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      • 忠淸北道 高等學生의 價値觀硏究 : 忠州.堤川.丹陽.地域을 中心으로

        신현대 忠南大學校 1989 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        A. Objective To build the student's ability by which he can establish a strong and sound goal of Life in the society of the rapid change and severe struggle of nowadays , the objective and sound observation and analysis of the value is necessary. In this point of view, this study aims to consider the theoretical background of value and value-education and search the general trend of valuation of the students in Chungcheongbuk-do and finally , to set the principal subject and directon of the Korean Education. B. Method of the Research and the Contents of the Question Paper 1. L237 students in Chungju, Chechon, Danyang area were selected for the research, 2. Their answers to the question paper were classified according to the sex, grade, and section, 3. The question paper consists of 5 units and 25 items. 4. Materials were made on the base of analysis on the above answer papers . C. Findings The conclusions of the research can be summerized as follows, 1. About Citizenship 1) Over than 86% of the students think that true patriotism lies in doing his duty, and this shows that a desirable attitude for the citizenship is established among the high school students . 2) But only 32% of the students answered that they pay strict respect to the National flag, 30.0% of them say that they pay respect to the National flag only they are not so busy, and the rest 30% of the student say that they keep on their work. This means that the attitude of toward the patriotism are changing from the formal one to the practical one. At the same time we can see the fact that the traditional attitude and the liberal attitude are intermingled among the students according to the rapid change of the social value. 3) 91.7% of the students agree to the interchange with the commonist country , and most of the students think that the unification of our country should be accomplished without having any damage on the democratic system of our regeme. This means that they have strong belief in the democratic system of our country. But, even though they are small in number, 2.7 % of the students answer that any system can be admitted if only the unification can be made. This suggest very important fact which should be paid attention to. 4) More than 60 % of the students think that the base of the national development lies in the political and stability. this shows the results of the present education which gives the primary stress on the stability. 2. About School life. 1) Half of the students think that the primary purpose of the study is to get a good job for the uprising in their future. This means that the current system of education has severe problems. 2) Only less than 7 % of tile students have positive point of view about the extra school Life in the night time and all the others keep negative position. should be abolished. 3) Most of the students pay true respect to the teachers who have morality and sense of humor for the sound relationship between the teacher and the students . 4) In making friends , they give stress on sincerity first, and honesty and reliance are also stressed. In case of intersexual relationship , more than 83% of the students have positive point of view and it means that the traditional value has Lost its own dignity. 3. About family life. 1) More than 94% of the students think that family happiness Lies in harmony and health of the family member. This means that they count much of mental elements and material elements are treated as minor condition. 2) The sound relationship among the brothers and sisters in a family is also stressed. Especially, 1.8 % of the students think that they should help their brothers if they are in trouble, and this means that the traditional value of the family combination and brothood are still survived and have strong influence . 3) In case of the communication between parents and sons, relatively sound relationship has been established as the number of the nuclear family increased, but still there are some troubles caused from the struggle arosed between the traditional attitude of the parents and the students . 4) More than 86 "t of the .students think that they will support their parents when they are old. But at the same time, 4L.9 "t of the students answer that they will support if it is necessary. This means that there is a struggle between the traditional concept and the modern concept about the duty to their parents. 5) Toward the holding memorial service of the ancestors, more than 97 % of the students answered that they will keep the tradition. But 55 % of them think that the ceremony should be reformed according to the social change . 4. About Social Life. 1) Most of the students think that the contemporary society is operated by money, individualism and egoism. This means that they have negative thought toward the present society . 2) More than half of the students think that the most important element for success in Life Lies in diligence and industry. This means that their way of thinking is sound in spite of the above negative point of view toward the society. 3) On marriage, about 75 % of the students prefers one who has sound character rather than any other. This means that the internal aspect is stressed in the choice of Life partner. From this we can say that they have sound way of thinking about marriage. 4) 53 % of the students think that the sexual integrity should be kept, but the rest don't put any stress on it. This represents that sex moral of the older generation face a severe challenge and so our attitude toward the education for the sexual integrity should be reconsidered. 5) On seting an aim of Life, about 56 % of the students point out "Realization of their dream", 18 % of them prefer "Creation of the new" , and the others mark on "The quest of truth". this stands for the fact that they have a sound and future-fitted way of thinking of their own life. 5. About the job. 1) In case of job choice, about 6L "t of the students count the aptitude as the most important element, 23 % of them put more significance on the prospect of the job. This means that relatively sound standpoint of value on the job selection has been established until now. 2) On the selection of the employee, 63 "t of the students stress the character, 33 % of them prefer intelligence and skill. This represent that the premodern way of thinking which was dominated by the blood ties , school relation, and regional prejudice is perfectly ignored and desirable promising future-fitted way of thinking established. 3) On the Choice of job, more than 76 % of the students regard the aptitude and speciality as the most important factor. D. Conclusions and Suggestions From the above s the valuation of the Chungcheongbuk-do province can be concluded as follows, "In some aspects , such as the attitude toward the National flag, the aim of study, and the attitude toward the success, they have not so good attitude, but the general trend of valuation of the students is desirable because it is future-fixed, progressive , and developable. But, in various respects, there is a confusion of the valuation between the modern and progressive valuation and the traditional value. " From the above result of this study the research suggest as follows the prevent the confusion of valuation of the student and help the students in forming more desirable valuation . First, in the aim of education the pursuit of tradition-oriented type of customary should be replaced by the development-oriented type in which efficienty and rationality are stressed. Second, in the method of education, the customary value-indoctrination method should be replaced by the new one in which the autonomy and the ability of judgement can be established. Third, in contents of education, the intellectualism of up to date should be replaced by the new ones in which the experience of practical Life is stressed. Fourth, in the system and operation of the educational administration, the regirnentational system of up to date should be reformed to the support in system. Finally, in the relation between the home and society, various faults of the intellectualism should be overcomed and the system of cooperation among the home, school, and society should be established.

      • 건설재해의 발생원인과 예방대책에 관한 연구

        신현대 동아대학교 산업대학원 1997 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        These days, industrial calamities including occupational diseases are on the increase following the industrial complication, mass production system, mechanization, chemical invention, the use of toxic materials, and the increase of new equipment. In particular, the construction industry faces the greatest risk of gigantic economic loss and human damage, The rapid growth of the construction-concerned calamities can be directly attributable to the structural problems of a fall, a landside, and material proportion, and indirectly to the absurdities of the unreasonable construction deadline, bidding problems and the problematic choice of a constructor or a subcontractor. According to the concerned statistics, the general causes and characteristics of the Korean construction-related calamities are as follows : 1. These calamities take place in various types in lots of working processes involving the use of machines, devices, and vehicles. 2. In the wake of the mechanized construction, 715 construction workers died in 1995, constituting 26.8% of all the industrial deceaed. 3. In the calamity type, a fall still comprises a high percentage as in the past. 4. In the calamity cause, according to the data of 1995, educational lack was 41.53%, those with the career of less than 6 months were 89%. Also, temporary buildings were 33.29% in 1992. Now, let's sum up the preventive measures against these increasing calamities. 1. Basically the systematic safety management system among the users, the supervisors, and the workers is necessary. In addition, the concrete countermeasures are required concerning the construction company's financial and technical support to its safety facilities, the promotion of the rotational construction assessment organization, and the advance evaluation of the construction design and planning. 2. Systematic devices are urgent, such as the change or complement of the bidding system, the improvement of the subcontract system, the reasonable choice of the constructor, and the designation of superior cooperative firms for fair dealings. Furthermore, the safety evaluation system should be completely administered in order to check the dormant risk factors in the middle of the construction. Also, a systematic and practical safety educational should be held for the workers, while the calamity-profuse firms should be punished with more fines and the safety management expenses should be properly included in the total construction cost. 3. For the improved sense of safety, the labor and the management should be fully conscious of the importance of the safety-first principle. In especial, the constructor should be socially and morally responsible for the dignity of human beings. In accordance with the strengthened safety education, iron nets, protective guards and facilities, etc. should be equipped. On the part of the government, appropriate policies, full-length support, rind powerful legal execution are needed. In sum, for the purpose of reducing industrial calamities in the construction fields, the three parties of the government, the company, and the workers should cooperate for the responsible management system based of a human-oriented philosophy : the government to support financially with safety facilities and sanction calamity-producing firms; the company to turn safety-minded based on human dignity and social responsibility; and the workers to keep safety rules.

      • 大學의 成果 評價에 관한 硏究 : DEA 技法에 의한 效率性 分析

        신현대 성균관대학교 대학원 2004 국내박사

        RANK : 247631

        In recent years, the management environment of Korean universities has changed rapidly to gain more competitiveness. Leading universities, already having established a good reputation, will survive and grow continuously, whilst average universities may experience a serious crisis if not attending to the needs of the university. To promote a universitys efficiency or management, we will need more accurate methods such as the DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) to identify the inefficient parts. This study has examined DEA and how it measures the efficiency of university units. This study has also suggested various approaches to promote efficiency. Data Envelopment Analysis is a useful nonparametric method to evaluate the relative efficiency of a set of decision-making units (DMUs) with multiple inputs and outputs. This study has evaluated 38 different Korean universities utilizing the National Citation Report (NCR) focusing on the years between 1995 and 2003. The NCR states that each of these Korean universities had published over 500 works between the years of 1995-2003. Among the various types of DEA models, this study mainly uses the CCR (Charnes, Cooper & Rhodes) model, which aligns inputs and outputs simultaneously. In this model, the input factors are the following: university employees (faculty and staff), salary, internal research expenses, and the library. The resulting output factors are the citations in international citation indexes, published works including journal articles and essays written by professors and their graduate students, external research expenses, impact factors of dissertations and the overall reputation gained by the university. The outcome of this evaluation is as follows: Out of 38 universities, are the 19 efficient units i.e efficient universities (the value of efficiency is 100%). For the inefficient units of a university, we research methods for improving the DEA efficiency. These suggestions are based on data derived from the following factors: peer group, actual value, target value, slack input achieved, output achieved. These data are acquired by running DEA software (Banxia Software Ltd.) This study can provide substantial guidance for enhancing the competitiveness between universities, through identifying problematic areas within the input factors and, by doing so, improving the output factors. Although this study may lack some research design, the overall results can contribute to the improvement of efficiency and competitiveness of Korean universities.

      • 기업집단의 재무적 특성과 연결법인세제도의 선호도

        신현대 弘益大學校 2005 국내박사

        RANK : 247631

        본 연구에서는 기업집단을 재무적 특성별로 파악·분류하고 그 기업집단의 재무적 특성이 연결법인세제도 도입효과에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지 분석하였다. 특히 개별법인세와 연결법인세의 차이에서 발생하는 절세효과가 재무적 특성이 각각 다른 기업집단들의 전략적 의사결정에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 실증 분석하여 연결법인세제도의 도입이 기업집단의 재무적 특성에 따라 유리한 경우도 있고 불리한 경우도 있을 것이라는 추론을 검증하였다. 이와 같은 연결법인세제에 대한 다각적인 분석과 연구를 통하여 연결법인세제의 도입이 어느 경우에 가장 유효한지를 점검하고, 이때 기업집단들의 의사결정에 필요한 합리적인 방안이 무엇인지를 제시하고자 한다. 이것이 본 연구의 궁극적 목적이다. 본 연구는 문헌과 자료를 통한 이론적 연구와 시뮬레이션 자료를 이용한 실증적 연구를 병행하여 실시하였다. 실증분석을 위하여 연결재무제표를 작성한 국내 기업집단들의 2000년부터 2002년까지의 개별재무제표와 연결재무제표를 입수하여 표본자료로 사용하였으며 이 자료에 의거해 기업집단을 수익성, 자본구조, 활동성 등과 같은 기업의 재무적 특성을 나타내는 비율을 기준으로 하여 분류하였다. 그리고 이러한 재무적 특성이 개별법인세와 연결법인세의 차이에 어떠한 영향을 미치는가에 대해 3개의 가설을 세우고 이에 대한 검증을 실시하였다. 설정한 가설들을 검증하기 위해 회귀분석모형을 이용하였다. 회기분석모형은 기업집단에 속해있는 개별기업의 법인세 총 합계액에서 기업집단의 연결법인세 추산액을 차감하여 산출한 절세효과를 종속변수, 기업집단의 수익성비율, 자본구조비율, 활동성비율을 독립변수로 정하고 이를 바탕으로 도출하였다. 수익성비율이 개별·연결법인세 차이인 절세효과에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 분석한 연구결과는 다음과 같이 요약할 수 있다. 첫째, 우리나라에 있어서 기업집단의 수익성비율은 개별·연결법인세차이에 負의 방향으로 영향을 미친다. 이것은 수익성비율이 높은 기업집단 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 없는 반면, 수익성이 낮은 기업집단 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 있음을 나타낸다. 따라서 수익성이 높은 기업집단은 조세회피 유인이 많은 개별법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많고 수익성이 낮은 기업집단은 미실현이익의 이연, 결손금 공제 등에 유리한 연결법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많다. 이러한 결과는 연결법인세제도가 개별법인세제도보다 내부거래의 인과관계를 잘 나타낼 수 있는 제도임을 간접적으로 시사해 주는 것이다. 수익성이 높은 기업집단이 정상적으로 경영활동을 하였다면 연결법인세제도를 적용하는 것이 절세에 유리하여야 할 것이다. 그럼에도 불구하고 개별법인세제도보다 연결법인세제도가 절세에 불리하다는 것은 이를 적용할 경우 은폐·왜곡된 내부거래의 인과관계가 보다 잘 들어날 수 있다는 것을 의미한다. 둘째, 우리나라에 있어서 기업집단 지배회사의 수익성 비율차이는 개별·연결법인세차이에 正의 방향으로 영향을 미친다. 이에 따라 첫째 결과와 둘째 결과를 종합해 볼 때, 수익성이 높은 기업집단의 경우 전체 입장에서는 개별법인세제도의 적용이 절세에 유리한데 지배회사 입장에서는 연결법인세제도의 적용이 절세에 유리한 것을 의미한다. 이것은 최소한 지배회사 수익성의 비율차이만큼 지배회사의 종속회사 개입에 의한 내부거래가 이루어졌을 가능성을 시사 해 주고 있는 것이다. 자본구조비율이 개별·연결법인세 차이인 절세효과에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 분석한 연구결과는 다음과 같이 요약할 수 있다. 첫째, “기업집단의 자본구조비율은 개별·연결법인세 차이에 負의 영향을 준다”는 가설이 기각된 것을 미루어 볼 때 우리나라에 경우 자본구조비율은 개별·연결법인세차이를 설명하는 데 있어 그리 큰 역할을 하지 않는 것으로 판단할 수 있다. 둘째, 우리나라에 있어서 기업집단 지배회사의 자본구조 비율차이는 개별·연결법인세차이에 負의 영향을 미치고 있다. 이것은 자본구조 비율차이가 높은 지배회사 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 없는 반면, 자본구조 비율차이가 낮은 지배회사 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 있음을 나타낸다. 따라서 자본구조 비율차이가 높은 지배회사는 그룹 내의 상호지급보증, 내부대차 등에 대한 이자비용을 공제받을 수 있는 개별법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많고 자본구조 비율차이가 낮은 지배회사는 내부손익공제, 배당금·분배금 공제 등에 유리한 연결법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많다. 활동성비율이 개별·연결법인세 차이인 절세효과에 어떠한 영향을 미치는지를 분석한 연구결과는 다음과 같이 요약할 수 있다. 첫째, 우리나라에 있어서 기업집단의 활동성비율은 개별·연결법인세차이에 正의 방향으로 영향을 미친다. 이것은 활동성비율이 높은 기업집단 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 있는 반면, 활동성이 낮은 기업집단 일수록 연결법인세를 도입할 경우 절세효과를 볼 수 없음을 나타낸다. 따라서 활동성비율이 높은 기업집단은 내부거래의 상계, 제거가 이루어져 세제상 혜택을 볼 수 있는 연결법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많고 활동성비율이 낮은 기업집단은 조세회피유인이 있는 개별법인세제도를 선호할 가능성이 많다. 둘째, 우리나라에 있어서 기업집단 지배회사의 활동성 비율차이는 개별·연결법인세차이에 負의 방향으로 영향을 미친다. 이에 따라 첫째 결과와 둘째 결과를 종합해 볼 때, 활동성이 높은 기업집단의 경우, 전체 입장에서는 연결법인세제도의 적용이 절세에 유리한데 지배회사 입장에서는 개별법인세제도의 적용이 절세에 유리한 것을 의미한다. 이것은 최소한 지배회사 활동성의 비율차이만큼 지배회사의 종속회사 개입에 의한 내부거래가 이루어졌을 가능성을 시사 해 주고 있는 것이다. This study classifies corporate enterprises by their financial features and analyzes those financial features in terms of their impacts on the introduction of the Consolidated corporate Income Tax System. Especially, it investigates and substantiates the impact of Tax Savings Effect, incurred by the differential between Individual Income Tax System and Consolidated Income Tax System, onto the strategic business decisions of various corporations with different financial characteristics. The study also verifies the inference that the introduction of Consolidated Income Tax System might present advantages and disadvantages according to the different financial attributes. Through such multilateral analyses and research on Consolidated Income Tax System, the fundamental objectives of this study is to examine the effective point of time for the introduction of the Consolidated Income Tax System, and to present the rational plan in need for the decision making process. Theoretical analyses were performed using records and materials in synchronization with case studies based on simulation materials. For the case studies, the sample materials are obtained from Individual Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements between 2000 and 2002 of the domestic companies that wrote out Consolidated Financial Statements, and based on these materials, corporate groups are assorted according to the rates that represent the financial attributes of companies, such as profitability, capital structure, and activity. Moreover, the three hypotheses are constructed and evaluated to demonstrate how such financial characteristics exert influence upon the gap between Individual Income Tax and Consolidate Income Tax. Regression Analysis Model was applied to evaluate the hypotheses. Regression Analysis Model is derived from setting tax savings effect as dependent variables, which was produced by subtracting the calculated amount of Consolidated Income Tax of a corporate group from the total sum of the corporate tax of an individual corporation that belongs to the group, and as independent variables, the model counters profitability ratios of the corporate group, capital structure ratios, and activity ratios. The following summarizes the result of the analysis on the influence that Ratios of Profitability has upon tax savings effect, that is, the Individual Consolidated Income Tax differentials: First, in Korea, the ratios of profitability of the corporate group have 'inverse' effects on CTD. With Consolidated Income Tax introduced, it means that the higher the profitability ratio of a corporate group is, the lower its tax savings effect occurs, while the introduction of Consolidated Income Tax will bring higher tax savings effect for a corporate group with the lower ratio of profitability. Accordingly, a corporate group with higher profitability is likely to prefer Individual Income Tax System that may provide motives for eluding taxes, and a corporate group with lower profitability is likely to adopt Consolidate Income Tax System that favors deferred unrealized gains, and deductions of deficit amount. Such results imply that Consolidated Income Tax System reveals the causal relations of the inside transactions better than Individual Income Tax System. This also conveys that, if a corporate group with high profitability acted in good faith, Corporate Income Tax System should be the favorable choice for tax savings. Nevertheless, the fact that Consolidated Income Tax System, rather than Individual Income Tax System, poses disadvantages toward tax savings suggests that the causal relations of the concealed and distorted inside transactions are more likely to be revealed under Consolidated Income Tax System. Second, the profitability ratio differentials of a controlling company in a corporate group have 'positive' effects on CTD. Accordingly, deduced from the first and second results is as follows: Individual Income Tax System is advantageous for a corporate group with higher profitability toward tax savings as a group, but only from the controlling company's standpoint, the application of Consolidated Income Tax System presents better opportunity for tax savings. Such findings suggest the possibility of inside transactions occurred with the controlling company's intervening in dependent companies at least as much as its profitability ratio differences. Analyzed in the study, the impact of Ratios of Capital Structure upon CTD is summarized as follows: First, as you can see from the dismissal of the hypothesis, "the ratios of capital structure of the consolidated group have inverse effects on CTD, "these ratios are not significant in elucidating CTD. Second, in Korea, the differences in the ratios of the controlling company's capital structure of a corporate group have 'inverse' effects on CTD. This implies that when the Consolidate Income Tax System is introduced to the controlling company, the bigger the ratio differentials are, the lower tax savings are expected on the contrary, the lower the ratio differentials are, the higher tax savings are expected. Consequently, the controlling company with higher ratio differentials is more likely to prefer Individual Income Tax System that offers deductions on interest expenses toward Cross-debt Guarantee and internal balance within the group. In the same sense, one with lower ratio differentials are likely to adopt Consolidated Income Tax System that favors internal net income (loss) deductions, and dividends and shares deductions. The analysis of Ratios of Activity in terms of their impact on CTD is summarized as follows: First, the Activity Ratios of a corporate group have 'positive' effects on CTD. This leads to that a corporate group with higher ratios of activity gains in tax savings under Consolidated Income Tax System, while one with lower ratios of activity does not gain in tax savings under the same system. Accordingly, a corporate group with higher ratios of activity favors Consolidated Income Tax System that generates tax benefits through set-off and elimination of internal transactions; one with lower ratios of activity tends to choose Individual Income Tax System that is likely to elude taxes. Second, the differentials in ratios of activity of a corporate group in Korea have 'inverse' effects on CTD. Consequently, deduced from the first and second results, in case of a corporate group with higher activity, Consolidated Income Tax System is favorable from the whole group's standpoint, whereas only the controlling company would prefer the Individual Income Tax System. This in turn suggests the possibility of inside transactions by the controlling company's intervening in dependent companies at least as much as the differentials in activity ratios of the controlling company.

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        우리나라는 2013년에 들어서 만 3세에서부터 만 5세까지의 전 연령을 대상으로 하는 누리과정을 완성하기에 이르렀다. 이에 본 연구는 누리과정이 현장에서 얼마나 실행되고 있는지, 특히 어린이집 교사에 대하여 “관심기반수용모형(Concerns-Based Adoption Model, CBAM)”을 통해 알아보기로 하고, 대전광역시 지역에 소재하고 있는 어린이집 교사 214명을 대상으로 교육과정에 대한 교사의 관심도와 활용도 연구 설문지(The stages of Concerns Questionnaire)를 이용하여 누리과정에 대한 어린이집 교사들의 누리과정에 대한 관심도, 실행수준, 교재·교구 활용실태 등을 개인요인 및 환경요인별로 알아보았다. 연구 결과, 관심도를 측정한 결과에서는 단계 0의 지각적 관심 수준이 가장 높은 순위로 나타났다. 두 번째로는 단계 1의 정보적 관심 수준으로 나타났고, 세 번째는 단계 3의 개인적 관심 수준이 나타나는 등, 대체로 낮은 단계에서부터 관심 수준이 순차적으로 나타났다. 실행수준 평점을 알아본 결과에서는 “자료” 항목이 가장 높은 실행수준 평점을 보였으며, 그 다음으로는 “방법” 항목이 두 번째 수준의 평점을 나타냈으며, “내용” 항목과 “이론적 근거 및 성격” 항목이 동시에 세 번째 순위를 나타냈다. “목표” 항목과 “평가” 항목은 다섯 번째와 여섯 번째 순위를 기록하였다. 또한 40대 교사들이, 대학 졸업의 학력인 경우에, 보육교사 자격증만 소지하고 있는 경우에, 국·공립 어린이집에 근무하고 있는 경우에, 16명 내지 20명 정도의 유아들을 담당하고 있을 때, 8학급 이상의 규모 등에서 통계학적으로 더 높은 실행수준을 보였다. 교재 및 교구 활용실태를 알아본 결과에서는 지도서 및 DVD 콘텐츠 활용에서 각각 “5개 영역 모두를 활용한다.”고 대답한 비율과 “4∼5가지 정도를 활용한다.”고 대답한 비율이 가장 높은 순위로 나타났으며, 특히 예·체능 영역에서 교재·교구의 활용실태가 높은 수준으로 나타났다. 이상의 연구결과에 대하여, 누리과정에 대한 어린이집 교사의 낮은 관심도에 대해서는 교사에 대한 교육을 더욱 강화하는 일차적 대책을 강구함과 동시에, 학계 및 교육당국에서도 누리과정의 성공적인 정착을 위해 더 많은 관심과 투자를 기울어야 할 것을, 보육현장에서의 실행수준을 보다 높이기 위해서는 누리과정의 개념·내용 및 실행방법에 대한 현실적 교육의 필요성을, 끝으로 교재·교구 활용실태 중 예·체능 영역 이외의 수·과학 영역에 대한 관심을 더욱 기울여 줄 것을 논의하였다. 또한 ➀ 보다 정확하고 세밀한 연구를 위해서는 연구 범위를 더욱 넓혀 여러 지역을 대상으로 할 필요가 있음과 ➁ 누리과정 시행 시기별로 여러 차례 연구를 진행하는 종적 연구의 필요성이 있음과 ➂ 보다 정밀하고 학문적인 관찰 결과를 위해서 질적 연구 방법도 필요함을 제언하였다. Korea has completed the Nuri process in 2013, subjecting three to five years old children. Thus, this study attempt to investigate its level of use in practice, especially focusing on the day care center and its nursery teacher using Concerns-Based Adoption Model. The stages of Concerns Questionnaire was given to 214 number of nursery teachers in the day care center located in Daejeon, in order to investigate their level of concern, use toward the process, and teaching materials depending on individual factor and environmental factor. When the level of concern is being observed, perceptional interest, stage 0, was ranked the highest. Informative interest, stage 1, was ranked second and personal interest, stage 3, was ranked third which demonstrate that concern level is mostly shown in order from the lower stage. When the level of use is being observed, ‘Material’ ranked the highest while ‘Method’ ranked the second. ‘Content’, and ‘Theoretical ground/characteristic’ ranked third simultaneously. ‘Objective’ and ‘Evaluation’ ranked fifth and sixth successively. In addition, statistically higher level of use was shown when the nursery teachers in forty had college degree, nursery teacher’s certificate, currently working at national day care center, in charge of 16-20 number of children, and working in the center having more than 8 classes. When the utilization of teaching materials are being observed, high percentage of the subjects responded that they utilize ‘all the 5 areas’ or ‘4-5 areas’. Especially, teaching materials were utilized the most during arts and physical education course. These study results demonstrate that primary solution needs to be devised strengthening teacher’s education toward the area of lower concern degree. At the same time, academia and education authorities need to invest more attention for the sake of its successful settlement. Furthermore, the importance of its concept, content, and its implementation method needs to be emphasized to raise the level of implementation in practice. Lastly, attention toward mathematical/science needs to be invested other than arts and physical education in terms of utilization of teaching materials. ➀ The range of study needs to be widened subjecting various regions for more accurate and detailed research. ➁ Longitudinal study needs to be carried out subjecting the Nuri process periodically, ➂ and a qualitative study for more accurate and scholarly observations.

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