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      • 프로 골프선수의 심리적 방해 요인과 대처방안에 관한 연구

        이용인,윤대현,심기평 충남대학교 체육과학연구소 2006 體育科學硏究誌 Vol.23 No.1

        This study aims to provide both basic material regarding the technical psychological discipline of performance enhancement and aid understanding of the characteristics of each step through recognizing, comparing and analyzing psychological hindrance and the treatment methods between professional, possessing high-levels of performance, and semi-professional golfers. A survey was used as the measuring tool. This survey was completed by 30 members of the KPGA (Korea Professional Golfers' Association) who are regular participants in the golf tour and a corresponding number of semi-professional golfers who take part in the second division tour. SPSS 12.0K for Windows was used for data processing. Both cross tabulation(x^(2)) and T-test were used to analyze the statistical data. The results obtained are detailed as follows. Firstly, one major cause of psychological hindrance is problems relating to the swing, balance or rhythm. More professional golfers (96.0%) considered these as psychological hindrance than did semi-pro golfers (80.0%). On the other hand, the results indicate that semi-pro golfers feel greater burden than pro golfers when there are slumping, there are schedule or time changes, bad weather, expected 3 putts, disagreements with caddies and also when the second shot is obstructed. Secondly, when performance is affected due to a lack of discipline, the results indicate a significant difference between the two groups(Other problems do not.), with the influence felt more by the semi-pros than the pros. Thirdly, another significant difference appeared when the players' played badly and their partners' performance was relatively better regarding the treatment methods to mitigate psychological hindrance between the two groups.

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