (1~to4 )-β -D-glucans(β-glucans ) are a major component of the cell walls of grasses as a component of the cereal endosperm and aleurone cell walls. Although β-glucans exist in all cereals, their concentration is highest in oats and barley. Genetic and environmental differences are found in total β-glucan content. Both oats and barley β-glucans have cholesterol-lowering effects. This suggests possible use as food additives. Structural characterization of β-glucan is important because structure can influence physical and physiological properties. In this review, β-glucans of barley and oats are discussed in details including structure, chemical and physical properties, and nutritional implications. The use of barley and oat products as well as β-glucan as a food additive continues to increase. This can provide an additional market for barley and oats, thus increasing the value of the crops.

      • $CO_2$를 이용하여 팽화된 각초배합율이 제조담배 물성에 미치는 영향

        이영택,조시형,김성한,백신,임광수,김영호,신창호,Lee, Young-Tack,Jo, Si-Hyung,Kim, Sung-Han,Baek, Shin,Rhim, Kwang-Soo,Kim, Young-Ho,Shin, Chang-Ho 한국연초학회 1996 한국연초학회지 Vol.18 No.2

        The experiment was carried out to study the effect of dry ice expanded tobacco (DIET) blending ratio on the physical properties of cigarettes. Vnencapsulated pressure drop (UPD) of the cigarette decreased from 85 mmWG to 78 mWG when the DIET blending ratio increased from 0% to 60%, but it increased in the range of over 60% blending ratio. But the overall UPD/EPD ratio of these cigarettes showed a decreasing tendency. Cigarette ventilation rate increased from 55% to 66% with the increased blending ratio of expanded tobacco and loose ends also showed the same tendency. The higher the blending ratio of expanded tobacco, the faster became the static burning time from 7' 34" to 5' 02". However, the cigarette hardness was almost not affected by the blending ratio.ing ratio.

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