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        • KCI등재

          공공토목사업 CM 발주를 위한 단계별 업무지원 시스템 구축

          채영석,박서영,문현석,김선영,강인석,Chae, Yeong-Seok,Park, Seo-Young,Moon, Hyoun-Seok,Kim, Seon-Yeong,Kang, Leen-Seok 한국건설관리학회 2011 한국건설관리학회 논문집 Vol.12 No.5

          Recently, the MLTM (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) has announced CM business guidelines, because it is expected that the CM deliveries are going to be increased for a civil engineering industry with enforcement of the CM at Risk. In this trend, The CM business guideline, which is currently announced, is for the steps after the CM contract. However, the practical business guideline from a planning phase for the CM delivery to a selection phase of a CMr (Construction Manager) is essential for public construction projects including the civil engineering projects that the frequency of the CM deliveries is not sufficient. Therefore, this study established a standardized process model from the planning phase for the CM delivery to the selection phase of the CMr. study configured a business breakdown structure for CM delivery. A prototype system for supporting the CM delivery was also developed, and a practical operability was verified by a case evaluation based on the developed system. Hence, it is expected that this study will be utilized as a supporting system of the CM delivery business for public clients, which have not sufficient cases of the CM delivery. 위험형 CM(CM at Risk) 제도의 시행과 함께 토목시설물에도 CM계약사례가 증가할 것으로 예상되어, 국토해양부 등에서는 CM 업무지침을 공표하고 있다. 현재 공표된 CM 업무지침은 CM 계약 이후의 업무지침이지만, CM 발주사례가 부족한 토목사설을 포함한 공공사업에서는 CM 발주 자체에 필요한 CM발주의 가획단계부터 CM 업자 (Construction Manager, CMr) 선정까지의 업무지침이 필요한 실정이다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 발주처의 건설사업관리 발주업무를 발주 기획단계부터 CMr 선정단계까지 표준화된 프로세스 모형으로 구축하였으며, 이를 위해 CM발주 업무분류체계를 구성하였다. 또한 연구에서는 구축된 모형에 근거한 CM 발주지원 시스템을 개발하여 시스템의 실무 운영성을 검증하였다. 이러한 연구는 CM 발주사례가 부족한 발주처의 CM 발주업무 지원체계로 활용성을 가질 수 있다.

        • 문화관광 자원 및 축제 이미지가 지역충성도에 미치는 영향 - 광주비엔날레를 중심으로 -

          채영석 ( Chae Young-seok ),이원석 ( Lee Won-seok ) 한국지역사회발전학회(구 한국지역사회개발학회) 2020 地域社會開發硏究 Vol.45 No.2

          As the importance of the tourism industry grows, we are striving to develop differentiated contents by developing a culture that takes advantage of the national characteristics, and it is judged that the development of cultural tourism is the development method suitable for increasing interest in cultural tourism and for cultural development and economic activation. . Local governments recognize the importance of local festivals, and local festivals are growing rapidly in response to various supports. Local festivals promote the sale of local specialties, contribute to vitalizing the local economy through the development of new contents of the local culture. The purpose of this study is to investigate how the attitude according to the image affects local loyalty. Therefore, the image that was previously considered simply as a tourist destination image was divided into images of cultural tourism resources and images of festivals and events. The attitude of cultural tourism resources and the image of festivals/events occupy a very important part in the formation of local loyalty, so none of them can be overlooked. It can be said that it is a research result.

        • KCI등재후보

          프라이빗뱅킹 이용자의 만족도와 지속거래 및 추천의도에 관한 연구

          이석원(Lee, Seok-Won),김준석(Kim, Joon-Seok),채영석(Chae, Young-Seok) 한국부동산정책학회 2021 不動産政策硏究 Vol.22 No.1

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          In this study, in order to identify the satisfaction factors of private banking users, to induce sustainable transactions in the future, and to contribute to the activation of private banking through recommendations by others, important variables among tasks undertaken at the private banking center were accumulated through prior research and targeted for K Bank. As a result of the overall situation, it can be seen that over 3 billion of wealthy people have a relatively high education level of college graduates or higher, the proportion of men in their 40s, metropolitan areas, and men, and it is judged that they are using private banking in selected occupational groups. As a result of the structural equation, first, the factors affecting user satisfaction were 0.193 for real estate service characteristics, 0.037 for indirect investment service characteristics, 0.133 for legal and tax service characteristics, and 0.262 for additional service characteristics, showing a significant level at P<0.05. Second, factors influencing continued private banking transactions were real estate service characteristics of 0.149, indirect investment services characteristics of 0.019, and legal and tax services characteristics of 0.129, showing significant results at P<0.05. Third, the influence of user satisfaction on continuous transactions was 0.625, and the influence of user satisfaction on recommendation intention was 0.708, which had a positive effect. Fourth, the influence relationship on the recommendation intention of sustained transaction price is 0.763. As a result of this study, meaningful results were derived by measuring the satisfaction of private banking users, but there is a limit to the spatial scope of Seoul and the metropolitan area. In addition, there is a limit to representing all private banking users targeting a customer of one of the commercial banks. Therefore, future studies will propose a study targeting private banking users for all banks, and a study on strategic plans for profitability of private banking centers will also be needed.

        • KCI우수등재

          지역(地域)이미지와 축제(祝祭)이미지의 상호(相互) 인과관계(因果關係)

          문섭희 ( Youn Hee Moon ),채영석 ( Young Seok Chae ),조용상 ( Yong Sang Cho ),최지호 ( Ji Ho Choi ) 한국관광학회 2009 관광학연구 Vol.33 No.7

          This study examined the reciprocal relationship between destination image and festival image. In order to do this, four different structural equation models, which specify different relationships between destination image, festival image and destination loyalty, has been developed. Data were collected from 131 visitors from the 2008 Gwangju Biennale. The results support partial mediation models of destination image and festival image. This suggests that even though destination loyalty might be directly influenced by both destination image and festival image, it also could be mediated by both variables. Particularly, the mediating effect of destination image was more significant than that of festival image in explaining destination loyalty. A discussion of the key findings and directions for future research were provided.

        • KCI등재

          T-DMB에서의 교통여행정보서비스 설계 및 구현

          권대복(Dae-Bok Kwon),채영석(Young-Seok Chae) 한국방송·미디어공학회 2007 방송공학회논문지 Vol.12 No.3

          지상파 DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)에서 비디오 서비스에 이어, 본격적인 데이터 서비스가 시작되고 있는데, 교통여행정보 서비스는 그 중에서도 핵심적인 데이터 서비스로 간주되고 있다. 본 논문은 교통여행정보 서비스를 제공하기 위한 방송시스템의 설계와 구현방안을 제안하기 위한 것이며, 전체 시스템은 저작 시스템, DB 시스템, 송출 시스템 및 모니터링 시스템으로 구성되어 있다. 구현한 시스템은 국내 지상파 DMB 교통여행정보 서비스 표준인 TPEG(Transfer Protocol Expert Group) 프레임을 따른다. 본 시스템은 실시간 혼잡교통정보(CTT), 혼잡교통요약정보(CTT SUM)를 비롯하여 다양한 비실시간 관심지점정보(POI), 안전운전정보(SDI) 등을 저작 및 자동 송출할 수 있도록 설계하였으며, 양질의 콘텐츠를 효율적으로 제작하고 제작한 콘텐츠를 비디오 및 오디오와 함께 안정적으로 송출하는데 중점을 두어 구현하였다. 구현한 시스템은 다양한 수신기와의 실내외 정합실험을 통하여 그 성능을 검증하였으며, 지속적인 업그레이드를 거쳐 현재 방송 서비스에 활용하고 있다. DMB video/audio service was successfully launched. DMB data service is a matter of primary concern now. The TTI(Traffic and Travel Information) service is considered as a killer application of the data service. In this paper, we propose a method for design and implementation of the broadcasting system for TTI service. The proposed TTI service system consists of an authoring tool, the DB module, the Transmission module and Monitoring module. This system satisfies the national TTA standards of the Traffic and Travel Information data services for terrestrial DMB; TPEG(Transport Protocol Experts Group) platform. The system was designed to support real-time automatic transmission for CTT and CTT SUM, and non real-time authoring & automatic transmission for POI and SDI, and was focused on the capability to make high-quality contents efficiently and to send them to the data inserter reliably. The performance of the implemented system was proven through the conformance tests with the various commercial receivers. After the continuous upgrade, the system is being used in commercial service.

        • KCI등재
        • 지상파 DMB 방송웹사이트 송수신 정합 시험 기술

          문수한(Su Han Moon),김용한(Yong Han Kim),채영석(Young Seok Chae) 대한전기학회 2006 정보 및 제어 심포지엄 논문집 Vol.2006 No.1

          In this paper, the techNoogy of the conformance test for Broadcast Web Site Service (BWS) which is one of the data services of the T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) is proposed. First, the standard of the BWS Service is introduced and then the method of the conformance test of BWS bitstream and BWS receiver module is provided. A BWS bitstream analyzer is implemented for use in verifying the transmitted BWS bitstreams. To provide a means for the receiver manufactures to verify their own BWS receiver modules, a receiver test suite is developed including BWS test bitstreams and a BWS reference receiver module. The BWS bitstream analyzer includes the analysis function for the conformance test of MOT protocol, HTML, PNG, MNG, JPEG, and Ecma Script. Also, it was actually used for verifying the BWS test bitstreams. In the course of developing a BWS receiver module, the BWS receiver module under test can be verified by comparing the results of the BWS reference receiver module with those of the receiver module under test. when the same BWS test bitstreams are fed into the two receiver modules.

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