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      • KCI등재

        Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Lymnaeid Snails and Their Potential Role in Transmission of Fasciola spp. in Vietnam

        Bui Thi Dung,Pham Ngoc Doanh,Dang Tat The,Ho Thi Loan,Bertrand Losson,Yannick Caron 대한기생충학열대의학회 2013 The Korean Journal of Parasitology Vol.51 No.6

        Freshwater snails of the family Lymnaeidae play an important role in the transmission of fascioliasis worldwide. In Vietnam, 2 common lymnaeid species, Lymnaea swinhoei and Lymnaea viridis, can be recognized on the basis of morphology, and a third species, Lymnaea sp., is known to exist. Recent studies have raised controversy about their role in transmission of Fasciola spp. because of confusion in identification of the snail hosts. The aim of this study is, therefore, to clarify the identities of lymnaeid snails in Vietnam by a combination of morphological and molecular approaches. The molecular analyses using the second internal transcribed spacer (ITS2) of the nuclear ribosomal DNA clearly showed that lymnaeids in Vietnam include 3 species, Austropeplea viridis (morphologically identified as L. viridis), Radix auricularia (morphologically identified as L. swinhoei) and Radix rubiginosa (morphologically identified as Lymnaea sp.). R. rubiginosa is a new record for Vietnam. Among them, only A. viridis was found to be infected with Fasciola spp. These results provide a new insight into lymnaeid snails in Vietnam. Identification of lymnaeid snails in Vietnam and their role in the liver fluke transmission should be further investigated.

      • SCOPUS

        The Impact of Buzz Marketing on Customer E-WOM Intention: An Empirical Study in Vietnam

        Chi Minh LE,Minh Hoang DANG,Dinh Gia Trung TRAN,Thu Duyen TAT,Liem Thanh NGUYEN 한국유통과학회 2022 The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Busine Vol.9 No.2

        Customers’ perceptions of information about a company’s products or services have altered as a result of the development of ICT and social networks. This gives rise to a fact that buzz marketing, which is a marketing technique employed commonly in today’s business and communication, has a significant impact on customers’ electronic word of mouth intention (e-WOM). However, very few studies about this issue have been conducted so far, which reveal a gap in understanding buzz marketing from an academic perspective. Based on the results of a cross-sectional survey in Binh Duong city, this study investigates the efficiency and effect of buzz marketing on customers’ e-WOM intention through mediating variables of message credibility. Data from 367 time-lagged individual samples were collected and analyzed by the structural equation modeling method (SEM). Results showed that creativity, clarity, and humor variables have a positive relationship with message credibility and then impact the intention to conduct e-WOM of social networks’ users. Marketing campaigns employing the buzz technique should be launched with easy-to-understand and entertainable messages. Findings from this study also provide managers with a scientific understanding of buzz marketing and the effectiveness of this technique as well as reveal the potential for future studies to explore further in this area.

      • KCI등재

        Revisiting Customer Complaint Intention: A Case Study of Mobile Service Users in Vietnam

        Liem Thanh NGUYEN,Minh Hoang DANG,Thu Duyen TAT,Dinh Gia Trung TRAN 한국유통과학회 2021 The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Busine Vol.8 No.9

        In the mobile industry, customer complaints play a significant role in retaining customer loyalty to the services provided. Thanks to user complaints, mobile service providers can effectively identify problems and then propose solutions to adapt or improve their services. Hence, it’s critical to understand the relationship between consumer complaints and satisfaction with mobile services. While several studies have shown that customer satisfaction is an intermediary variable that explains customer complaint intention, there have been few studies on the relationship between pre-determinants of their satisfaction, leaving a gap in our understanding of customer complaint intention. To demonstrate an in-depth approach to this matter, authors revisit justice theory and suggest trust and perceived responsibility variables be combined into a research model. A cross-section survey was conducted to collect data from 265 mobile services users of the three biggest mobile service providers in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. This study employed Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method to analyze the samples collected. The result showed that customer complaint intention is affected by distributive justice, interactional justice, trust but not procedural justice. Additionally, the moderating role of the perceived responsibility variable to the relationship between customer satisfaction and complaint intention is also proved.

      • Fractional-Order PI Controllers Design Based on IMC Scheme for Enhanced Performance of Dead-Time Processes

        Nguyen Luan Vu Truong,Hieu Giang Le,Thien Ngon Dang,Linh Le,Tat Linh Doan,Truong Thinh Nguyen,Moonyong Lee 제어로봇시스템학회 2013 제어로봇시스템학회 국제학술대회 논문집 Vol.2013 No.10

        A unified method for the fractional-order proportional-integral controller based on IMC scheme (IMC-FOPI) is proposed. The analytical tuning rules are derived for achieving the performance improvement in terms of both disturbance rejection and set-point tracking. Many illustrative examples are considered to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm for both integer and fractional-order processes with time delays. In addition, the robust stability of fractional-order systems are also carried out in order to demonstrate that the proposed controller can hold well the robustness against perturbation uncertainty in the process models.

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