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      • 우리나라의 工藝品 輸出市場 擴大를 위한 硏究 : 主要工藝品市場分析과 輸出마아케팅 戰略 Strategies for the Export Marketing of Crsft Works with Special Reference to their Design

        弘益大學校附設 産業經濟硏究院 藝術振興系 弘益大學校 1971 弘大論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        In an industrialized Society, craft works are not worthy of notice as an industry. The craft works have, however, many valuable natures which are generally considered to be contributable to economic development in developing countries. Craft works are not only hopeful as an export industry but also contributable to increase the employment of rural workers seasonally unemployed and their income. Focusing attention to these points, this study was made to find out the direction to which strategy of development of craft works, as an export industry, should follow. To accomplish these tasks, we collected and analysed the data on the regional distribution of caft works, the endowment of natural and human resources. We also considered the historical background of their development, and observed the present situation and prospects of their foreign markets. Based on the above studies, we have intended to present what are the most effective ways of development of craft works in order that they should contribute to economic developemnt in korea as regionally specialized and export industries. For this purpose, we also studied how to develop the products of craft works from economic and technical point of view and how to improve their design.

      • 비영리 마케팅으로서 대학 광고의 크리에이티브에 관한 연구 : 신문 광고를 중심으로 Especially in the fields of Newspaper advertisements

        權明光 홍익대학교 산업디자인연구소 1996 미술디자인 논문집 Vol.- No.1

        Recent developments in the Korean College education, including new education policy and the scheduled opening of the market, opend the way for introduction of market principle in college advertising. Advertising by colleges has been largely limited for announcements to recruit professors or to attract new entrants. Now, more aggressive image campaigns are executed by advertising agemcies. The raised a need to devise a mew creative strategy to maximize effect with limited time and budget. It goes on to analyse advertisements carried out by korean colleges during 1995, and categorize them by subject, period, colleges and main characterristics. Finally, the thesis seeks to explore future directioms of college advertising

      • 大學敎育 改善方案에 關한 硏究 : 本 大學校의 實險大學 實施를 위한 豫備的 硏究(Ⅰ) A Preliminary Study on Implementation of Pilot Institute in Hong-Ik University(Ⅰ)

        金昌集,姜道烈,朴範鎬,安鐘文,高委恭,金龍來 弘益大學校 1975 弘大論叢 Vol.7 No.-

        This is a preliminary study intended to assess the feasibility that the Pilot Institute can be implemented at Hong-Ik University. There are as many as twenty universities throughout the country that have initiated the Pilot Institute up to the academic year 1975 in further and of their educational programs. The total number of credit hours as previously required, which include programs for Major, Minor, Electives, Teacher Education and the like. This study finds that these universities have maintained and exercised a wide range of discretion and flexibility in the implementation of Pilot Institute, not necessarily taking the same approach. It must be pointed out that these universities were faced with various problems and difficulties in the initial stages of the implementation of Pilot Institute; however, these problems and difficulties, which varied from one university to another, have been gradually removed or improved by the specific administrative measures taken by the respective universities. All of these universities have formulated both short and long-term plans of one kind or another, specifically designed to deal with their problems an difficuties arising from the implementation of Pilot Institute. It is particularly note worthy that with the implementation of Pilot Institute these universities have improved their educational programs and that they continue to make further improvements. As for Hong-Ik University, it has made a great deal of progress in the improvements of its over-all educational environment, especially in the past few years. It has formulated and applied a number of specific strategies in areas that were considered deficient and inadequate. This study finds that the University continues to make further improvements in all areas. It is recommended on the basis of the findings of this study that Hong-Ik University initiate the Pilot Institute in the near furture at a time when it is deemed appropriate, as determined by the University authorities, with a suggestion that it make further studies in this matter, while maintaining a closer contact with the other Pilot Institute universities in the hope that it can draw some benefits from their experiences in the implementation of Pilot Institute.

      • 大學新聞의 役割에 關한 一硏究

        李俊球 弘益大學校 1975 弘大論叢 Vol.7 No.-

        College newspaper is quite naturally distinguished form general newspaper, since the goal of college newspaper is to better the reciprocal communication in the college society. College newspaper should speak for the interests or concerns common to the college compoments-professors, students and academic authorities and also its mission should be consistent with the proper functcon of college soiety. Therefore, to reasonably establish the position of college newspaper, we have to clarify the characteristics of college newspaper prior to touching the other matters. College newspaper is not only for professors, nor only for students. nor the more only for the academic authorities. As indicated in the above, college newspaper belongs to the whole people of college. Accordingly, in the light of its character, college newspaper should live together with college and find its ground in the duties college performs. In other words, the most vital function of college newspaper is no other than to strenuously back up college so that all the duties of college might be implemented more smoothly relative to education, research, student's movement and social services. It is quite true that college newspaper originally presented itself before students with an appearance of organizational paper for the academic authorities. However, it is also real that students have transformed college newspaper into the paper only for them as if they would have obtained the exclusive right to compile from the academic authorities. In a word, all the possible misfortunes have been derived from these two facts. Firstly, students have disregarded the college newspaper of academic authorities and that of student's exclusive compilation has become alien from academic authorities and professors. In this manner, college newspaper had to come in its thorny and winding road. Differently from the adverse period of general newspaper, this thorny road, however, is due to the fact that college newspaper has struggled to traverse the boundary of college society. Furthermore, the struggle has turned out to be the fallacy that college newspaper tries to be in line with social newspapers beyond college society that is a peculiar world of intellectual development. Repeatedly to say, students in part have the notion that college newspaper also should keep the attitude to report objectively and to comment critically on all the affairs occurring in the college society. But this notion has a grave defect owing to its subjective prejudice to see college newspaper identical with social newspapers College society has no need of sensational and shocking news unlike general society. The reason is that the reporting eye of social newspaer concentrates its focus on the greatest concernss of the largest multitude while that of college society sticks to the specialities which college is most concerned about and expects to occur in the unique society named college. Here we feel is worth while to review the functions of social newspaers: 1. self-conservation 2. report 3. instruction 4. recreation What relation could the above functions of social newspaper have with those of college newspaper? First, the function of self-conservation is not necessary to college newpaper, for college newspaper may well only get along with publicity regardless of merchandisability. Second, despite of the similar function of report both college and social newspapers perform, college newspaper cannot but pay attention to the concerns peculiar to college rather the greatest interests of the largest multitude. Third, as for the function of instruction, college newspaer should display it sufficiently through the editional, essay, column and the voices of readers(students). Fourth, by the recreational function college newspaper does not have to manage to attract more readers and to flatter them with a view to maintain itself. In brief, college newspaper should be strictly distinguished from the social ones by consolidating the posture of high dignity. College newspaper is not regarded only journalism as general newspaper is. College newspaper takes an important role of creating college culture by the way of coordination of journalism and academism, and at the same time, as the public utilities of college society and instrument of college education, it should be a front runner actualizing the college spirit. Nevertheless, some college newspaper shows the image of prossor's essay in general magazines and college newapaper itself seems to be essay paper. Next, strictly speaking, not a few of student's literary works on college newspaper seem to be in the same level of high school and the news also cannot surpass notice boards in campus. Beside, there's nothing worthy to be transferred into social newspaper. This is the big problem, intellectual poverty of college newspaper. In addition, our college newspaper try to expose the peculiarity of college so exceedingly that we often becoming far apart from the realization of ideal. College shall, by all means, see the whole notwithstanding its location in the specific territory, and what college shall pursue is to conquer the whole adversity and tribulation that we, all mankind encounter today and tomorrows, although college consist of a small part of people. College cannot live by itself. Open the windows of college, all the windows toward other college, general society and the world. College newspaper will perform its great task to look out of college and look into college from outside through these windows. With this role college newspaper shall strive to report emphasizing the deep and specialized, differently from social newspaper which reports the facts covering diversified and extensive fields on the viewpoint of objectivity.

      • KCI등재

        일반논문 : 법학교육과 법조인선발의 나아갈 방향의 헌법정책적 검토

        장용근 ( Young Kuen Chang ) 홍익대학교 법학연구소 2014 홍익법학 Vol.15 No.4

        이 글은 단지 자료에 기초한 학술적 논문이라기보다는 지금의 사법현실에 대한 정책적 논문이다. 교육백년대계라고 했듯이 우리나라의 법학교육과 사법제도의 파행을 가져온 것이 학부제 때문이었는지 아니면 사회수요를 고려하지 않은 소수의 인원만을 선발하는 시험제도 때문이었는지를 진지하게 고려하여야 할 필요가 있다. 미국의 법학전문대학원의 근본적인 취지는 시장중심적으로 국민이 선택하고 법학전문대학원의 강의이외에 실무에 직접 뛰어들어 경험을 쌓아서 법을 깨닫게 하는 실무교육의 조화를 전제로 하는 교육을 통한예측가능한 법조인의 양성과 그로 인한 사회의 법치주의의 확립을 통한 예측가능한 사회의 확립 등이 중요한 목적이 될 것이다. 여기서의 결론은 무조건 학부제를 고집하는 것은아니다. 향후 일정기간동안 법학전문대학원과 학부제의 병치를 한시적으로 병치시켜 법조인을 양성해 보고 의대처럼 시장에서 선택하도록 국가는 후원자역활을 하여야 하지 지금처럼 진입부터 국가가 개입하여 막고 변호사시험조차도 사실상 통제하는 시스템이 민간중심의 본래 의도하였던 법학전문대학원의 목적이었는지를 검토하여야 한다. 만약 정책실패로 이어진다면 이에 대한 혼란은 누가 보상할 것이며 다시 정상적인 상태로 되돌리는데 엄청난 비용과 시간적 혼란을 겪게 될 것이기에 절차적 측면에서도 진지하게 고려하여야 할 것이다. 다행히 아직 사법시험이 완전 폐지되지 아니한 상태에서 현재의 법학교육을 개선하여 저렴한 비용으로 대국민서비스를 향상시킬 수 있는 대안이라면 현재의 왜곡된 법학전문대학원의 현실보다는 더 타당한 대안이라고 할 것이다. 행정부에서는 미국식의 개방형관료제를 확대하려 하였으나 우수하고 다양한 인재를 영입하려는 본래의 취지와 달리 외무공원특채에서 벌어졌듯이 특권계층의 자녀들의 등용문으로 남용된 이유로 그에 확대실행을 연기한 적이 있다. 이렇듯 제도개혁은 그 현실을 정확히 점검하면서 신중히 하였어야 하는데 과거 법학전문대학원은 그에 대한 진지한 고민없이 너무 급히 진행된 면도 있다. 하지만 우리사회의 사법제도개혁의 논의를 다시 불태운 면이 나름 의미가 있다고 보이기도 한다. 법률소비자시장에서 본래의 목적이 달성된다면 장기적으로는 법학전문대학원체제로 이행하는 것도 의미가 있다고 보인다. 하지만 현재의 법학전문대학원의 진입장벽과 국가주도의 법학전문대학원의 운영은 문제가 있고 이에 대한 보완은 반드시 따라야 한다. 하지만 지금처럼 사실상 사법시험을 폐지시켜서 과점형태의 진입규제하는 국가주도의 강제는 지양되고 대학자율적으로 결정되어야 할 것이다. 그리고 초기 사법제도의 개혁의 일환으로 주장되었던 대안으로서 단일학교중심의 법학전문대학원이외에 콘소시엄형식의 법학전문대학원도 현행 인가주의를 수정한다면 현행 독과점형태가 아닌 각 대학에 흩어지신우수한 법학교육자분들이 법학교육에 참여하게 하고 여러 대학의 특성을 결합한 장점도 있기에 도입할 필요도 있다고 보이나 이는 합리적인 정원산출과 그에 기한 변호사시험의 자격시험화 등이 전제된 후에 대학들이 자율적으로 한다는 전제하에서 논의할 사항이다. 경쟁은 생존을 위하여 소비자를 위한 더 나은 개선책을 찾지만 독과점은위하여 부패할 수 있고 소비자후생에도 도움이 안되기에 우리는 독과점을 규제한다. 현행 법학전문대학원이 그러한 독과점체제인지 아니면 정말 국민을 위해서 예외적으로 유지되는 독과점인지 좀 더 진지하게 생각하여야 한다. 사법제도개혁은 단지 법학전문대학원도입을 비롯한 특정분야의 문제라기보다는 앞으로의 제도개혁이 진정으로 이 나라의 주인인 국민의 사법서비스를 제대로 하여 진정으로 이 나라의 주인인 국민의 기본권을 충실히 보장하고 그로 인해 진정한 민주주의국가로 거듭나기 위한 국가전체의 개조와 관련된다는 점에서 개별 분야의 직역이기주의보다는 좀 더 큰 안목에서 제도개혁을 이루어 내고 이러한 노력이 국민들에게 감동을 준다면 법학은 이 나라의 통치에 진정한 중심으로 거듭나는 기회가 될 것이다. It is merely a policy paper on the current reality rather than a scientific paper based on judicial resources. Education must be one hundred year plan because only a small number of personnel selection justice tests do not take into account the demand seriously. The fundamental purpose of the Law School must be selected by marketoriented Law School reform in addition to the training of the legal profession through education. predictable premise that the combination of hands-on training to realize how built an experienced jump directly into practice and the resulting social predictable society established through the establishment of the rule of law, etc. will be an important objective. The conclusion is not to insist on unconditional undergraduate education system. If judicial policy reform failures led to confusion about this, who will pay a huge cost and time confusing, will be seriously considered in procedural aspects. The alternative will be the bar exam yet which can be improved in the state at a lower cost and this alternative improve the current legal education more reasonable alternative than the current Law School system. But the abolition of bar exam by the state, should be avoided after Law School system is proved to be better than undergraduate education system. Single law school that was claimed as part of the reform, must be changed into the consortium format Because you see the advantage of a number of universities, which combines the characteristics. We must regulate the monopoly because the unfair monopoly is vested for consumers and does not help to consumer welfare. Current Law School system, such monopolies, should be considered more seriously whether an exception to the monopoly is really good to the public. Judicial reform must truly guarantee the fundamental rights of the owner of the citizens of this country in the point of true democracy

      • 강의평가 설문문항의 개발에 관한 연구

        柳春浩 홍익대학교 경영연구소 2001 경영연구 Vol.26 No.-

        본 연구의 목적은 교수들의 강의를 평가하기 위한 강의평가의 목적과 역할을 규명하고, 이러한 평가에 이용할 수 있는 신뢰성과 타당성을 갖춘 강의평가 설문문항을 개발하는 것이다. 보다 구체적으로 전국 종합대학들의 강의평가에 대한 관리적 실체들을 분석하고 이를 대학들이 각각 독자적으로 사용하고 있는 강의평가 설문서의 문항들을 홍익대학교의 강의평가 설문항목들과 비교하고 분석함으로써, 보다 나은 공정한 평가가 이루어지고 강의의 질을 높일 수 있는 타당성이 보장된 강의평가 설문문항을 개발하여 제시하였다. 이를 위해 우선 강의평가의 방식 및 설문문항들에 관한 기존의 연구결과들을 살펴보고, 강의평가 설문항목을 타당하게 개발하기 위한 연구방법을 검토한 후, 전국 종합대학들에서 사용되고 있는 강의평가서의 설문문항들을 분석하고, 그 다음으로 인터넷을 이용한 강의평가방식을 포함하여 이를 대학의 강의평가제도의 실태를 파악함과 동시에 이에 대한 문제점을 논의하고, 마지막으로 타당성을 갖춘 설문문항들로 구성된 강의평가 설문서를 제시하였다. 연구 표본대학들에서 사용하고 있는 설문항목들의 질문성격을 교수관련 설문, 학생관련 설문, 과목관련 설문, 학생관련 설문, 기타 설문 등 요인별로 구분하고, 각 요인을 구성하는 설문항목들을 비율이 높은 순서대로 정리하여 요인별 평균 문항수를 기준으로 강의평가 설문서의 설문문항을 구성하고 이에 대한 교수들의 실제적인 의견을 수렴함으로써 최종적으로 설문문항을 개발하였다. 본 연구의 결과를 통해 개발된 타당성을 갖춘 강의평가 설문문항들로 구성된 강의평가 설문서가 사용됨으로써 강의에 대한 공정한 평가가 이루어지고, 교수는 자신의 강의의 장단점을 파악하게 되어 보다 나은 강의의 질을 높이기 위해 이 설문서를 적극적으로 이용할 수 있으며, 그 결과 학생들은 질높은 강의를 듣게 될 것이고, 학교측에서는 유능한 교수를 임용하는 데에도 큰 도움을 줄 것으로 기대된다.

      • KCI등재

        일반논문 : 사립대학 특례규칙상의 감가상각 제도에 관한 연구

        정래용 ( Rae Yong Jung ) 홍익대학교 법학연구소 2015 홍익법학 Vol.16 No.4

        본 연구는 사립대학의 감가상각 제도와 건축적립금 적립 규정과의 관계를 검토하고 문제점에 대한 합리적인 대안을 모색한 것이다. 연구의 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 사립대학의 교육시설 확보의무가 학교법인에 있다는 원칙적인 규정에 대해 교육시설의 확보의무를 등록금회계와 연계시키고 있는 예외 규정이 있으나 예외 사유가 없거나 모호하므로 예외적이고 불가피한 경우에 등록금회계로부터 교육시설 확보 및 대체투자가 가능할 수 있음을 명시하는 규정의 신설이 필요하다. 둘째, 과도한 건축적립금 적립을 규제하고자 그 한도를 감가상각비로 제한한 특례규칙제34조5항은 원래 의도와는 달리 사립대학들로 하여금 감가상각비만큼 건축적립금 적립을 허용한 것으로 받아들여지는 부작용이 있어 보완규정 마련과 더불어 동 조항을 폐지하는 것이 바람직하다. 셋째, 건축적립금 적립 계획 보고 위반 등에 대한 규제방안이 미흡하므로 과도한 적립금적립에 대해 정부의 재정지원이나 대학평가에 반영하여 이를 규제해야 한다. 넷째, 현행 특례규칙은 토지뿐만 아니라 건물 등의 고정자산에 대해서도 자산재평가를 할 수 있도록 규정하고 있으나 감가상각의 기준금액은 취득원가로 하고 있어 자산재평가대상 자산을 토지로 제한하고 감가상각 기준금액이 취득원가임을 명확히 해야 한다. 다섯째, 건축적립금의 적립 및 사용계획 보고의무 규정인 현행 사학기관 재무·회계규칙 제22조의2제1항은 교육부 훈령이 아닌 사립학교법에 규정할 성질이므로 이를 사립학교법 제32조의2에 별도의 조항으로 규정해야 한다. 여섯째, 사립대학에 대한 외부감사를 통해 감가상각비 계상의 적정성 여부 검증의 중요성이 증대되었다. 그동안 사립대학에 대한 외부감사의 실효성에 대해 여러 가지 문제가 제기되어 왔는바, 이 문제는 감사수수료의 일부를 정부가 부담하되 외부감사인의 지정제도를 확대하거나 외부감사인에게 일정부분 조사권한을 부여하는 문제 등에 대한 장기적인 검토가 필요하다. The purpose of this study is: to look into the relations between private universities’ depreciation accounting and regulations on reserve for construction costs; review effectiveness of independent audit of any and all of related private universities; figure out sensible solutions to identified problems; and to provide policy insights. The findings of this research are summarized as follows: First, the Framework Act on Education’s Article 16 and the Private School Act’s Article 5 stipulate that the duty to ensure private universities’ educational facilities lies in incorporated school in principle, and the Framework Act on Education’s Article 32-2, Paragraph 1 contains a special condition that relates the obligation to ensure educational facilities to tuition accounting but it does not specify the ground for such special condition or looks vague. Therefore, we recommend devising a conditional clause for Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Higher Education Act or Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Private School Act, stipulating that ensuring educational facilities and making alternative investment are allowed for tuition accounting, and including detailed applicable cases in corresponding enforcement ordinances. Second, Article 34, Paragraph 5 of the special regulation sets a cap of reserve for construction costs at the amount of depreciation expense, with a purpose to ban private universities’ excessive accumulation of reserve for construction costs. However, this has brought unintended consequence, making private universities understand that they are allowed to book additional reserve for construction cost as much as their depreciation expense. Because depreciation expense is non-cash cost, it itself enables internal financing, or achieving alternative for fixed assets. Nevertheless, current depreciation accounting for universities is understood as a right to set aside fund at the amount of their depreciation expense, failing to deliver its intended purpose. Therefore, we recommend abolishing the special regulation, Article 34, Paragraph 5 that is considered to define the condition of the Framework Act on Education’s Article 32-2, Paragraph 1 under its sub-regulation as well as making a regulation that supplements such side effect set forth above. Third, regulation on unlawful reporting of plan on reserve for construction costs is insufficient. Therefore, excessive accumulation of reserve for construction costs shall be subject to tougher regulation by reflecting such fact on the government’s financial supports or university evaluation. Fourth, current special regulation allows revaluation of assets that include not only land, but also fixed assets including buildings. By contrast, accounting for depreciation is based on purchase price. This may cause confusions during revaluation for buildings. Taking note of this, we recommend limiting assets subject to revaluation to land only, and making sure that accounting for depreciation shall be based on purchase cost. Fifth, Article 22-2 and Paragraph 1 of the Regulation on Finance and Accounting of Private School, which regulates accounting of additional reserve for construction costs and mandatory report of the plan for use, falls in the scope of the Private School Act, not of the Ministry of Education’s orders. Hence, it should be enacted as the exception clause to the Article 32, Paragraph 2 of the Private School Act. Sixth, independent audit of depreciation accounting to prove its appropriateness has grown in importance because accumulating reserve for construction costs based on depreciation expense is closely related to how tuitions are calculated. So far, several issues have been raised regarding effectiveness of independent audit for private universities. To solve this problem, we, from the long-term perspective, recommend getting the government to take on part of the audit fees, expanding independent auditor designation system, and reviewing several options including granting greater rights to investigate to independent auditors.

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