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      • User-Friendly Interactive Chinese Character Education System and Its Effect


        This paper presents a novel friendly and interactive Chinese character (Kanji in Japanese) learning system to enable elementary school students and foreign people living in Japan and to learn Kanji by an interesting and efficient way. By interacting with the network between the client application for students and the server application for teachers, teachers can grasp circumstances of education of all students in real-time. When students select and input characters they want to learn, the client application checks whether each stroke is unbalanced or not, and it is corrected if unbalanced. If there are no unbalanced strokes, a “Hanamaru” is displayed. On the other hand, the server application has two kinds of display modes, to display circumstances of all students and to display detail circumstances of each student, and teachers can switch them anytime. At the same time, the server takes statistics of points where each student is easy to make mistakes and saves them. So teachers can grasp circumstances and trend of all students. Moreover, pen speed and segment division are introduced in order to extract and correct local features, such as “tome”, “hane”, and “harai”, which were a weak point of previous system in spite of the important point in Kanji education. Segment division is a method that refraction points of each stroke are extracted and each stroke is subdivided by these points and is used to correct “hane” and to distinguish between “ore” and “mage”. For both of them, the correction of local features can be realized and the close correction is enabled. Finally, by using the system actually, this system is evaluated whether it is useful to be able to write and memorize Kanji correctly and the interface is really friendly for learners. As a result, since many students feel interesting and useful to learn Kanji, it is clear that this system is useful for Kanji education. And the interface is also a high appraisal.

      • Probing Franck–Condon-like Excitations in Anchoring of Phthalocyanine Molecules on Au(111)

        Jeong, Yong Chan,Song, Sang Yong,Kim, Hyo Won,Shin, Hyung-Joon,Kang, Joongoo,Seo, Jungpil American Chemical Society 2017 The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C Vol.121 No.32

        <P>The nuclear motions coupled with electronic excitations of reactants play an essential role in electron-induced chemical reactions. Here, we study the vibrational-electronic (vibronic) coupling effects in the anchoring of Ni-phthalocyanine molecules (NiPCs) on Au(111) using scanning tunneling microscopy. The anchoring occurs through the dehydrogenation of a C-H bond in NiPC by tunneling electrons. By counting the number of anchored molecules, we measure the reaction rate as a function of the bias voltage. We find an unexpected dip feature in the reaction rate near the bias voltage of 4.8 V. To understand this, we employ density functional theory calculations to study atomic force exerted on a NiPC by Franck-Condon-like excitations. We find the molecule anchoring is enhanced when the C-H bonds are stretched by the induced force, which is lacking for the bias voltage near 4.8 V and thus responsible for the anomalous dip in the reaction rate.</P>

      • KCI등재

        Multiband Slotted Crescent-shaped Patch Antenna for K-band Satellite and mmWave Communications

        Md. Najmul Hossain,Liton Chandra Paul,Md. Abdur Rahim,Jungpil Shin 대한전자공학회 2022 IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing & Computing Vol.11 No.3

        In this paper, a multiband miniaturized crescent-shaped patch antenna with circular slots is presented for ultra-wideband applications. The proposed antenna is constructed on a Flame Retardant 4 (FR-4) dielectric substrate. Next-generation wireless communication systems, such as beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G mobile communication systems require a wider bandwidth and higher data rates. The overall size of the proposed antenna is 11×9×2.4 mm3 operating in the frequency range of 17.73 GHz to 26.04 GHz and 29.6 GHz to 31.02 GHz for satellite communications and radar systems, respectively, as well as 35.40 GHz to 38.65 GHz for future mmWave B5G mobile applications. These frequency ranges usually fall into the K-band and mmWave frequency spectrums. Simulation results demonstrate that the peak gain of the proposed antenna is 4.68 dB, which is obtained at 25 GHz.

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