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        Polarization Re-Configurable Antenna with Increase Gain for Small Satellites

        Haris Mohammad,Khalil Ruhul Amin,Saeed Nasir 대한전기학회 2021 Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Vol.16 No.6

        Future small satellites require the development of reconfi gurable antennas. Designing such antennas, especially single port patch antennas with circular polarization is a challenging task. Therefore, we propose both right-hand/left-hand circularly polarized (RHCP/LHCP) antenna which can reconfi gure. The proposed antenna follows patch topology with E-shape that is single-layer and single-feed with two RF switches. The switches can alter the polarization in real-time. We also show various properties of the proposed antenna, such as radiation pattern, impedance matching, axial ratio, and bandwidth through simulations and measurements. The proposed model shows excellent performance and agrees well with the measurements. The performance of the antenna shows an eff ective bandwidth of 2.45 GHz–2.82 GHz with a maximum gain of 9.88 dB at 2.55 GHz. The symmetry of the antenna radiation is preserved by switching between the LHCP and RHCP polarization modes.

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