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        마을 내 잔존 노거수의 생육현황 및 실태진단 - 경주시 현곡면을 중심으로 -

        김영훈 ( Kim Young-hun ),덩베이지아 ( Deng Bei-jia ),천겅 ( Chen Geng ),유주한 ( You Ju-han ) 한국환경복원기술학회(구 한국환경복원녹화기술학회) 2020 한국환경복원기술학회지 Vol.23 No.6

        The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for the establishment of future countermeasures by diagnosing the growth status and actual condition of undesignated old trees distributed in Hyeongok-myeon, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The number of old trees surveyed was 2 weeks in Gajeong-ri, 2 weeks in Haguri, 3 weeks in Nae-Tae-ri, 1 week in Nawon-ri, 6 weeks in Oryu-ri, 3 weeks in Sangguri, and 2 weeks in Sohyeon-ri, The trees species composition was 6 trees Celtis sinensis Pers., 1 Diospyros lotus L. trees, 4 trees Salix chaenomeloides Kimura trees, 2 Styphnolobium japonicum L. trees, and 7 Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino trees. Growth status is 7.1~22.0m in height, 14.6~25.1m in long axis, 10.2~19.2m in short axis, root diameter is 76.0~236.4cm, diamter at breast height is 67.0~220.0cm, soil acidity is pH4.9~7.0, soil The hardness was measured to be 4.0-27.0mm. The result grade of the scoring data of health information is represented by monitoring generally, monitoring critically, and absolute monitoring, and it was confirmed that out of the 20 trees population in Hyeongok-myeon, the general monitoring grade was 7 weeks, the major monitoring grade was 13 weeks, and there was no absolute monitoring grade. Accordingly, the number of old trees of the general surveillance level was maintained at the current level, and ecological surgical operations were introduced for the major surveillance level, but the case of village forests should be different, and sequential treatments were the old tree urgently needed. The level and bark of the target tree, the state of the crown, the root exposure, the presence of pests and pests, the vitality and the ground condition, the degree of pollution are normal, poor, or very poor, operation and protection management, soil improvement, removal of cover, and disinfection were urgently needed for the old trees with the surveyed data. In order to compensate for these matters, continuous monitoring and management measures for the old number should be sought.

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