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      • ATM 스위치 시뮬레이터의 개발

        변성혁,김덕경,이승준,허정원,선단근,박홍식 대한전자공학회 1995 전자공학회논문지-A Vol.32 No.9

        In this paper, we develope an ATM switch simulator in order to evaluate the HAN/B-ISDN ATM switch currently being developed by ETRI. It models the basic cell switching functions of the target ATM switch with priority control and multicasting features and it also supports such various traffic models as random or bursty traffic, balanced or unbalanced traffic, multicast traffic models. Using this simulator, we can evaluate the performances of the ATM switch in terms of various performance indices, i.e. cell delay, cell loss probability, etc., and this simulator can be utilized in the system parameter tunings such as the common buffer size and address buffer size.

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