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      • 윤이상의 주요음기법을 통하여 나타난 도교사상(Interludium A를 중심으로)

        양윤선 ( Yun Seon Yang ) 한국피아노학회 2009 피아노음악연구 Vol.3 No.-

        Isang Yun is one of the great artists from 20th century who combined East Asian art and philosophy to Western music, and produced a music that is performed by Western instruments. In Germany, he got the title of `The Most Important 56 composers in 20th century`, `Living 5th Composer in Europe`, and `The Most Important Composer in 20th century`. Isang Yun`s musics are considerable to European artists. His musics contain unique characteristics in which artists from Europe can not modify. Isang Yun who recognized Western and Eastern culture in a principle of music got spotlight from European musicians. Ideas Isang Yun focused on are Taoism, Buddhism, and `tone` concept from East Asia. He concentrated especially on Taoism. Idea of `Hauptton` which is basis of Isang Yun`s music originated from Eastern sound concept. Therefore, this thesis will be discussed on musical presentation and Taoism that are indulged in Isang Yun`s music through "Interludium A". This piece was created with creativity and unique characteristics of Isang Yun. His life in Korea and Europe, style of music during his life time, what is Taoism and balance of yin and yang, and analysis of hauptton in each parts will be discussed to prove the understanding and hidden meaning of "Interludium A".

      • 편리한 사진 공유를 위한 모바일 응용 설계

        양윤선 ( Yun-seon Yang ),박영호 ( Young-ho Park ) 한국정보처리학회 2014 한국정보처리학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.21 No.2

        최근 스마트 폰 내장 카메라의 성능이 나날이 높아지면서 스마트 폰 카메라 이용률이 증가하고 있다. 이에 본 논문에서는 안드로이드 플랫폼 스마트 폰에서 다른 사용자들과 사진을 공유할 수 있는 애플 리케이션 서비스를 설계하였다. 본 애플리케이션은 두 가지 업로드 방식과,두 가지 다운로드 방식을 제공함으로서 보다 편리하게 사진을 공유할 수 있다.

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