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      • KCI등재

        Effects of Light and Lipids on Chlorophyll Degradation

        Edwald Lee,안해천,최은옥 한국식품과학회 2014 Food Science and Biotechnology Vol.23 No.4

        Stability of chlorophylls was studied in a systemof paraffin oil with added oleic acid or triolein under 1,700lx and in the dark. Chlorophyll contents were determinedusing HPLC. Sample oxidation was evaluated using theheadspace oxygen content based on GC and the peroxidevalue. The chlorophyll content decreased with time andwas higher and decreased faster under light than in thedark. Singlet oxygen was involved in chlorophyll degradationunder light. Chlorophyll degradation was lower and slowerin samples with added lipids than in samples withoutlipids. Protection of chlorophyll from photodegradationwas greater using triolein than using oleic acid. Oxidationwas slightly higher in samples with added lipids than insamples without lipids, however, there was no significant(p>0.05) difference between samples with added oleic acidor triolein. Decreased chlorophyll degradation under lightby lipids is due to competition between lipids andchlorophyll for singlet oxygen.

      • KCI등재

        Light Effects on Lipid Oxidation, Antioxidants, and Pigments in Dried Laver (Porphyra) during Storage

        오수정,Edwald Lee,최은옥 한국식품과학회 2014 Food Science and Biotechnology Vol.23 No.3

        Effects of light on lipid oxidation, antioxidants,and pigments in dried laver (Porphyra) were studiedduring storage at 40oC and at a water activity of 0.75 for 15days. Lipid oxidation was evaluated by measuring peroxidevalue (POV) and conjugated dienoic acid (CDA) contents,whereas fatty acid composition was analyzed by gaschromatography. Contents of polyphenols, tocopherols,porphyran, chlorophylls, carotenoids, and phycobilins werealso monitored. The POV and CDA contents of dried laverlipids increased during storage, whereas contents ofeicosapentaenoic acid, pigments, and antioxidants decreased. Light accelerated lipid oxidation as well as degradation ofantioxidants and pigments during storage of dried laver. Chlorophyll and polyphenols were the most rapidly degradedamong all pigments and antioxidants, respectively, andlight had the strongest effect on their degradation. Lipidoxidation of dried laver due to light was highly dependenton the content of α-tocopherol among all minor compounds.

      • KCI등재

        Effects of Catechin and α-Tocopherol Addition on the Autoxidative Stability of Diacylglycerol Oil Derived from an Olive Oil and Perilla Oil Mixture

        정이진,Edwald Lee,최은옥 한국식품과학회 2014 Food Science and Biotechnology Vol.23 No.6

        The effects of tea catechin and α-tocopheroladdition (1 mM) on the oxidative stability of oleic andlinolenic acid-rich diacylglycerol (DAG) oil derived froman extra virgin olive oil and perilla oil mixture (6:4, w/w)were evaluated. Oil was oxidized at 50oC for 10 days, afterwhich oxidation was evaluated based on headspace oxygenconsumption and peroxide values (POV). The polyphenoland tocopherol contents were also monitored. Addition ofcatechin did not affect the oxygen consumption or POV ofDAG oil, whereas α-tocopherol acted as a prooxidant. Addition of antioxidants had no significant (p>0.05) effecton the fatty acid composition of the oil. Degradation of γ-tocopherol during oil oxidation was inhibited by additionof α-tocopherol, and addition of antioxidants inhibitedpolyphenol degradation. The autoxidative stability of DAGoil can be improved using polar rather than non-polarantioxidants.

      • KCI등재

        참기름 첨가에 의한 어유 보강 에멀젼의 클로로필에 의한 광산화 개선 효과와 산화 방지제 함량 변화

        안소진(Sojin An),이에드월드(Edwald Lee),최은옥(Eunok Choe) 한국식품과학회 2014 한국식품과학회지 Vol.46 No.2

        참치유 보강 에멀젼에 첨가된 참기름은 클로로필의 존재 하에 25℃, 1,700 lux의 빛에서 에멀젼 유지의 광산화를 유의하게 감소시켰다. 또한 참기름의 첨가는 에멀젼의 광산화 중 산성 조건에서 클로로필로부터 전환된 페오피틴의 분해속도를 낮추어 일중항산소 생성이 많았을 가능성에도 불구하고 일중항산소와 라디칼 소거능을 가진 인지방질, 토코페롤, 폴리페놀 화합물을 제공함으로써 참치유 보강 에멀젼 유지의 산화안정성을 개선하였으며 인지방질, 토코페롤에 비해 폴리페놀 화합물이 더 큰 영향을 주었다. 리그난 화합물은 에멀젼의 광산화 중 변화를 보이지 않아 물리적 기전에 의한 일중항산소 소거 작용을 암시하였다. This study was performed to evaluate the effects of sesame oil addition to a tuna oil-enriched emulsion during chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation. The emulsion principally consisted of tocopherol-stripped canola and tuna oil with or without sesame oil, acetic acid, phospholipids, and xanthan gum. Chlorophyll b was added to promote the production of singlet oxygen upon exposure to light. The oxidation of oil in the emulsion was evaluated by determining the peroxide value (POV) and conjugated dienoic acid (CDA) contents. Concentrations of minor compounds in the emulsion were monitored. Increasing POV and CDA contents in the emulsion were paralleled with decreased docosahexaenoic acid during oxidation, and oxidation was inhibited by the addition of sesame oil. Chlorophyll, polyphenols, tocopherol, and phospholipids were degraded during oxidation of the emulsion; however, their degradation was slowed down by the addition of sesame oil. Lignans in the emulsions containing added sesame oil were barely changed, suggesting that they quenched singlet oxygen physically. Polyphenols were the most effective in improving the stability of tuna oil-enriched emulsions during chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation.

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