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        • KCI등재SCOPUS


          Qinghua,Hu,Songxiao,Li 대한수학회 2017 대한수학회지 Vol.54 No.2

          In this paper, we characterize the boundedness, compactness and essential norm of products of differentiation and composition operators from the Bloch space and weighted Dirichlet spaces to analytic Morrey type spaces.

        • KCI등재

          Localization of Subsurface Targets Based on Symmetric Sub-array MIMO Radar

          Qinghua,Liu,Yuanxin,He,Chang,Jiang 한국정보처리학회 2020 Journal of information processing systems Vol.16 No.4

          For the issue of subsurface target localization by reverse projection, a new approach of target localization with different distances based on symmetric subarray multipleinput multipleoutput (MIMO) radar is proposed in this paper. By utilizing the particularity of structure of the two symmetric subarrays, the received signals arejointly reconstructed to eliminate the distance information from the steering vectors. The distanceindependent direction of arrival (DOA) estimates are acquired, and the localizations of subsurface targets with different distances are realized by reverse projection. According to the localization mechanism and application characteristics of the proposed algorithm, the grid zooming method based on spatial segmentation is used to optimize the locaiton efficiency. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed localization method and optimization scheme.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Cyclic Response and Constitutive Model Study of G20Mn5QT Cast Steel

          Qinghua,Han,Qianwen,Huang,Yan,Lu 한국강구조학회 2020 International Journal of Steel Structures Vol.20 No.4

          A series of cyclic loading tests of G20Mn5QT cast steel are carried out at the strain ratio of − 1. The results of tests show that the G20Mn5QT cast steel has the similar tendency in cyclic softening with diff erent constant strain amplitude. A slight strain softening is observed, and then the stress states keep steady during the remaining cycles. A new damage variable is proposed considering the eff ects of strength degeneration within two inner variables which are the maximum equivalent plastic strain and the equivalent plastic strain increment. The damage variable provides better insight into the multiaxial cyclic loading and gives a reasonable prediction of failure under the loading history of constant strain amplitude. The proposed damage variable is further introduced in the cyclic constitutive model by the user subroutine interfaces VUMAT by the software ABAQUS. The relationships between the equivalent plastic strain and the damage variable, Young's modulus and yield strength are fi nally put forward as it is expedient to get the equivalent plastic strain in the numerical analysis.


          Static push-out test on steel and recycled tire rubber-filled concrete composite beams

          Qinghua,Han,Ying,Xing,Jie,Xu,Zi-Lin,Li 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.19 No.4

          Recycled tire rubber-filled concrete (RRFC) is employed into the steel-concrete composite structures due to its good ductility and crack resistance. Push-out tests were conducted to investigate the static behavior of steel and rubber-filled concrete composite beam with different rubber mixed concrete and studs. The results of the experimental investigations show that large studs lead a higher ultimate strength but worse ductility in normal concrete. Rubber particles in RRFC were shown to have little effect on shear strength when the compressive strength was equal to that of normal concrete, but can have a better ductility for studs in rubber-filled concrete. This improvement is more obvious for the composite beam with large stud to make good use of the high strength. Besides that the uplift of concrete slabs can be increased and the quantity and width of cracks can be reduced by RRFC efficiently. Based on the test result, a modified empirical equation of ultimate slip was proposed to take not only the compressive strength, but also the ductility of the concrete into consideration.

        • Business-Driven Process Fragment Selections in RESTful Business Processes

          Qinghua,Lu,Xiwei,Xu,Weishan,Zhang,Liming,Zhu,Shanshan,Li 보안공학연구지원센터(IJUNESST) 2015 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Scienc Vol.8 No.1

          Past work showed that runtime adaptability of business processes can be improved by applying Representational State Transfer (REST) to design and implementation of business processes. However, the existing solutions for RESTful business processes (RESTfulBP) were focused on manual selection of process fragments to be composed at runtime. In this paper, we propose solutions that enable semi-automatic selection of process fragment at each decision-making point of RESTfulBP. The new built-in middleware MiniZnMASC can provide user based process fragment advice to knowledge workers in ways that achieve better overall business value while satisfying all existing constraints. In addition, we redesign the architecture of RESTfulBP in order to allow the business-driven decision-making solutions. The solutions are evaluated for feasibility, functional correctness, business benefits, and performance.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Experimental research on load-bearing capacity of cast steel joints for beam-to-column

          Qinghua,Han,Mingjie,Liu,Yan,Lu 국제구조공학회 2015 Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An Int'l Jou Vol.56 No.1

          The load transfer mechanism and load-bearing capacity of cast steel joints for H-shaped beam to square tube column connection are studied based on the deformation compatibility theory. Then the monotonic tensile experiments are conducted for 12 specimens about the cast steel joints for H-shaped beam to square tube column connection. The findings are that the tensile bearing capacity of the cast steel joints for beam-column connection depends on the ring of cast steel stiffener. The tensile fracture happens at the ring of the cast steel stiffener when the joint fails. The thickness of square tube column has little influence on the bearing capacity of the joint. The square tube column buckles while the joint without concrete filled, but the strength failure happens for the joint with concrete filled column. And the length of welding connection between square tube column and cast steel stiffener has little influence on the load-bearing capacity of the cast steel joint. Finally it is shown that the load-bearing capacity of the joints for H-shaped beam to concrete filled square tube column connection is larger than that of the joints for H-shaped beam to square tube column connection by 10% to 15%.

        • KCI등재

          Thermally Healable Polyurethanes Based on Furfural-Derived Monomers via Baylis-Hillman Reaction

          Qinghua,Huang,Fanghong,Yang,Xingxing,Cao,Zhongyu,Hu,Chuanjie,Cheng 한국고분자학회 2019 Macromolecular Research Vol.27 No.9

          Two novel acrylate monomers with diol group, 2-hydroxyethyl 2-(furan- 2-yl(hydroxy)methyl)acrylate and methyl 2-(hydroxy(5-(hydroxymethyl)furan-2- yl)methyl)acrylate, were synthesized via Baylis-Hillman reaction in moderate yields. The monomer 2-hydroxyethyl 2-(furan-2-yl(hydroxy)methyl)acrylate was obtained from furfural and 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate (HEA); methyl 2-(hydroxy(5-(hydroxymethyl)furan- 2-yl)methyl)acrylate was prepared from 5-hydroxymethl furfural (HMF) and methyl acrylate. The monomer 2-hydroxyethyl 2-(furan-2-yl(hydroxy)methyl)acrylate reacted with toluene diisocyanate (TDI)-derived or hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)-derived diisocyanate oligomers to obtain the corresponding linear polyurethane oligmers PU-1T and PU-1H. Similarly, the diol methyl 2-(hydroxy(5-(hydroxymethyl)furan- 2-yl)methyl)acrylate reacted with TDI- or HDI-derived diisocyanate oligomers to obtain the corresponding linear polyurethane oligmers PU-2T and PU-2H. The numberaverage molecular weights of the linear polyurethane oligomers are approximately 300-350 Da. There are furan groups in the linear polyurethane oligomers PU-1T, PU-1H, PU-2T and PU-2H, which makes them capable of undergoing reversible Diels-Alder reaction with 4,4'- bismaleimidodiphenylmethane (BMI) to form the corresponding crosslinked polyurethanes CPU-1T, CPU-1H, CPU-2T and CPU-2H. Pencil hardness of CPU-1T, CPU-1H, CPU-2T and CPU-2H are 3H, 2H, 2H and HB, respectively. Glass transition temperatures of CPU-1T, CPU- 1H, CPU-2T and CPU-2H are 104.8, 97.6, 5.1 and 1.2 oC, respectively. TGA analysis shows that Td90 values of the CPUs range from 180 to 250 oC. Furthermore, the reversible crosslinked polyurethanes CPU-1T and CPU-1H can be completely self-healed at 90 oC for 3 h, while CPU-2T and CPU-2H can self-heal at 80 oC for 3 h presumably due to their low glass transition temperatures.

        • A Research Framework for Mobile Visual Search of Digital Library

          Qinghua,Zhu,Tengteng,Ma 한국도서관·정보학회 2016 한국도서관정보학회 하계 학술발표회 Vol.2016 No.05

          Mobile Visual Search (MVS) is a new interactive search pattern in the era of mobile Internet, and it plays an important role in digital library service. This paper attempts to conceptualize MVS and proposes a relevant research framework for MVS in digital library. It aims to explore the mechanism and application of MVS in digital library service. Five research topics and related contents are discussed on the basis of research architecture for MVS in digital library, and some typical research methods are summarized.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Fatigue Behaviour of G20Mn5QT Cast Steel and Butt Welds with Q345B Steel

          Qinghua,Han,Qi,Guo,Yue,Yin,Ying,Xing 한국강구조학회 2016 International Journal of Steel Structures Vol.16 No.1

          A total number of 44 fatigue tests were conducted under total stain control, 26 for G20Mn5QT cast steel and 18 for butt welds between G20Mn5QT cast steel and Q345B steel. Based on the test results, cyclic stress response, plastic strain energy, strainlife curves and Coffin-Manson equations were presented. Comparing with hot rolled steels widely used in steel construction, the fatigue behaviour of G20Mn5QT cast steel is poor, the reason for which was imputed to the defects caused by the casting process. The welds between G20Mn5QT cast steel and Q345B steel exhibited similar fatigue performance as G20Mn5QT cast steel. Fatigue crack tends to initiate in the heat affected zone (HAZ) at the cast steel. Microstructure observations using optical and scanning electron microscope showed that casting defects are the common fatigue source for both G20Mn5QT cast steel and the butt welds between G20Mn5QT cast steel and Q345B steel.

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