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      • 國際聯合憲章 第103條의 硏究

        韓成均 건국대학교 1973 學術誌 Vol.15 No.1

        Article 103, Charter of the United Nations prescribes as following : "The duties of this Charter is prior to those of other Agreements or Treaties, when the duties of the member nations based on this Charter would be contrary to those of others." According to the principles up to now, the legal validity among the Treaties are equal, and distinctions in effect are disclaimed as a rule. The aim of this treatise is to study whether the principle of priority of the Charter to other Agreement or Treaties would induce a new theory in international law or not, and, if so, what the concrete examples of such an application would be.

      • KCI등재

        Genome wide discovery of genetic variants affecting alternative splicing patterns in human using bioinformatics method

        한성균,정혜임,이기찬,김현호,김상수 한국유전학회 2017 Genes & Genomics Vol.39 No.4

        The alternative splicing pattern of transcription units can be influenced by the genotype of a neighboring locus, which is termed splicing quantitative trait locus (sQTL). Here we report a comprehensive catalog of sQTLs discovered from the public RNA-seq and matched genotype datasets of three European ancestries. Each pair of RNA-seq and genotype dataset was analyzed with IVAS, a locally developed R/Bioconductor package for sQTL discovery. A meta-analysis was applied to the three result sets to reach a consensus of 2525 sQTLs (FDR\0.05). Among them, nine independent sQTLs overlapped the known signals in the catalog of genome-wide association studies. Interestingly, six of these sQTLs are associated with the alternative exons, whose absence would hamper the protein function by omitting a critical/conserved domain. Altogether, we report the list of candidate sQTLs, and it might be useful for the explanations of trait-associated polymorphisms.

      • KCI등재후보

        Understanding Disease Susceptibility through Population Genomics

        한성균,김상수,이준남 한국유전체학회 2012 Genomics & informatics Vol.10 No.4

        Genetic epidemiology studies have established that the natural variation of gene expression profiles is heritable and has genetic bases. A number of proximal and remote DNA variations, known as expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs), that are associated with the expression phenotypes have been identified, first in Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines and later expanded to other cell and tissue types. Integration of the eQTL information and the network analysis of transcription modules may lead to a better understanding of gene expression regulation. As these network modules have relevance to biological or disease pathways, these findings may be useful in predicting disease susceptibility.

      • 空域의 自由와 空域主權

        韓成均 건국대학교 1979 學術誌 Vol.23 No.1

        After the World War II, notable development of the international aviation not only has constituted an important part in international relations legally, but also it has become a recent channel of the international culture and economy. Emerging of the jet-engine system of the 1960' improved the international aviation in quality any more than the marine and land traffic. In such a striking evolution of international aviation, some theoretical grounds arose on the scale of control of Aviation Law upon the international law on the view point of Air-Space Sovereignty and incident problems. Especially the termination of two principles, sovereignty and liberty of aviation, changed the functions and definitions of national sovereignty, and economic elements emerging from the theories of the federalist status and of the liberty of international aviation changed the definition of territorial sovereignty to that of economic right. In spite of the fact that there are so many factors on the functional change, it is difficult to control the international aviation. It would be only possible to solve the difficulties by the interest-cordination of each nations. But from the promulgation of the Treaty of Chicago up to date, commercial exchange by the system of mosaic minglement made it indispensable to keep the regular air service from the practical control of the enterprise and member-state. On the viewpoint of legislation, bilateral-treaty is necessary to supplement the faults of multistage treaties. Thus it is international trend to strengthen the space-sovereignty for their national interest. Through the World War ll, each nation had protested the exclusive space-sovereignty, but after the Paris treaty, in spite of the evolution of international aviation and its liberty, it became in fact desirable to define the absoluteness of the space-sovereignty.

      • 空域主權 成立의 史的 考察 : 1910年부터 1916年까지

        韓成均 건국대학교 1976 學術誌 Vol.20 No.1

        Since the 19th century the legal status of space gradually began to change as new problems of international law developed among the international society. Especially from the 20th century the enlargement of aviation needed a clearer legal status for the control of outer space and international aviation. Many thesises in the field of legal status of space including those of Fauchille who was the forerunner of specialist in space law were published. But it was after the Paris' International Aviation Association of 1910 that the national public interest in international aviation appeared clear. Also after the Paris' International Aviation Treaty of 1919 the national aviation sovereignty approved this project. Since the airplane's utilization as a weapon rose through world war I, the ten period from 1910 to 1919 is considered as a very important period for the establishment of space sovereignty. The purpose of this study is to describe historically how the legal status of space established from 1910 to 1919. To describe it, this study will explain historically the national aviation treaty and its background according to the view of scholars and the decisions of international lawmakers of many countries.

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