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        • 철도차량용 제동 마찰재의 마찰 특성에 관한 연구

          송문석,권성태 철도전문대학교 1995 論文集 Vol.11 No.1

          This study is choosey yoyasbestos which braking performance excelleyts and sintered friction material which a base is Cu + Sn, and is investigated in comparison with change of friction characteristic of braking in grey cast iron disk for performance improvement of braking friction material of rolling stock. The test methods are carried out bench test which is suited to current conditions of rolling stock in order to performance judgment of the existing nonasbestos lining. In friction characteristic of lining, the test results show that the friction performance depends strongly on compositions of sintered friction material, heat diffusion and friction coefficient improves in according to geometry of lining and can be decreases attractive in regard to disk. As a result, because general friction characteristic of sintered friction materials which this study is tested excelleyts in braking of 100 km/h and less, the sintered friction materials can be contributes to original development of internal for high speed train by improvement of a part composition.

        • 直接噴射式 디젤機關의 메탄올 混入량 變化에 따른 機關特性에 관한 硏究

          宋文錫,金英孝 철도전문대학교 1993 論文集 Vol.10 No.1

          The effects of methanol fumigation on engine performance and emissions characteristics, instantaneous temperature and heat flux in combustion chamber wall of direct injection diesel engine have been investigated. As the amount of methanol fumigation increasing, the engine output decreases, and the emissions concentration of smoke and NO_(x) decreases remarkably, and the instantaneous surface temperature and heat flux of combustion chamber wall are decreased. Maximum heat flux at methanol volume ratio 30% decrease 2.3MW/㎡ and maximum heat flux reduction rate decrease 39% than that of diesel engine.

        • 전후동력새마을동차의 경부선 실제운행 상황 상태에서 배출가스 특성에 관한연구

          송문석 철도전문대학교 1998 論文集 Vol.14 No.-

          In this paper, exhaust gas emissions of moving push-pull Semaul diesel hydraulic car are measured as a function of ambient conditions, rail conditions, the chief stations and in the case of arrival and departure at stations. In result of measurement of exhaust gas emissions, CO and NOx emissions are increased linearly according to increasing of engine speed untill 1,500rpm. On the same ambient temperature, CO emission is decreased and NOx emission is increased according to increasing of ambient humidity. In the chief station, CO and NOx are exceeded a limitation of exhaust gas emissions as 2 times and 1.6 times respectively at Chupungryeong. When the diesel car starts at the station, CO and NOx are approximated and exceeded the limitation.

        • 디젤機關의 스모크 排出 特性 評價에 관한 硏究

          宋文錫 철도전문대학교 1993 論文集 Vol.10 No.1

          This study describes a smoke emission characteristic in the diesel engine. The problem of smoke emitted from diesel engine has been discussed mainly in the viewpoint of environment. This study will be proposal the fundmental characteristics of smoke emission in the diesel engine.

        • 大學 敎養體育 活性化 方案

          宋文錫 조선대학교 교육연구소 1993 교과교육연구 Vol.15 No.-

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          University programs for activating physical education as a cultural subject. University intend to provide the students with the foundation of life-long physical training, To get the overall view of this, the researcher made a questionnaire. Professors in 83 universities took part in the quiz. The research was made on the basis of the gathered questionnaires. The main items to analyze were as follows: 1. Semesters to complete & credits to take 2. Evaluating method 3. Physical training facileties 4. Practical sport items & trainee members The result was follows: 1. In 56 universities out of 83 universities(68%), physical education was a required subject. In 53 universities out of 83 universities(64%), students are supposed to complete to semesters. 2. Students' achievement was evaluated from both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. In 42 percent of universities, evaluation ratio was that practical skills formed 70 percent and theoretical knowledge did 30 percent. This was the most widely used ratio. 3. In 59 percent of universities, they thought sport facilities was insufficient. In the case of the newly established colleges, it was all the more insufficient. 4. The order of pularity in practical sport items was a ball game, bowling, swimming. Trainee numbers average 40∼60 personals a class in national universities and 40∼80 in private universities. Considering that the proper number to get educational effectiveness was 40∼50 personals a class, it was approaching the approximate number.

        • 지역간 대학생의 건강관에 관한 연구

          송문석 朝鮮大學校 1992 교과교육연구 Vol.14 No.-

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        • KCI등재
        • 철도차량용 고휘도 LED 전조등 방열판에 대한 열해석

          송문석,이승일,정성현 한국도시철도학회 2015 한국도시철도학회논문집 Vol.3 No.1

          Has the advantage of being environmentally friendly and high energy efficiency and long life than the other illumination light source is a LED. However, this can increase the output temperature of the heat sink has a fundamental problem that this vulnerability LED life to rise sharply. The academic and research at home and abroad such as natural convection, forced convection, heat pipe cooling technology for this solution. In this study, we review the analytical conditions and methods for the simulation performed on the heat-sink design to increase efficiency in the room of the railway vehicle Brightness LED headlight technology development direction of sink development. Thermal analysis result, so forced convection when the heat dissipation effect is increased as the flow rate of the air is increased((As the driving speed increases the vehicle)) and heat-sink effect is expected to increase, as the heat fin length increase was confirmed also that increase with radiation effect albeit linear.

        • KCI등재후보

          철도차량 윤중편차 변화에 따른 주행안전성 특성 검토 연구

          송문석,김철수,이승일 한국도시철도학회 2017 한국도시철도학회논문집 Vol.5 No.4

          Trains running on the track at the prescribed speed are generally safe, but they are evaluated quantitatively by the safety of derailment of the train (lateral force/vertical force, wheel unload ratio). This quantitative evaluation can cause several problems. This is because the derailment safety standard that can express the risk of derailment as an index is not yet established in Korea as a standard or standard. Also, the relation between the change in the radius of curvature and the vehicle derailment is not clearly known. In this study, the influence of deviation on derailment safety is analyzed through numerical analysis to secure the running safety of trains. As a result, the variation rate of the decrease rate of the wheel load ratio is increased sensitively, but the estimated derailment coefficient is almost constant as the passing speed is faster in the wheel load ratio of the outer based on the variation of the curve passing speed. The effect of the change in the ratio of the stopping torque on the outboard wheel to the estimated derailment coefficient at a slightly larger radius of curvature based on the change of the curve radius is small, The value of the estimated derailment coefficient increases sensitively. In addition, the change wheel unload ratio due to the increase of the static wheel load ratio of the outer wheel was sensitively increased at a given radius of curvature. In this way, it can be confirmed that the static wheel load ratio, that is the wheel load deviation, adversely affects the safety of the running of the vehicle.

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