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      • 뇨 크레아틴에 의한 스포츠 마사지 실시 전, 후의 신체조성비교

        최경삼,박형하,박판수 한국스포츠리서치 2004 한국 스포츠 리서치 Vol.15 No.6

        본 연구는 스포츠 마사지가 신체조성에 미치는 영향에 대한 기초 자료를 제공할 목적으로, 7명의 남학생을 대상으로 6주간의 스포츠 마사지 실시 전 후에 따른 뇨 크레아틴의 량과 농도의 변화를 측정한 결과, 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1) 뇨 크레아틴 농도는 스포츠 마사지 실시 전 0.63mg/ml 에서 스포츠 마사지를 실시 6주 후 0.87mg/ml로 약 0.24mg/ml 정도 증가하였으며, 스포츠 마사지 전 후 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내었다(p<.01). 2) 뇨 크레아틴량은 스포츠 마사지 전 1,398mg/day에서 스포츠 마사지 6주 후 1,584mg/ day로 약 188mg/day 증가하였으며, 스포츠 마사지 전 후 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내었다(p<.01). 3) 크레아틴법에 의한 제지방체중(FFM)은 스포츠 마사지 실시 전 52.55kg에서 스포츠 마사지를 실시 6주 후 57.25kg으로 4.70kg 정도 증가하였으며, 스포츠 마사지 전 후 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내었다(p<.01). 4) 크레아틴법에 의한 체지방은 스포츠 마사지 전 17.02kg에서 스포츠 마사지 실시 6주 후 11.25kg으로 약 5.77kg의 체지방이 감소하였으며, 스포츠 마사지 전 후 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내었다(p<.05). 5) 체중은 스포츠 마사지 실시 전 69.57kg에서 6주간의 스포츠 마사지 후 68.50kg으로, 약 1.07kg의 체중의 감소를 나타내었으나, 스포츠 마사지 전 후 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내지 않았다.

      • 이동로봇에 장착된 Stereo Vision을 이용한 이동인식에 관한 연구

        崔京三,李基聖 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 2000 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.11 No.-

        Among the several sensors used in mobile robots, the computer vision is most useful in modeling for the cognition in 3-D real world. Because the computer vision requires much complex computation, it is hard to use for controlling a system in real time mode. In this paper, the movement of robot for cognition is divided into 8 categories. The proposed algorithm for cognition of position of objects and movement of robot by the real time image processing is studied. Also, the vertical line extraction method using parallel coordinates is proposed. And the algorithm for cognizing movements classifies the movement of objects into 4 directions; set right-left and forward-backward. The aim of this algorithm is to show the real time processing and low cost implementation for low level capacity systems. The Lab experiments were performed to show that the algorithm yields faster and more simple than ready-made algorithm in normal lights and other DT system like GPS.

      • 離散値形 線形制御系統의 最適狀態推定 方法에 관한 一硏究

        崔京三 弘益大學校 1975 弘大論叢 Vol.7 No.-

        In this paper, a comparative study on the state estimation is made by means of the filtering problem in the linear discrete control systems with state and measurement noises, from the standpoint of least square fit, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian approach. The optimal state estimator for linear dynamic control systems is derived in the sense that the variance of the errors is minimized. The effectiveness of the optimal estimator is proved through the numerical example by digital computer.

      • 개선된 MGCP 프로토콜을 이용한 인터넷 음성 통화 구현에 관한 연구

        崔京三 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 2002 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.13 No.-

        In this paper, A modified MGCP call setup protocol for the voice conference in Internet is studied. This modified MGCP embodies the call setup model of a conference call, and very similar to the standard MGCP. So, this modified protocol may conference with devices where standard MGCP is installed. The only difference from the standard MGCP is that it has a GROUP concept for the conference. And the conference call setup is constructed on a GROUP base. IP multicast and RTP ( Real-time Transfer Protocol ) are used for the realization of conference call control. IP multicast is a solution of network traffic problem caused by a conference, because multicasting is a one to many communication, and RTP is a solution of reducing network delay during the voice data transmission.

      • KCI등재
      • 홈 네트워킹 시스템 구현에 관한 연구

        崔京三 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 2004 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.15 No.-

        In this paper, we have designed a home networking system using an embedded LINUX board. The system based on the World-Wide-Web is composed of three parts - a Server, a Client and a Simulator. The home networking server is built in an embedded board based on the LINUX kernel. The web server and Home Networking Server Service Demon programs are installed in the board using the Java-Language. Clients may connect to the server using any desktop computers, any PDAs or any other machines which include any web-browsers. For this purpose, the client service programs are composed of Java-Applets. The clients who connect to the server for the control of the applications, download the class-file automatically and execute the client-program in the web-browser. So, the clients don't need any other programs to control the applications from a remote place. The size of server board is very small (86.3x74mm), which makes it very useful not only for the home networking system but also in many other fields, e.g., embedded robot control system, etc. In many fields, using an embedded board instead of a desktop computer will make the network environment very simple, since it occupies only a small space to install the system and doesn't need any maintenances.

      • 능란한 로봇 손의 운동을 위한 알고리즘 개발 및 구현에 관한 연구

        崔京三,李鍾洙 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 2001 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.12 No.-

        This study is performed by experiments with master hand and slave hand. These hands are very similar to human hands because these hands have the twenty degree of freedom and five finger. Master hand plays a part as a tool of getting grasping data and learning grasping algorithm, and slave hand which is multi-fingered robot hand performs the algorithm. Experiments assume that all informations of grasped objects is known. Several subjects put on the master hand and grasp the objects of various shape and size. By using the data from the master hand, we analyze the patterns of grasping of human hands. After analyzing grasping patterns, we generalize grasping of each case and analogize algorithm of grasping. We prove two facts by appling this algorithm to slave hand. One is that the slave hand is multi-fingered robot hand which can perform dexterous manipulation and the other is that we prove the validity of this algorithm.

      • IBM-PC를 이용한 로봇 제어용 사용자 인터페이스 개발

        이종수,최경삼 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 1993 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        In this paper, we developed the basic robot commands on the level of VAL robot language and the integrated environment software of robot management system to give users an easy way of programming the robot. The developed software is designed to support Korean language and to be run by the pop-up menus for programming commands and inputs. Geometrical and dynamical features can be viewed on a computer monitor by graphics and the taught works can be interfaced with a computer and controllers.

      • 홍익 직접 구동팔을 위한 Multi Bus 구조의 제어기 개발

        이종수,최경삼 弘益大學校 科學技術硏究所 1993 科學技術硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        A scara type Direct Drive Arm(DDA) with two degrees-of-freedom is designed and implemented. The direct drive motor is used to furnish large torque to reduce the modeling error by the gear and chains. To control the DDA, a multiprocessor control structure with multirate dynamic control algorithm is designed. In the control algorithm, the dynamics of system is used to calculate the norminal control torque and the feedback controls are calculated with a parallel processing algorithm for each joint. The laboratory experiments on Hong-Ik DDA by dynamic control algorithm are presented and compared to that of PID control algorithm. This result shows that the proposed controller guarantees small trajectory error and stability. With this reserch, Hong-Ik DDA is expected to be utilized as a basic tool for robotics and control engineering.

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