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      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        팔라듐 촉매를 이용한 Vinylmercuric-chlorides 의 CO 첨가 호모커플링반응

        김진일,이광혁,KimJin-Il 김진일,Kwang-Hyek Lee 대한화학회 1989 대한화학회지 Vol.33 No.6

        팔라듐 촉매를 이용한 vinylmercuric chlorides의 CO 첨가반응과 커플링반응을 동시에 진행시키는 CO 첨가 호모커플링반응을 실시하여 대칭 디비닐케톤 또는 디비닐 ${\alpha}$-디케톤을 비교적 좋은 수득율로 얻었다. 디비닐케톤과 디비닐 ${\alpha}$-디케톤의 최적 합성조건을 규명하기 위하여 여러가지 vinylmercuric chlorides의 대표적인 모델로서 (E)-styrylmercuric chloride를 선택하여 촉매의 종류 및 그의 양, 염기, 용매 및 반응온도 등의 조건에 따른 수득율의 변화를 조사하였다. 촉매로 10mol%의 dichlorobis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(II), 염기로 등몰의 Pyridine, 10mol%의 요오드 및 10기압의 일산화탄소 존재하에, acetonitrile 용매 중 50${\circ}$C에서 반응시켜 가장 좋은 수득율로 디비닐 ${\alpha}$-디케톤이 얻어졌으며, 상압의 일산화탄소와의 반응에서는 낮은 수득율로 디비닐 ${\alpha}$-디케톤을 얻었다. Symmetrical divinyl ketone or divinyl ${\alpha}$-diketone was synthesized in moderately good yields through palladium catalyzed carbonylative homocoupling reaction of vinylmercuric chlorides with carbon monoxide. In order to find out optimum synthetic reaction conditions, we examined the effect of catalysts, bases, solvents and reaction temperature when (E)-styrylmercuric chloride was used as a typical starting material. The best yield of divinyl ${\alpha}$-diketone was obtained in the reaction using 10 mol% of dichlorobis(triphenyl phosphine)palladium (II) as a catalyst, an equivalent of pyridine as a base, 10 mol% of iodine and acetonitrile at 50${\circ}$C under 10 atmospheric pressure of carbon monoxide. The yield of divinyl ${\alpha}$-diketone was decreased under atmospheric pressure of carbon monoxide.

      • KCI등재

        Two Newly Recorded Coprophagid Species from Korea (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae and Aphodiidae)

        김진일 한국곤충학회 2004 Entomological Research Vol.34 No.3

        A species of Scarabaeidae, Panelus parvulus Waterhouse and a species of Aphodiidae,Aphodius fossor (Linn ) are newly recorded from Korea. The diagnosis and photographs ofthem are provided.

      • KCI등재

        An Newly Recorded Species of the Family Pythidae (Coleoptera) from Korea

        김진일,강태화,정부희 한국곤충학회 2004 Entomological Research Vol.34 No.3

        Pytho depressus (Linnaeus) of the family Pythidae is recorded in Korea for the firsttime. Pythidae is also introduced newly in Korea as one family of the superfamily Tenebrionoidea.We provide photos of habitus and illustrations of aedeagus for identification.

      • KCI등재

        Taxonomic Review of Genus Ceropria(Laporte et Brulle) of Korean Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Diaperinae)

        김진일,정부희 한국곤충학회 2004 Entomological Research Vol.34 No.3

        The four Korean tenebrionid species of the Genus Ceropria of tribe Diaperini inTenebrionidae are examined. They involved not only three already recorded species, C. laticollisFairmaire, 1903, C. induta induta (Wiedemann, 1819), and C. striata, Lewis, 1894, but also onenewly recorded species which is called C. sulcifrons Harold, 1877. We provide a comparative table, description, feeding fungi and photos for them.

      • KCI등재

        An Universal Approach to Getting Ahead for Influenza B Vaccines

        김진일,박만성 대한미생물학회 2012 Journal of Bacteriology and Virology Vol.42 No.4

        Cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies against influenza A viruses have received attention for their potentials for prophylactic and therapeutic. These antibodies usually bind to relatively conserved stem domains of influenza hemagglutinin, one of surface glycoproteins responsible for viral binding to sialic acid-tagged cellular receptors and for membrane fusion to initiate a release process of viral genomes inside cells. Recently, a similar approach extended to influenza B viruses, which causing annual epidemics only in the human population, and some of human monoclonal antibodies exhibited promising efficacies against two antigenically diverged lineages of influenza B viruses. Moreover,one of these broadly neutralizing antibodies protected mice against both of influenza A and B challenges. Appropriate immunization may selectively enhance the efficacy of these antibodies, and this strategy may lead individuals to be prepared with broad immune responses against various influenza viruses.

      • KCI등재

        Taxonomic review of the Cleridae (Coleoptera) in Korea (Part 3): Korynetinae, Tarsosteninae and Tillinae

        김진일,정부희 한국곤충학회 2006 Entomological Research Vol.36 No.4

        A taxonomic review of three clerid subfamilies (Korynetinae, Tarsosteninae and Tillinae) in Korea is presented in this paper. Eight species, including Opetiopalpus sabulos (Motschulsky, 1840), a new Korean record, are reported. A key to the Korean species, genera and subfamilies, description, habitus photographs of adults, and illustrations of diagnostic characters are provided.

      • KCI등재

        Taxonomic Review of the Tribe Ulomini (Coloeptera, Tenebrionidae) in Korea

        김진일,김수연 한국곤충학회 2004 Entomological Research Vol.34 No.4

        The tribe Ulomini of Korean Tenebrionidae is reviewed taxonomically. KoreanUlomini recorded to three genera and six species, Cneocnemis laminipesGebien, Uloma marseuliNakane, U. latimanusKolbe, U. excisaNakane, U. bonzicaMarseul, Eutochia lateralis(Boheman). We have found that U. excizawas misidentified U. bonzica, and E. lateraliswas notdistributed in Korea as the result of this study. We confirm that two genera and four species aredistributed in Korea. A key to diagnosis of the genera and species, and figures of these species arepresented.

      • KCI등재

        A New Measure for Core Inflation Based on Generalized Dynamic-Factor Model

        김진일,안병권 한국은행 2012 經濟分析 Vol.18 No.2

        Many central bankers pay attention to measures for core inflation when deciding how to adjust policy from meeting to meeting even though their statutory targets are set in terms of headline inflation. It is because what central bankers are truly concerned with is underlying inflation going forward. For example, while the official target is set in terms of headline CPI inflation, the Bank of Korea considers a variety of core inflation measures. However, those core inflation measures are somewhat volatile and do not provide a reliable signal of medium-term underlying inflation. Continuing inflation in oil and food prices causes headline CPI inflation rate to deviate from core inflation measures for an extended period of time. In order to provide a clearer picture of underlying inflation pressures to policy makers, we need to develop a new core inflation measure that tracks underlying inflation more closely. Consistent with the current objective of the Bank of Korea that is based on headline CPI inflation, we review several core inflation measures that have been used or proposed by various authors - including those currently used by the Bank of Korea - and propose a new core inflation measure that is based on generalized dynamic-factor modeling. We discuss the behavior of our proposed core inflation measure starting in the 1990s and show that it performs better than the conventional core inflation measures that are currently used.

      • KCI등재

        Taxonomic Review of the Tribe Tenebrionini(Coleoptera,Tenebriondae)in Korea

        김진일,김수연 한국곤충학회 2003 Entomological Research Vol.33 No.3

        The tribe Tenebrionini of Korean Tenebronidae is reviewed taxonomically. Five species, Encyalesthus violaceipennis (Marseul), Menephilus lucens Marseul, Neatus ventralis (Marseul), Tenebrio molitor Linn, Tenebrio obscurus Fabricius, are recognized in Korea. A key to diagnosis of the genera and species, and figures of these species are presented.

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