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        • KCI등재

          노인을 위한 여가시설 발전방안에 관한 연구

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 1996 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.13 No.-

          This study is to consider the development device of leisure for the old. The summaries obtained from this study are as follows : 1. It is necessary for the quantitive and qualitive expansion of the public and civil leisure facilities, for the legal and administrative system of facilities of the old and for the enlargement of the center for the old. 2. It should be established in the special facilities, recovery instrument and the center for the disabled. 3. It must be founded in the hotel for the old in consideration of the physical and mental fatigue, the support of system of taxation for the foundation of rest facilities. 4. It is natural to be set up community coordination, the best of existing facilities, management enforcement organization rationalization of leisure facilities for the old. 5. It should be set up the multi-purpose welfare center, the composite ration centers for the old.

        • KCI등재

          노인들을 위한 여가프로그램 개발방안에 관한 연구

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 1999 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.12 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to observe the problems involved in the development of the leisure program for the old, and on the basis of this analysis and observation, to present a practicable model and plan, which is to contribute to a successful promotion of leisure for the old. In order to study an effective developmental plan of leisure for the old, first of all, I described conception of leisure and the old, relationship of leisure and the old. The analysis has lead to the derivation of the problems in leisure program for the old in my country. For this purpose, I have made a survey on the leisure program for the old about the major countries of the world. On the basis of the study of the documents and analysis, I suggested an effective model of leisure program for the old, described developmental program plan for the old, The conclusion and my opinions resulted from this study is as follows. First, The program of leisure is the very important which should provide the old with the motivation and method. In addition, it is a concrete means for securing a reasonable leisure activity, and at the sometime is an indispensible factor for increasing active participations in the leisure life. Therefore, the appropriate programs must be developed with which the leisure desire of the old can be satisfied. Second, The administrative support of leisure program for the old must be established as soon as possible. Third, The putting in good order and mending of leisure education for the old get realized as soon as possible, because education for the old is very important.

        • KCI등재

          노인의 생활체육 참여와 여가만족 및 생활만족의 관계

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim),김경식(Kyung Shik Kim) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 1997 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.14 No.-

          The primary purpose of dais study was to probe the causal relationship between participation in sport for all program and leisure satisfaction, life satisfaction of older persons. The subjects of this study were divided by two groups : 200 involvers in leisure sport program and 200 non-involvers. The data collected questionnaire designed for this study were consisted of responses to items constructed to represent each variable. For data analysis, multiple regression and path analysis were used. The major findings obtained from this study were following. There existed significant casual relationship among daily participation in sport for all program of alder persons, leisure satisfaction, and life satisfaction. It was also found that participation in sport for all program of older persons facilitated the leisure satisfaction, it finally leaded to life satisfaction. Based upon these findings and within limitations of this study, it was concluded that participation in sport for all program of older persons would increase the leisure satisfaction and these increasement finally would influence individual`s overall life satisfaction.

        • KCI등재

          성인 여성의 여가 레크리에이션 활동 참여에 따른 심리적 특성에 관한 연구

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim),최만준(Man Jun Choi),박인수(In Soo Park) 한국사회체육학회 1996 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.6 No.-

          The purpose of this study is examine the leisure & recreational involvement of effect self-esteen, anxiety and depression for adult female after their thirties. The results of this study were as follows (1) Leisure & recreation involver had better self-esteem and lover anxiety, depression than non-involvers. (2) In case of involvers, the level of age was significant for self-esteem, anxiety and depression. (3) The level of academic career was non-significant for three psychological trait. (4) The effect of leisure & recreation involvers as a function of activity career was non-significant self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

        • 평생교육 프로그램 참여가 노후생활에 미치는 영향

          김홍록 ( Hong Rok Kim ) 한국사회복지경영학회 2015 사회복지경영연구 Vol.2 No.1

          본연구는 경기도 평생교육프로그램에 참여하는 성인학습자를 대상으로 프로그램 참여실태와 만족도를 살펴보고 성인학습자의 평생교육프로그램참여가 앞으로 다가오는 고령화사회에 노후생활을 준비하는데 도움이 되는지를 조사하고 아울러 성인학습자가 평생교육프로그램에 참여하면서 삶의질이 향상되었는지도 살펴봄으로써 평생교육프로그램의 효율적인 운영과 활성화방안을 모색하고자하는 데 그 목적이있다. 본 연구에서 얻어진 결과를 요약해 보면 다음과 같다. 첫째, 평생교육프로그램 참여실태로서 참여목적은 취미나 교양을 쌓기위한 것 이63.5%로 가장많이 나타났으며, 참여횟수는 주1회가 전체의 1/2를 차지했다. 둘째, 배경변인에 따른 참여학습자의 노후생활준비의식을 살펴보면, 성별에서는 여자가 남자보다 노후생활에 대한준비의식이 높게 나타났으며, 셋째, 배경변인에 따른 참여학습자의 삶의 질을 살펴보면, 학력에 있어서 생활만족과 삶의 질은 대졸이상의 집단이 고졸이하 집단보다 생활만족과 삶의질이 높은 것으로 나타났으나 정서적 안정에서는 집단간에는 차이가 나지 않았다. 넷째, 평생교육프로그램 만족도가 참여학습자의 노후생활준비 의식에 미치는 영향을 살펴보면, 교육기간, 교육내용, 강사수준 ,교재비, 교육시간, 주당교육회수, 전체적인만족도에서 만족도가 높은 집단이 낮은 집단보다 노후생활준비의식이 높은 것으로 나타났다. 다섯째, 평생교육프로그램 만족도가 참여학습자의 삶의 질에 미치는영향을 살펴보면 교육기간은 교육기간에 대한 만족도가 높은 집단이 낮은 집단보다 생활만족이 높은 것으로 나타났다. This study is the target adult learners to look at the program participation status and satisfaction of adult learners lifelong learning program participation is investigating how to help prepare for retirement in the coming aging society and the future as well as adult learners to participate in lifelong learning programs, Gyeonggi While there is continuing involvement in the education program that aims to enable efficient operation and to seek ways of looking at degree by continuing education programs that improve the quality of life. To summarize the results obtained in this study are as follows. First, the purpose participate in a continuing education program participation status was shown to be 63.5% for the most pursue a hobby or culture, participation accounted for 1/2 of the total number of times that once a week. Second, look at the retirement ceremony of preparing learners participate in accordance with the background variables, gender, the girl was born ready for the retirement ceremony appeared higher than men, Third, look at the quality of life of the participating students according to background variables, quality of life and life satisfaction in college education is more than the populations appear to be stable nateu and emotional quality of life and life satisfaction is higher than the high school population groups than between the difference was sound. Fourth, the continuing education program Satisfaction Looking at the impact on the retirement ceremony of preparing learners to participate, Duration, curriculum, instructors levels, teaching materials, training time, number of times per week training, age lower than satisfaction with the high population groups in the overall satisfaction preparing conscious living was higher.

        • KCI등재

          레크리에이션식 스포츠활동참여의 심리적 효과

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim),윤기운(Gee Woon Yoon) 한국사회체육학회 1995 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.4 No.-

          The purpose of this study was to examine how recreational sport involvement effects self-esteem and anxiety for Unversity students. The subjects in the study consisted of 471 Unversity students. The instrument was used Self-rating Anxiety Scale(Zung, 1971) and Self-Esteem Scale(Rosenberg, 1965). Four-way analysis of variance were conducted to determine if there were differences for self-esteem and anxiety as a function of playing experience, sex, frequency, prolonged time. The results of this study were as follows. First, sport involvers had better Self-esteem and Anxiety than Non-sport involvers. Second, the effect of sport involvers as a function of sex was significant for Self-esteem and Anxiety Third, the effect of sport involvers as a function of prolonged time was significant for Self-esteem, but was not significant for Anxiety. Fourth, the effect of sport involvers as a function of playing experience, frequency was not significant for Self-esteem and Anxiety. In conclusion, recreational sport involvement should be advocated because of the possible psychological benefits such as increased self-esteem and decreased anxiety.

        • KCI등재

          노인 여가활동의 제도에 관한 연구

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim),정민영(Min Young Chung) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 1998 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.15 No.-

          This study was to devise some measures about the law and development device of leisure activities far the old. The conclusion resulted from this study was as follows: First, it is necessary to try the early education of leisure activities as the re-examination of the old age standard and the welfare Act for the old. Second, it must be devised to make many-sided law institutim for the good use of leisure activities, to ensure concretely the right of administration for the old and to supplement the in sufficient problem of institution Third, The government must cultivate and appoint the leisure leader for the old to city, district, and subcountry. Forth, As the establishment of research agency it is important to in corporate special legal person, to solve the problem of the old and to propel the great-scale enterprise for the old. Fifth, it must be deliverated to supplement the act and administrant institution for the old welfare of leisure activities.

        • KCI등재

          청소년 선도를 위한 Recreation 의 활성화 방안에 관한 연구

          김홍록(Hong Rok Kim) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 2001 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.20 No.-

          This study is aimed at guiding adolescent in family school, and society via supporting recreation programs. Scrutinizing well-behaved adolescent and the patterns of adoefscent-crine, we got into conclusion as Follows: First, place a good family environment by creating comfortable conversation ambience variable leisure activities and a good exemplary by parents, within family, practicing politeness within family, and keeping, cheerfue circumstance through comforts of mind, family, and human relationship. Second, Guide adolescents in student-centered school by variable programs like school festival and sport-day interactive communication among teacher, student, and parents, admission of using school facilities as place of leisure activities, extracurricular activities and counselling teacher. Third, Educate students to be sound people by setting up cultual and leisure place of community-park, purifying the harmful ambience of them, using community activities for the dwellers, and reducing stress and accomplishing purpose as giving them a opportunity of public relations.

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