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      • KCI등재

        유아 영어 교육에 관한 제언

        이윤숙(Lee, Yoon Sook) 현대영어교육학회 2003 현대영어교육 Vol.4 No.2

        The purposes of this study were to research into the current state of pre-school childhood English education, to find out its problems, and to provide some suggestion for its improvement. In order to research this, I examined parents of children that were studying English in institutions for pre-school childhood development. The Participants were 450(150 from Seoul, a large city, 150 from Cheonan, a middle size city, 150 from Kwangyang, a small town). The data was collected through the Survey of the Pre-school Childhood English Education, which was intended to ask parents opinions about pre-school childhood English education and the current state of English education of their children.The findings show that most parents agreed with English education in pre-school childhood and English education in institutions for pre-school children and it is effective to children to study English education in their early childhood and most children but there isn't any formal curriculum of English education for pre-school children. It is suggest that pre-school childhood English education should be included in formal curriculum of pre-school children and formulate the pre-school childhood English education to be effective.

      • KCI등재

        초등학교 영어교육의 실태와 쟁점: 교사의 인식 중심으로

        진경애(Jin, Kyung-Ae),권서경(Kwon, Suh Kyong) 현대영어교육학회 2020 현대영어교육 Vol.21 No.1

        This study attempted to survey English teachers’ perceptions on elementary school English education in order to identify issues and reality of elementary school English education and propose policy implications. The participants of this study were 186 elementary school teachers from 100 elementary schools, stratified by 17 provincial and metropolitan Offices of Education. The survey results indicated that the majority of teachers think the amount of English class hours and the level of English learning contents are sufficient. Teachers also believed that teaching more reading and writing to the 3rd and 4th grade students is needed, in order to enhance the elementary school students’ written language skills. Furthermore, teachers pointed out that the most serious problem about elementary school English education is a large proficiency gap among students, particularly in the lower grades (grades 3 and 4). Based on these findings, this study suggests that teaching more written language in the 3rd and the 4th grades English classes is required while enhancing students’ motivation in learning the language at the same time. This paper argues the need for reformation of National Curriculum from sequential learning of the four skills to balanced learning of the four skills from the early stages.

      • KCI등재

        7차 교육과정 이후의 어린이영어교육에 대한 연구: 현대영어교육을 중심으로

        장형지 현대영어교육학회 2010 현대영어교육 Vol.11 No.2

        This study aims to review the studies about English education for children on the basis of the 7th National Curriculum, which lays great emphasis on the communicative competence, proficiency based learning, and culture based language learning. Particularly for 3rd graders in elementary school, English class has been implemented in the regular curriculum since the 7th National Curriculum, and this change deserves the early childhood English education be vitalized and facilitated. In this study, through the journal of Modern English Education, the synthesis and analysis of the studies on English education for children are conducted and the research data are categorized by the aspects of research methods and relevant topics. As a result, most of the conducted research methods were surveys and experiments, and the main topics were related to the curriculum design and teaching methods. In addition, the suggestions to enforce the goal of the 7th National Curriculum are extended reading and writing courses to make the balance of four language skills, invitation of various teaching methods like the storytelling, digital textbook, and students’ portfolio, intensive teacher training program,and lastly the process based assessments tool for young learners.

      • KCI등재

        탈북 학생들의 영어교육 증진 방안 연구: 영어교육 현장의 실제와 개선방향

        이현주 현대영어교육학회 2015 현대영어교육 Vol.16 No.3

        This study aims to have a deep understanding of North Korean refugee students’ English learning context and the issues regarding English learning in South Korea. As the number of North Korean refugee students coming to South Korea has been increasing gradually, it is important to implement new directions and customizedcontents based on the learners’ needs. To this end, this study conducted in-depth interviews with five North Korean refugee students about their English language learning experiences and problems. Four English teachers were also interviewed regarding their teaching contents, experiences, and additional supports needed. The results of the study showed that it is necessary for North Korean refugee students to have living connected language contents, Korean educational culture strengthened by new teaching approaches, English academic skills, and extra-curricular activities for improving their English abilities in South Korean educational context. This study not only suggests some implications for effective English teaching for North Korean refugee students today, but also sheds light on establishing decent plans for those who are learning English in the unified Korea’s English education system in the future.

      • KCI등재

        현대영어교육에 게재된 영어교사교육 관련 연구 분석

        김현진 현대영어교육학회 2020 현대영어교육 Vol.21 No.4

        This paper analyzed 28 articles on English teacher education out of 413 articles published in Modern English Education over the past 10 years since it was first indexed in the Korea Citation Index, to investigate the trend and characteristics of research on English teacher education in the journal. The articles were categorized and analyzed according to subject (teacher status and school level), research methodology, and research theme. The findings are as follows: Pre-service elementary school teachers were less studied than in-service elementary school teachers, pre-service and in-service secondary school teachers; quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies were employed in similar proportions across the studies; among eight research themes including teacher competence, teacher identity, and teacher training program, teacher cognition was the most studied. These findings show that the journal reflects changes in the field of second language teacher education (SLTE) and the key issues in research on SLTE.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        영어 교사교육 프로그램의 현황과 과제: 교육대학원 교육과정 비교분석을 중심으로

        김현옥 현대영어교육학회 2016 현대영어교육 Vol.17 No.1

        The study investigated the current practices of English teacher education by comparing curriculums of the graduate school of education against five standard domains: 1) language proficiency and its instruction; 2) knowledge in linguistics and applied linguistics; 3) knowledge in literature; 4) pedagogical knowledge and curriculum design; and 5) teacher research and practicum. A total of 2,192 courses operated by 78 schools were analyzed in terms of the distribution, focus, and balance of the five areas. The findings show that only ten schools have separate curriculums for pre-service versus in-service teachers, with the core curriculum centering around the foundational requirements for the pre-service teacher education. The results also demonstrate that the area of pedagogical knowledge and curriculum design ranks the highest with 589 courses, followed by the domain of language proficiency and its instruction with 576 courses. While the areas of literature and linguistics include 489 and 421 courses respectively, they need to strengthen methodological components beyond the theoretical knowledge and understanding of literary works. The courses for teacher research and practicum are quite limited in scope and number, calling for reformulating curriculums towards a more field-sensitive and reflection-driven model for cultivating English teachers with professionalism and teaching excellence.

      • KCI등재

        The Effects of a Rubric on Inexperienced Raters’ Scoring Consistency

        KyoungRang Lee 현대영어교육학회 2016 현대영어교육 Vol.17 No.2

        This study aimed to explore whether a rubric was effective for promoting raters’ scoring consistency when evaluating English learners’ essays. The experienced raters’ scores of Korean university students, with a rubric, were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. The scores of inexperienced raters with the rubric were compared with those without the rubric. Each group’s scores were compared using t-tests (also with inter-rater reliability tests) and theinexperienced groups’ scores were compared using ANOVA. With the rubric, the inexperienced raters showed a similar way of evaluating students’ performance to the experienced raters while those without the rubric could not. The former scored the essays consistently both within and across the semesters, but the latter could do so only within the semesters (post-test scores were higher than pre-test scores within each semester). The scores of each test given by the inexperienced raters with the rubric were not statistically different, which was not true for the experienced with the rubric. This implies that rubrics are effective in promoting inexperienced raters’ scoring consistency, especially when raters evaluate essays at the same time rather than when evaluating at different times even with a rubric. The details of the results are given, and the significance is discussed.

      • KCI등재

        Korean Mothers’ Extratextual Talk and Questioning in Shared Book Reading

        EunJoo Kim 현대영어교육학회 2016 현대영어교육 Vol.17 No.2

        The shared book reading experience is hailed as a cornerstone for children’s language development and academic success in their later years. However, relatively little research has been done in Korean preschoolers’ English book reading. This study aimed to investigate Korean mothers’ communication behaviors and their use of questioning when they share books with their children in home settings. Seventeen mothers and their 4- to 6-year-old (Korean age) children from middle income families participated in the study. They shared one Korean and one English book and audio-recorded their readings, followed by an online questionnaire. Their recordings were transcribed verbatim into the CHILDES program and then analyzed into 13 communication behaviors. A paired samples t-test revealed that the Korean mothers used evaluation more often when they read the Korean book than they did with the English book, while they used translation and directives more often in reading the English book. As for questioning, the mothers preferred to use recall prompts the most, asking about aspects of the story on average; however, the question types did not make any differences in both language readings. Some pedagogical discussions are addressed for the parents and educators who teach English through book reading.

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