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          석면함유 공공 건축물의 위해성 평가 및 면적 분포 특성

          송수진 ( Su-jin Song ),장봉기 ( Bong-ki Jang ),조봉현 ( Bong-hyun Jo ),김영지 ( Yeong-ji Kim ),허은협,이종대 ( Joung-dae Lee ),손부순 ( Bu-soon Son ),이종화 ( Jong-wha Lee ) 한국산업보건학회 (구 한국산업위생학회) 2016 한국산업보건학회지 Vol.26 No.3

          Objectives: This study, aims to examine the distribution characteristics of asbestos-containing building materials; risk assessment and area of distribution of asbestos-containing building materials depending on year of construction; building materials; types of building materials; and usage in public buildings in order to create fundamental data for safe management of public buildings. Methods: The asbestos investigation was conducted by an asbestos research institution from March to May 2014, targeting 41 public buildings which were subject to asbestos investigation in South Chungcheong-do Province. With respect to 381 presumed asbestos-containing materials, an investigation was conducted into whether they contained asbestos, asbestos type, content, year of construction, and use in the building were examined, and a risk assessment was performed. Results: Asbestos-containing building materials were used in 35 buildings(85.4%). Among them, 31(88.6%) were public buildings. Asbestos was detected in 73% of 381 suspected asbestos-containing materials, which were mostly ceiling materials (85.2%). The older the buildings, the more they showed a tendency to have a significantly higher risk assessment score. The ratio of average area with asbestos-containing building materials to total floor area was 57.6%, 44.1%, and 17.8% for buildings built in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, respectively. This showed a tendency to be significantly higher with the age of the building. Conclusions: From the results above, it can be concluded that with the age of the buildings, the risk assessment score and the ratio of average area with asbestos-containing building materials to total floor area became significantly higher. Given the concern about the exposure to asbestos of residents and civil petitioners, safety management of older public buildings and measures for dismantling and removal of asbestos-containing building materials should therefore be urgently established.

        • KCI등재

          [화학] 핵시설로부터 발생되는 방사성탄소 분석기술 및 감시

          천상기(Sang-Ki Chun),김낙배(Nak-Bae Kim),김건한(Kun-Han Kim),조수영(Su-Young Choi),박찬조(Chan-Jo Park),이종대(Joung-Dae Lee),신장식(Jang-Sik Shin) 한국분석과학회 2000 분석과학 Vol.13 No.6

          본 일련의 실험은 가동중인 핵시설 주위의 자연환경내 방사성탄소 농도준위 변화의 간접적인 추적을 통하여 체계적이고 장기간에 걸친 환경감시 목적으로 수행되었다. 나무 나이테 분석을 이용한 방사성탄소 농도 측정 결과는 핵시설 가동 후 농도 준위가 증가한 것을 나타내었으며, 그 변화는 발전량과 밀접한 상관관계가 있음을 알 수 있었다. 한편 섬유소 처리를 통한 안정 동위원소비, δ^(13)C을 측정한 결과는 -30‰을 나타내었으며, 이 값은 수동법 및 능동법으로 채취한 대기 시료중의 (13)^C값 -17‰ 및 -8‰과는 매우 다른 결과를 나타내었다. 이런 차이는 광합성에 의한 동위원소 분별효과라고 가정할 수 있으나, 이 문제는 심도있는 연구가 필요하다. The object of this series of experiments was aimed for the systematic and long-term radioactivity monitoring through indirect search of C-14 concentration level changes in the natural conditions around the operating nuclear facilities. The result of environmental radioactivity level through tree-ring analysis is increased after operating nuclear facilities and such a level can be proved to relate power generation closely. The measured result of δ^(13)C through the treatment of cellulose can be showed the level -30‰. This figure is very different from one which is measured the -17‰ of air sample by passive air sampling and -8‰ of air sample by active air sampling. And these differences can be assumed as isotope fractionation by photosynthesis, but the problem is more study as needed.

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