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      • KCI등재

        Dielectric and proton conductivity studies in organic electrolytes based on 2-perfluoroalkyl-ethyl-azides

        Sedat,Cos,gun,Sevim,Ünügür,Çelik,Abdulhadi,Baykal,Ayhan,Bozkurt 한국물리학회 2010 Current Applied Physics Vol.10 No.1

        Intrinsically proton conducting organic electrolytes based on 2-perfluoroalkyl-ethyl-azides were synthesized via 1,3 cycloaddition between 2-perfluoroalkyl-ethyl-azide and alkynes. FT-IR, elemental analysis and NMR methods were used to characterize the resulting organic electrolytes. Thermal properties were analyzed with thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and the morphology of the organic electrolytes was studied with X-ray diffraction (XRD). The effect of chain length on proton conductivity was investigated with impedance spectrometer. Dielectric constant and electrical modulus formalisms were analyzed and the maximum proton conductivity was measured as 10-2 mS/cm at 180 ℃.

      • KCI등재SSCI

        The tension in Turkish teacher education: Conflict and controversy during the transformation from an academic approach to a professional approach

        Sedat,Yüksel 서울대학교 교육연구소 2008 Asia Pacific Education Review Vol.9 No.3

        Most of the reforms, which have been undertaken in the last 30 years in the Turkish educational system, are about teacher education, When we examine the teacher education curriculum from the perspective of these reforms, it has been observed that there is a controversy between the academic and professional approaches used in these curricula. While the reforms undertaken in 1982 and 1997 were in favor of the academic approach, the latest reform undertaken in 2006 was made to strengthen the professional aspects of teacher education curriculum. In this paper, Turkish teacher education reforms are introduced in the light of the professional and the academic approaches, which have always been the topic of discussions about teacher education.

      • Communication Education and Necessities: Visual Components

        ( Sedat Cereci ) 한국교육공학회 2014 한국교육공학회 학술대회발표자료집 Vol.2014 No.2

        This study searches necessity of technology in communication education and evaluates increasing of productivity of education with technological facilities and emphasis causes of successful results in communication education with visual technological facilities. Technology is the most popular and the most common component of life in 21.st century and technology is used in almost all sectors in the world. Technology was firstly used in education in the United States in the first half of 20.th century and visual messages were used in military films in this education and than television was used in education and visual technology departments were began to set in universities. Many technological instruments are used in education like video or like television or like computer or like internet and all instruments ease to understand and to comprehend for students. Communication is the main action of people and base of civilization and communication education is often renewed because of contemporary technology. Different methods are applied in communication education and different instruments are used in lessons. Numerous people use images to tell and to comprehend and economical organizations also use images to attract people because of approach of people. Visual messages ease communication and communication education need technological visual facilities.

      • KCI등재

        Comparative study on crown closure estimations using two different remote sensing data: Landsat ETM + and IKONOS

        Sedat,KELEŞ,Alkan,GÜNLÜ,Emin,Zeki,BAŞKENT 한국산림과학회 2012 Forest Science And Technology Vol.8 No.4

        In this paper, we developed empirical relationships between crown closure and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and IKONOS spectral response in a forest ecosystem in Turkey. The linear relationships between the crown closure and satellite images were examined and for that the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) was generated for correlation analysis. Satellite images were georeferenced with respect to corresponding forest stand type maps for the same area. The digital numbers (DNs) in all bands were positively correlated with the crown closure in Landsat-7ETM image. Regarding the Landsat ETM+, the DN of NIR band (band 4) had the highest correlation coefficient value with the crown closure (r=0.715), and the DN of blue band (band 1) had the lowest correlation value with the crown closure (r=0.373) and explains 51.1% and 13.9% of data variability, respectively, in Landsat-7 ETM image. In IKONOS image, the DNs in three bands (red, green and NIR) were positively correlated with the crown closure at the level of r=0.385, r=0.359 and r=0.829, respectively. The NIR band of the Landsat-7-ETMþimage showed the highest correlation with the NDVI (r=0.886) and the red band had the lowest correlation with the NDVI (r=0.419),while the IKONOS image showed that the NIR band had the highest correlation with the NDVI (r=0.781) and the green band resulted in the lowest correlation with the NDVI (r=0.367). Results also indicated that the relationships between the crown closure and the NDVIs of Landsat-7 ETM and IKONOS were positively correlated with r=0.794and r=0.871, respectively.

      • KCI등재

        ORIGINAL ARTICLE : The presence of MEFV gene mutations in patients with primary osteoarthritis who require surgery

        ( Sedat Yilmaz ), ( Hakan Erdem ), ( Servet Tunay ), ( Deniz Torun ), ( Halil Genc ), ( Yusuf Tunca ), ( Omer Karadag ), ( Ismail Simsek ), ( Muhterem Bahce ), ( Salih Pay ), ( Ayhan Dinc ) 대한내과학회 2013 The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine Vol.28 No.5

        Background/Aims: Chronic arthritis of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) involves weight-bearing joints and can occur in patients without a history of acute attack. Our aim was to investigate a possible causal relationship between FMF and osteoarthritis in a population in which FMF is quite common. Methods: Patients with late stage primary osteoarthritis were enrolled, and five MEFV gene mutations were investigated. The frequency of MEFV gene mutations was compared among patients with osteoarthritis and a previous healthy group from our center. Results: One hundred patients with primary osteoarthritis and 100 healthy controls were studied. The frequency of MEFV gene mutations was significantly lower in the osteoarthritis group (9% vs. 19%). M694V was the most frequent mutation (5%) in the osteoarthritis group, whereas in the control group, E148Q was the most common (16%). In subgroup analyses, the mutation frequency of patients with hip osteoarthritis was not different from that of patients with knee osteoarthritis and controls (7.1%, 9.7%, and 19%, respectively). There were no differences among the three groups with respect to MEFV gene mutations other than E148Q (8.1% vs. 3.6%). E148Q was significantly lower in the osteoarthritis group than in the controls (16% vs. 1%), although the mutations did not differ between patients with knee osteoarthritis and controls. Conclusions: In a population with a high prevalence of MEFV gene mutations, we did not find an increased mutation rate in patients with primary osteoarthritis. Furthermore, we found that some mutations were significantly less frequent in patients with osteoarthritis. Although the number of patients studied was insufficient to claim that E148Q gene mutation protects against osteoarthritis, the potential of this gene merits further investigation.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        Extraspinal Incidental Findings on Routine MRI of Lumbar Spine: Prevalence and Reporting Rates in 1278 Patients

        Sedat,Alpaslan,Tuncel,Bekir,Çaglı,Aslan,Tekatas¸,Mehmet,Yadigar,Kırıcı,Ercüment,Ünlü,Hakan,Gençhellaç 대한영상의학회 2015 Korean Journal of Radiology Vol.16 No.4

        The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence and reporting rate of incidental findings (IF) in adult outpatients undergoing lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Re-evaluation of a total of 1278 lumbar MRI images (collected from patients with a mean age of 50.5 years, range 16–91 years) captured between August 2010–August 2011 was done by a neuroradiologist and a musculoskeletal radiologist. IFs were classified according to organ or system (liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder, uterus, ovary, lymph node, intestine and aorta). The rate of reporting of a range of IF was examined. The outcome of each patient's treatment was evaluated based on review of hospital records and by telephone interviews. A total of 253 IFs were found in 241 patients (18.8% of 1278). Among these, clinically significant IFs (n = 34) included: 2 renal masses (0.15%), 2 aortic aneurysms (0.15%), 2 cases of hydronephrosis (0.15%), 11 adrenal masses (0.86%), 7 lymphadenopathies (0.55%), 6 cases of endometrial or cervical thickening (0.47%), 1 liver hemangioma (0.08%), 1 pelvic fluid (0.08%) and 2 ovarian dermoid cysts (0.15%). Overall, 28% (71/253) of IFs were included in the clinical reports, while clinically significant findings were reported in 41% (14/34) of cases. Extraspinal IFs are commonly detected during a routine lumbar MRI, and many of these findings are not clinically significant. However, IFs including clinically important findings are occasionally omitted from formal radiological reports.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        Evaluation and comparison of the marginal adaptation of two different substructure materials

        Sedat,Guven,Veysel,Eratilla,Ebru,Sumer,Ali,Ihsan,Zengingul,Sabiha,Zelal,Ulku,Tahir,Karaman 대한치과보철학회 2015 The Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics Vol.7 No.3

        PURPOSE In this study, we aimed to evaluate the amount of marginal gap with two different substructure materials using identical margin preparations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty stainless steel models with a chamfer were prepared with a CNC device. Marginal gap measurements of the galvano copings on these stainless steel models and Co-Cr copings obtained by a laser-sintering method were made with a stereomicroscope device before and after the cementation process and surface properties were evaluated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). A dependent t-test was used to compare the mean of the two groups for normally distributed data, and two-way variance analysis was used for more than two data sets. Pearson's correlation analysis was also performed to assess relationships between variables. RESULTS According to the results obtained, the marginal gap in the galvano copings before cementation was measured as, on average, 24.47 ± 5.82 µm before and 35.11 ± 6.52 µm after cementation; in the laser-sintered Co-Cr structure, it was, on average, 60.45 ± 8.87 µm before and 69.33 ± 9.03 µm after cementation. A highly significant difference (P<.001) was found in marginal gap measurements of galvano copings and a significant difference (P<.05) was found in marginal gap measurements of the laser-sintered Co-Cr copings. According to the SEM examination, surface properties of laser sintered Co-Cr copings showed rougher structure than galvano copings. The galvano copings showed a very smooth surface. CONCLUSION Marginal gaps values of both groups before and after cementation were within the clinically acceptable level. The smallest marginal gaps occurred with the use of galvano copings.

      • KCI등재

        Normality and quotient in crossed modules over groupoids and 2-groupoids

        Sedat,Temel 강원경기수학회 2019 한국수학논문집 Vol.27 No.1

        The aim of this paper is to consider the categorical equivalence between crossed modules within groupoids and 2-groupoids; and then relate normality and quotient in these two categories.

      • KCI등재


        Temel,,Sedat The Kangwon-Kyungki Mathematical Society 2019 한국수학논문집 Vol.27 No.2

        The main idea of this paper is to introduce the notion of $cat^1$-monoids and to prove that the category of crossed semimodules ${\mathcal{C}}=(A,B,{\partial})$ where A is a group is equivalent to the category of $cat^1$-monoids. This is a generalization of the well known equivalence between category of $cat^1$-groups and that of crossed modules over groups.


        Lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) Improves Fruit Size, Color, Quality and Phytochemical Contents of Sweet Cherry c.v. ‘0900 Ziraat'

        Mustafa,Ozgen,Sedat,Serce,Ya?ar,Akca,Ji,Heun,Hong 한국원예학회 2015 원예과학기술지 Vol.33 No.2

        Lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) affects the quality of flowers, fruits, and other horticultural products. Studies have provided evidence that LPE can accelerate ripening of fruits and prolong shelf-life at the same time. In this study, the influence of LPE on anthocyanin accumulation and phytochemical characteristics of sweet cherry was investigated. LPE (10 ㎎·L<SUP>-1</SUP>) was applied to a commercial sweet cherry c.v. ‘0900 Ziraat' orchard two and four weeks before harvest for two treatment years (2011 and 2012). Preharvest applications of LPE resulted in significant improvement in both pomological and phytochemical attributes at harvest. LPE treatment led to a 17% increase in fruit weight and a 6% increase in soluble solid content when averaged over two experimental years. Fruit phytochemical content and antioxidant capacity were increased significantly. The average total phenolic content of LPE-treated fruits for the two years was 703 ㎍ gallic acid equivalent (GAE)/g fresh weight (g FW) compared to 569 ㎍ GAE/g FW in the untreated control. Fruits treated with LPE had a 27% and 16% more anthocyanin than the control fruits in 2011 and 2012. Antioxidant capacity of fruits, as measured by TEAC (Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity) assay, was 12.5 and 11.4 μ㏖ TE/g FW in LPE-treated and untreated control fruits, respectively, when averaged over two experimental years. Our results suggest that preharvest application of LPE may have the potential to increase anthocyanin accumulation, improve fruit quality and enhance phytochemical characteristics of sweet cherries.

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