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      • KCI등재

        Rugby as a rehabilitation program in a United Kingdom Male Young Offenders' Institution : key findings and implications from mixed methods research

        Sarah,Welland,Linda,J.,Duffy,Bahman,Baluch 한국운동재활학회 2020 JER Vol.16 No.1

        There is a growing body of research on the effectiveness of rehabilita-tion programs in a Young Offenders' Institution (YOI). The aim of the present study is to investigate the effectiveness of rugby training as a rehabilitation intervention in a YOI in the United Kingdom. Young adult males (n=46) currently serving sentences at the YOI were split into two groups, intervention (n=25; mean age, 19.64±0.81 years) and no inter-vention (n=21; mean age, 19.76±0.89). Participants completed the Crim-inal Attitudes and Associates (MCAA) instrument at three different time cycles and then pre/post for intervention group. Additionally, qualitative interviews (one to one and focus groups) were carried out with the in-tervention and no intervention groups during the same cycles of the study. The results of questionnaire analysis showed no significant dif-ference in MCAA measures taken before and after rugby intervention. Interestingly, the intervention group showed more pro-criminal attitudes on their responses compared to the no intervention group. Finally, anal-ysis of the 3 cycles of data collected showed that the time of the year the questionnaire was completed has a significant impact on the re-sponses given. In contrast, the qualitative interviews showed a very positive change of attitude towards rehabilitation from the intervention group after rugby training. The implications of the results in relation to studies aimed at evaluation of the intervention programs in YOI are dis-cussed.


        Dielectric Contrast Imaging using Apertureless Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy in the Reflection Mode

        Debdulal,Roy,M.,E.,Welland,S.,H.,Leong 한국물리학회 2005 THE JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Vol.47 No.1

        A reflection-mode, apertureless (scattering type) scanning near-field optical icroscope (SSNOM) in reflection geometry with a tip focus monitoring facility has been developed and used for imaging dielectric contrast at the nanoscale in both direct-detection and heterodyne interferometric mode. The approach curves (plot of near-field signal with tip-sample separation) were obtained and these were used to predict extent of near-field signal collection. The quality of the images obtained by adopting the heterodyne interferometric technique has been compared with those obtained by direct detection. For the former, independent phase imaging was also possible and performed.

      • KCI등재

        Effects of physical activity on debilitating behaviours in 13- to 20-year-old males with severe autism spectrum disorder

        Linda,Duffy,Bahman,Baluch,Sarah,Welland,Evren,Raman 한국운동재활학회 2017 JER Vol.13 No.3

        The presented study investigated the extent to which engaging in a therapeutic sporting programme in males with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD) improves the debilitating behaviours commonly associ-ated with ASD. Furthermore, the views of parents of the autistic partici-pants were assessed concerning the effectiveness of the programme. Participants were eight 13- to 20-year-old males born in the United Kingdom from a school and sports college for pupils with severe learn-ing difficulties. The selection was using volunteer sampling from the “Monday Club” initiative, run by Saracens Sports Foundation in part-nership with a local school and specialist sports college. The Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, 3rd edition was administered to identify and mea-sure the severity of ASD behaviours at four time periods namely: at pro-gramme entry as the baseline (Time 1, T1), a second time after 8 weeks (Time 2, T2), a third time after 16 weeks (Time 3, T3), and a fourth time post programme (Time 4, T4). The results showed that for the more se-vere cases of ASD (Autism Index >101) there was no positive change in subscale performance from T1 to T2. For milder cases (Autism Index, 71.100) there were subtle non-significant improvements on the sub-scale scores from T1 to T2. Of the 6 subscales at T2, emotional respons-es, cognitive style, and maladaptive speech approached significance at the P=0.05 level. At T3 and T4, there was also no statistically significant improvement in ASD behaviours compared to the baseline for either condition. Finally parents' were “very satisfied” with their child's partici-pation in the physical activity programme.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        Optimization of Transistor Characteristics and Charge Transport in Solution Processed ZnO Thin Films Grown from Zinc Neodecanoate

        Nikhil,Tiwale,Satyaprasad,P.,Senanayak,Juan,Rubio-Lara,Yury,Alaverdyan,Mark,E.,Welland 대한금속·재료학회 2019 ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS Vol.15 No.6

        Solution processing of metal oxide-based semiconductors is an attractive route for low-cost fabrication of thin flms devices. ZnO thin flms were synthesized from one-step spin coating-pyrolysis technique using zinc neodecanoate precursor. X-raydifraction (XRD), UV–visible optical transmission spectrometry and photoluminescence spectroscopy suggested conversionto polycrystalline ZnO phase for decomposition temperatures higher than 400 °C. A 15 % precursor concentration was foundto produce optimal TFT performance on annealing at 500 °C, due to generation of sufcient charge percolation pathways. Thedevice performance was found to improve upon increasing the annealing temperature and the optimal saturation mobility of0.1 cm2V−1 s−1 with ION/IOFF ratio~107was achieved at 700 °C annealing temperature. The analysis of experimental resultsbased on theoretical models to understand charge transport envisaged that the grain boundary depletion region is major sourceof deep level traps and their efective removal at increased annealing temperature leads to evolution of transistor performance.

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