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        Substrate specificity of a recombinant d-lyxose isomerase from Providencia stuartii for monosaccharides

        Kwon, H.J.,Yeom, S.J.,Park, C.S.,Oh, D.K. Society for Bioscience and Bioengineering, Japan ; 2010 Journal of bioscience and bioengineering Vol.110 No.1

        The specific activity and catalytic efficiency (k<SUB>cat</SUB>/K<SUB>m</SUB>) of the recombinant putative protein from Providencia stuartii was the highest for d-lyxose among the aldose substrates, indicating that it is a d-lyxose isomerase. Gel filtration analysis suggested that the native enzyme is a dimer with a molecular mass of 44 kDa. The maximal activity for d-lyxose isomerization was observed at pH 7.5 and 45 <SUP>o</SUP>C in the presence of 1 mM Mn<SUP>2+</SUP>. The enzyme exhibited high isomerization activity for aldose substrates with the C2 and C3 hydroxyl groups in the left-hand configuration, such as d-lyxose, d-mannose, l-ribose, d-talose, and l-allose (listed in decreasing order of activity). The enzyme exhibited the highest activity for d-xylulose among all pentoses and hexoses. Thus, d-lyxose was produced at 288 g/l from 500 g/l d-xylulose by d-lyxose isomerase at pH 7.5 and 45 <SUP>o</SUP>C for 2 h, with a conversion yield of 58 % and a volumetric productivity of 144 g l<SUP>-1</SUP> h<SUP>-1</SUP>. The observed k<SUB>cat</SUB>/K<SUB>m</SUB> (920 mM<SUP>-1</SUP> s<SUP>-1</SUP>) of P. stuartiid-lyxose isomerase for d-xylulose is higher than any of the k<SUB>cat</SUB>/K<SUB>m</SUB> values previously reported for sugar and sugar phosphate isomerases with monosaccharide substrates. These results suggest that the enzyme will be useful as an industrial producer of d-lyxose.

      • KCI등재

        The Effects of Fat-soluble Vitamin Administration on Plasma Vitamin Status of Nursing Pigs Differ When Provided by Oral Administration or Injection

        Y.D. Jang,M.D. Lindemann,H.J. Monegue,R.L. Stuart 아세아·태평양축산학회 2014 Animal Bioscience Vol.27 No.5

        Four experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of fat-soluble vitamin administration to sows or newborn pigs on plasma vitamin status. In Exp. 1 and 2, a total of 24 and 43 newborn pigs were allotted to control and vitamin treatments (vitamin D3 with variable addition of vitamins A and E) orally or by i.m. injection. In Exp. 3, pigs from Exp. 2 were allotted to 2 treatments (±vitamins D3 and E in drinking water) for 14 d postweaning. In Exp. 4, twenty-four gestating sows were used for 2 treatments (±injection of a vitamin D3/A/E product 2 wk prepartum). In Exp. 1 and 2, when vitamin D3 was administrated orally or by i.m. injection on d 1 of age, pigs had increased plasma 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25-OH D3) concentration 10 d after administration compared with control pigs (p<0.05). The injectable administration with vitamin D3 and E was able to achieve higher plasma 25-OH D3 (p<0.05) and α-tocopherol (p<0.05) concentrations than oral administration. At weaning, the pigs in the injection group had higher plasma 25-OH D3 concentration than those in the other groups in both studies (p<0.05). In Exp. 3, water supplementation of vitamin D3 and E postweaning increased plasma 25-OH D3 and α-tocopherol concentrations at d 14 postweaning (p<0.01). In Exp. 4, when sows were injected with the vitamin D3 product prepartum, serum 25-OH D3 concentrations of sows at farrowing (p<0.01), and in their progeny at birth (p<0.01) and weaning (p<0.05) were increased. These results demonstrated that fat-soluble vitamin administration to newborn pigs increased plasma 25-OH D3 concentration regardless of administration routes and α-tocopherol concentration by the injectable route, and that water supplementation of vitamin D3 and E to nursery pigs increased plasma 25-OH D3 and α-tocopherol concentrations. Additionally, injecting sows with vitamin D3 prepartum increased 25-OH D3 in sows and their offspring. If continued research demonstrates that the serum levels of 25-OH D3 are critical in weanling pigs, a variety of means to increase those levels are available to swine producers.


        Anderson, D. D.,Kwak, Dong Je,Zafrullah, Muhammad 경북대학교 위상수학 기하학연구센터 1995 硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        An integral domain D with quotient field K is defined to be agreeable if for each fractional ideal F of D[X] with F ⊆ K[X] there exists 0 ≠ s ∈ D with sF ⊆ D[X]. D is agreeable ⇔ D satisfies property (*) (for 0 ≠ f(X) ∈ K[X], there exists 0 ≠ s ∈ D so that f(X)g(X) ∈ D[X] for g(X) ∈ K(X) implies that sg(X) ∈ D[X]) ⇔ D[X] is an almost principal domain, i.e., for each nonzero ideal I of D[X] with IK[X] ≠ K[X], there exists f(X) ∈ I and 0 ≠ s ∈ D with sI ⊆ (f(X)). If D is Noetherian or integrally closed, then D is agreeable. A number of other characterizations of agreeable domains are given as are a number of stability properties. For example, if D is agreeable, so is ??Dp_(a) and for a pair of domains D ⊆ D′ with [D: D′] ≠ 0, D is agreeable ⇔ D′ is agreeable. Results on agreeable domains are used to give an alternative treatment of Querre’s characterization of divisorial ideals in integrally closed polynomial rings. Finally, the various characterizations of D being agreeable are considered for polynomial rings in several variables.

      • When D((X)) and D{{X}} are Prufer domains

        Chang, G.W.,Oh, D.Y. North-Holland Pub. Co 2012 Journal of pure and applied algebra Vol.216 No.2

        Let D be an integral domain, X be an indeterminate over D, and D[[X]] be the power series ring over D. For f@?D[[X]], let c<SUB>D</SUB>(f) denote the ideal of D generated by the coefficients of f. Let N={f@?D[[X]]|c<SUB>D</SUB>(f)=D}, N<SUB>t</SUB>={f@?D[[X]]|c<SUB>D</SUB>(f)<SUB>t</SUB>=D}, D((X))=D[[X]]<SUB>N</SUB>, and D{{X}}=D[[X]]<SUB>N't</SUB>. We show that D is a Krull domain if and only if D{{X}} is a Prufer domain, if and only if D[[X]]<SUB>P[[X]]</SUB> is a valuation domain for each maximal t-ideal P of D, if and only if D[[X]] is a PvMD in which each t-ideal is divisorial. We also show that D is a Dedekind domain if and only if D((X)) is a Prufer domain, if and only if D[[X]]<SUB>M[[X]]</SUB> is a valuation domain for each maximal ideal M of D.

      • KCI등재

        Dosimetric comparison of axilla and groin radiotherapy techniques for high-risk and locally advanced skin cance

        Malcolm D. Mattes,Ying Zhou,Sean L. Berry,Christopher A. Barker 대한방사선종양학회 2016 Radiation Oncology Journal Vol.34 No.2

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Purpose: Radiation therapy targeting axilla and groin lymph nodes improves regional disease control in locally advanced and high-risk skin cancers. However, trials generally used conventional two-dimensional radiotherapy (2D-RT), contributing towards elatively high rates of side effects from treatment. The goal of this study is to determine if three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), or volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) may improve radiation delivery to the target while avoiding organs at risk in the clinical context of skin cancer regional nodal irradiation. Materials and Methods: Twenty patients with locally advanced/high-risk skin cancers underwent computed tomography simulation. The relevant axilla or groin planning target volumes and organs at risk were delineated using standard definitions. Paired t-tests were used to compare the mean values of several dose-volumetric parameters for each of the 4 techniques. Results: In the axilla, the largest improvement for 3D-CRT compared to 2D-RT was for homogeneity index (13.9 vs. 54.3), at the expense of higher lung V20 (28.0% vs. 12.6%). In the groin, the largest improvements for 3D-CRT compared to 2D-RT were for anorectum Dmax (13.6 vs. 38.9 Gy), bowel D200cc (7.3 vs. 23.1 Gy), femur D50 (34.6 vs. 57.2 Gy), and genitalia Dmax (37.6 vs. 51.1 Gy). IMRT had further improvements compared to 3D-CRT for humerus Dmean (16.9 vs. 22.4 Gy), brachial plexus D5 (57.4 vs. 61.3 Gy), bladder D5 (26.8 vs. 36.5 Gy), and femur D50 (18.7 vs. 34.6 Gy). Fewer differences were observed between IMRT and VMAT. Conclusion: Compared to 2D-RT and 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT had dosimetric advantages in the treatment of nodal regions of skin cancer patients.

      • 비타민 D3 의 경구투여 또는 자외선 조사가 브로일러 병아리의 증체 및 비타민 D3 대사에 미치는 영향

        장윤환,김중달,Holick, M F,황선일 한국영양사료학회 1995 韓國營養飼料學會誌 Vol.19 No.6

        본 연구는 육계에 대한 vitamin D₃(VD₃)의 경구투여 또는 중파자외선(UVB) 照射가 증체와 VD₃대사에 어떤 영향을 미치는지 구명코자 실시되었다. 1일령 Hubbard 계통 병아리 360수(6 처리 × 3반복 × 20수)에, 기본사료에 VD₃를 1,000, 2,000 또는 3,000IU/㎏(처리 1, 2, 3) 첨가하여 급여하거나, 기본사료만 급여하고 UVB를 30, 45 또는 60분 照射하여(처리 4, 5, 6) 6주간의 증체량, 사료섭취량, 영양소 이용율, 혈장중 Ca, P, VD₃및 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃〔25(OH)D₃〕 함량을 측정하였다. Ca은 원자 흡수 분광광도계로, P은 molybdovanadate 분광광도 계법으로, VD₃와 25(OH)D₃는 HPLC에 의하여 정량되었다. 6주간의 증체량에 있어서 처리간에 유의차가 없었으며, 사료섭취량 및 전환율에 있어서도 유의차가 나타나지 않았다. 가용 무질소물의 이용 효율에 있어서도 각 처리간에 유의차를 보이지 않았다. 3주령 병아리의 혈장중 Ca 농도는 처리 1∼4가 처리 5와 6보다 더 높은 수치를 보였고(P$lt;.05), 6주령 때에는 처리 1과 2가 처리 4∼6보다 높게 나타났으나(P$lt;.05), P 함량은 3주 및 6주령 모두 비슷한 수준을 보였다. 3주령 병아리의 혈장중 VD₃농도는 처리간 유의차가 없었고 25(OH)D₃함량은 처리 2와 3에서 처리 4보다 더 높은 성적을 보였다(P$lt;.05). 6주령 병아리의 VD₃함량은 처리 1과 2가 처리 4와 6보다 높게 나타났으며(P$lt;.05), 25(OH)D₃농도에서는 처리 1∼3이 처리 4와 5보다 높은 결과를 보였다(P$lt;.05). 대체로 혈장 내 Ca, VD₃및 25(OH)D₃함량상 VD₃경구 투여가 UVB 照射 보다 더 높은 값을 보였다. 그 이유로서 VD₃증가 급여는 체내의 Ca 및 VD₃함량을 증가시키고 때로는 중독증을 유발하나, UVB 照射는 불필요한 VD₃의 생성을 억제하기 때문이라 생각 되었다. 본 연구에서는 병아리의 증체를 더 증시하고 처리 1의 VD₃1,000IU/㎏의 경구투여 또는 처리 4의 UVB 30분 照射(매일)를 추천코자 한다. 이 두 처리의 비용을 비교하였을 때 처리 4의 방법이 처리 1보다 경제성이 있었다. 그러므로 육계사육시에 병아리를 태양광선에 노출시키는 연구도 필요 할 것이라 생각된다. This research was carried out to compare the effects of oral administration of vitamin D₃(VD₃) and the irradiation of medium wave ultraviolet(UVB) light for the performance and VD₃metabolism in broiler chicks. Day old Hulbard fine 360 chicks(6 treatment × 3 replication × 20 chicks) were fed the basal diet plus VD₃1,000, 2,000 or 3,000IU/㎏(treatment 1, 2 or 3, respectively) or fed the basal diet only and exposed to UVB light for 30, 45 or 60 min everyday at I'm distance (treatment 4, 5 or 6, respectively). The body weight gain and feed consumption were measured for 6 wk. The nutrient utilization of 2-3 and 5-6 wk period were investigated. The Ca, P, VD₃and 25(OH)D₃contents in plasma of 3 and 6 wk old chicks were analyzed. The Ca and P were quantitated by atomic absorption and molybdovanadate spectrophotometry, and VD₃and 25(OH)D₃by HPLC. The body weight gain, feed consumption, feed Conversion and N-free extract utilization were not significantly different among treatments tested. Ca concentrations in plasma of treatments 1, 2, 3 and 4 at 3 wk was significantly higher than those of treatments 5 and 6 (P$lt;.05). Those were also higher in treatments 1 and 2 than those of rest groups at 6 wk (P$lt;.05). However, the P concentrations in whole groups both of 3 and 6 wk old chicks were similar. The VD₃levels represented no significant difference among treatments at 3 wk age, however, 25(OH) values in treatments 2 and 3 were greater than that in group 4(P$lt;.05). The VD₃contents in plots 1 and 2 were higher than those in treatments 4 and 6 (P$lt;.05), and 25(OH)D₃levels in groups 1-3 were more than those in treatments 4 and 5 (P$lt;.05) at 6 wk old birds. With respect to the concentrations of Ca, VD₃and 25(OH)D₃briefly, the oral VD₃administration presented the higher values compared to the UVB irradiation. It was shown that increasing the dietary supplemental VD₃level presented an increased Ca, VD₃or 25(OH)D₃content in plasma, but increasing the irradiation time of UVB light brought a limited level of those compositions, inhibiting the toxicity of excess VD₃, which was confirmed by other researchers. Consequantly, it was thought that the oral administration of VD₃1,000IU/㎏ that was lowest level among 3 treatments or the UVB irradiation of 30 min, shortest time among 3 applications would be desirable for broiler performance. However, it was known that UVB irradiation for 30 min cost less than VD₃administration of 1,000IU/㎏ did. Furthermore, it was considered that studies on exposing the broiler chicks to the sunlight would be needed in the future.

      • Integral domains with finitely many spectral semistar operations

        Chang, G. W.,Oh, D. Y. John Wiley Sons, Ltd 2017 Frontiers of mathematics in China Vol.12 No.1

        <P>Let D be a finite-dimensional integral domain, Spec(D) be the set of prime ideals of D, and SpSS(D) be the set of spectral semistar operations on D. Mimouni gave a complete description for the prime ideal structure of D with SpSS(D) = n + dim(D) for 1 aecurrency sign n aecurrency sign 5 except for the quasi-local cases of n = 4, 5. In this paper, we show that there is an integral domain D such that SpSS(D) = n+dim(D) for all positive integers n with n not equal 2. As corollaries, we completely characterize the quasi-local domains D with SpSS(D) = n+dim(D) for n = 4, 5. Furthermore, we also present the lower and upper bounds of SpSS(D) when Spec(D) is a finite tree.</P>

      • RF 스위치 적용을 위한 박막 PZT 엑추에이터의 d<SUB>31</SUB> 구동과 d<SUB>33</SUB> 구동 특성 비교

        신민재(M. J. Shin),서영호(Y. H. Seo),최두선(D-S. Choi),황경현(K-H. Hwang) 한국정밀공학회 2006 한국정밀공학회 학술발표대회 논문집 Vol.2006 No.5월

        In this work, we present the comparison between d<SUB>31</SUB> and d<SUB>33</SUB> mode characterization using the PZT micro-actuator for large displacement. The PZT micro-actuator consisted of Si, PZT, and Pt layer on SOI wafer. The electrode shapes were laminated and interdigitated for d<SUB>31</SUB> and d<SUB>33</SUB> mode, respectively. In order to characterize the actuation mode, we measured the displacement using laser interferometer. The maximum displacement of d<SUB>31</SUB> mode was 12.2㎛ at 10V, the actuation characterization of d<SUB>31</SUB> was better than that of d<SUB>33</SUB> mode. We estimated that displacement of d<SUB>33</SUB> mode would be larger than that of d<SUB>31</SUB> above 30V.

      • Measurement of D<sup>*+</sup>/- meson production in e<sup>+</sup>/-p scattering at low Q<sup>2</sup>

        ZEUS Collaboration,Chekanov, S.,Derrick, M.,Magill, S.,Miglioranzi, S.,Musgrave, B.,Nicholass, D.,Repond, J.,Yoshida, R.,Mattingly, M.C.K.,Jechow, M.,Pavel, N.,Yagues Molina, A.G.,Antonelli, S.,Antoni North-Holland Pub. Co 2007 Physics letters: B Vol.649 No.2

        The production of D<SUP>*+</SUP>/-(2010) mesons in e<SUP>+</SUP>/-p scattering in the range of exchanged photon virtuality 0.05<Q<SUP>2</SUP><0.7 GeV<SUP>2</SUP> has been measured with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of 82 pb<SUP>-1</SUP>. The decay channels D<SUP>*+</SUP>->D<SUP>0</SUP>π<SUP>+</SUP> with D<SUP>0</SUP>->K<SUP>-</SUP>π<SUP>+</SUP> and corresponding antiparticle decay were used to identify D<SUP>*</SUP> mesons and the ZEUS beampipe calorimeter was used to identify the scattered electron. Differential D<SUP>*</SUP> cross sections as functions of Q<SUP>2</SUP>, inelasticity, y, transverse momentum of the D<SUP>*</SUP> meson, p<SUB>T</SUB>(D<SUP>*</SUP>), and pseudorapidity of the D<SUP>*</SUP> meson, η(D<SUP>*</SUP>), have been measured in the kinematic region 0.02<y<0.85, 1.5<p<SUB>T</SUB>(D<SUP>*</SUP>)<9.0 GeV and |η(D<SUP>*</SUP>)|<1.5. The measured differential cross sections are in agreement with two different NLO QCD calculations. The cross sections are also compared to previous ZEUS measurements in the photoproduction and DIS regimes.

      • KCI우수등재

        여러가지 종류의 사료 섬유질을 섭취하는 쥐의 수분 및 Na 대사에 관한 연구

        이봉덕,이수기,권순기 한국축산학회 1986 한국축산학회지 Vol.28 No.8

        The effects of several sources of dietary fiber on the water and sodium (Na) metabolism of rats were investigated. Wheat bran (D2), pure cellulose (D3), and ground rice straw (D4) replaced corn in the control diet (D1) at the level of 10%: pectin (DS), which is water-soluble, replaced corn at 5% level. In the growth trial with 45 female weanling rats (Sprague Dawley strain), the growth rate of DS was significantly (P≤.05) lower than those of D1 and D2. No difference in growth rate was found among D3, D4 and D5. With regard to water intake of growing rats, there was no difference among all treatments. In metabolism trial with 30 adult male rats, the dry matter (DM) digestibilities of D3 and D4 were significantly lower than those of D1, D2 and D5. Similar DM digestibilities were found in D1, D2 and D5. As in the case of growing rats, no difference was found in water intake among five treatments. With regard to water holding capacity (WHC) of feces, D3 and D4 showed significantly larger values than D2. The WHC of D1 and D5 were even lower (P≤.05) than D2. The bulls density (BD) of feces was exactly in the inverse relationship with WHC. The BD of D3 and D4 were significantly smaller than the other treatments. D1 and D5 showed significantly larger BD than did D2. In terms of Na excretion routes of urine and feces, D1 and DS excreted significantly more Na via urine than did D3 and D4. The D2 showed intermediate values in this respect. No difference was found in Na^+ and osmotic concentrations either in plasma or urine among dietary treatments. With regard to plasma clearances, there was no difference among all treatments in C_(Na)^+, C_(osm) anti C_(H₂O), The C_(H₂O) values from all treatments showed negative values, indicating that the rats were removing excess solutes in body fluids via urine. Among the water-insoluble fibers, wheat bran appeared to be less fibrous than pure cellulose or ground rice straw in several respects, i.e., growth rate, feral WHC and BD, and the route of Na excretion. Except that it inhibits the growth rate of young rats, pectin brought about the same effect as did the control diet, indicating that the gut microflora fermented the water-soluble pectin. Different nutritional and physiological effects might be expected from rats fed dietary fibers having different solubility in water.

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