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      • KCI등재

        A new hierarchic degenerated shell element for geometrically non-linear analysis of composite laminated square and skew plates

        우광성,Jin-Hwan Park,홍종현 국제구조공학회 2004 Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An Int'l Jou Vol.17 No.6

        This paper extends the use of the hierarchic degenerated shell element to geometric non-linear analysis of composite laminated skew plates by the p-version of the finite element method. For thegeometric non-linear analysis, the total Lagrangian formulation is adopted with moderately largedisplacement and small strain being accounted for in the sense of von Karman hypothesis. The presentmodel is based on equivalent-single layer laminate theory with the first order shear deformation includinga shear correction factor of 5/6. The integrals of Legendre polynomials are used for shape functions withp-level varying from 1 to 10. A wide variety of linear and non-linear results obtained by the p-versionfinite element model are presented for the laminated skew plates as well as laminated square plates. Anumerical analysis is made to illustrate the influence of the geometric non-linear effect on the transversedeflections and the stresses with respect to width/depth ratio (a/h), skew angle (b), and stacking sequenceof layers. The present results are in good agreement with the results in literatures.

      • KCI등재

        Statistical-based evaluation of design codes for circular concrete-filled steel tube columns

        Na Li,Yi-Yan Lu,Shan Li,Hong-Jun Liang 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        This study addresses the load capacity prediction of circular concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) columns under axial compression using current design codes. Design methods given in the Chinese code CECS 28:2012 (2012), American code AISC 360-10 (2010) and EC4 (2004) are presented and described briefly. A wide range of experimental data of 353 CFST columns is used to evaluate the applicability of CECS 28:2012 in calculating the strength of circular CFST columns. AISC 360-10 and EC4 (2004) are also compared with the test results. The comparisons indicate that all three codes give conservative predictions for both short and long CFST columns. The effects of concrete strength, steel strength and diameter-to-thickness ratio on the accuracy of prediction according to CECS 28:2012 are discussed, which indicate a possibility of extending the limitations on the material strengths and diameter-to-thickness ratio to higher values. A revised equation for slenderness reduction factor in CECS 28:2012 is given.

      • KCI등재

        Subspace search mechanism and cuckoo search algorithm for size optimization of space trusses

        A. Kaveh,T. Bakhshpoori 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        This study presents a strategy so-called Subspace Search Mechanism (SSM) for reducing the computational time for convergence of population based metaheusristic algorithms. The selected metaheuristic for this study is the Cuckoo Search algorithm (CS) dealing with size optimization of trusses. The complexity of structural optimization problems can be partially due to the presence of high-dimensional design variables. SSM approach aims to reduce dimension of the problem. Design variables are categorized to predefined groups (subspaces). SSM focuses on the multiple use of the metaheuristic at hand for each subspace. Optimizer updates the design variables for each subspace independently. Updating rules require candidate designs evaluation. Each candidate design is the assemblage of responsible set of design variables that define the subspace of interest. SSM is incorporated to the Cuckoo Search algorithm for size optimizing of three small, moderate and large space trusses. Optimization results indicate that SSM enables the CS to work with less number of population (42%), as a result reducing the time of convergence, in exchange for some accuracy (1.5%). It is shown that the loss of accuracy can be lessened with increasing the order of complexity. This suggests its applicability to other algorithms and other complex finite element-based engineering design problems.

      • KCI등재

        Optimum design of laterally-supported castellated beams using CBO algorithm

        A. Kaveh,F. Shokohi 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        In this study, two common types of laterally supported castellated beams are considered as design problems: beams with hexagonal openings and beams with circular openings. The main goal of manufacturing these beams is to increase the moment of inertia and section modulus, which results in greater strength and rigidity. These types of open-web beams have found widespread use, primarily in buildings, because of great savings in materials and construction costs. Hence, the minimum cost is taken as the design objective function and the Colliding Bodies Optimization (CBO) method is utilized for obtaining the solution of the design problem. The design methods used in this study are consistent with BS5950 Part 1 and Part 3, and Euro Code 3. A number of design examples are considered to optimize by CBO algorithm. Comparison of the optimal solution of the CBO algorithm with those of the Enhanced Charged System Search (ECSS) method demonstrate the capability of CBO in solving the present type of design problem. It is also observed that optimization results obtained by the CBO algorithm for three design examples have less cost in comparison to the results of the ECSS algorithm. From the results obtained in this paper, it can be concluded that the use of beam with hexagonal opening requires smaller amount of steel material and it is superior to the cellular beam from the cost point of view.

      • KCI등재

        Elastic rotational restraint of web-post in cellular beams with sinusoidal openings

        Sébastien Durif,Abdelhamid Bouchaïr,Claude Bacconnet 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        Experimental tests on cellular beams with sinusoidal openings showed two main failure modes around the openings. They concern the formation of four plastic hinges and the local instability of the sinusoidal part of the opening. In parallel, numerical analysis of the sinusoidal part of the opening revealed the existence of an elastic rotational restraint between the intermediate web-post and the adjacent opening panel. The aim of the present study is to present an approach to quantify this rotational restraint. Through the response surface method, a mathematical model is proposed. It shows a great ability to predict the rotational restraint value as a function of the geometrical parameters of the opening. This model can be used to perform an extensive study with various geometrical configurations of beams with the aim to develop a reliable and realistic analytical model predicting the resistance of the sinusoidal openings.

      • KCI등재

        Shear resistance characteristic and ductility of Y-type perfobond rib shear connector

        김상효,박세준,허원호,정치영 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        This study evaluates behavior of the Y-type perfobond rib shear connector proposed by Kim et al. (2013). In addition, an empirical shear resistance formula is developed based on push-out tests. Various types of the proposed Y-type perfobond rib shear connectors are examined to evaluate the effects of design variables such as concrete strength, number of transverse rebars, and thickness of rib. It is verified that higher concrete strength increases shear resistance but decreases ductility. Placing transverse rebars significantly increases both the shear resistance and ductility. As the thickness of the ribs increases, the shear resistance increases but the ductility decreases. The experimental results indicate that a Y-type perfobond rib shear connector has higher shear resistance and ductility than the conventional stud shear connector. The effects of the end bearing resistance, resistance by transverse rebars, concrete dowel resistance by holes, and concrete dowel resistance by Y-shape ribs on the shear resistance are estimated empirically based on the push-out test results and the additional push-out test results by Kim et al. (2013). An empirical shear resistance formula is suggested to estimate the shear resistance of a Y-type perfobond shear connector for design purposes. The newly developed shear resistance formula is in reasonable agreement with the experimental results because the average ratio of measured shear resistance to estimated shear resistance is 1.024.

      • KCI등재

        Effect of some welding parameters on nugget size in electrical resistance spot welding

        Ömer Savaş 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        In this study, the effects of weld parameters on nugget size and tensile-shear strength of welding joint in electrical resistance spot welding of galvanized DP 600 steel sheets having 1.2 mm were investigated. Taguchi design method has been employed to examine the effects of five parameters of welding current, electrode pressure, welding time, clamping time and holding time by using the L27 (53) orthogonal array. Results showed that the most effective parameters on tensile shear strength and the nugget size ratio (hn/dn) were found as welding current and welding time, whereas electrode pressure, clamping time and holding time were less effective factors. Max. 545 MPa strength was obtained through proposed optimum conditions by Taguchi technique.

      • KCI등재

        Vibration analysis of functionally graded material (FGM) grid systems

        Kutlu Darılmaz 국제구조공학회 2015 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.18 No.2

        The paper considers the free vibration analysis of FGM grid systems. Up to now, very little work has been done on this type of system and the paper aspires to fill this gap. Based on the hybrid-stress finite element formulation free vibration solutions for FGM grid systems of various aspect ratios, different types of gradations functions, and support conditions are determined. The tabulation of these results, not available thus far, should be useful to designers and researchers who may use them.

      • KCI등재

        Application of numerical simulation of submersed rock-berm structure under anchor collision for structural health monitoring of submarine power cables

        나원배,우진호,김동하 국제구조공학회 2015 Smart Structures and Systems, An International Jou Vol.15 No.2

        Submersed rock-berm structures are frequently used for protection of underwater lifelines such as pipelines and power cables. During the service life, the rock-berm structure can experience several accidental loads such as anchor collision. The consequences can be severe with a certain level of frequency; hence, the structural responses should be carefully understood for implementing a proper structural health monitoring method. However, no study has been made to quantify the structural responses because it is hard to deal with the individual behavior of each rock. Therefore, this study presents a collision analysis of the submersed rock-berm structure using a finite element software package by facilitating the smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method. The analysis results were compared with those obtained from the Lagrange method. Moreover, two types of anchors (stock anchor and stockless anchor), three collision points and two different drop velocities (terminal velocity of each anchor and 5 m/s) were selected to investigate the changes in the responses. Finally, the effect of these parameters (analysis method, anchor type, collision point and drop velocity) on the analysis results was studied. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the SPH method is verified, a safe rock-berm height (over 1 m) is proposed, and a gauge point (0.5 m above the seabed) is suggested for a structural health monitoring implementation.

      • KCI등재

        Electromechanical impedance-based long-term SHM for jacket-type tidal current power plant structure

        민지영,이진학,윤정방 국제구조공학회 2015 Smart Structures and Systems, An International Jou Vol.15 No.2

        Jacket-type offshore structures are always exposed to severe environmental conditions such as salt, high speed of current, wave, and wind compared with other onshore structures. In spite of the importance of maintaining the structural integrity for an offshore structure, there are few cases to apply a structural health monitoring (SHM) system in practice. The impedance-based SHM is a kind of local SHM techniques and to date, numerous techniques and algorithms have been proposed for local SHM of real-scale structures. However, it still requires a significant challenge for practical applications to compensate unknown environmental effects and to extract only damage features from impedance signals. In this study, the impedance-based SHM was carried out on a 1/20-scaled model of an Uldolmok current power plant structure in Korea under changes in temperature and transverse loadings. Principal component analysis (PCA)-based approach was applied with a conventional damage index to eliminate environmental changes by removing principal components sensitive to them. Experimental results showed that the proposed approach is an effective tool for long-term SHM under significant environmental changes.

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