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      • KCI등재

        Saul왕에 대한 정신의학적 고찰

        손진욱 大韓神經精神醫學會 1991 신경정신의학 Vol.30 No.4

        King Saul in the Old Testament was described as having a depressive syndrome in textbooks of psychiatry. The author investigated the psychopathlology of King Saul from the record of 1 Samuel in the Old Testament. It seemed that Saul had the characteristic psychopathology and primitive defense of borderline personality disorder, in addition to some features of depression and schizotypal personality disorder. In conclusion, the author thought that Saul might be a patient of borderline personality disorder associated with depressive syndrome and/or schizotypal personality disorder.

      • KCI등재

        일개(一個) 대학병원(大學病院) 초입원환자(初入院患者)의 불면증(不眠症) 유병률(有病率), 원인(原因) 및 약물처방(藥物處方)에 관한 연구(硏究)

        손진욱,이태우,Sohn, Jin-Wook,Lee, Tae-Woo 대한수면의학회 1997 수면·정신생리 Vol.4 No.1

        The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence, primary causes, and management of insomnia newly admitted patients in a university hospital. Subjects consisted of 168 adult patients (95 men and 73 women, 88 medical and 94 surgical patients) newly admitted to Gyeongsang National University Hospital from September 7 through September 27, 1996. Sleep patterns of all subjects in the usual nights before admission(UN), the previous night to admission(PN), the night on admission(ON), and the 5th night after admission(5N) were investigated using the Korean version of the St. Mary's Hospital Sleep Questionaire. In addition, all insomnia patients and their doctors and nurses in charge were interviewed by psychiatric residents. Additionally, their medical records were reviewed. Prevalence of insomnia were 22.6% in the UN, 42.9% in PN, 51.8% in ON, and 43.5% in 5N. The prevalence of insomnia was significantly increased immediately before and after admission. There were no significant differences in the prevalence of insomnia by age and sex. The most ammon primary causes of insomnia were somatic symptoms and psychological factors in PN, somatic symptoms and noise in ON and 5n. Only 17 (10.1%) of insomnia patients took medicstions for insomnia control(analgesics in 15, hypnotics in 2). These results shorred that the prevalence of insomnia was significantly increased on hospitalization due to somatic symptoms, environmental factors, and psychological factors, but nearly none were adequately managed.

      • KCI등재

        兩側性 및 右偏側性 電氣痙攣療法의 比較硏究

        孫鎭旭 大韓神經精神醫學會 1979 신경정신의학 Vol.18 No.3

        The comparative study was done of bilateral and right unilateral(non-dominat) ECT given to the chronic schizophrenics with depressive features, in the special reference to its therapeutic efficacy and memory changes. The number of patients in each group was 15(10 males and 5 females), and age range was 20 to 47. Therapeutic response to the two modes of treatment was evaluated by the number of treatment administered to obtain symptom-relief, and the score of Zung's "The Self-Rating Depression Scale". After 6 sessions of treatment, both groups showed good response and no difference was noted between the two. Comparison of memory changes before and after 6 sessions of treatment was evaluated by the number of confused or severely regressed patients and the score of Wechsler Memory Scale. The bilateral group showed a significant difference statistically, while the unilateral group showed no significance. There was no direct relation between memory change and therapeutic effect. The author suggests that right unilateral ECT seems preferable to bilateral ECT.

      • KCI등재

        뇌의 REM 수면 발생기전

        손진욱,Sohn, Jin-Wook 대한수면의학회 1995 수면·정신생리 Vol.2 No.2

        The author reviews current knowledge about what REM sleep is and where and how it is generated. REM sleep is the state in which our most vivid dreams occur. REM sleep is identified by the simultaneous presence of a desynchronized cortical EEG, an absence of activity in the antigravity muscles(atonia), and periodic bursts of rapid eye movements. Another characteristic phenomena of REM sleep are the highly synchronized hippocampal EEG of theta frequency and the ponto-geniculo-occipital(PGO) spike. All these phenomena can be explained in terms of changes in neuronal activity. Transection studies have determined that the pons is sufficient for generating REM sleep. Lesion studies have identified a small region in the lateral pontine tegmentum corresponding to lateral portions of the nucleus reticularis pontis oralis(RPO) and the region immediately ventral to the locus coeruleus, which is required for REM sleep. Unit recording studies have found a population of cells within this region that is selectively active in REM sleep. Cholinergic neurons of the giant cell field of pontine tegmentum(ETG), which is 'REM a sleep-on cells', has shown to be critically involved in the generation of REM sleep. Noradrenergic neurons of the locus coeruleus and serotonergic neurons of the dorsal raphe, which are called 'REM sleep-off cells', appear to act in a reciprocal manner to the cholinergic neurons. It is proposed that the periodic cessations of discharge of 'REM sleep-off cells' during REM sleep might be significant for the prevention of the desensitization of receptors of these neurons.

      • KCI등재

        巫業者의 정신병리 및 성격특성에 관한 고찰 — 晋州지역을 중심으로 ㅡ

        손진욱,우성일,이부영 대한신경정신의학회 1993 신경정신의학 Vol.32 No.5

        To evaluate the psychopathology and personalistic characteristics of shamanistic practitioners of Chinju area in Korea, the authors interviewed 22 persons using Symptom Check List-90- R(SCL-90-R) and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (E P Q ), and the comparison was made with the data obtained from 20 control persons. The results were as follows : 1) In SCL-90-R, positive symptom distress index of the shamanistic practitioners was significantly higher than that of the controls(p <0.001), but positive symptom total o f the shamanistic practitioners was significantly lower than that of the controls( p< 0 .0 5 ). 2) In EPQ , toughmindedness and lie subscores of the shamanistic practitioners were significantly higher than those of the controls(p〈0.05, p<0.001). 3) The number of significant correlations between symptom subscores in SCL-90-R and character subscores in EPQ was larger in the shamanistic practitioners than the controls. The neuroticism subscore in SCL-90-R showed significant correlations with 9 symptom subscores in EPQ in the shamanistic practitioners. The extraversion-introversion subscore in EPQ showed negative correlations with the hostility subscore in SCL-90-R in the controls and with the interpersonal senitivity and phobic anxiety subscores in SCL-90-R in the shamanistic practitioners. The authors conclude that the number of psychopathologic symptoms of the shamanistic practitioners was smaller than that of the controls but the severity of the psychopathologic symptoms of the shamanistic practitioners was higher than that of the controls. We conclude that the shamanistic practitioners showed higher subscore in toughmindedness than the controls and they expressed their affects less openly than the controls. The number o f significant correlations between symptom subscores in SCL-90-R and character subscores in EPQ was larger in the shamanistic practitioners than in the controls.

      • KCI등재

        정신분석적 정신치료에서 한국인이 보이는 전이의 특성

        손진욱 大韓神經精神醫學會 1996 신경정신의학 Vol.35 No.2

        저자는 정통정신분석가에게 정신분석적 정신치료를 받은 경험을 보고하여 이를 바탕으로 정신분석적 정신치료에서 한국인이 보일 수 있는 전이의 특성을 살펴보았다. 저자는 한국인이 보이는 전이의 특성으로 다음을 제시하였다. 1) 의사를 존경의 대상인 권위자로 생각하기 때문에 치료초기부터 긍정적 전이를 보인다. 2) 윗사람에 대한 조심성과 감정표현을 꺼리는 문화적 배경 때문에 전이신경증으로의 발전이 힘들다. 3) 아버지에 대한 양가적 갈등이 치료자에게 전이될 때 공격성은 암묵적, 은유적, 간접적으로 표현되는 경향이 강하다. 이는 한국인의 수동의존형성격과 관련될 것이다. 4) 효라는 사회문화적 장치에 의하여 억압 또는 억제되어 있던 미해결된 외디프스적 갈등이 전이 안에서 재현될 가능성이 있다. The author presented the experience in undergoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy focusing the transference. Characteristics of transference of Koreans in psychoanalytic psychotherapy were suggested as follows. 1) Koreans tend to develop initial positive trnasference because they regard the therapist as the respecting authority. 2) Koreans have difficulty in the development of an intense transference because they would not express their thoughts and feelings freely. 3) Koreans tend to express their aggression or hostility toward the therapist implicitly and indirectly because they are passive-dependent. 4) Suppressed or repressed Oedipal conflict by filial piety might be activated in the transference situation.

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