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          • 자성유체 액주의 동적 특성에 관한 실험적 연구

            金鍾喆,李洪西,黃勝湜 충주대학교 산업대학원 1999 大學院論文輯 Vol.1 No.-

            The aim of the this study is to provide fundamental informations for the development of magneticfluid actuator. To achieve the aim, the dynamic characteristics of magneticfluid are investigated by experiment for the various of tube diameter, height and position of magneticfluid column in magneticfluid according to supply voltage of solenoid coil. From the study, Actuating force of magneticfluid is generated by magneticfield. The magnitude of force increases as the intensity of magneticfield becomes strong and the center of magneticfield becomes lower than the center of magneticfluid column. And, the force of magneticfluid relates to the volume of magneticfluid more than the height and diameter. The response delay time decreases as the height of magneticfluid column becomes longer and the center of magneticfield becomes lower than the center of magneticfluid column. But, the approaching time increase as supply voltage becomes higher and the center of magneticfield becomes higher than the center of magneticfluid column.

          • 여러 가지 시멘트의 화학저항특성 및 강도에 관한 연구

            崔英鮮,鄭棋泳 충주대학교 산업대학원 2002 大學院論文輯 Vol.3 No.-

            The chemical resistance was measured for ordinary portland cement, sulfate-resisting cement, slag cement and fine-powdered slag blended cement. Each cement was made into the mortar specimen, that was digested in saturated lime solution, sulfate solution, chloride solution, and artificial seawater. During six months, compressive strength, weight, and appearance was examined. In saturated lime solution, ordinary portland cement showed the best compressive strength until 28 days. However, fine-powdered slag blended cement showed the highest strength from 90 days. And, the result for sulfate-resisting cement was of average value. In sulfate solution, the ordinary portland cement deteriorated most severely. Fine-powdered slag blended cement showed the good compressive strength, but depreciated after 90 days. And sulfate-resisting cement excelled for all periods. The result in calcium chloride solution and artificial seawater, showed the same tendency with one in sulfate solution. In conclusion of the experiments, the ordinary portland cement was most greatly influenced by chemicals. Slag cement or fine-powdered slag blended cement excelled for compressive strength except in early period, but depreciated in late periods. Sulfate-esisting cement excelled in all periods.

          • ATM over xDSL 네트워크의 구조에 관한 연구

            류기한,서홍택 충주대학교 산업대학원 2002 大學院論文輯 Vol.3 No.-

            With the tremendous growth of PC market and enhancement of computing ability, the whole of our life has changed considerably. Now, there are lots of effort to interconnect the grown computing environment and implement communication function to make the working environment more effectively. In this paper, we studied the architecture, features, and interoperability of the ATM and xDSL technologies that remarkable in data communication network these days.

          • 광역 인터넷망에서 MPLS VPN을 이용한 QoS 제공

            柳基漢,徐弘澤,禹利錫 충주대학교 산업대학원 2001 大學院論文輯 Vol.2 No.-

            With the wide deployment of Internet, there were remarkable effort to construct Private Network using public Internet in the corporate network. VPN service using public Internet has the advantage of cost effectivity, access convenience and etc against VPN service using leased line. In this paper, we studied the feature and structure of VPN and how to construct more strong VPN with MPLS technology. Finally, we confirm the superiority and ability of QoS guarantee of MPLS VPN to IP VPN by network simulation results.

          • Natural occurrence of fumonisin B_1 and B_2 in Korean corn kernels

            Lee,,Ung,Soo,Chung,,Duck,Hwa,Yun,,Hae,Hyun 충주대학교 산업대학원 1999 大學院論文輯 Vol.1 No.-

            The natural occurrence of fumonisin B_1(FB_1) and B_2(FB_2), a promoter for hepatocarcinogenesis, was investigated is Korean corn kernels for feed and seeding harvested in 1997 by HPLC with fluorescence detection. From the 36 corn kernel samples, FB_1 was detected in 20 samples at levels ranging from 67 to 1410 ng/g, while FB_1 was found in 15 samples from 75 to 1595 ng/g. In the positive samples,the average concentrations of FB_1 and FB_2 were 481 and 519 ng/g,respectively. One sample(NO, KC5) showed the highest FB_1 and FB_2 contents as 1410 and 1595 ng/g, respectively. The data reported here indicates that Korean corn kernels harvested in 1997 are simultaneously contaminated with FB_1 and FB_2. The incidences of these mycotoxins are slightly increased,and levels of FB_1 are similar to those observed in the corn kernels harvested in 1992 but levels of FB_2 are increased approximately 2 times.

          • 韓國 宗家建築의 陽宅論 解析에 대한 地磁氣 分析

            孫泰鎭,尹勝照 충주대학교 산업대학원 1999 大學院論文輯 Vol.1 No.-

            The purpose of this study is to analyze the terrestrial magnetism on the Yang-Tag-Sam-Yo theory of chong-ga in Korea. Sam-Yo, meaning “the Three Element of the Houses” elaborates on the orientational interrelations among the three elements; the Gate, the principal Room and the Kitchen. As a results, it was found that the Gate and the pricipal Room have application to the Yang-Tak theory but the Kitchen has not application to the Yang-Tak theory according to functional relationship. Also the magnetic test results are analyzed by the horizontal component(H) within 302-312mGauss, the vertical component(V) within 380-391 mGauss and the total field within 401-405 mGauss of Earth's field in magnetic data. Therefore, the Sam-Yo of chong-ga has a great importance and must be considered importantly in housing environments.

          • GIS를 이용한 충주대학교 시설물 관리

            신계종,유영걸 충주대학교 산업대학원 2002 大學院論文輯 Vol.3 No.-

            According as a complexity and high level of society, the information being rapid and accurate for landuse, environment and traffic etc. is required, but the information management by a drawing and a map is confronted with a complicated and sudden change of facilities. For the facility management, the condition of all facility must be understood and facility drawing of those days of construction must be kept well, but there are many problems for the facility management because of keeping a drawing and a map carelessly up to now. To solve these problems and preserve a drawing and manage facility efficiently, the facility management(FM) is required. This study includes the methodological problems for the techniques and procedures to design database necessitating great cost and time to establish the facility management system(FMS). Furthermore, all sorts of layout materials, which are currently handled in facility management within the universities land, can be expediently utilized through computerization of GIS, and this study readily tries to determine the scheme to modify, complement, and manage the data.

          • 淸州市 步行環境의 現況과 改善方向에 關한 硏究

            陳章元 충주대학교 산업대학원 2002 大學院論文輯 Vol.3 No.-

            Even the part of pedestrian planning in urban transportation have been smaller than before because of a motorization society, walking is not only the oldest transportation mode in human history but also the most important transportation mode for making sustainable city. However, our cities have been introduced the car oriented urban policy and as that result, pedestrian environments of our cities have been destructed. Therefore, this study shows the present pedestrian environment condition of Cheongju that is capital city in Chungbuk province and suggest the basic pedestrian policy for Cheongju.

          • PECVD로 TiN코팅한 드릴의 수명 향상에 대한 연구

            金鴻遇,金東鉉 충주대학교 산업대학원 1999 大學院論文輯 Vol.1 No.-

            The hardcoating on the tool steels are influenced by the hardness,micro-structure and adhesion of the coating layers. In order to improve the adhesion and wear resistant properties in the films,the coating has been formed on the substrate because the coating is very high hardness and wear-resistant properties. In this study, therefore, TiN coating is coated on the tool steel (SKH9) by PECVD to enhance the load bearing capacity with the high hardness of TiN of toughness, chemical stability and high lubricity of TiN coating on the purpose of enhancng the performance of film-substrate composite. So, the TiN coating on the SKH9 has been characterized using XRD,and tested mechanically using microhardness, scratch adhesion and wear tester especially drill test. As a result, TiN coating show excellent properties in the wear and resistance and adhesion. It is thought due to the high hardness of the TiN toughness and dissipation of crack energy and crack deflection why TiN show these good characteristics.

          • 응축수 탱크내에서의 수격현상과 냉각장치의 랜킨 사이클에 대한 고찰

            安樂善 충주대학교 산업대학원 1999 大學院論文輯 Vol.1 No.-

            A delivery valve has installed to a way out pump in order to control keeping off counter flow and delivery volume in case of an accident of out of order pump. Condensing water has been supplied to a boiler by circulation pump through a condensing tank contained condenser cooling system or boiler condensing water. A shutting down of a pump operation by sudden interception a circulation pump decreased cooling water or delivery volume of supplying water. By this a sudden water hammer is causes in the system,ocording to pump characteristic,driving condition of delivery valve the feature of geometry in system and condensing water condition water hammer was changed and the destruction in system can be happened in violence. In this paper. I have made a numerical value analysis on the water hammer affected by the change of a section for materials in system applicating to driving condition of delivery value. In this paper I examined on the output change and the maximum output condition in accordance with the operation condition of reversible cycle and on the operation condition of the cycle to calculate the maximum output by Rankin Cycle. I studied on the typical Rankin Cycle by calculating outputs with various operation condition and examined the results.

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