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        • 골프스윙시 體重移動 樣狀에 관한 연구

          鄭樂喜 한국체육대학교 부속 체육연구소 1992 체육연구소논문집 Vol.10 No.-

          The purpose of the study was to analyze the various parameters related to body weight shift and changes of center of gravity during golf swing motions by using A.M.T.I. Force platform. The Two Subjects were employed for the study. The results of the study were as follows: 1. Changes of Center of gravity in X.Y direction, which two subjects were demonstrating, were Similar, But the specific gravity of one subject and body weight tend to be moved forward, while that of the other's moved backward, which caused his trunk's circle to be wider. 2. Just before their backswing motions, they had a consistent tendency that their centers of gravity were moved slightly toward Y direction. It was shown that at the power of the impact, which means that the head of the golf club just meets the golf ball, depended on the magnitude of their backswing motions, but the bigger the their backswing, the unstabler their impact postures, reversely, the less their backswing, the stabler their impact postures. 3. The changing patters of shock power in their impacts were similar in Z direction, but the power of subjeot B in X,Y direction was much greater than that of subject A. Such a difference between subject A and B in X,Y was in proportion to the forward and backward movements of their body weights. 4. The shock power related to changing pattern of power was greatest in Z direction, the second followthrough face showed the second power, and the first follow through the third. The shock power related to changing pattern of power in Y direction was increased in toward the negative direction(-) just before backswing motion and increased in toward the positive direction in the last period of backswing motion.

        • 축구 선수의 족관절 불안정증(unstable ankle) 분석

          정낙희 ( Nak Hee Jung ), 이한경 ( Han Kyung Lee ), 육조영 ( Jo Young Yuk ) 한국스포츠리서치 2007 한국 스포츠 리서치 Vol.18 No.4

          Unstable ankle is a serious problem for sports players. Some research has been done with respect to Judo and volleyball players (Banister, E.W., & Allen, M.E., 2002), and this analysis will do more deep research about this matter of soccer player through the comparison with the result of Judo player. The target population of the research is 80 college soccer players residing in Seoul and Kyunggi province for conducting survey, and additionally we have done direct examination, stress x-ray test on 30 players who were playing games. If a player continues to play soccer with the continued symptoms of unstable ankle, he is not only putting his career at risk, but his everyday living may also be affected. Therefore, it is crucial that the players and the coach recognize the problem and receive adequate treatment. Following conclusions have been drawn from the research. 1. According to the definition of unstable ankle, 15 players (50%) showed the symptom and it had correlation with subjective symptoms. 2. As a result of the comparison with other sports, Judo indicates 57% and volleyball indicates 72%, so volleyball showed the highest rate. 3. Sufficient recognition and establishment of treatment for unstable ankle are needed.

        • 一部小都市地域의女子初·中高校生의 成長發育 과 體格指數에 關한硏究

          朴淳永,朴喆斌,鄭樂喜,崔龍魚,金振浩 韓國體育大學校 1983 論文集 Vol.5 No.-

          The study is based on the simple random sampling of 2,517 elementary, middle, and high school girl students in area of Gunsan-city, Jeon-nam provence. The measurement of physical growth and development was conducted from May 1 to May 30 in 1982. Results of this study were as follows ; 1. Physical growth and development 1) Rapid growth of physical growth height in terms of body height, body weight, chest-girth and sitting height has been observed among 14 year-old girls. Growth in terms of physical growth and development turned out to slower among students of higher ages. 2) In the physical growth and development, some increasing was appeared from 6 years old to 18 years-old (hight, body weight, chestgirth, stting height) 3) The maximum annual growth rates were as follows; Body height: 7.38cm during the age 9-10 years old, Body weight: 4.36kg during the age 13-14 years old, Chest-girth: 5.70cm during the age 13-14 years old, Sitting height: 3.19cm during the age 13-14 years old, 4) The standards of growth in rescent Korean students were shown much improving than that of 1967. 2. Various indices about physical growth and development 1) The lineal increase of relative body weight was shown in belonging to the age 6-18. 2) As for relative chest girth, it is small in the age of 13, but when they are 14, it becomes normal. 3) The average relative sitting height was shown to be constant nearly to the same degree of 53-55. 4) Rohrer index was 1.2-1.3 5) The kaup index was lower than 2.0 under 14 years of age. It becomes higher than 2.0 after they reach in age of 15. 6) Vervaeck index was 65-85. 7) Pelidisi index of the nutritional status was obtained 89-95.65 for girls.

        • 洋弓競技의 競技力 決定要因 分析

          姜相兆,尹喜重,鄭樂喜,金奎完 韓國體育大學校附屬 體育科學硏究所 1984 韓國體育大學校附屬 體育科學硏究所論文集 Vol.3 No.1

          The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of different stances, cardiac cycles, breathing patterns, and body sway on performance in archery. It was hypothesized that subjects demonstrate different performances in archery relative to different stances, distances, cardiac cycles, breading patterns, and the body sway while in release position. 10 varsity caliber archery were randomly selected from archer groups of Korean National College of Physical Education and National representatives. The independent variables were body sway, breathing patterns, cardiac cycles for different stances and distances with testing order assigned in a counterbalanced manner for each subjects. The dependent variable was score upon release of the 9 arrows. Hypothesis were tested at the .05 level of significance. The study design was a 2-way(stance X distance)factorial ANOVA with repeated measures on assigned factors. The levels of assigned factors were. open, square, and close stance;30, 50 and 70 meters. The data were analyzed using ANOVA and multiple regression. The results were summarized as follows; 1. The performance in archery was not effected by stances, cardiac cycles, breading patterns, but effected by distances. 2. In general, the performance in archery was not effected by cardiac cycles, but there was significant individual differences between cardiac cycles and the performance in archery. 3. The performance in archery was not effected by breading patterns, but most of subjects accustomed to breading pattern 4 and 5 than others. 4. There were individual differences in breading patterns and all of the archers did not have their own fixed breading pattern. 5. The body sway was effected in accordance with change of the distance. 6. The performance in archery was not effected by body sway with different distances.

        • KCI등재

          수국차(Hydrangea serrata Seringe)의 액상 가공을 위한 추출조건 설정

          김인호(In-Ho Kim), 정낙희(Nak-Hee Chung), 한대석(Daeseok Han), 이창호(Chang-Ho Lee), 오세욱(Se-Wook Oh) 한국식품영양과학회 2003 한국식품영양과학회지 Vol.32 No.7

          수국차를 액상가공의 원료로 개발하기 위한 기초로서 온도, 농도 등 적정 추출조건을 설정할 목적으로 열수가열과 침출로 나누어 조사하였다. 열수가열은 100℃ 열수로 0.1%~0.4%(w/v) 농도에서 2분간 가열하였으며, 침출은 온도 40℃~100℃ 경우와 농도 0.2%~1.0%(w/v)로 나누어 각각 2분간 침출하였다. 시료는 단맛을 중심으로 쓴맛, 떫은맛, 색, 향 등을 관능검사하고 통계처리로 최적 조건을 설정하였다. 수국차를 가열한 경우 쓰고 떫은맛이 강하였으며 기호도가 최대 4점 미만으로서 침출의 경우와 비교하여 낮은값을 나타내었다. 수국차의 최적 추출조건은 100℃에서 2분간 침출한 경우로서 0.5%(w/v) 농도에서 종합적으로 가장 높은 기호도를 나타내었다. Water extraction of Suguk (Hydrangea serrata Seringe) was conducted for optimum condition of beverage processing on the boil or dip in water. Extraction samples for sensory evaluation (color, flavor, sweetness, bitterness, astringency) of the plant were boiled in water ranging 0.1%~0.4% (w/v) or dipped in water ranging 0.2%~1.0% (w/v) during 2 min. Samples boiled in water were evaluated low sensory quality with strong bitter and astringent taste. Samples dipped in water showed higher value than that boiled in water on the sensory evaluation. Sample 0.5% (w/v) dipped in water at 100℃ during 2 min. was decided as an optimum condition for beverage processing of the plant.

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