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        • 대구보건대학 재학생의 정보화교육 실태에 관한 연구

          이재도,이장희 대구보건대학 2000 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.20 No.-

          This paper has analyzed about the computer use, the information use, and the computer information education 870(33.4%) first-year students at Taegu Health College. There was no big distinction between students from different departments in the level of obtaining information and in the ability of using information, but the use of internet (7.67) showed much higher than that of computer(3.38). In the evaluation on the level of softwares used in the computer, the difference between softwares is significantly big, and the softwares for game or entertainment are used the most(8.71). Their ability to use computer(3.06) revealed lower than university students ´ ability(4.39), and their level of using internet does not exceed the level of intermediate(4.08). Whereas the taken credits for computer information education recorded less than the average satisfaction in general, the earned credits between the departments were severe. Especially, public health division relative to non-medical fields showed the lowest(68.00%). For main reasons for not having taken computer information involved lack of time and cost, and more than 70% of the students hoped to take the education if they were free from the above obstacles. With regard to distance information education, more than 81.73% of the students positively responded to its necessity. In conclusion, it is hoped that our students need to be equipped with the fundamental ability to use computer and internet in oprder to actively face with the knowledge-based socity of the 21th century.

        • 日帝下의 抗日獨立運動 小考 : 1910年代를 中心으로 Chiefly in the Nineteen-tens

          金町洛 대구보건대학 1991 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.12 No.-

          Historically the Korean resistance to Japan began with the Byongja Treaty of Amity with Japan in 1876. However, Koreans at home or abroad really began to resist the Japanese rule on account of the Eulsa Treaty of Japanese Protection of Korea in 1905. The detailed resistance activities may be described as follows: 1. Within the country with the assassination of Queen Min(1896), the Eulsa Treaty of Amity(1905), the Jungmi Seven Artcles Treay(1907), many volunteers began to resist against the Japanese policy. After the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910, the soliders or Korea Independence Army continued to fight against Japan along with the Various secret organizations in order to recover the sovereign rights. 2. Abroad, The resistance movement outside of the country varied according to the part of the world where they lived. First, The save the nation through the education movement with the leader Lee Sang-soel spread over the Manchuria district in 1906, at Seo-gu Seo-won(a private school) in Yong-jong, Gando. After the Annexation, a new military academy was founded and they trained the independence soldiers. Second, A nationalism movement of Dongjae-sa(the leader, Shin Kyu-shik) was organized in China and spread the resistance movement. Third, In the Maritime Province of Siberia, Lee Bom-yong fought with his volunteers, and the Korean Association in Vladivostok established various schools in order to give the opportunity of education and the enlightment of nationalism. The Haajo Shinmoon(newspaper) founded by Choi Bong-joon and others, inspired the patriotism and the independence spirit among the Korean inhabitants there. Fourth, In America, the Korean Association had its four branches and 116 regional offices and published its bulletin and directed the resistance campaign. Fifth, In Japan, the Korean students studying there organized Daehan Heonghakhoe(a student organization) and with the Korean YMCA in Japan published its bulletin HAKJIKWANG and YOUTH. These bulletin inspired the spirit of nationalism and the patriotism. They made public the 2.8 Declaration of Independence. Sixth, March 1st Independence Movement was resulted from the thirty-three represaentatives of the nation, the leaders of religions and the educationalists. It was a national movement as well as a non-violent movement. During the period of from March 1st to April 30th, the number of participants was more than one million. They demonstrated 1,214 times in all throughout the nation during the period. Seventh, A common characteristic found in the movement was the spirit of saving the nation through the education and they gave a strong emhpasis on training the able youth. Eight, The Korean reistance activities and the independence movement really became an opportunity of making known the will of Korean independence from the Japanese rule to the international world. Now the development of democracy in Korea owes very much to the above movement and the spirit, and its historical meaning is ever greater.

        • 日本近代文學과 基督敎

          河泰厚 대구보건대학 1992 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.13 No.-

          The modern history of the Japanese literature for a century can be called a process leading to the internalization and realization of the Christian thought. The Japanese literature has seen its completion of its internalization as a theme of its existence by Akutagawa, his predecessors Kitamura Tokoku and Simazaki Toson, beginning from such literary group in Meiji-Dynasty as Yokohama Band, Kumamoto Band, and Sapporo Band. Thereafter, the mainstreams of the Japanese Christian Literary tradition have succeeded to Endo Shusaku through Hori Tatsuo from Akutagawa in Catholicism and to Sina Rinzo through Dazai Osamu from Akutagawa in Protestantism respectively. The Akutagawa's literary tradition has been derived from the southern barbarian's desposition of the literary interest and has exposed his romantic attitudes such as martyrdom, miracles, existence, penitance and scepticism' from the view-point of the comparative cultural history. His literary works in this period mainly characterized by the Christian tradition contain 19 volumes, which account for 10% of all his works. Among others, “Saiho no hito” and “Zoku Saiho no hito”. Comparing “Saihono hito” with the four Gospels, we can also find the fact that it makes the most of almost all the chapters of the Gospel according to the St. Matthew. I contend that he wrote his work, “The Gospel of My christ” on the basis of the plot and content of Mattew. As we analyze Akutagawa's life and suicide attempt as well as all his works we can easily guess his view of art that ‘life is only a line of a Baudelaire' judging from his art-for-art's sake or esthetic understanding of his art. The dictum that he was bound to give up his life for the sake of his genious, may prove itself that christ is his self portait or his other-self.

        • 中心商業地域 範圍設定에 關한 硏究 : 大邱直轄市 C.B.D 機能分析을 中心으로

          金潤起 대구보건대학 1987 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.10 No.-

          Reinforcing business function among administration function in Core area of central business district. Taegu direct Control city should induce induce healthy in-city development. In order to achieve this aim, function transfer, namely Non-CBD(C-entral Business District) function, need to push up as follows: 1. As entertainment restaurants penetrate dwelling area 1-6 lot CBD function is wide spreading, so dwelling area should be pushed up to neighborhood area such us samdeokdong, shinamdong. 2. 2 Lot is characterized in ancient book store's places. 3. As dwelling area and electrical equipment and installment stores locate in 4.5 lot, it is required to be pushed up to the Third Industrial Area and also this lot need to reinforce office area function. 4. As 24 lot his strengthened administrative function by Locating office function. This Lot should transfer or CBD core area, for CBD frame area. 5. Transfer of ironware and machinery area in 25 lot and 26 lot has two method, one is to disperse each one seperately. The other is to transfer both in groups. But transfer of ironware and machinery area is disirable by the method of group locating area to the Third Industrial area for balancing city development. So this push up of Non-CBD function in CBD area bring health CBD function and help to balancing city development. In order to do it, as the administrative boost, tax reduction in concerning companies of concerning transfer area, and stregthening of diverse installation is required. The powerful administration's boots policy is needed for Taegu direct control city development.

        • 看護倫理의 機能的 特性에 關한 考察

          姜梅來 대구보건대학 1973 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.1 No.1

          The function of nurging started with the simple care of the patients, however, as society and its pattern developed, the functional characteristics of the nursing profession has diversified and divided into the following categories: 1. Cooperator with God's work 2. Specialized professional 3. Nursing educator 4. Social worker 5. Civil diplomat 6. Nursing administrator 7. Researching scientist 8. National defender 9. Promotor of public health 10. Member of an international organization As the nursing frofession diversified, its role in the present social pattern has become very important. Therefore, nurses must try hard in their work in order to elevate the level of their profession, which consequently promotes their status in modern society.

        • 眼鏡렌즈의 두께의 관한 小考

          徐龍源 대구보건대학 1994 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.14 No.-

          To achieve a good cosmetic result, acceptable to the wearer, it is necessary to choose a reasonable lens shape and size-keeping the decentration to a minimum both horizontally and vertically. the most approprate lens material should also be selected. however, there is no real point in using an expensive high index material, with it's weight and colour problems, for low prescriptions-but the use of a mid-index(1.6) material can be warranted in these cases. Keep the higher indices for those really strong prescriptions-they can really achive a good result, when used in a suitable frame with reasonable centration.

        • 廢有機鹽素化合物의 燒却處理

          鄭淳亨,李泰鎬,鄭洪基 대구보건대학 1992 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.13 No.-

          The objective of this study was to oxidize chloromethanes waste with pyrolytic incineration unit. This experiment was carried out in actual plant. We have studied incineration temperature VS. removal rate of waste Liquid, removal of Hcl and Cl₂ in the flue gas. The results obtained were as followa : 1) In combustion condition for the temperature of 950℃ and the residence time of 1, 2 seconds, waste chloromethanes and cyan compounds were nearly decomposed. 2) The removal of Hcl and Cl₂ for the use of NaOH in the flue gas was very excellent. 3) The scrubbing of the dust was effected with NaOH solution.

        • Escherichia coli 突然變異株에 依한 Vitamin B_(12) 定量分析

          李銀姬,李光培 대구보건대학 1987 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.10 No.-

          After mutation of E. coli ATCC 11229 by UV irradiation, 15 mutant colonies were selected. Among the 15 mutants, strain A₃-47, which was vitamin B₁₂ auxotrophic mutant was isolated. Using the vitamin B₁₂ auxotrophic mutant, the quantity of vitamin B₁₂ can be possible when the concentration of vitamin B₁₂ in a range from 50 ng/ml to 200 ng/ml was added in the minimum medium.

        • 기업 환경경영의 난제와 대응전략

          이징연 대구보건대학 2003 대구보건대학 論文集 Vol.23 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to explore and discuss some of the environmental management implications, problems and strategies in corporate operation as it adopts new paradigm to survive in changing society. The background and current situation are analysed and future recommendations made. The paper attempted to discuss factors contributing to the circumstances and endeavor to imply possible solutions. In conclusion, the widespread awareness of global environmental problems has put pressure on companies to better manage their environmental responsibilities. Therefore, the companies facing an environmental restraints and pressure of environmental organization needs to adopt environmental management as new paradigm such as environmental management system, environmental auditing and environmental performance evaluation. However, most of domestic companies tend to neglect an investment related to environmental management and have little understanding. The involved companies in environmental management are small and in short of high technology. To overcome these obstacles, some suggestions are as follows: First, companies should set up an effective environment strategy in order to meet the objective of environmental management. Second, it need to establish a detail and practical programs to meet the demands of reality. Third, it is necessary a change of recognition and creating value of environmental management, setting up effective strategy of environmental management and providing its information.

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