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      • Ceramic designs of Phung Nguyen culture-the original historical document

        Nguyen Sy Toan 한국콘텐츠학회 2009 ICCC International Digital Design Invitation Exhib Vol.2009 No.12

        Each design on ceramics and pottery has historical value as written history, reflects every matter of social life. By studying ceramic and designs on ceramic, we are able to discover history of traditional handicraft village, development of skills as well as arts of manipulating. Ceramic and pottery are evaluated as highly valuable historical document for studying culture, social and history of ancient nation in pre-history, when handwriting had not been created. Phung Nguyen pottery has values as much as those values in studying the Pre-Hung Vuong period and Hung Vuong period. Especially, designs on Phung Nguyen pottery is not only included value of technique and arts, but showed thought of sience of Phung Nguyen's inhabitant by extreme symmetrical design. Alternatively, designs on Phung Nguyen pottery help to demonstrate the synchronic and diachronic relation between cultures in Pre-his tory-Early period, and distribute to demonstrate native culture of Vietnam.

      • KCI등재

        Two new species of Camellia (Theaceae) from Vietnam

        Lieu Thi Nguyen,Ninh Tran,Uematsu CHIYOMI,Katayama HIRONORI,Dung Van Luong,Son Thanh Hoang,Ky Danh NGUYEN,Hung Viet NGUYEN,Toan Canh THAI 한국식물분류학회 2018 식물 분류학회지 Vol.48 No.2

        Two new species of Camellia (Theaceae) are described from Vietnam: Camellia vuquangensis Luong, Tran & L. T. Nguyen and Camellia hatinhensis Luong, Tran & L. T. Nguyen. The new taxa were col- lected from Vu Quang National Park in the center of Vietnam. The new finds are morphologically dissimilar to all known Camellia species. Recent Camellia discoveries have increased the number of species recorded in Viet- nam from 50 to 75, making Vietnam a center of diversity and a crucial area for more research into the diversity and distributions of Camellia.

      • Key Determinants and the Effects of Perceived Value on Online Repurchase Intention of E-Commerce in Vietnam

        Nguyen,Ngoc Duy Phuong,Nguyen,Duy Long 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        The purpose of this paper is to explore how customers’ repurchase intention of e-commerce in Viet Nam which is considered as a potential country in developing this field. This paper focuses to the effects of perceived value on online repurchase intention of e-commerce in Vietnam and what key determinants affect to the perceived value. To test the proposed hypotheses, the quantitative method is applied to collect the data. The partial least square (PLS) was used as a technique to analyze the data included the measurement as well as structural model. Data from this research collected from 261 Vietnamese online shoppers who have already purchased in E-commerce in Vietnam.

      • The Effect of Country-of-Origin on Customer Purchase Intention: A Study of Functional Products in Vietnam

        Nguyen,Ngoc Duy Phuong,Nguyen,Tien Dat 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        This paper examines key determinants and the effect of country-of-origin on customer’s purchase intention of functional food and dietary supplement product in Vietnam. Data was collected from a survey of 242 Vietnamese who have experienced in buying functional and supplement food. This paper employed partial least square (PLS) as a technique used to analyze the measurement and structural models. The findings provide evidence that social prestige customer perceives and their positive attitude toward functional food which are main factors influencing on consumers’ purchase intention. Customer’s perceived prestige plays an important role in decision-making process to purchase. The higher social prestige taken up in consumers’ mind, the higher consumers’ purchase intention is. Moreover, the more positive attitude customer holds toward functional food, the higher consumers’ purchase intention. The research results provide useful information in current understanding of what antecedents determine factors influencing customer’s intention to purchase functional food and lead to managerial implications for business strategies.

      • The Role of Investment Attraction in Vietnamese Industrial Parks and Economic Zones in the Process of International Economic Integration

        Nguyen,Tien Dzung,Nguyen,Anh Tuan,Do,Phu Tran Tinh 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        This study aims to assess the attraction of foreign direct investment in Vietnamese economic zones (including industrial zones and economic zones). The main research method used are synthesis and comparison analysis based on the data collected from the surveyed group comprising of enterprises operating in the economic zones in the Middle (Chu Lai, Nhon Hoi, Dung Quat) and the Southern (the largest island: Phu Quoc). After conducting surveys, research results show that there is a difference between the assessment and the level to meet the requirements of investors with business environment, expressed through the following criteria: (1) the infrastructure; (2) quality of public services; (3) preferential policies; (4) labor; (5) market; and (6) social services. Based on the assessment of the identified criteria, this paper had suggested six number of recommendations to promote the role of attracting foreign direct investment capital into the economic zones in Vietnam: (1) implementing the one-stop-shop policy; (2) continuing to improve the infrastructure of economic zones; (3) prevent and ensure the security of economic zones; (4) implementing vocational training activities to improve quality of human resources; (5) development of supporting industries; (6) raising the quality of capital invested in the economic zone.

      • Factors Affecting a Successful Deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning for Organizations in Vietnam

        Nguyen,Xuan Hiep,Nguyen,Thi Cam Loan 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        This study identifies and measures factors influencing deployment of enterprise resource planning in Vietnam by qualitative research methodology combined with quantitative research methodology. The data are surveyed with 324 administrators of 45 organizations which have successfully deployed ERP in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh cities. The result of the study shows that the factors affecting a successful deployment of ERP in Vietnam (ranked in descending order of importance) including: Top managers’ commitment and support; Business process re-engineering; User involvement; Project management Board; Vendor support and Suitability of software and hardware.

      • Some Conditions to Develop the Service Sector of Urban in Vietnam

        Nguyen,Nguyen Phong 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        Service sector is a component and plays an important role in the country economy. The service sector is a bridge between input factors and output factors to the process of commodity production and product consumption. The appearance and development of the services have helped to overcome geographic obstacles, hasten the rate of commodity circulation, impulse needs of commodity transaction from one country to the other country and from one geographic region to another geographic region. This paper is researched some urban service sector development conditions. In order to develop service sector, the first principle is to recognize the importance the services as accelerator to the growth of the industrial and also agricultural sectors. In other hand, service sector itself is important component of the whole economy as its share in GDP has always increased. The average growth rate of the key services such as transport, communication, finance and insurance is often above the growth rate of the whole economy. To achieve fast grow of the service sectors, it is required to have the policy planning mechanisms so that all of the functional sectors and divisions in different ministries and the city municipals had coordinated synchronously and implemented the development strategies of the service sector. Related stakeholders have to contribute to the master plan of the city service sector development.

      • KCI등재

        Analyses of the Potential Capabilities and Factors Affecting Vietnamese Fruit Exports

        ( Nguyen¸ T. S. ),( B. H. Lee ) 강원대학교 농업생명과학연구원(구 농업과학연구소) 2020 강원 농업생명환경연구 Vol.32 No.S

        Trade data from 10 countries spanning 21 years was analyzed via revealed comparative advantage (RCA) index with gravity model adaptation (e.g., export equation by estimation methodology) to determine the export capabilities and the primary factors affecting Vietnamese fruit exportation. The data was obtained from the International Trade Center (ITC) database, Free Map Tools, and the United National Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The RCA index showed that Vietnam has a comparative advantage in exporting fruit (RCA > 1), specifically in coconut, Brazil nut, and cashew nut exports. The export equation result (least squares regression) indicated that factors could positively or negatively affect the quantity of exported fruits. The competitor’s export price, China’s participation, and the import country’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita positively affected the quantity. The distance and the currency exchange rate between Vietnam and the importing country, the Vietnamese fruit export price, the agricultural area per capita, and the value of imported fruits to Vietnam negatively affected the quantity. Quantile regression analysis showed that Vietnamese fruit trading depends on the export scale. These results suggest an efficient strategy for developing the Vietnamese fruit industry, particularly in fruit exportation.


        ( Nguyen¸ Vandong ),( Joo-seok Song ) 한국정보처리학회 2004 한국정보처리학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.11 No.1

        PARO, a power-aware routing optimization mechanism, is proposed in [1] to minimize the transmission power needed to forward packets between wireless devices in ad hoc network. The mechanism works by redirecting the route to pass through one or more intermediate nodes on behalf on source-destination pairs, then reducing the end-toend transmission power. This paper will show an extension of this model and provide an analysis of the geometrical area lying between source and destination in which the intermediate node elects to perform redirection. The duration the intermediate node stays in that area is also computed.

      • Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Case of University Students in HCMC

        Nguyen,Xuan Hiep,Nong,Thi Nhu Mai 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        This study is to explore and measure factors that affect undergraduates’ entrepreneurial intentions - a test for students of universities in Hochiminh City by applying both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The primary data of this study was gathered by interviewing 773 seniors of six universities who nurture entrepreneurial intentions from 01 March 2017 to 28 April 2017. It is concluded that entrepreneurship education affects the entrepreneurial intention not only directly but also indirectly through attitude toward the entrepreneurial behavior, subjective norm, perceived feasibility; personality traits impact indirectly on entrepreneurial intention via attitude toward the entrepreneurial behavior and perceived feasibility. The results of this research show that the factors affecting the entrepreneurial intention of university students in Ho Chi Minh City include: entrepreneurship education, attitude toward the entrepreneurial behavior, subjective norm, perceived feasibility and personality traits. In particular, entrepreneurship education has a direct or indirect impact on the student s entrepreneurial intention through the remaining factors.

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