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      • 사립종합대학교의 교원인사행정에 관한 연구 : 서울시내 사립대학교 중심으로

        하병우 단국대학교 교육대학원 1983 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        The study is to make a survey on the staff personnel administration of the private universities in Seoul 1980s, and an object of study is practices of staff personnel administration in 17private universities in Seoul. analysis of document, such as government "laws, ordinances and regulations; interviews with administrative official of individual institutions. On the basis of the findings and comparative analysis the following recommendations are made for the improvement of university staff personnel administration in Seoul; 1. The authorities should be made in unificative jaw on the staff personnel regulations of each private universities. 2. The committee for disciplinary measures and the new trial committees. In private universities should be organized and operated in such a way as to really function as effective channels of faculty consultation. 3. The authorities of private universities should be made the service training system of foreign for the faculty with the school's expenses. 4. The legal standards for certification of the private universities faculty personnel should be revised, and should be organized judging committees for the result of study in the ministry of education. Making greater allowance for advanced degrees rather than for mere length of educational and occupational experiences. 5. The authorities of private universities should appoint as professor by fair deal, based on a principle on the staff personnel. 6. Afresh staff should appoint with the contract system and should be appointed by examination at reappointments. 7. When the professor appoint for administrative positions and should not appoint at duties of a teacher (staff). 8. The authorities of private universities should not appointed to too many lectureship, because this operate to the curriculum by the lecture. 9. The authorities of universities should be better rightly the private university's office organization and functions. 10. The salary schedule should be continously examined and improved reflecting changes in prices, enlarge the school establishment. 11. The private school's teach-ing annuity system should be better about regulating general standards of the private university staff's education career exchange rates. 12. The private universities should be made the best use of an emeritus professor. system. 13. The ministry of education should continue to provide research grants, and should be organized well in the private university's research institutes. Consequently, since the private universities are anticipated to play an important role in developing the country from such phases as advancement of national security and strengthening the international competitive power, the government should exert its utmost efforts to assist the universities in their sound development especially, in the above mentioned fields of the staff personnel administration of the private universities.

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