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      • KCI등재

        학습자 중심의 초등영어교사교육

        김재혁(Kim Jae hyuk) 영상영어교육학회 2002 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.3 No.1

        Recently learner-centered teaching has been in vogue especially in the area of elementary English education. This may be the reason that the 7th National English Curriculum directs considerable attention to learner-centered teaching, and each of the national English textbooks in elementary schools has a variety of learning activities and tasks aimed at two levels: intensive for fast learners and supplementary for slower learners. Thus there seems to be a strong consensus of opinion among ELT researchers and teachers that we should teach English in a learner-centered way, taking the wants and needs of the leaners into account. It must be pointed out, however, that very little attention has been paid to how we educate teachers so that they can teach English in a learner-centered way. Considering this, the aim of this paper is to suggest a model of, and some theoretical basis for learner-centered elementary English teacher education. To this end, the problems our current elementary English teacher education often faces were looked at in terms of learner-centered education. This paper also investigated the TESOL programs offered in the major universities in the USA.

      • KCI등재

        비대면 교양 영어 수업에서의 패들렛(Padlet) 학습 활용과 학습자 인식 연구

        김혜정(Kim, HyeJeong) 영상영어교육학회 2022 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.23 No.1

        The aim of this study is to present learning activities using Padlet to facilitate communication and exchange of opinions among learners in large-scale, remote liberal arts classes, and to examine learners perceptions of and responses to the use of Padlet as a learning tool. Communication and opinion-sharing activities need to be managed efficiently to minimize the difference in quantity and quality of such activities in remote classes compared to face-to-face. Padlet was actively used for learning activities by 104 college students enrolled in this liberal arts course. In order to broaden the scope of understanding of the content, individual opinions, thoughts, and results of group assignments were uploaded to Padlet. Open-ended questionnaires and interviews were completed to analyze learners’ responses to the use of Padlet in a liberal arts class. As a result, it was found that learners had relatively high satisfaction with the use of Padlet in class activities. Specific reasons for satisfaction with using Padlet were found to be “ease of use”, “interactive sharing”, “fun and interest”, and “convenience”. In the remote educational era, instructors need to actively use tools such as Padlet for communication and sharing and focus on the development and optimal use of these tools.

      • KCI등재후보

        대학생 영어 학습자의 듣기 학습전략 사용에 관한 연구

        정혜진 영상영어교육학회 2006 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.7 No.1

        The purpose of this study was to reveal the learning strategies which Korean college students frequently use in English listening comprehension. Listening strategy use was investigated through the means of questionnaire. Major findings of this study include: First, college English learners reported using listening strategies to a certain degree, but less frequently compared with learning strategies in general. Second, they used strategies related to compensational inference and affective stability very often, but social strategies were used infrequently. The study illustrated the active role of learning strategies in second/foreign language acquisition. It also offered English teachers and researchers the opportunity to understand EFL learners' listening processes and where to direct listening strategy instruction. If teachers introduce unfamiliar listening strategies which were found not commonly used by the students from this study, the strategy instruction could be effective for the development of the students' listening abilities and strategies, and for the training of students to become autonomous language learners who could continue studying English on their own. Further studies need to be conducted more in depth considering the limitations of this study in terms of its means and procedures.

      • KCI등재후보

        인종 차별과 비판적 사고를 위한 영어 미디어 교수 자료

        김영서 영상영어교육학회 2005 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.6 No.2

        English teaching should help learners master higher levels of knowledge so that they can better understand race and ethnic relations and develop the language skills and abilities needed to make reflective personal. The purpose of this paper is firstly, to investigate the teaching material through movies which can improve the critical thinking. Secondly, to describe multimedia teaching tool production processes which are linear and systematic to those that are iterative and transformational.

      • KCI등재후보

        웹 기반 초등영어 평가 프로그램의 개발 및 적용

        김재혁,김유정 영상영어교육학회 2005 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.6 No.2

        This study has two main aims: Developing a web-based English testing program and investigating its effects on elementary English teaching. For this purpose, 35 children in the 4th grade participated in the 12-week experiment in which the subjects, after English class at school, performed tests regularly at home using computers. The children were compared with a comparison group who took similar English classes but did not perform any tests. Data were also obtained by questionnaires and interviews focusing on the students‘ achievement, interest in English, frequency of self-study at home, confidence in English, and motivation to learn English. The statistical analysis of the data did not yield clear conclusions. Interviews and personal contact with the children suggest, however, notable differences. The experimental group who took web-based tests tended to show better achievement and more positive attitude toward English and English learning than did the comparison group. It hints at potential usefulness of web-based testing programs in elementary English education

      • KCI등재

        영화를 이용한 영어교육

        최용재(Choe Yong jae),유무근(You Moo Keun) 영상영어교육학회 2003 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.4 No.1

        This article aimed to observe the possibilities for English education through movies. Since there are both pros and cons for introducing movies into English classrooms, it was deemed necessary to verify the possibilities. The method was simple; choosing a movie at random and analyzing and discussing it in a semester-long seminar course at the post-graduate level. Findings were: (1) though there were some slang expressions, the vocabulary was still within the range of 1,200 words, two thirds of which were from the word list of the secondary English curriculum; (2) structures and grammatical elements were comparatively basic; and (3) the required background knowledge was considerably easy and quite comprehensible. All in all, English education via movies was found to be feasible and worth investing time in.

      • KCI등재후보

        이메일과 온라인 뉴스를 활용한 효율적인 대학 시사영어 교수방안

        김길수 영상영어교육학회 2006 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.7 No.1

        The purpose of the current study is to overcome the difficulty of selecting teaching materials for college current issues English class and propose an effective way to lead student-centered classroom activities. In the study, two examples are selected through Internet Website and devised for effective teaching. Students are required to prepare their lessons for the next week through email sent by their instructor. In the classroom the instructor leads the students to present their studies. After class the instructor sends assignments through email in order to check how much they are understood. After receiving their assignments and checking them through email, the instructor will give the students the answers for their assignments through email. In the next class the instructor will also give the students a chance to present special topics related to the previous lesson privately and collectively. In the study, the followings are proposed for more effective teaching: 1) Small classroom size, 2) Improvement on the evaluation method and increase of lecture hours and credits, 3) computer training for ill-motivated students, and 4) the instructor should provide every possible ways to improve communicative competence in English for the students.

      • KCI등재후보

        영화 스타워즈 2: 클론의 습격에 나타난 영어의 형식성에 대한 분석

        이차훈 영상영어교육학회 2005 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.6 No.1

        The purpose of this study is to analyze the formality of English in Star Wars Episode Ⅱ: Attack of the Clones, and to show that there are various levels of formality in English and that formality has a great influence on the meaning of each sentence. Following Quirk et al. (1985), I divide the formality into 5 levels; very formal, formal, neutral, informal, and very informal. With these 5 levels of formality, I analyzed Star Wars Episode Ⅱ. This analysis shows that there are at least 5 levels of formality in English, and the formality of each sentence varies according to what situations the speakers are in, who the speakers are talking to, and what psychological attitudes the speakers have. Therefore, observing formality carefully enables us to capture the hidden meaning of what speakers say, and the attitudes of the speakers. I insist that it is important to teach formality in English education, and suggest that letting students practice distinguishing the formality by analyzing movies helps them to use various levels of expression appropriately.

      • KCI등재

        영화 『리타 지도하기(Educating Rita)』를 통해 본 자기 발견식 교수법

        강혜경(Kang Hye Kyung) 영상영어교육학회 2003 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.4 No.2

        This study explores the British tutorial system as represented in the film Educating Rita (1983, Director: Lewis Gilbert, Columbia Pictures). The aim of this paper is to address the need to introduce teaching methods which create a better educational environment in Korea. In addition, the researcher considers the class system which simplistically divides the educated from the uneducated in the film. The latter criticizes this rigid British system. A young uneducated woman named Rita is completely disheartened with her own class, and aspires to change her existing way of life by receiving an education. What is at issue here is her intrinsic motivation toward education. Her life is transformed through a tutor-based educational system, leading her on a path of self-discovery. The researcher offers some suggestions with reference to this system. In short, this paper discusses the merits of a system designed to fully cultivate the potential of learners.

      • KCI등재후보

        문화가 EFL교육에 미치는 영향

        김용완 영상영어교육학회 2006 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.7 No.2

        English classes in Korea have concentrated on grammar and translation from English into Korean not as a medium of communication but as a means of social success. Korean students have tended to develop better command of grammar and reading than that of communicative skills in English. The students' reticence should be personal traits peculiar to Korea. The knowledge of cultural backgrounds is an important part of communication since culture is inseparable from language. Therefore, this article describes the importance of cultures in the EFL classroom. Native teachers will entice the quiet classroom into a live one and improve students' communicative competence, but they often continue to remain monolingual and monocultural. Thus, team-teaching by a native teacher and a Korean teacher is regarded as an effective means of providing students with opportunities to improve their communicative competence as well as to understand English culture. Team-teaching can encourage teachers and students to interact with one anther and resolve the difficulties that students will face owing to different cultural backgrounds of the interlocutors. Two teachers can contribute greatly to students' communicative competence, since they complement each other. All in all, it seems that teachers should have a good understanding of both the mother and target cultures to succeed in EFL education. EFL education should be a cultural one.

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